Diary Blog, 11 June 2021, including thoughts about politicization of charities, and about the Maya Forstater case

The charity sector— a “rotten borough”

Sadly, the charity sector has, over decades, developed into a “rotten borough”. There have been so many scandals. Oxfam alone has had many. Legal and political scandals around “charitable status”; sex scandals; money-related scandals. Why?

I believe that, looking at the larger charities, the basic problem is one of focus, going back to those recruited.

There was always a “campaigning” aspect to many of these charities, inasmuch as many of them have always regarded it as part of their remit to campaign for changes in the law, or changes in public behaviour. Examples would include the Salvation Army, and the League Against Cruel Sports, to name but two.

There is inevitably a grey area between such “political” or socio-political campaigning, and outright politicking. This came to a head in the 1980s when it emerged that Oxfam was spending huge amounts of money (money mainly donated by well-meaning members of the public) not only on direct alleviation of poverty in Africa (etc), and not even on effective but indirect poverty-alleviation (eg supporting schools in Africa), but on political propaganda such as anti-apartheid stuff (the false narrative being that poverty in Africa as a whole was somehow caused by apartheid in South Africa, despite the fact that the Africans in South Africa were often better off than Africans in other African states).

In fact, the now nearly 30 years of (notional) black African rule in South Africa have proven that apartheid was not the only or even main factor holding back 99.9% of South African blacks. The new South Africa has quite as much inequality of capital and income as the old South Africa, together with rocketing crime and corruption. All that and virtue-signalling too!

In the UK charity/NGO sector, there have been all the scandals around money and sex, such as at Save The Children, where the head of the organization was getting about £400,000 a year, and where his cronies at the top were getting £200,000 or more, one such crony being the sex-pest Brendan Cox, the then husband of Labour Party MP Jo Cox (who was assassinated in 2016).

The roots of these problems go back to the kind of people recruited. Typical of our age: virtue-signalling “woke” hypocrites, but who are also very interested in money.

There is, also, a persistent problem with many charity staff, at the higher (careerist) levels, being anti-white, meaning anti-European race and culture.

The Maya Forstater case https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maya_Forstater_v_Centre_for_Global_Development

I have blogged, about the general questions raised, once or twice in the past: see https://ianrobertmillard.org/2018/11/15/when-reality-becomes-subjective/

He was right. We are pretty much there now…


In the Maya Forstater appeal: “The panel said only views akin to Nazism or totalitarianism were unworthy of protections for rights of freedom of expression and thought.” [The Guardian]. https://www.theguardian.com/law/2021/jun/10/gender-critical-views-protected-belief-appeal-tribunal-rules-maya-forstater.

Seems that the Indian in charge thinks that National Socialism is just too true!

Late morning music

Tweets seen

Very very lenient. Alison Chabloz recently got 18 weeks, so nearly twice as long, merely for pointing out (albeit undiplomatically) some true aspects of Jewish behaviour on an Internet podcast.

A white woman, of course…

Good grief! Incredible that there are still some people who have not woken up to the idiocy of “Boris”.

Khrushchev, in his memoirs, criticized Malenkov as a “filing clerk” and said that that was the worst kind of person to have power given to him. In our society, in the UK of 2021, we have given power to chancers such as “Boris” and little Matt Hancock, but in reality to those behind them, such as the narrowminded medical and statistics zealots of “SAGE” (aka “DUMB”, the Department Under Matt and Boris). Not to mention types such as Dominic Cummings. Result? Misery…

“Judith Gleeson”? [nb. not “Gleason” ]. Hm… I think so…((()))…[https://www.pragueprocess.eu/en/training-academy/expert-network/604-gleeson-1].

“The land of freedom”…

The UK’s multikulti toytown police state in operation. Pathetic, yet at the same time chilling…

Of course, The Handmaid’s Tale is fiction, literary fantasy, but reflective of a outline of possible future reality, just as The Protocols of Zion are literary fantasy yet in a sense “true”, in that they clothe the reality which is coming to pass via, inter alia, NWO, ZOG, the “Black Lives Matter” nonsense, the “Covid-19” “situation” etc.

Incidentally, I see that Martin Daubney’s clip shows Vauxhall Underground Station. I wonder how many, if any (?) SIS staff who use that station, and are not asleep, and see what “British” society now is, have any reservations about defending it?

Sadly, many British people are now scared rabbits, wearing bloody facemasks even in the open air, even when walking alone. That applies particularly to the older population; as to the younger, “woke virtue-signalling idiots” covers many of them. I expect no revolt from the majority, just frightened compliance, maybe with more “North Korea-lite” clapping on command…

There is only one way…

I have not had the vaccine(s); I shall not have the vaccine(s). In youth, I always hoped to die in battle. Who knows…That may now be unlikely, but never say never…

Well…does that come under “cultural appropriation”, “cultural insult”, or some sub-species of “white genocide”?

Push her off…

Late tweets

Now let’s protect views on other socio-political and historical matters…

Late music

20 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 11 June 2021, including thoughts about politicization of charities, and about the Maya Forstater case”

    1. Watcher:
      I do not understand why anyone commits a crime of that nature. Something like the Hatton Garden vault job, yes; the 1970s French Riviera “sewers of gold” bank job [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Great_Riviera_Bank_Robbery] yes; even something as socially damaging as massive drug importation using planes, ships, or submarines, yes, I can relate to that up to a point; even petty crime, such as ordinary theft, such as shoplifting, is at least easy to understand, if not condone. This, though? Why? Why?…


  1. Yes, a disgusting lenient sentence for that young yob but not really surprising when this very sick country has many liberal judges on the bench, ex judges like that ridiculous Lord Sumption or ex barristers who also kowtow to libertarian extremism even when that philosophy is a plainly extremist one at the best of times let alone open in the midst of a worldwide viral pandemic.

    Libertarian extremism is an mental illness and causes problems not just as regards Covid-19 and how to deal with it but also in attitudes towards crime and its punishment. Mind you, what can one really expect differently when this mad ideology is based-upon the obviously sick and degenerate need for ‘freedom’ at all times and under any circumstances?🙄🙄🙄🙄

    Jews have often been to the forefront of pushing this sick ideology ie Milton Friedman who was a favourite economist of Maggie but they carefully and very hypocritically barely endorse it in the Zionist state of Israel which makes me wonder why alleged ‘anti-Semitic’ people don’t recognise this and stop quoting anti-lockdown libertarian extremist freaks like Toby Young, Julie Hartley-Brewer and other vermin like them.🙄😡🤬


    1. It just now occurs to me that that young thug got a lesser sentence for (what I myself view as) attempted murder (albeit that he was not charged as such, which he should have been) than Alison Chabloz got for saying a few arguably harsh but unarguably true things about Jews…(she got 18 weeks, that young thug only 10).


      1. At least that evil little yob has done one thing right at least in that he is abiding by the law in one instance and wearing a mask so fair play to him for that!👌😷

        Now, if only utterly cretinous, supremely selfish, libertarian extremist cunts from the ‘Brexit’/Refrom’ Party or whatever names these moronic grifters use this week like Martin Daubney would do likewise and stop putting the lives of vulnerable people at risk or putting them in a hospital with a serious illness.🙄😡🤬


  2. It is very sad to see the state of South Africa today under ANC misrule. A previously great country (the economic and military superpower of Africa no less!🍷😎👌) laid low by liberal maniacs just like our own.😡🤬☹️😞

    I wonder how SA would have fared with this worldwide viral pandemic under the old Apartheid era government? They haven’t been doing too well with the virus just like we have not under Boris and his negligent goon squad imposing as they did half-hearted and LATE barely-enforced ‘lockdowns’ etc.🤬😡☹️😞

    I suspect SA would have performed better with the Afrikaner National Party in power under P.W. Botha.

    They were a party noted for their authoritarian attitudes indeed so much was this the case that SA under their wise and beneficial rule was a world capital of capital punishment just like well run Singapore is today!😂😎🍷👌🤣


    On a side note, when Apartheid was in operation I always sought to seek out SA grapes to buy even though this was difficult because of the sanctions as they were and still often are the juiciest and sweetest and I only like grapes all that much if they are very sweet and juicy.


      1. Yumm! They certainly sound like the type of sweet and juicy grapes I would enjoy. 👌🍷😎My nearest Waitrose is in Billericay so I will have to take a trip there to buy some. Waitrose is normally a very good store for the quality of their fresh fruit and vegetables. In Brentwood, we have a Sainsbury’s whose quality in that regard is not as impressive.


      2. M’Lord of Essex,
        Muscat grapes are not always stocked. Another rarity sometimes seen in Waitrose would be grapes called Sable. Very pleasant red grapes.


  3. The old Apartheid era South African national anthem had a lot going for it since it was stirring and inspiring.

    I rate Die Stem Van Suid- Afrika (The Call of South Africa) as one of my personal favourites and I believe it to be one of the world’s best anthem s and up there in the top ten with France’s and Russia’s.

    Mind you, in all fairness, South Africa’s new national anthem which contains a part composed for the African ANC supporting population as well as a small part of Die Stem is very good too.


    Can you put up a good YouTube version of inspiring Die Stem, please?😎👌🍷


      1. Thank you for posting that video!😎🍷👌I have had a look on YouTube for Die Stem and that one seems to be amongst the best and most stirring versions of one of my all time favourite national anthems.


      2. On a side note, I was nearly born under that flag and Die Stem van Suid Afrika would have been my national anthem instead of God Save The Queen in that my family would have emigrated to live in Cape Town not far, of course, from the great wine and grape producing areas of that country. I am quite glad they didn’t now because of SA’s decline and the increasing law and order problems for white people since the ANC took over.


      3. As a matter of fact, m’Lord of Essex, one of my maternal great-grandfathers was buried at Cape Town or at least had/has a memorial stone there (he may in fact have been buried at sea).


  4. And the moral of your stupid tweet, Martin Daubney, is that your degenerate desire for personal freedom at all costs even when that can cause appreciable harm for other people and at all times has to be restricted in worldwide viral pandemics and also on other occasions.

    After all, I don’t suppose even a loony libertarian extremist like you would whinge over OFFICERS OF THE LAW arresting someone if they took this idea of personal freedom at all times to its ultimate conclusion and decided they would use their all-important ‘personal freedom’ to stab someone to death, would you? Or WOULD you? One can never tell with libertarian nutcases!🙄🙄🙄

    Do you get the general idea of where we non libertarian loonies are coming from now, Martin?🙄🙄🙄🙄


  5. Whilst it may be a shame he was la lacerated, Martin, I’m afraid he brought it upon himself in contemptuously not wearing a mask in the PRECISE ENVIRONMENT that mandatory mask wearing is most useful for ie crowded spaces with lots of people close together with little ventilation.

    We saw last year that London had a high death and case rate and no doubt one reason for this was that mandatory mask wearing was not enforced earlier on the Tube.

    Perhaps, Martin, we should just shoot on sight anyone who doesn’t wear a mask on the Tube without good reason but our police officers don’t carry arms normally.

    I, for one, wouldn’t want them to do so since I think armed police officers look too intimidating to ordinary, law abiding citizens and this makes them seem more alien and remote from the communities they should serve. The fact our officers aren’t normally armed is one of the very few good remaining points about the British police.

    However,,perhaps the time has now come to routinely arm them. Monaco’s armed officers don’t look too intimidating as some do ie Singapore’s which look like Robocoos!



  6. No, Stolen Voices, neither I nor many others would have imagined that picture three years ago! I will tell you why! Now, wait for the answer because I want some brain cells to all of a sudden whirl into life! The reason why is because, get this, there was NO WORLDWIDE VIRAL PANDEMIC officially declared by the World Health Organisation (WHO) then! NOW, do you lot get the point?🙄🙄🙄🙄


  7. Ha, ha, it looks like Remaniac Sarah Murphy is not a huge fan of Coco The Clown! 😂 Sarah, you might be surprised to learn that it isn’t just passionate Europhiles like you that have that damming assessment of him.😞☹️


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