Diary Blog, 7 June 2021

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Kirklees Council is within the Batley and Spen constituency area: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kirklees_Council. Labour has a plurality though not a majority of councillors (32 out of 69). The Mayor? One “Mumtaz Hussein”. Leader of the Council? “Shabir Pandor”. The Deputy Leader is Peter McBride.

“Shortly after the 2016 local elections, Labour councillors initially decided to replace incumbent council leader David Sheard with Shabir Pandor…Pandor eventually resigned as Labour group leader. Sheard was re-elected as leader of the council and appointed Pandor as his deputy.[14] Pandor was subsequently elected leader of the council in 2018.” [Wikipedia]

You can see that Labour monopolizes the positions of importance at that council and that, over recent years, the non-whites have taken over from the former sort of Labour councillors, who were English, or at least ethnically British.

Incidentally, the salaried CEO of the Council is one Jacqui Gedman, who received, in 2019, over £156,000, and probably gets a great deal more in 2021: https://www.kirklees.gov.uk/beta/information-and-data/pdf/open-data/senior-salaries-and-organisational-structure-2019.xlsx. Despite that, the Council has been heavily criticized for its failures in recent years.

See this, too:

In June 2016 the Huddersfield Daily Examiner exposed several councillors who had failed to pay their Council Tax. Five serving councillors, four Labour and one Conservative, had been issued with court claims after previously receiving reminder letters.[15]

Two councillors who had denied the allegations, Deputy Leader Jean Calvert and Amanda Pinnock, were suspended by the Labour Party. It was the second time in as many years that Calvert had failed to pay her Council Tax when it was due, and Pinnock had accused the Examiner of racism.” [Wikipedia] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kirklees_Council#’Ratesgate’_scandal

Looks like Labour (especially) needs a big and damaging kick at the by-election. Looks as though the voting will be split mainly on racial/ethnic lines.

It’s a mad mad mad mad…UK


Be a psychopath and burn down buildings (etc) and you are “spared jail”, but sing a few songs about Jewish behaviour (Alison Chabloz), or make a short political speech in Whitehall (Jez Turner) and you are sentenced to imprisonment (despite, inter alia, being of good character, i.e. no previous convictions). Justice? Or an unjust and biased farce?

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Though superficially seeming impossible, is it impossible?

I see Blair as just as much a puppet of NWO/ZOG as, say, Boris-idiot, but one with more ability.

Jeremy Corbyn, anti-Zionist though not really “anti-Semitic” (regrettably), was removed by what amounted to a Jewish and Israeli covert operation, and was replaced by Keir Starmer, who has a Jewish wife (a lawyer), and children who are being brought up as if fully-Jewish. However, it is clear that, while the pro-Israel lobby on Twitter and in the msm likes Starmer, the voting public is unconvinced. Twice as many people prefer (even?) “Boris” to Starmer as future Prime Minister. Bearing in mind how incredibly poor “Boris” has proven to be, that is really something.

If Starmer were to be jettisoned, and with no obvious way forward for Labour, I can imagine that Blair might just be reinstalled, though most Labour members and (voting) supporters seem to be hostile. In one sense, almost impossible; in another, almost inevitable (?).

As to the voters generally, given a choice of “Boris” or Blair, more of them might say “Blair” than would say either “Boris” or “Starmer”… Never say never, I suppose.

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“Rahul Kohli”…an “Englishman”?! Ha ha! I looked him up on Wikipedia; TV and film actor, apparently.

People now, many of them, cannot see that an historical figure can do “good things” while also doing things now (100-200 years later) thought of as “not good”….There is no nuance in 2021. It’s all black and white, good v. evil…[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Egerton_Ryerson], and adjudged as such by, usually, those ill-equipped to make such determinations.

Below, that same statue before it was vandalized:

Late-morning music

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The (relative) few can see what is happening, but the majority either cannot see or can see but still go along with the conspiratorial agenda because they think that nails that stick out get hammered down.

It is ever thus: only the few are the leaders, or in the vanguard. Only the few are the dissidents. There are innumerable historical examples, perhaps the most obvious being the dissidents of various kinds in the Soviet Union. Others would include the early scientists who stood up against, inter alia, heresy laws from the late mediaeval period still extant in the Renaissance. Or again, those in the present age who stand up against quasi-mediaeval “holocaust” “denial” laws and repressions.

At first, both as MP at Westminster and later as PM, especially when meeting the American President at Camp David, Blair was quite naive-looking, or as Mephistopheles puts it in Faust, “an intelligent youth, easy to instruct”. Later, he took on a “devilish” look, and now, at times, looks quite mad as he evidently sees himself as a prime mover and shaker of the Western NWO/ZOG conspiracy/consensus.

Nick Thomas-Symonds

Listened to fairly pathetic BBC Radio 4 PM. Talk about the migration invasion, and in particular the cross-Channel traffic of illegals in small boats. Guest interviewee was one “Nick Thomas”, whom I now see was Nick Thomas-Symonds [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nick_Thomas-Symonds], the Shadow Home Secretary.

So irrelevant has the Labour Party now become that I (someone who takes a fairly close interest in political and Parliamentary affairs) was actually unaware that Nick Thomas was in that post. In fact, I had never heard of him.

Turns out that, on paper, this is a well-educated person, and a barrister who belongs to Lincoln’s Inn, as did I until the Jew-Zionist lobby procured my disbarment in 2016 (thus triggering my expulsion from my Inn).

Sadly, but not at all surprisingly, in answering questions about the migration invasion, Nick Thomas showed himself to be yet another Welsh windbag, taking a great deal of time to say absolutely nothing. Incapable of criticizing mass immigration as such. No real “solution” except to demand that more money be spent in the migrants’ home countries, thus magically stopping the waves of migration. Yeah, right…

That interview was telling, for me. Labour has absolutely nothing to say. Labour has nothing to offer the British people. Even less than has the chaotic government of “Boris”. Labour is washed-up.

It will be interesting to see how far Labour will fall in the two presently-upcoming by-elections.

32 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 7 June 2021”

  1. Re. the laura towler clip: I noticed on the recent “census” that “Roma” people were classed as a “White” ethnicity lol!


  2. Just fuck off and die of Covid-19 like you have done most to impose upon DECENT people, you supremely ugly Tory/Brexit ‘Party’ or whatever name they use this week, daft BITCH, Julie Hartley-Brewer.

    I don’t normally use the word cunt for a woman but you definitely are one, Julie, so just do the only decent thing you have ever done in the entirety of your wretched existence and kindly expire along with all the other EVIL Covid-19 deniers/intentional minimisers ie James Melville and the entire ghastly lot.

    WHY, oh WHY have you not done this yet?🙄🙄🙄😡😡😡🤬🤬☹️☹️☹️😞😞😞

    Bloody hell, I must take a good,long shower after this because I find myself in agreement with that normally utterly vile, rancid piece of anti-British excrement and globalist open borders supporting extremist, Mr Tony Blair!😂😁😷😜

    Yes, Mr Blair, you are totally correct to say the RESPONSIBLE people who have been vaccinated fully or partially so like me should get more freedoms than normally grotesquely irresponsible people who haven’t. The often crackpot element must be taught the error of their ways!😎👌😷🍷

    Wellsaid, Mr Blair.😂

    Politics doesn’t half make for some very strange bedfellows at times!😛


  3. Bernie’s Tweets, you supremely thick blonde bimbo, I think you will find that lockdown was imposed not just to prevent the NHS from possibly collapsing but to suppress what was a frightening and exponential daily increase in infections. It did this but should have been imposed EARLIER. Boris didn’t do this and as a result we had more infections and deaths than we should have had during the first wave. We DID NOT get ‘AHEAD of the curve’ sufficiently well.

    There is a time lag between increased infections and deaths or serious illness, daft cow!

    You people whinge about everything to do with this crisis! 🙄🙄You oppose lockdowns, mandatory facial mask wearing and now you oppose vaccinations which is happening so we can get OUT of restrictions!🙄🙄

    Why don’t you and your lot just admit it and be honest ie that you are selfish bastards who have no problem with vulnerable people dying or having a serious illness with possible life long complications because you put your personal freedoms first!

    You are a supremely selfish and anti-social person who should be ashamed of yourself.


  4. Julie Hartley-Brewer, I think you will find The ClownTM and even thicker members of the Cabinet have been making the decisions such as the gruesome extras from ‘The Jewel In The Crown’ hence our very high death and case rate rather than Michael Gove and Matt Hancock who seem to me to the only people who have given a damm about the crisis from day one.

    If we had followed your libertarian extremist ‘advice’ Professor Fergusson’s prediction of 400,000 deaths would have come even closer to being the reality.


  5. Still, who cares anyway! Those extra deaths would only have been composed of mainly old grandmothers etc! 🙄🙄Who needs a much-loved grandmother who has already lived to a fairly decent age ie 85 which is the age my adored nan lived too that I remember with great affection still. I was hoping she would get to 90 or the big 100 but sadly it was not to be.😞☹️


  6. Hopefully, when this crisis is finally over people will choose not to listen to libertarian extremists like you, Julie Hartley-Brewer, because you have helped to expose how fundamentally selfish and downright immoral this political ideology is and how it has not helped to fight the very necessary battle against Covid-19.


  7. Bernie’s Tweets, you can be a selfish, grotesquely irresponsible bitch and choose without good reason to not take the vaccine but if you do then you must expect your personal freedom which you put ahead of the more important rights of others such as their very lives/good health to be curtailed by the government with a vaccine passport or, better still, INCARCERATION inside a prison cell!😎😀👌😂

    How about serving some time at Her Majesty’s Pleasure,eh?

    Then you be ‘free’ inside jail but we won’t have the risk of you catching Covid-19 and passing it onto us!


  8. Zoe Harcombe, why not stay quiet? 🙄🙄🙄You have no qualifications in the rather sophisticated science of virology or indeed ANY science and you are not a qualified doctor like Dr Hillary Jones undoubtedly is.

    Your doctorate is in philosophy and probably not even a real earnt one anyway! Your area of expertise is NOT virology so, please kindly, defer to ‘the experts’! Even Michael Gove has learnt to do that recently!🙄🙄🙄

    I think you will find a mass vaccination programme to combat an easily transmissible viral disease has to be taken up by a population very widely indeed for maximum effectiveness!🙄🙄🙄🙄


  9. ‘Dissidents’. Yes, on other topics those who dissent from the prevailing consensus of historical/political opinion can sometimes have a case but those who do so this time on Covid-19 are not, in the main, the ‘cream of the crop’ intellectually-speaking rather the complete opposite in too many cases. They are normally the ‘usual suspects’ and crackpot tendency. 🙄🙄🙄


  10. Yes, Toby Young, ordinary people really should believe in your opinions on Covid-19 when you made the obviously absurd to anyone with even the most rudimentary understanding of the previous history of worldwide viral pandemics that there would not be any ‘second wave’.You said this in the Daily Libertarian Loony (formerly known as the once respected Daily Telegraph) as early as June LAST YEAR!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


  11. We have far too many dopy women in politics and commenting upon the news when they know little or nothing. It has become a very serious disease in Britain and around the West in general.

    Hasn’t this fraudulent Dr Harcombe with her fake Doctorate got something more important to do than spreading fake news about Covid-19 and how we should sensibly respond to it? She needs to get back to the kitchen and make some dinner for her long suffering husband though no doubt she would bugger that up too!🙄

    There is an over abundance of none qualified quacks in this country and she is one of them.🤬😡


  12. Thierry Baudet is not a particularly credible politician. The normally good Alternative Fur Deutschland partei (Afd) has, sadly, taken this line of associating itself with the crackpot element in German society over the last year (though it once advocated sterner measures and criticised Merkel for not introducing them) and, as a result, they have lost a certain amount of credibility with the German electorate.

    On Sunday, contrary to opinion polls, the party failed to come first or achieve a particularly good second in regional elections in the old East German state of Saxony-Anhalt.

    This is where perceived sympathy with libertarian extremism and the loon element gets you!

    The Christian Democrats (Conservatives ) achieved a good first place. They seem to have benefitted from an anti-Afd tactical vote from supporters of the SPD, Die Linke (The Left) and an increased turnout.




  13. Rahul Kohli, the reason why the ‘England’ team’s supporters booed the players doing that is because many are utterly sick and tired of this pathetic virtue signalling nonsense. Black Lives Matter is an inherently racist organisation but as it espouses pro-black racism that is considered to be ok by the PC crackpots of the FA and the loony-left ‘Tory’ government.

    No organisation calling itself ‘White Lives Matter’ would be allowed to be in existence by the present government and if by some miracle it was then the PC FA wouldn’t let white players on the ‘England’ team get down on a knee for the millionth time to pay homage to it.

    This so-called ‘anti-racism’ lark only goes in one direction.

    By the way, you are not an Englishman. That is an ethnicity not a common citizenship.


  14. By far the biggest victims of REAL racism in Britain are the British. It is we who are rendered invisible by the British government (apart from paying high taxes to finance our nation’s demise of course) and when we are the victims of racial murders and attacks we are given a lower priority by the police and the media often don’t report these crimes or deliberately downplay them.

    Put simply, we are viewed as a ‘non people’ in what is supposed to be our homeland. The globalist LIBERTARIAN CONservative Party sees Britain as nothing more than an economic space of consumers and workers/floating business park hence their invitation to the teeming millions of Hong Kong to settle here, their non deportation of illegal immigrants, allowing countless numbers of blatant illegal migrants to come over in small boats from France!🤬😡☹️😞


    1. That view you mention, m’Lord of Essex, is ingrained in the members of the present government, who are after all mostly Jews, Indians and other non-British…


  15. This viewpoint of the Tories that Britain is not a unique country in the world and we are merely an economic space of consumers/worker ants/floating business park is one good reason all by itself that they should not have won in Hartlepool, should not in Batley and Spen and will hopefully crash to defeat in Chesham and Amersham.

    Britain is so much more than a floating business park and spreadsheet!

    ‘Tory’ globalists OUT!


    1. That, m’Lord of Essex, would be true if there were a real alternative in those by-election areas, but that is not the case. You may have read my recent blogs. I expect that Chesham and Amersham will be a fairly easy Con win; as to Batley and Spen, Labour is obviously now on the back foot. My head says that it will be a narrow-ish Con win, but my heart or instinct says that Labour is going to get smashed.


      1. The wicked CON Party with its deliberate destruction of Britain and its non imposition of tough travel restrictions FROM THE START ie March 2020 of a worldwide viral pandemic thus effectively MURDERING decent, vulnerable Britons on a globalist altar of open borders MUST pay a price for these crimes.

        I would prefer the death penalty for Boris and company or exceptionally long prison terms of fifty years plus with absolutely no chance for parole but I will settle, at the moment , for by-election defeats.

        This administration is utterly repellent.😡🤬☹️😞


      2. There is a possibility albeit it a small one of defeat in Chesham and Amersham. Quite a few voters in that seat are sick and tired of the fake Conservative Party ignoring them constantly and they are especially alarmed at Boris The Buffoon’s planning reforms aimed at making it easier to develop the Green Belt which is obviously important for that area.

        Why should a nice and picturesque area which is supposed to be protected by NOT JUST being in the Green Belt but also being a designated ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’ (ANOB) be ruined by an increased housing demand created by the CONS not bothering to control immigration and getting it down to the, “low tens of thousands’ as promised as long ago as 2010 by Cameron?😡🤬😞☹️


      3. Well, m’Lord of Essex, it may be as you say, but the LibDems have never yet seriously challenged the Cons at Amersham and Chesham; their best vote-share was 28.5% (in 2010), though the old Liberal Party twice scored 31.2% (in 1974 and in 1983).


      4. The Lib Dens need a ‘swing’ of about 14.5% to win in Chesham and Amersham which is a big requirement but is just within or on the border of what is achievable. There was an released internal poll in the Independent about a week ago which suggested that they had a 9.3% swing in their favour so they need another 5.2% With a bit of effort they could do it and win by about a hundred votes or less.


      5. M’Lord of Essex:
        That is interesting. *If* the LibDems can pull that off, they can present themselves as the premier alternative to the Cons in the South of England. If…


      6. This is a by-election though and not a general election. Momentum behind a clear challenger can and often does build. By-elections can be used to send messages to a government and especially to one that has a wholly undeserved large majority of eighty seats which was mainly gifted to them by the irrational workings of our crooked and archaic electoral system.

        Even if the Liberal Democrats were to win the government isn’t at risk of falling so why should the electorate in that seat not take the opportunity to send a message?

        This government needs to have its wings firmly clipped. Another Tory MP who follows the party whip in the Commons relentlessly won’t make any difference.


    1. Indeed it does and destined to remain so for a long time to come. Mrs Thatcher started off the first beginnings of the police’s overt politicisation and destruction with the report of Lord Scarman after the Brixton Riots in 1981 and then came Labour to put the final boot into the police with the McPherson Report . So far, the Conservative Party – the ‘party of law and order and the police’ has not reversed the extreme damage caused to the institution


  16. At least with Labour you will get a Briton as Home Secretary even if he would be yet another open borders supporting globalist. With the misnamed CONServative Party we are denied even that! Labour’s globalism is pretty openly expressed in an honest fashion and not hidden under a cloak of fake patriotism!

    Sadly, too many have still not realised that the Tory Party is Britain’s least suspected grave digger!


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