Diary Blog, 10 June 2021

Medical ethics news, 2021… https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2021/06/09/patients-mental-illness-learning-disabilities-given-do-not-resuscitate/

Many criticize (in some cases, justly) the Reich for taking measures in the 1930s which in fact were at the time widespread across the world, not least in Britain, the British dominions, and in North America. Now it seems that our oft-sainted NHS is still doing the same, or very similar.

In other similar news: https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/daughter-gran-who-died-weighing-24276045.

“Covid” news


Seems that the old saw is true: even a stopped clock tells the time right twice per day.

American Jewish news

A white psychoanalyst has published a paper in a respected academic journal branding whiteness ‘a malignant, parasitic like condition’ that is ‘incurable’ and triggers ‘perverse appetites,’ it has been revealed.” [Daily Mail] https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9670579/Psychoanalyst-condemned-paper-branding-whiteness-malignant-parasitic-like-condition.html.

“White” psychoanalyst? That’s what the Mail may say… as for what Moss says, were it said, mutatis mutandis, by a (real) white European-race person about blacks, others or —a fortiori— about Jews, there would be a howl of rage about “Nazi” “hate speech”, and the speaker would soon find himself sacked and, quite likely, prosecuted (certainly in the UK).

Note: https://www.academia.edu/7865067/Finding_Oneself_in_a_Sentence_Donald_Moss_and_Psychoanalytic_Sincerity

I can think of at least one Twitter twit who fits the following reader’s comment (below)…https://www.dailymail.co.uk/reader-comments/p/comment/link/705793161 (“SirLyseAClot, Fremont CA, United States, 3 hours ago…Doctors choose a psychiatric residency when they are inept in all other fields, lack technical skills, and are scared to do actual procedures that result in actual outcomes – – this guy is a complete fool and his license should be revoked expeditiously“).

Tweets seen


Keep clapping! Oh, no…wait…

In the end, there will be only one way to restore reasonable freedom and a reasonable society in the UK. I cannot express it here by reason of the existing repression.

If there is a general collapse of Western society, we may get only one chance to do what is necessary. Remember that. Only one chance.

Later tweets

That evil pack again. Silverman. Falter. A few others. The CAA exercises pernicious influence out of all proportion to its tiny membership of fanatical Jew-Zionists.

Late music

6 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 10 June 2021”

  1. So the Daily Libertarian Extremist/Globalist ‘Tory’ Moron Mail is LYING, once again, about Covid-19 and spreading ‘FAKE NEWS’ about it!

    Well, there is a surprise- NOT!:


    When push comes to shove there will be only one way to finally deal with Covid-19 deniers/intentional minimisers/those who willingly flout restrictions and help to put vulnerable people into an early grave or make them fall seriously ill like that repulsive yob, ‘Lord’ Lloyd-Webber threatens to do and that is to enact a Belarussian-style ‘Final Solution’ on them ie a gunshot to the back of the head:


    A cheap, quick and efficient method of capital punishment that is relatively humane and the only other means of judicial execution that is on a par with our own quintessentially British method of a long-drop hanging!😂😎👌

    Well done, Belarus!👌

    We must twin the United Kingdom with the fantastic country of Belarus in this way soon!😎👌😂🍷🤣😷


  2. Are Belarus in Euro 2020/2021? I must support the team from the only country in Europe to still retain the ‘ultimate penalty’!😂😎👌


  3. What a totally unfeeling and callous scumbag that NHS worker is! Truely repulsive! A suspended jail term! Why?🙄🙄🙄🤬😡😡 She should have been given a few months inside as an example as to how NOT to behave and would have got such a sentence in well run and moral Singapore: https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/courts-crime

    Whilst that hand-clapping for NHS workers was embarrassing the sentiments behind it were perfectly ok, admirable and entirely appropriate.

    Unlike that scumbag in your tweet the vast majority of NHS workers are decent, caring, humane and dedicated people working very hard to save lives and improve the health of their patients. They fully deserve our support.


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