Diary Blog, 5 May 2021, with more thoughts about the Hartlepool by-election, and latest news about Alison Chabloz

Alison Chabloz— update

The likely date of early release is now some day uncertain next week. “They” are trying to get their full pound of flesh, it seems.

Latest news about persecuted singer-songwriter Alison Chabloz is that, according to usually-reliable sources, her early release on electronic tag has been further delayed by wrangling over the terms of her release; in other words, it may be that the Jew-Zionist lobby, operating as always behind the scenes, is trying to have her gagged, i.e. there may be conditions around use of or posting on the Internet. Such conditions, if imposed, might last until the end of the 18 weeks starting on 31 March 2021, the day of her sentencing; if so, she may be unable to post until early August 2021.

[Alison Chabloz]

Books, letters and cards can be sent as follows:

Alison Chabloz, A6478EK,
HMP Bronzefield,
Woodthorpe Rd,
Ashford, Middx.,
TW15 3JZ

Books sent should be *new, *paperback and preferably (though not necessarily) sent via online vendors [important update: Bronzefield Prison now does not accept Amazon deliveries but will accept books from elsewhere]

Tweets seen

Looks as though the technology first publicly seen in the 1965 film, Thunderball, has finally come of age and is finally of use in practical operations:

Worth watching (pity about the horrible ending soundtrack, though).

I gave a brief assessment of the upcoming Hartlepool by-election a month ago: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2021/04/06/hartlepool-by-election-2021-preliminary-look/.

As to System-friendly faux-revolutionary Owen Jones, I have in the past given an assessment of him too: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/01/04/a-brief-word-about-owen-jones/.

The few, in (eg) Hartlepool, who are still Labour loyalists, point at achievements of the past, such as those of the Attlee government of 1945 (NHS, mainly…), but that is like saying that Lloyd George brought in the Old Age Pension, so vote Liberal, or LibDems in today’s terms. Absurd. Doesn’t work…

It is ridiculous for people in Hartlepool to vote “Conservative”, but it is equally silly to vote “Labour”, which supports mass immigration, and in that and other respects is now almost identical in real policy terms to the equally-misnamed “Conservatives”, and now led by a man who is married to a Jewish woman lawyer, whose children are being brought up as Jewish, and who is a puppet of the Jewish Zionist lobby.

Does Keir Starmer have anything to say to the people of Hartlepool? No. Neither, of course, does the part-Jew chancer and political bad joke, Boris Johnson. However, the voters of Hartlepool have no other realistic choice. The electoral system is itself a fraudulent bad joke. The result is that those voters want a change, but cannot get a change except to make a gesture at least, by binning Labour, which has won Hartlepool since 1974 when the present constituency was created.

The opinion polls show the Conservative Party well ahead of Labour in the Hartlepool race. The result may be tighter than some expect, but it seems likely that Labour will lose to the Conservative Party.

It is unlikely that Reform UK (effectively Brexit Party without the name, the support, or even the leader— traitorous Farage has decamped for the money) will get many votes. Thus the Conservative Party vote will be little impacted.

As for Labour, I predict a poor showing. There are many in Hartlepool, no doubt, who will not vote Conservative under any circumstances. Many former Labour voters, as in the 2019 General Election, will probably vote with their feet, and stay at home to watch the televised sport and pseudo-“celebrity” nonsense so beloved of the contemporary British masses. If so, the Labour Party is toast at Hartlepool.

A Conservative Party “victory by default” at Hartlepool is more than likely, and the same effect will be seen, in the near future, across much of England, in the absence of a real social-national party.

Tweets seen

A good idea, it seems.

Late music

11 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 5 May 2021, with more thoughts about the Hartlepool by-election, and latest news about Alison Chabloz”

    1. Watcher:
      All of this sort of thing is aimed at, not people of 60+ (who know better), or even 40+ but those at school, and others under 28 or 21. Those whose basic background ideas are still in formation.

      The idea is to normalize a mixed-race population in those young minds; especially, to normalize mixed-race and other basically abnormal relationships. Destruction of the mentality that can maintain a civilized European society.

      This is not just a conflict of ideologies, but a war between good and evil.


      1. As some of the commenters have suggested: these people were presumably “pressed” into service as conscripts. Before the age of exploration, they would have used the Scots, Irish, French etc. During the Tudor period, they may have used a small minority of non-Whites. Hardly indicative of an ethnically-diverse society!


  1. I thought the monarchy used conscription as far back as the early medieval period and was similar in nature to the later use of press gangs? If not i stand corrected! You may be right concerning Portsmouth being the major port of the navy!


    1. Watcher:
      It was not exactly “conscription” as later understood. In the mediaeval period, society was based on a pyramid of fealty. At the top, the monarch. The monarch was owed fealty by his great lords (all great landowners with vast workforces). Lesser nobles owed fealty to the higher ones. In time of war, the king could call upon his lords for support. They all had men under arms. They could also call upon the loyalty of lesser grandees (vassals). Thus thousands, tens of thousands, of men (mostly untrained or semi-trained peasants) could be “raised” into armies. Henry VIII imposed a necessity for mass training with pikes and at archery (at “Butts”, such as St. Mary’s Butts, Reading, still a street name today).

      The above were all on land, though. Not naval.


    1. Watcher:
      Thank you. God, how sad it is…

      The “people” who hate us, of several kinds, are breeding almost uncontrollably, and now the part-Jew fraud, “Boris”, wants to import another 5 million Chinese as well. Meanwhile, every standard is sliding…

      This is becoming a war, or the days of preparation for war, for the protection and survival of everythng decent in this country.


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