Diary Blog, 7 July, 2021, including a few thoughts about education

Educational failures

I was just reading this [https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2021/jun/20/the-uss-greatest-danger-isnt-china-its-much-closer-to-home] fairly recent Guardian article by Robert Reich [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Reich], a Jewish but not very sectarian American thinker who has held major political appointments.

One line that struck me was his assertion that 80% of American college students are unable to comprehend a news magazine. Not a treatise by Wittgenstein, not books such as Das Kapital or Mein Kampf, but a news magazine! He’s talking about superficial, easy-reading stuff such as Time or Newsweek, probably, not even the Economist or the magazine to which I subscribed when I lived in the USA in the early 1990s, U.S. News and World Report.

Note that Reich is speaking of American college students, i.e, people who have graduated from secondary education, and who are at universities or other tertiary institutions!

One is reminded of how the U.S. Army in WW2 used to supply its frontline troops with comic books…

In the UK, we tend to laugh at the Americans in that regard, but I am not so sure that many British people are much better these days.

When you think that British children and young people now attend school (unless homeschooled) for 13 years in most cases, ages 5-18, and yet the quality even of university graduates is so very poor…and, yes, I certainly do include many Oxbridge graduates.

A complete rethink is required. Open debate and open thinking. What is education? What is it for? How can it be organized or arranged for optimal results (and what are those results)?

At present, much of the State funding expended is spent basically to warehouse children while the parents are at work. Not good enough.

The old and accepted “degree” system also needs change. First degree, “master’s”, and then “doctorate”. Terms which are a legacy from the Middle Ages.

Tweets seen

If some idiot gets in the way of my quite heavy car while riding one of these new machines, I shall not feel guilty should an accident happen and that person gets squashed. His risk, his guilt.

How long before almost everyone in the country is, or has been, infected with the Chinese virus(es)? Almost all without displaying any symptoms whatever…Will the panic be ramped up with “millions have Covid!” headlines? Probably…

…and, subject to correction, I believe that that Afzal person was the one who was in charge of the prosecutions of Nick Griffin and Mark Collett about 15 years ago [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Collett#BBC_documentary_and_subsequent_trial].

Twitter is almost useless. The same is true of most if not all other online fora. Use them to make initial contacts ,and as open-source intelligence on the enemies of Western civilization. Don’t expect to get very far politically by their use alone. At best, they are adjuncts.

End the facemask nonsense NOW.

As soon as the State-sponsored “panicdemic” started, a vast number of loonies (like the woman in that clip) came out of the woodwork. The so-called “crisis” really weaponized such idiotic people and their mental problems and, for some, probably gave them a reason to exist, in their own little minds.

We have had 18 months of this nonsense now.

Late music

3 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 7 July, 2021, including a few thoughts about education”

    1. Watcher:
      Humour is something that both the Jew-Zionist element and the “useful idiot” “antifa” element hate, so should be supported. One reason why I support Alison Chabloz and her satire. It cuts deep…


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