Diary Blog, 26 June 2021, including more thoughts about Labour Party chances

Batley and Spen by-election

I continue to update my by-election blog post daily: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2021/06/04/the-batley-and-spen-by-election-2021/. 5 days left before polling.

Tweets seen

“What is Starmer hoping for?” asks tweeter “@Stephen46723144”. Nothing. He is a puppet of the Jew-Zionist lobby. He was inserted into the Labour Party leadership in order to return Labour to the NWO/ZOG fold. He would of course like to be Prime MInister, as a dyed-in-the-wool System careerist, but everything he does reflects his basic allegiance to Jews and Israel. Labour Party interests or prospects come second or third.

Exactly what I have been saying in my blog for a quite long time now— Labour was once the party of both the British “working classes” and of the “progressive” somewhat more affluent. I suppose that both the 1945-51 Attlee governments and the 1960s Wilson governments exemplified that “alliance”.

The Blair-Brown governments of 1997-2010 were a kind of parody of the foregoing. The “workers” were there notionally, but actually without power or influence. The affluent middle classes and many of the Jews both supported and influenced “Blairism”, of which mentally-disturbed Brown’s government was a fag-end.

Over the years from 1945, and especially from the 1980s, the demographic changes in the UK altered the picture, in that mass immigration brought in at first hundreds (1950s), then thousands, then (from the 1980s) millions of immigrants, who started to breed. Most voted Labour.

Other social changes occurred. The industrial “proletariat” disappeared, along with most heavy industry. Their descendants became a latter-day “lumpenproletariat” of (sometimes) drug-abusing “chavscums” etc, or the abused insecure workers or “precariat” of the “gig economy” and the “click economy”.

Traditional ideas did not fit. “Socialist” (supposedly socialist) scribbblers and approved “talking heads” on TV, such as Owen Jones, the part-Jewish faux-revolutionary, tried to write about the “working class” but ended up conflating that old designation with the new “precariat”: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chavs:_The_Demonization_of_the_Working_Class

The occasional clips of real people, concerned that Labour was not listening, especially but not exclusively about mass immigration, have become, as people now say, “iconic”:

Telling…as were the remarks Brown later made.

…and look at his later television comment. Questions about immigration from Mrs. Duffy were “irritating“. Yes, it all looks very different at Bilderberg, or at the meetings of Labour Friends of Israel…

Then we have the complete or almost complete takeover of national (i.e. London-centric) Labour by the wealthy (mainly Jew) element. Blair and Brown were both Labour Friends of Israel members, as were and are so many now again at the top of Labour. Rachel Reeves, many others, including of course Keir Starmer.

Labour became, slowly, the party of mainly, those paid from public funds one way or another, and the party of the ethnic minorities generally. After Corbyn came to prominence, Jews mostly left Labour, but the blacks and browns remained and became Labour’s new core vote.

In Scotland, the former Labour voters went mostly to the faux-nationalist SNP. In England, real social nationalism was all but banned, and now even more so. Labour voters began simply not voting. The graphic below shows that, in the 2017 and 2019 general elections:

The white English have largely abandoned Labour. The 2021 Hartlepool by-election showed that. Far more abstained than changed allegiance from Labour to Conservative, taking the whole eligible electorate into account.

Look at the 2021 Chesham and Amersham by-election: Labour 1.6%. Yes, former Labour voters voted tactically, to deny the Conservatives a win, but still very telling, in my view.

Now we see that, at Batley, the Muslim brown voters will not, most of them, vote for the Labour candidate, because she is white, lesbian, and Labour, which is now led by a puppet of the Jewish/Israel lobby. Also, they have an alternative for whom to vote: Galloway.

However, the white English former Labour voters are also jumping ship, because the Labour candidate is just someone pushed in to try to get a “sympathy vote”, her sister having been assassinated by a socio-political dissident in 2016.

The English voters at Batley think that a Conservative MP might get more help from a Conservative central government. As well as that, the local council has ignored white English people for years.

The Labour candidate has not defended the English schoolteacher driven from his job and home by Muslim crazies.

The by-election at Batley has brought into focus the sheer uselessness of Labour. It has not opposed the Government on so many recent issues: the facemask nonsense, “lockdowns”, social security etc. Without most English and without most Muslim/brown people supporting it, where does Labour go? The Twitterati twits, NHS zealots and West Indians only add up to about 15% of the population…

Saturday quiz


Once again, I beat John Rentoul. He scored 5/10, whereas I scored 6/10. I did not know the answers to questions 1, 2, 4, and 10.

Tweets seen


Interesting short (3 mins) video:

Not a city I know. I got lost in its outer suburbs once in the car, at about 2am, but have never seen it apart from that, and also from a train once or twice, and another time when my Flybe plane made an unscheduled landing, halfway through the flight, at Birmingham Airport. Sounds like the city is a bit of a zoo now. I understand that the shambolic local government there is infested by Common Purpose termites.

More tweets

Can you imagine a creature like Dawn Butler as Leader of the Labour Party? Ha ha! “I’m lovin’ it”…In fact, now that Labour is (in terms of voters at least) largely black and brown, she might fit well, though of course that will be the end of Labour as a major force nationally.

The Whigs disappeared, the Liberal Party declined and disappeared, the LibDems are disappearing; Labour is sliding now. “Conservatives”? Like the Bar, the Conservatives have kept the names and titles, but not the content…

Labour Party supporters. Take a look at their Twitter profiles. Ha ha! Also, note that they almost excuse the fact that they are white…

They are also not young.

The second one realizes that Labour is falling to pieces, though.

Whether the Hancock scandal will have much effect on the upcoming by-election is doubtful. It may have, it may not have. My instinct says no.

Exactly what I said yesterday in answer to a commentator on my blog. Hancock will be kept alive like the wrapped-up fly in a spider’s web, until the spider decides to utilize him. Then— gone. That might be tomorrow, it might be in 6 months or more. The only thing that might expedite it is if Boris-idiot think that Hancock remaining in post will lose the by-election at Batley and Spen.

[Update, a day later: well, Boris-idiot did not sack him, but Hancock did not want to be a fly wrapped up for later use, so resigned. That’s him binned…]

Ha ha! Ecce the white “me too”, pro-BLM Labour Party supporter! These idiots must have a death wish! At first I thought that that comment was parody, but no!

All very well, but what is the point of this? It is akin to a letter to a newspaper, or a blog, posing as a by-election candidature. As I say, I have no quarrel with what is said, but this person and her party are a one-issue party, pretty much.

I have to admit that Ms. Waters seems more personable than I had thought, with a pleasant Irish manner.

Late music

23 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 26 June 2021, including more thoughts about Labour Party chances”

  1. So the Northern Chavs of Batley and Spen have, all of a sudden, decided that Labour is not worth voting for because it has such a high percentage of lawyers in its ranks?

    Well, I am not surprised these people voted Labour for decades when it was obvious to anyone who cared to look that party has been like this for many years and that a lot of them were overly privileged, middle-class globalists who hate Britain and native Brits with the most famous example being Tony Blair.🙄🙄 This isn’t exactly news to anyone with even a modicum of political awareness of British politics.🙄🙄🙄🙄

    These idiots were conned by Bliar in 1997 as we’re far too many others but I wasn’t and didn’t vote Labour!


  2. Some people really should not be allowed to cast a vote especially when their votes at a general election are worth more than others and therefore have more influence on the political destiny of the country due to our archaic and plainly undemocratic First Past The Post electoral system and their living in a classic marginal seat as in this by-election🙄😡🤬😞☹️

    What is so inherently wrong with a party full of lawyers anyway? Most political parties in the world will have a large percentage of lawyers in them compared to people of more ordinary occupations due to lawyers being more educated and therefore interested in politics thus leading to their joining parties at higher rates.

    Lawyers CAN be ‘Right-wing’ and none globalist as well! Do these people think the Conservative Party doesn’t also have many MPs who used to work as barristers ect? Infact, at one time and perhaps still the Tory Party had more people who used to work in the legal profession inside of it.


  3. So some of the Muslim voters are not going to vote for the Labour candidate because she is, apparently, a lesbian woman!

    I have to say that doesn’t show them in a good light and merely confirms the fact that many Muslims in this country and this seems to be particularly the case in West Yorkshire are Islamist extremists and are not very tolerant of others. It has been a problem since the late 1980’s when the so-called ‘Iron Lady’ and her government did nothing about the vicious Muslim protests and growing Islamist extremism over The Satanic Verses of Salman Rushdie.

    Is George Galloway cuddling-up to the Islamist extremists in that constituency as he normally does and refusing to condemn this Muslim ant-LGB hostility? He should condemn it but then he wants their cheap votes!

    The perils of the multi-cult are becoming ever clearer! Diversity is a weakness not a strength!


  4. The Liberal Democrats are down but they are certainly not out! They are the ‘cockroaches of British politics’ ie you can’t get rid of them entirely and recently they won a stupendous by-election victory with a large swing at Chesham and Amersham.

    In certain areas, unlike Batley and Spen, they are the PRIME opposition to the Conservative Party eg in my rock solid Tory stronghold seat of Brentwood and Ongar in Essex the Liberal Democrats lost one councillor on Brentwood Council in May but they still have 12 councillors to Labour’s TWO. Labour was reduced to that figure from having three previously.

    With Labour on the slide more people might well turn to them to provide the Tories with any real opposition.


  5. Dawn Butler! 😂😂😂🙄🙄🙄😂😂😂🙄🙄🙄God Almighty!🙄🙄🙄🙄😂😂😂 We all know that your average PC open borders supporting globalist loon is not exactly in touch with the feelings of the man on the proverbial ‘Clapham Omnibus’ but that is surely a piss take or, as you say, a parody!🙄🙄🙄😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    Come on Labour supporters this country DOES NEED an Opposition when we have Coco The Clown as PM! Do you really wish him to be supreme dictator of the UK or for there to be a Tory majority of 200 seats at the next election? Most people DO NOT!

    Mind you, I have heard other suggestions for Labour leader that show how out of touch many of these people are!

    Eg, This globalist FPPE loony Lib Dem in Brighton!🙄🙄🙄🙄 wants David Lammy to take over! https://Twitter.com/nickreeves9876

    That is almost as bad though David Lammy does show some get up and go opposition mentality unlike Starmer!


  6. I think the Tories will unfortunately win this by-election mainly because some Muslims will vote for Galloway. The Islamist extremist lot are not as well disposed to him as they used to be but enough of them still are to put a small but vital dent into the Labour vote. Galloway is a shameless hussy of these types and is loathe to criticise them as he should do.

    Mind you, this is a constituency that can be justly regarded as a classic marginal seat and is not prone to large swings as one can see on its Wikipedia entry:


    Even in the massive Labour landslide of 1997 this seat didn’t swing as strongly towards Labour as many other seats including other marginals did.

    It is No 31 on the Tory target list for the next general election:


    And No 28 on Labour’s defence list:


    It only needs a small swing of 3.33% to change to being a Tory seat.


  7. http://www.electionpolling.co.uk

    My provisional assessment is that the Tory will win but not by a huge amount. His majority will be far less than they won the Hartlepool by election with. I think the percentage majority will be under 10%. The Tories don’t have the advantage as in Hartlepool of there being an exceptionally large pool of voters who voted for Tory mate Farage’s joke party of the Brexit/Reform Party.

    There was a poll taken in the seat and reported here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2021_Batley_and_Spen_by-election which sounds quite plausible but polls in individual seats with small sample sizes have been quite inaccurate in the past.

    I doubt whether the Labour vote will go down markedly. It should hold up quite well since this is a Labour seat at present, the demographic make-up of the seat with its growing Muslim population (the Tory vote FELL at the last election due to that factor probably) etc. I think the few Liberal Democrat voters may vote tactically for Labour since they have no chance of winning and as a thank you to the Labour voters in Chesham and Amersham who voted Lib Dem tactically.


  8. If Keir Starmer is deposed as a result of losing this by-election with Labour looking to find another leader, they need to find someone who could appeal to more sensible less ‘woke’ types. As a non Labour supporter I’ve always thought Harriet Harman comes across quite well. What about ex Parachute Regiment soldier, Dan Jarvis?


      1. I thought you couldn’t be an MP and an elected Mayor at the same time and that is why Tracy Brabin resigned her seat?


  9. I see on Twitter that Labour has been putting out election literature mentioning such vital issues of national concern as ‘Islamaphobia’ and ‘Palestine’.

    What about genuine issues that affect most people in BRITAIN such as the deplorable lack of law and order under the misrule of the so-called ‘party of law and order and the police’, the economy, Boris The Clown’s botched ‘Brexit’, ext?

    Then they wonder why they are losing by elections when in Opposition and working class Britons increasingly want nothing to do with them!🙄🙄🙄


  10. If I were a Labour Party activist in that seat I think I would be quite careful about mentioning the issue of Palestine too much lest the Tories get their mates at the Zionist pro-Israel lie sheet ‘The Scum’ to highlight it. We wouldn’t want Keir Starmer to be accused of ‘anti-Semitism’ now, would we?🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

    This matter just illustrates the problem of the continual mass immigration moronic Labour and CONServative governments have imposed on us since the war. Having an electorate composed of too many different ethnic groups means British elections are increasingly a game whereby politicians fear to discuss certain issues because they don’t wish to upset that ethnic group or the other ones. It makes for a mighty mess at election time.

    Churchill, in one of his more sensible and level headed moments, said mass immigration would lead to a, “magpie society”.🤬😡😞☹️


  11. That phenomenon called ‘Islamaphobia’ is pretty rational in that seat since Islamists in it are intolerant towards a Labour candidate just because she happens to be a lesbian and also on account of that poor schoolteacher who is now in hiding in Batley over the school protests.

    Has the Tory candidate mentioned this issue? No, as ever, with the pointless globalist and PC non Conservative Party they ignore it hoping it will just go away of it’s own accord.😡🤬🙄🙄🙄

    I see that some dim lefties on Twitter are dismissing those school protests and the deplorable situation of that teacher as unimportant. Yes, the French government did that too and that poor teacher,Samuel Paty, had his head cut off by a radical Islamic extremist.🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄😡😡🤬🤬☹️☹️😞😞


  12. They have a very large number of candidates in that by-election to choose from which is one of the longest fields ever ie 16. Not all are wholly pointless. Since the ‘so-called mainstream’ parties are so pitiful and are scared of discussing certain issues I would consider putting my cross against Ann Marie Water’s name imperfect as she and her party are.


  13. I see that self-serving publicity freak and alleged ‘anti-woke’ activist, Lawrence Fox, has been to the constituency. Apparently, he is concerned about Islamist extremism in the seat. However, this problem AND the ‘woke’ attitudes of so many have been ultimately caused by mass, continual immigration but he says he is against ‘racism’ so when push comes to shove he has no idea about how to solve these problems.🙄🙄🙄🙄

    Boy, does this country need a party like Germany’s ‘Alternative fur Deutschland’ (Afd) or something even stronger NOW!


  14. How many stabbings does Birmingham now have? Is is getting as bad as our former capital city now sarcastically called ‘Stab City Upon The Thames’?🤬😡☹️😞

    It really is not rocket science to anyone but a globalist CONServative Party, Lib Dem, Labour or Green Party supporter that if you bring in the Third World you will eventually get Third World crime levels to match!

    Sadly, both cities are inevitably on a path that will see them both have crime levels akin to the worst US cities like Detroit.😡🤬☹️😞


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