Diary Blog, 26-27 May 2021

26 May 2021

Some tweets seen

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/77th_Brigade_(United_Kingdom); https://www.army.mod.uk/who-we-are/formations-divisions-brigades/6th-united-kingdom-division/77-brigade/; https://www.wired.co.uk/article/uk-disinformation-twitter-facebook.

The Brigade uses social media such as Twitter and Facebook as well as psyop techniques to influence populations and behaviour. David Miller, a professor of political sociology at the University of Bristol who studies British government propaganda and public relations, said that it is “involved in manipulation of the media including using fake online profiles“.[25][26][27]

In September 2019, Middle East Eye reported that Gordon MacMillan, a Twitter executive with editorial control over the Middle East and North Africa, is also a reservist officer in the 77th Brigade. Both Twitter and the British Army denied that they have a relationship or agreement. Miller said it was hypocritical of Twitter to close accounts alleged to be connected with non-Western governments while having links to the British Army.[28][29]

On 22 April 2020, during the UK government’s daily coronavirus briefing, General Nick Carter confirmed that 77th Brigade are working with the Home Office Rapid Response Unit “helping to quash rumours from misinformation, but also to counter disinformation”.[30][31][32]

On 7 May 2020, The Economist interviewed Carter on the role of 77th Brigade in fighting coronavirus disinformation.[33] The Defence Cultural Specialist Unit was used to monitor the internet for content on COVID-19 and to look for evidence of disinformation related to COVID-19 vaccines.[34]” [Wikipedia]

Where I live there are few of these machines, not very many blacks or browns, and few even of white “chavscums”, so the potential for misuse is limited, perhaps. I cannot get very worked up about them, nuisance though they are. If one were to impede my quite heavy car, I think I know who would emerge the victor.

Alison Chabloz

Latest news is that (whether by malicious interference by the Jew-Zionists, or because of bureaucratic ineptitude), Alison Chabloz is not going to be released early. It seems that she will now be released having served half her headline 18-week sentence, but minus the 4 days and part-days that she served in 2020 prior to her successful appeal.

The firm expectation now is that Alison will be released from prison on Friday 28 May 2021 (i.e. the day after tomorrow).

Alison’s appeal against conviction and sentence will be heard on 3-4 June 2021 in the Crown Court, probably at Southwark.

[persecuted singer-songwriter Alison Chabloz]

Late music

27 May 2021

Dominic Cummings and Matt Hancock

Looking at the circus being exposed reminded me that I have blogged about both “little Matt Hancock” and half-crazed Cummings previously: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/08/10/les-eminences-grises-of-dystopia/; https://ianrobertmillard.org/2020/01/03/dominic-cummings-a-government-of-dystopia-and-lunacy-posing-as-genius/; https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/09/09/deadhead-mps-an-occasional-series-the-matt-hancock-story/.

The bigger picture is the totally chaotic mess now presided over by the part-Jew political chancer, “Boris” Johnson.

It amused me to see the msm tying itself in knots over the question of whether “Boris” is fit to be PM. Are there still those who believe that he is? After over two years?

Tweets seen

..and those “erudite cretins” purport to have the ability and even right to rule over this country…

What a circus! Little Matt Hancock posing as a Cabinet minister, part-Jew chancer “Boris” posing as Prime Minister, and Dominic Cummings as “top adviser” (sole attempt at being other than a glorified office bod was being in charge of a “babyflot” airline in Russia, 25 years ago, and which folded after a single flight).

Meanwhile, there is no effective official Opposition at all.

Afternoon music

More tweets

Latest “panicdemic” news

The latest ONS survey suggested only one in a thousand people in England are Covid-positive.” [Daily Mail]. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9624453/June-21-hangs-balance-warns-Professor-Neil-Ferguson.html

“Cases” (positive tests) are increasing, but 90%+ are asymptomatic. Hospitalizations and deaths “within 28 days of test” are decreasing, fast. Despite that, those given power over the past year of panic are desperate to keep the public fear going. Put those people back in their box. Then boot the box into the sea.

Also: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9626125/Thousands-flood-Chinatown-vaccine-bus-advertised-Covid-jabs.html

…and Boris-idiot has invited 5 million more to invade the UK.

Henry Hendron case— latest

I have blogged about this before: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2017/07/09/the-slide-of-the-english-bar-and-uk-society-continues-and-accelerates/.

Here is the latest: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9625043/Barrister-dealt-chemsex-pills-killed-boyfriend-avoids-struck-off.html

Incredible. Simply incredible. What kind of pull does this person, or his family (?) have? Or does he just know where “bodies are buried”? The Bar really is a complete dustbin now. It has no integrity left.

I was actually disbarred, simply for posting on Twitter five tweets about society; three or four of them mentioned Jews. Draw your own conclusions…

Late tweets seen

Late music

31 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 26-27 May 2021”

  1. Nick Griffin, I would gently remind you of the famous phrase, ‘it Is better to be thought of as a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt’. You really are a crazy at times and, frankly, it should have come as no surprise to anyone that you ran the BNP into the ground. Was this deliberate or just an inevitable result of your stupidity?🙄🙄

    As for Peter Hitchens, words fail me! Unlike Nick Griffin who has the excuse of being one of the typical wack job/conspiracy theorists that every society has he is supposed to be a responsible journalist!🙄🙄🙄🙄

    I just wish this brain dead libertarian EXTREMIST cretin/weirdo should just do the only decent thing left and just fucking die of Covid-19 like this SUPREMELY EVIL, Covid-19 denying/intentionally minimising CUNT has managed to impose upon DECENT people through his grotesquely irresponsible, blatantly unscientific, conspiracy peddling, unhinged, totally untruthful rants in those repulsive ‘newspapers’ called the Daily Tory Moron/Sunday Mail.

    Just fuck off and die, you fucking evil CUNT!

    Your ridiculous theories and extremist libertarian proposals to deal with the virus (not that a fucking weirdo extremist like you actually wants to deal with it at any rate!🙄🙄) have been proven to be WRONG time after time after time by many countries all around the world.🙄🙄

    IF the Daily Tory Moron group was a responsible group of newspapers they would have sacked you by now for your wicked nonsense that has undoubtedly led may of this country’s numerous yobs to blatantly defy the restrictions and spread Covid-19 and therefore killed many.🤬😡☹️☹️

    Just STOP your evil or go away and die under that rock you crawled out from under or we will have to give you an injection that IS worth Libertarian extremist weirdo whinging about ie a lethal injection from the libertarian extremist land of the USA!:



  2. I would gladly inject that into you and the other libertarian extremist CUNTS like Isobel Oakeshit (oops, a Freudian error!😂🤣😁) myself!

    You libertarian extremists have just proved over the last year how inherently SELFISH and fundamentally EVIL your extremist Yankee imported ideology is.

    Now, Mr Hitchens why don’t you do something useful, for once, and stop whinging about near total irrelevances like electric scooters and instead whinge about the fact that we have a braindead, scruffy, born in New York, quasi Turkish moron/clown as PM who refused to impose very necessary travel restrictions to this country FROM MARCH 2020 because the soft in the head/LEFT WING GLOBALIST/Libertarian idiot was afraid of being called ‘racist’ thus effectively MURDERING thousands of decent (unlike him and you) vulnerable people!


    When even that scruffy/weird git, Dominic Cummings, says you are in the wrong then you must be very wrong indeed!🙄🙄🙄p


      1. No, I don’t. She, like Hitchens and Richard Tice are fucking pathetic and evil libertarian extremist cunts who WHINGE, WHINGE, WHINGE non stop about ANY measures the government tries to take to deal with the virus even to the extent of moaning about being asked to take a very expensively developed vaccine which can only work if large numbers of a population take it.

        I thought these arseholes didn’t like the Covid-19 restrictions? 🙄🙄🙄🙄Well, enough people taking the vaccine is the ONLY WAY those restrictions can be safely removed or lessened without killing more people!🙄🙄🙄🙄

        Why don’t these vile libertarian extremist cretins/morons quit constantly whinging or fuck off out of this country and bother foreigners seeing as these selfish bastards don’t wish now and NEVER have wanted to co-operate and pull together with other people in society to deal with this situation.

        Seriously, I wouldn’t wish these selfish morons/ bastards upon any other country so why the hell do we have to put up with them?🙄🙄🙄🤬🤬😡😡😡


      2. Can you please tell me a SINGLE thing that stupid woman has EVER achieved for this country? I can’t think of anything off the top of my head.

        ALL she has ever appeared to be is your typical libertarian extremist ranting on and on and on and on and on and on about ‘high’ taxes for the already very wealthy and the NECESSARY Covid 19 restrictions.

        She is a repulsive, innately SELFISH, libertarian extremist Tory cunt and FUCKING BORE so if she expires from Covid-19 (though sadly only decent people seem to get it!🤬☹️😞) or gets a lethal injection then the world and our poor country in particular won’t miss her.

        I, for one though, strongly object to my taxes being used to possibly give a selfish libertarian extremist arsehole whiner like her the vaccine when she has done nothing but whinge about the restrictions and refused to co-operate with the rest of society in trying to combat the virus.🙄🤬😡


      3. I would NOT normally want that stupid and immoral air headed blonde bitch to get the vaccine as she has not co-operated with the rest of society to combat the virus. It should be reserved for co-operative and DECENT people. The ONLY reason I WOULD want her and others like her to get it would be so they don’t get the virus and spread it to the rest of we thoughtful, decent and humane folk.

        A lethal injection like in Georgia, USA and other states would solve this dilemma for the rest of us!

        It is time the government ordered these injections from the good, old US of A for this essential purpose. A Britain without the likes of her, Richard Tice, Peter Hitchens and other innately selfish libertarian arseholes would be a TRUELY GREAT BRITAIN!



    1. Funnily enough, Mr libertarian extremist weirdo/crank Hitchens, they have these electric scooters in well run, admittedly authoritarian Singapore and they cause few problems there.

      The reason why they don’t? Maybe it is because, unlike here, young Singaporeans are taught from an early age to respect authority whether that is in the home, the school or police officers and as a result they are DISCIPLINED and wouldn’t regard this as a deplorable loss of ‘freedom’ or ‘liberty’ as libertarian cranks like you would put it.

      That discipline from an early age inculcated into them has meant the vast majority of them have willingly followed Covid-19 restrictions without whinging about them continually and as a result Singapore has done pretty well in this crisis:


      Needless to say, in authoritarian and stickler for REAL law and order Singapore those who have willingly broken the restrictions and helped to put others health at risk are punished pretty severely:



  3. HOw many more times are you going to peddle your stupid FANTASY that Boris The Moronic, scruffy CLOWN’s original plan of doing sweet fuck all and letting people catch Covid-19 and spread the virus ie the herd immunity’ policy was working?

    It definitely WAS NOT working as huge, DAILY percentage increases in infections showed. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄This only slowed down in any way when the insufficiently enforced and applied only to Britons living here ‘lockdown’ was imposed.🙄🙄🙄

    Don’t you know what the word exponential means? Yet
    you call yourself a journalist!🙄🙄

    In reality, you are a totally worthless, brain dead cretin/libertarian extremist weirdo CRANK who thinks, WRONGLY, that you understand the very sophisticated science of virology!🙄🙄🙄


  4. If Mathew Hancock is sacked by Boris then I hope he puts the proverbial knife through the PM’s back and gets Boris the boot.

    Don’t get me wrong,I’m not a fan of ANY of the government’s members and Matt does have an unfortunate appearance on tv of being your typical, rather oily, ex public schoolboy but he is the one member of the government that has appeared to WANT to deal with this crisis and that has not been helped by being undermined by the moron in No.10, the Chancellor and the Home Secretary.

    If Hancock is unjustly sacked then he should knife the PM, Chancellor and that evil, deliberately incompetent, open borders supporting globalist bitch of a Home Secretary and bring them down with him.


  5. What a totally unhinged weirdo, you are, Mr Hitchens! You are so fucking weird you don’t even have the very basic political understanding that lockdowns either genuine ones or our pathetic, half-arsed one are supported by people of good will and basic scientific understanding (unlike you) on ALL wings of politics including, NOT unnaturally, the TRADITIONAL AUTHORITARIAN RIGHT or, as many of these people used to be called before Mrs Thatcher’s libertarian/classical liberal mob infiltrated it and turned it away fro its then ideology REAL TORIES!🙄🙄🙄🙄

    I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that that Marine Le Pen’s traditionally ‘Right’, nationalist and anti-globalist National Rally party in France supported lockdowns and other civil liberties restrictions to combat the virus.


  6. There you go again, Mr Hitchens! Why do you rant on and on and on about China? China’s authoritarian government has successfully used authoritarian means to combat the virus and reduce deaths from it which is better than being an airy fairy fantasist Liberal/libertarian like you and enforcing the so-called ‘freedom’ and ‘liberty’ of being in a box six foot under on others by following your utterly degenerate libertarian/liberal nonsense!

    By the way, China has also successfully used authoritarian means to build its economy into being the world’s second largest which is predicted to overtake the USA as early as 2026.🙄

    It is a generally unknown fact in this country that South Korea’s massive economic renaissance began in a serious way under the military dictatorship that country had in the 1960’s. That is what gave the ‘Miracle On The Han River’ rise of South Korea as a world economic power its underpinnings so authoritarianism has its uses at times and is not to be sniffed at!🙄🙄🙄🙄

    Without that military dictatorship and its economic policies we may not have had Samsung’s mobile phones to enjoy here!😂😎🍷


  7. Go and buy a Samsung smartphone, Mr Hitchens, (and make Samsung an even more absurdly rich company than they already are) as then you can use it to find Wikipedia and other websites on its internet capability and inform yourself of Sweden’s UTTER FAILURE on Covid-19 (even the normally reticent to involve himself in politics Swedish King has criticised his government) and the SUCESS of countries like Norway, Finland, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand, DIRT POOR and heavily populated Vietnam, South Korea and even the Republic of Ireland next door to us!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


  8. So that pathetic sticker in the Third World, lawless shithole that used to be called our capital city that morons and traitors like you Mr Hitchens have helped to create raises a smile for you, does it?🙄

    Well, that is typical of a REAL subversive like you.🙄 GROW UP, you pathetic little worm oh, and by the way, it is FOR not fir!

    Call yourself a journalist when you are unable to even spell correctly!🙄🙄🙄

    IF you had any intellectual credibility before 2020 then it is surely shot to pieces by now after your stupid, continual, blatantly unscientific rants over the last year!🙄🙄🙄🙄


  9. HOW many more fucking times does this have to be said?🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 It is entirely possible for the virus to be spread by a person WITHOUT their knowing they have it OR their showing ANY SYMPTOMS!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

    FFS, can we PLEASE get this very basic SCIENTIFIC FACT right at long last!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


  10. Well said, Ross Greer but shoosh if you keep on saying things like that you will be accused of the dreaded worst crime in the world called ‘anti-Semitism’ and the Scottish Green Party will end up being the target of fanatical Zionist attacks by the repellent likes of The Scum ‘newspaper’!

    Don’t you know Jeremy Corbyn was severely castigated by that evil rag for that very purpose and thus helped to get Boris The ClownTM and his goon squad ‘elected’ with far too many people losing their livestock an all too predictable result owing to what should have been the KNOWN PRIOR incompetence of Boris (well, he couldn’t run London properly as the Mayor so you would have to be an idiot to think he would make for a good, competent PM!)

    ‘Anti-semitism’ for The Scum is more important than the loss of lives caused by this idiotic government which just goes to show that rag’s SICK priorities.😡🙄😡☹️😞


  11. That this country has over 1,000 utter morons/selfish libertarian wankers/arseholes who have liked Peter Hitchen’s last ridiculously ludicrous tweet shows this country is in the decrepit pits or that even I underestimated the level of sheer stupidity that exists here.😡😞☹️

    DOING FUCK ALL as the government did for the first three weeks of March 2020 was NO option to continue with least of all because the number of infections was spiralling upwards at a tremendous rate as shown on this country’s Covid-19 Wikipedia page.🙄🙄🙄

    It was showing massive percentage increases EVERY DAY and that had to be brought under control, you moronic libertarian extremist CRETIN.

    Look here, you stupid idiot: https:/en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matt_Hancock and you will see mere ‘advice’ to the many irresponsible cretins we have in this country DID NOT work hence Matt rightfully calling these people selfish idiots and using the law instead.🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


  12. Mr Hitchens, please STOP your incessant attempts to cover-up for that globalist, open borders supporting CRIMINAL called Boris Johnson and that evil Indian MURDERING BITCH of a Home Secretary of his and excusing them for their criminality in not imposing ultra-tough travel restrictions to this country FROM MARCH 2020 by ranting on and on and on and on and on about fucking ‘liberty’ In the midst of a WORLDWIDE VIRAL PANDEMIC caused by a HIGHLY INFECTIOUS viral disease.

    Either STOP these pathetic attempts to cover-up for CRIMINALS who should be HANGED or fuck off.🙄🙄🙄🙄😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬


  13. I really don’t know who is worse! The globalist, pathetic CRIMINAL Boris Johnson and that Indian cunt, Priti fucking Useless, deliberately CHOOSING to not impose ultra-tough travel restrictions at the START of a worldwide viral pandemic thus condemning thousands of people to an early grave or INTENTIONAL wicked ‘journalists’ like you playing your usual ‘Pied Piper of Hamelin’ practiced media gatekeeper role to throw ordinary people off the trail of detection of the criminals!🙄🙄🙄🙄

    You are TOTAL SCUM like Boris and Priti are!🙄🙄🙄

    Fortunately (touch wood) none of my relatives have come to harm during this pandemic but if they had done so I would be LIVID with rage at Boris and Priti and if I got near them I would call both of them EVIL, GLOBALIST CUNTS to their faces.


  14. That the one recent sensible tweet of Peter Hitchens above about the dangers of a country having rampant abuse of marijuana has been liked by so few whilst his idiocy about Covid-19 is given positive upticks by over a thousand shows how deeply SICK and DEGENERATE ‘British’ ‘society’ now is thanks to socialism AND ‘Tory’ globalism/ ‘fuck society’/‘me first’ libertarian extremism as unfortunately introduced by the ‘blessed Margaret’ and her fellow CLASSICAL LIBERALS/LIBERTARIANS 😡🤬☹️😞

    The ONLY drug use that should be viewed with any kind of leniency is cannabis and then only for those who find it a help medically-speaking under the STRICT SUPERVISION of a qualified doctor.


      1. Indeed they haven’t. I believe one effect is supposed to be mental problems develop. I bet many Tory MPs imbibe that drug and that may explain why their evil CUNTS in parliament thought it was a good idea to laugh and smirk at Dominic Cummings and his undoubtedly true testimony about just what a utterly rancid and evil piece of mongrel Turkish piece of shit we have as a PM and his fellow cunts like Patel who have MURDERED tens of thousands of mostly elderly white Britons because of their commitment to open borders globalism, failure to lock down earlier etc. 🤬😡

        It is high time this country got some morals at long last and dragged virtually every Tory MP out of that cesspit by the Thames with the exception of a few such as the man who SHOULD have been PM ie decent REAL Englishman, Jeremy Hunt, and then enacted the only form of natural justice for them ie by erecting a scaffold in Trafalgar Square and unceremoniously HANG them one by one.

        Those poor grieving families deserve this justice.☹️😞 My heart really goes out to those poor people.😞☹️ They should not have to witness evil Tory FILTH laugh in their faces.😡🤬 It is time that globalist CON Party MPs understood that if you purposefully MURDER Britons and be traitors then YOUR VERY NECK may be at risk of being snapped!


  15. I mostly disagree profoundly with this tweeter and politically I am an entire universe away from him but I do agree with him over Covid 19 and the utter failure of this rancid administration which surely needs a MASSIVE kick up the backside by the good people of Chesham and Amersham on June 17th (here is hoping!👌😎🍷😁)


  16. Those are nice photos of the countryside but how much longer will we see scenes like that? Not if Boris and Priti Awful get their way because not only is Priti doing sweet FA about controlling immigration and is doing quite the opposite infact with up to 5 MILLION HK Chinese being allowed entry and also those blatantly fraudulent ‘asylum seekers’/economic migrants/illegal immigrants arriving daily from across the Channel) Boris is liberalising the planning laws so as to build more homes for this vast influx.

    Nice Tory areas like Aylesbury, Chesham and Amersham, Guildford, Dorking and mine in Brentwood, Essex etc are going to be comprehensively RUINED.😡🤬☹️😞

    Hopefully, the good people of the normally Tory stronghold of Chesham and Amersham will send this government a harsh message about all this environmental vandalism by electing Sarah Green the Lib Dem candidate on June 17th!😂😎🍷👌

    What a laugh it will be if the Tories lose in leafy ‘True Blue’ Chesham and Amersham whilst having won over what I suspect will prove to be (in the fullness of time) fair weather friends in Hartlepool and other so-called ‘Red Wall’ seats.



    1. M’Lord of Essex,
      As you say. Already, and since the early 1970s, there has been a wave (or perhaps a series of waves) of speculative housebuilding. Quality in all respects fairly poor, and garden space ever-less. Mass immigration, and births to immigrants, have been major factors, as well as constant help being provided to the housing market *instead of* to useful and productive areas of the economy.

      Fewer and fewer green areas exist in or near cities and towns. THe quality of life has been degraded.

      It may be that, eventually, a huge change will come, perhaps via terrible events such as war, or even population crash (via low fertility etc). The population may be reduced to 10% or even 1% of its present level across Europe. Perhaps the Aryan or rather post-Aryan peoples, who have created almost everything of value for 700+ years (arguably 2,000+ years), will then be able to rebuild and rebuild better.


  17. The wholly unexpected Lib Dem victory in the Eastbourne By-Election in October 1990 (just a few weeks after Mrs Thatcher made an amusing speech to her party conference about the new Lib Dem ‘bird of liberty’ logo and it representing a “a dead parrot”) started the chain of events that led to Maggie being stabbed in the back by her party and having to resign now, hopefully, the Chesham and Amersham By Election will lead to this vile and callous Turkish Clown of a PM being sacked along with his cruel, virulently anti-British, globalist, incompetent cabinet of anti-social misfits and cranks who care much more for Israel and Israelis than they do about the United Kingdom and Britons.

    I, for one, l have NEVER found Alexander De Pfeffel Johnson remotely funny like so many simpletons do so if this by-election is won by the Lib Dems hopefully history will repeat itself and he will be a goner soon like Maggie was after Eastbourne.


    1. That, m’Lord of Essex, is something on which we *can* agree, though there is now no real Opposition in Parliament. As with Mrs Thatcher, the revolution will have to be a “palace” one from *within* the Conservative Party, as I predicted a long time ago.

      The problem is that, with Labour fading to nothing, there is little incentive for the Con MPs to depose Boris-idiot. He is the personification of anti-meritocracy: he is rubbish, has always been rubbish, yet sits on a huge Commons majority which may even increase. I shall soon be blogging about the upcoming Batley and Spen by-election, by the way.


      1. I think Labour will probably win in Batley and Spen albeit it on a very low turnout not least because the seat has large numbers of Asian foreigners who habitually vote Labour but they may abstain too since many will be annoyed at Keir Starmer for being a pro-Israel puppet.

        Have you seen that utterly repulsive Establishment creep, Andrew Neil, attack Dominic Cummings for speaking the truth about the vile murderer in No.10?🙄🙄🙄

        Yes, Mr Neil, you make sure you make disgraceful attacks on a man who seems to have found repentance at long last and finally found the courage to tell this country the whole, unvarnished truth about what a unspeakable, utterly self-serving, murderous, globalist, constantly LYING, GRADE A CUNT we have for a PM!🙄🙄🙄

        Not that you exactly are a bastion of personal integrity either since you have ‘earnt’ a living at ‘The Scum’ rag which says all you need to know about your lack of integrity either as a journalist scumbag or a person.🙄🙄🙄🙄


      2. No, m’Lord of Essex, I have not seen Neil’s comment. BTW, I should say that Cummings has (probably) found revenge, not repentance!

        As for Batley and Spen, I shall examine it and blog specially about it, I expect. At the moment, I am undecided, but it has been marginal in the past, I doubt that many there really think that Jo Cox was a secular saint, the assassination was 5 years ago, and the adoption by Labour of her sister as candidate does smack of both desperation and cheap emotionalism. On the other hand, there is the present keffufle around Cummings etc, though I wonder whether that much resonates in deepest England. Maybe not, though I am unsure.

        Batley and Spen could be closely-run.


  18. The Conservative Party would not be making a horrendous error if they installed Jeremy Hunt as PM and party leader after the distinctly unfunny Killer ClownTM has been rightfully toppled.

    It seems to me that there are two types of ex public schoolboy:

    1.) The self-serving chancer, fuck everybody else in society as I want to climb the greasy pole and if I have to harm others in order to achieve self-advancement I will do that eg Boris Johnson

    2.) The ones who DO have some measure of personal integrity, common humanity, common decency, eg Stanley Baldwin, Neville Chamberlain, Jeremy Hunt.

    Jeremy Hunt is very much on the more liberal and globalist wing of the party but at least he does have some personal qualities like those previous Tory PMs had.

    Despite his very high class background (his dad was a Royal Navy commander) and he attended the prestigious Charterhouse School in his constituency he doesn’t appear to be any any kind of snob and I think he can relate to ‘ordinary’ people.

    He should have won the leadership contest in 2019. If he had done so I think he would have handled this awful pandemic much better and chosen a more intelligent cabinet and some unfortunate souls would still be with us.😡🤬☹️😞


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