Diary Blog, 7 July 2002

Afternoon music

[Charles Eduard Perugini, Pandora’s Box]

On this day a year ago

Boris-idiot. What now?

My view at present is that Boris-idiot, ever the black rat, is struggling to find a way to survive and thrive.

“Boris” (Alexander Johnson) has resigned, or pledged to resign, as Conservative Party leader, but not (yet, at time of writing) as Prime Minister.

I do not know whether he would be permitted to stand for Conservative Party leader at any MPs’ election this year. That would depend on the rules laid down now or (if different) later on.

I suppose that if he is able to put himself forward again for election, there is a slight chance that he might end up as one of the top two; then the matter would be put to Conservative party members, many of whom are stupid enough to support him, even now.

It says something about the UK in 2022 , not just about the Conservative Party but also about the whole pseudo-democratic process, that the leading contenders to replace “Boris” are idiots such as Liz Truss, nobodies such as Penny Mordaunt, and various “ethnics” such as Sunak, Javid, even corrupt Kurd Zahawi etc.

One is sometimes tempted to echo, with necessary changes, the words of Savinkov in Reilly, Ace of Spies: “Poles, Czechs…where are the RUSSIANS?“, or in this case, “Jews, part-Jews, Kurds, Pakistanis, Indians…where are the ENGLISH?“.

I see that the opinion polls have the Labour Party 10 points ahead now. Maybe so, but once “Boris” is ditched, and assuming that some relatively uncontroversial figure is chosen to replace him, the voting public may look at Labour with more scrutiny.

Do the voters really want Jew-lobby or Israel-lobby puppets such as Starmer, Yvette Cooper, Rachel Reeves, Angela Rayner (for God’s sake!) to be in positions of power? They are less wedded to the Welfare State than Johnson! When or if the public think about it, I think that the answer, for many, will be negative about “Labour”.

Labour is a party without a purpose now, arguably even more than the Conservative Party. What would Labour give, directly, to voters, say “floating voters” (who are now hugely more numerous than in the historical past of the years 1945-1997)? The “Boris” government has almost thrown money at various groups during 2020-2022 and, while it fell down by abandoning, temporarily, the State Pension “triple lock” that is now coming back, thus (?) ensuring the loyalty of many pensioners.

As I have been blogging, recent by-elections, though bad for the Conservative Party, have been even worse for Labour. Even the 2021 by-election at Batley and Spen, won by thick-as-two-short-planks communitarian “Labour” candidate Kim Leadbeater, was only won by one point.

The Labour vote (yes, partly by reason of tactical voting) has collapsed in other recent by-elections.

In any general election this year, I would expect a lot of protest voting, and also quite a lot of abstention, both in former Labour and Conservative voter-ranks.

I doubt that Labour can win a majority in the House of Commons. Whether it could cobble together a “confidence and supply” arrangement with the SNP is an open question. The SNP might demand another “Indyref”, but in a sense, Labour can grant that easily enough, now that sentiment north of the border seems to be moving against (pseudo) Independence.

A hung Parliament seems at present the most likely result.

Tweets seen

Since 2010, the Darren Grimes/Tom Harwood types have exercised almost absurd influence in and around the now-misnamed “Conservative” Party. They really should flounce off. Controlled opposition, completely under the (((usual))) toxic influence.

Yet another (((controlled opposition))) gay media type pretending to be a populist anti-System type: see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dan_Wootton.

Ukraine blues

It strikes me that one person who will regret the departure of Boris-idiot will be the Jew Zelensky, who has been given a great deal by the Downing Street oaf, and promised a great deal more.

Naturally, the NWO will continue to prop up the Kiev regime, but “Boris” made it a major part of his “Poundland Churchill” routine. Zelensky had “Boris” over a barrel and, (((typically))) tried to extract more and more from his victim.

More tweets seen

Beth Rigby is absurd, very poor indeed; about the same low level as Laura Kuenssberg. These mediocrities get paid hundreds of thousands a year. Why?

Incidentally, re. Laura Kuenssberg’s parents and grandparents, I saw this:

In 1941, [Ekkehard von] Kuenssberg married Constance Hardy, with whom he had been a medical student at Edinburgh. They lived at Canonmills and had two sons and two daughters. They later moved out of the city to Haddington, East Lothian. In retirement, Kuenssberg suffered from Parkinson’s disease and cancer. He died in December 2000.[2]

In 1940, [Ekkehard von] Kuenssberg’s mother was living in Heidelberg and was registered as Jewish.[6] His father died in Germany in 1941, and his mother then lived at Finstergrün Castle until the end of the war. She survived her husband until 1977, reaching the age of 94.[3]

One of [Ekkehard von] Kuenssberg’s sons is Professor Nick Kuenssberg OBE, whose children include the diplomat Joanna Kuenssberg, a former High Commissioner to Mozambique, and Laura Kuenssberg, former political editor of BBC News.[3][7]

So Laura Kuenssberg’s paternal grandmother was Jewish, and was registered in National Socialist Germany as Jewish, yet lived (unmolested, and not arrested, nor detained, nor deported to a camp etc) throughout the Second World War, most of which she spent, as a paying guest, in a castle in Austria: see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Finstergr%C3%BCn_Castle.

If you were to believe the usual Jewish/Zionist propaganda, you would assume (wrongly) that all Jews were ruthlessly hunted down by SS or Gestapo, and then deported somewhere. Not so.

[Burg Finstergrün; photo: Arne Müseler]

Well, given that the UK msm is basically Jew-Zionist-dominated, they could hardly tell the truth, and call “Boris”-idiot “a part-Jew/Levantine public entertainer whose jokes now fall flat“, could they?

Ha ha. Anyone who has read my blog over the past 5+ years will have received, if I say so myself who shouldn’t, a far better and higher level of analysis than that pumped out by System msm drones such as Laura Kuenssberg and Beth Rigby.

That idiot is from South America (though of English background and schooling). I suppose that one should not assume that he is snorting white powder. A facade of intellect and erudition, yet he comes out with untrue rubbish as seen above

Incidentally, I have never seen or heard anything in the slightest “brilliant” from Boris-idiot. Au contraire.

I suppose it would be churlish to speculate as to whether the descendant of the one on the left may have, 100+ years on, stabbed or mugged the descendant of the one on the right, or replaced said descendant in his own homeland?

A thought out of season, nothing more…

In that, at least, I agree with Hannan.

“KGB” fantasies

Labour are going with the “Boris met a former KGB officer” stuff. Well, far be it from me to defend Boris-idiot, but so what if he did? I myself met a “former KGB officer” a few times in the early/mid 1990s; he even lunched with me once or twice at Lincoln’s Inn. “Ed”, like many others, had morphed into a businessman and, as far as I know, was no longer engaged in espionage but was, like most people, just trying to make a living in a more or less ordinary way. Does that mean that I also am suspect? I think not.

The Soviet Union ceased to exist, even formally, over 30 years ago.

Yvette Cooper is another MP-idiot, as well as a fraudster, expenses cheat, “refugees welcome” hypocrite, and mouthpiece for the Jewish lobby and Israel (oh, and a would-be dictator). Another good reason not to vote for fake “Labour”, in fact.

More tweets

I assessed Andrea Jenkyns a few years ago on the blog, but was too kind (always my weakness) to include her in my “Deadhead MPs” series, which is, arguably, where she belongs: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/05/21/the-andrea-jenkyns-story/.

Late tweets

Boris-idiot has not been punished at all. He must be punished.

Zelensky will go; maybe “Boris” will also…go.

Priti Patel should also…go…

Late music

30 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 7 July 2002”

  1. Those people you mentioned (Darren Grimes and Tom Hardwood) are nauseating examples of controlled opposition, particularly the former with his so feminine voice. Their pathetic influence is entirely due to the media that keeps them alive as they are useful idiots to the system.

    Changing the subject, the painter whose work you reproduced (Charles Edward Perugini) was Lord Leighton’s finest pupil and married Charles Dickens’s daughter Kate. Here is a small selection of his work.



    1. Claudius:
      Thank you.

      Those ridiculous little creatures Grimes and Harwood (etc) are just another symptom of the decadence now abounding in the UK. As blogged, another symptom is the dearth of intelligent and/or decent politicians in the System parties. When such as Liz Truss, or Penny Mordaunt, are seen as potential prime ministers, what can one say?


      1. I know very little about Penny Mordaunt but from what I have seen she is more impressive than Liz Truss not that the bar for Tory women or indeed men is huge!

        If the Tory Party gets this wrong yet again then, frankly, they deserve to die as a party and they will be regarded as a joke party by the public ie in the same league as the Monster Raving Loony Party.

        You really can’t take a party that aspires to run this country seriously if they have to change leader once every three years!


      2. John:
        Out of an appallingly poor bunch, at least Penny Mordaunt is white, British (part-Ascendancy Irish), and has seen something of life beyond the Oxford Union and newspaper scribbling (and had enough integrity not to join the Boris-idiot government).


      3. If the Conservative Party had any sense they would keep a huge distance from globalist, libertarian extremist idiots such as those two.

        Darren Grimes, in particular, is a totally moronic prick. He gives gay people a bad name and would make even the most tolerant person in this country want to ban gay marriage immediately and even go so far as to bring back the entire raft of legislation previously dealing with that subject such as Section 28 etc.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Oh, for CRYING OUT LOUD, David Davies, just shut the hell up, you libertarian extremist moron!

        It is because the CON Party has too many basically liberal people in it like you that it faces yet another leadership crisis.

        Go away and rant about how terrible national ID cards (one of the few ways to really tackle the scourge of illegal immigration) etc would be in your TRUE political home of the Reform UK/Brexit party or the Liberal Democrats!

        God, talk about a very average politician with a decidedly high level of self-importance and over estimation of his abilities.

        A sustained period of SILENCE would be in order on your part!


  2. I bet Mr Zelensky is sad! Boris only ever helped foreign countries not us so typical of the succession of treasonous turds we have had since that utterly disastrous day in May 1940 when half way decent real Tory Neville Chamberlain resigned and we got fat, half-Yank, former Liberal Party bastard Churchill instead.

    Such is the fake Conservative Party’s globalist lunacy nowadays I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they invited the President of Ukraine to come over here and run for Tory Party leader! Certainly, he is their biggest bum chum in the world!


  3. Dan Wooton, if you were any kind of patriot or had any kind of brains whatsoever you wouldn’t be a pathetic, scummy ‘journalist’ for that evil, repellent rag called ‘The Scum’.

    The lockdowns were barely actually enforced and were TOO LATE which unnecessarily killed thousands. Every other country with leaders with brains and not a clown imposed them earlier than Boris did hence their far lower death rates eg Germany under Merkel, Japan under Shinzo Abe, France under Macron, the utterly superb New Zealand PM, Jacienda Ardern, Scott Morrison of Australia, even, closer to home, the Irish PM, to take just a few examples.

    Boris didn’t impose them earlier because he never took the job of being PM seriously and was a libertarian idiot like you hence his silly opposition to ID cards etc and having a libertarian criminal cunt like Rishi Sunak as Chancellor with his utterly stupid and downright CRIMINAL ‘Eat Out To Help Out’ libertarian extremist scheme in the middle of a worldwide viral pandemic the world had not seen since 1918!

    Oh, and by the way, plenty of his critics in the party were not Remainers at all but actually Brexit supporters such as Andrew Bridgen MP.

    Do keep up, you braindead Scum ‘journalist’! Why not stick to writing your gormless celebrity title tattle for that braindead comic instead of pretending to be a serious journalist or political commentator?


  4. If the Tory Party was actually Tory they would expel libertarian extremist idiots like Daniel Hannan. The bloke, as you say, must be on some sort of drugs to write such utterly stupid nonsense about unlamented Boris Idiot.

    His kind must play no part whatever in selecting the next leader or they will make the wrong choice yet again and we will back here in another three years time after the inevitable Labour landslide.

    I suspect Daniel is not in favour of making Jeremy Hunt the next leader. If Daniel doesn’t approve of that potential scenario then that is all the more reason to have Mr Hunt as the next leader.


  5. Yes, that last tweet by Mr Hannan is far more sensible than his previous one and his usual tweets.

    Mind you, perhaps even Home Rule had it been granted in time might not have prevented the 26 counties of what is now the Republic of Ireland eventually breaking away. Seeing as that part of Ireland is heavily Roman Catholic dominated and they often see Roman Catholicism as an essential part of their national identity the break with the rest of the then United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland could well have been inevitable.


      1. Yes, that is a good and relevant point. However, what I was trying to say was that Irish people in the South particularly then and to some extent now as well see being a Roman Catholic as a essential component of Irishness as a national identity and that is what makes them distinctive from the Ulster-Scots Protestant people in the ‘six counties’. Also, I think the Roman Catholic church then had a powerful influence upon society in the South and wanted this power to be reflected and maintained by a separate state structure which could only happen by the secession of the 26 counties.

        If the whole of Ireland had been Protestant I think that even without Home Rule being granted the former United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland would still exist.


  6. Paul Joseph Watson’s videos are getting better and better…

    BTW, I identified that stupid woman in a yellow overcoat in the clip posted by Tom Peck, she is a brainless doll called Andrea Jenkyns, the only good thing about her is that she is against fox-hunting LOL


      1. Thank you for those notes about Andrea Jenkyns. I feel I was a bit too harsh on her (how unusual! LOL) She is definitely not very bright but her stance on behalf of animals is very praiseworthy and is a big “plus” in my books. Unfortunately, that is not good enough if you are serious about politics. BTW, what happened with that hateful British “past time” called fox-hunting? Has it been banned for good?


      2. Hello Ian: I am very angry about the fake “banning” of fox-hunting. I bet the corrupt MPs (as usual)and/or the idiots who drafted the bill let themselves be “influenced” by money to make it easy to circumvent! I hate hunting in all its forms and fox-hunting is one of the most cruel and sadistic forms of hunting! I wish all who are in favour of it were hunted like the foxes are!!!


  7. Yes, Andrea Jenkyns isn’t exactly the brainbox of Britain. She won her seat fairly easily but then that prospect was always likely when her Labour opponent was Ed Balls.

    First Past The Post has been the millstone around this country’s political neck since the 1910’s! It is high time this archaic and fundamentally undemocratic system was scrapped as it keeps on getting us far too many total mediocrities as politicians.


  8. Your deadhead MPs section must be overflowing with candidates now! I see that the exotic Suella Braverman has set-up a website now to run for leader.

    The real ‘cream of the fake Tory crop’ is coming out now! This is going to be a truely hideous exercise in next Tory dud sorting! No wonder the latest opinion poll puts them 12 points behind Labour up six from the average deficit previously! If they choose yet another idiot by the end of it they will be averaging a 15 point plus deficit!

    What, exactly, is a potential qualification to be next ‘Tory’ leader and PM! Having a heartbeat?🙄🙄🙄🙄☹️☹️☹️☹️😥😥😥😢😢


    1. John:
      Suella Braverman! Good grief!

      I think that the public will look at the next Con Party leader, and if it is Suella Braverman, Liz Truss, several others, will just switch off in horror. Even the typical British voter has somewhere that is too low to stoop.


      1. Exactly! Just how much of a total piss take and trolling by the fake Conservative Party can the electorate endure?

        Their best bet is to weed out all the numerous obvious duds now so they can’t even properly participate in the horrific contest and just have a mini contest between Jeremy Hunt and whoever else is remotely plausible unless you are a crack cocaine addict.

        Or just cut the Tory House of Horrors show and give Jeremy the job seeing as their low average IQ members refused to back him last time even though their dimwit MPs did give them more than a subtle hint as to which person should be chosen by narrowing the field to Jeremy and the Benny Hill tribute act.

        With the Conservative Party’s now 30 year plus record of choosing duds I have a sinking feeling this is going to go terribly wrong yet again!


      2. This could well be the Conservative Party’s last ever chance to truely connect with the British people and to get this leadership thing right at long last.

        That means no alien leader, no obsession with globalist open borders, extreme levels of ‘free trade’, deregulation just for the sake of it, the cult of PC etc, no foreign wars abroad or supporting an assertive foreign policy where we have no essential British national interests at stake and we have insufficient defence capabilities to back it up with.

        In other words, the next leader should not be a dogmatic libertarian extremist like Daniel Hannan and if a candidate emerges from the ‘Right’ that person should not be of the Daniel Hannan school of thought but more like Sir John Hayes.

        If the British people wanted globalist liberalism/libertarian lunacy we already have that on offer from the Reform UK/Brexit party or Liberal Democrats.

        Frankly, the Tory Party needs to get back to Tory basics and not try and be a tenth rate version of the Liberal Democrats. If they continue in the above way then more massive by-election defeats will be incoming particularly at the hands of the Liberal Democrats and the next election will be lost by a landslide.


  9. Yes, Boris The Mass Murdering Butcher of Vulnerable Britons why not call up your bum chum in Ukraine? After all, you only ever cared about foreigners.

    If I had my way and this country was in anyway a decent and moral country you, your fellow butcher and criminal, Rishi Sunak, Javid, Patel and quite a few others would be charged with mass murder and then given a fair trial in court and if found guilty would be given a sentence of a good, old fashioned and quintessentialy British long-drop hanging via the hangman’s noose. That sentence is REAL JUSTICE for the families you bereaved through your ignorance, libertarian extremism and utterly incompetent stupidity.

    Where is a latter day Albert Pierrepoint when a hangman such as that is so needed?

    Liked by 1 person

  10. I read the tweet from that moron Daniel Hannan praising Boris-the-Clown as if he was a second Napoleon. Unbelievable! To make things worse he is a lord. Good Lord! (pun intended LOL) Lordships are two-a-penny nowadays! (LOL)


    1. Daniel Hannan is a libertarian extremist. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that he has written such utter nonsense about Boris Idiot and his disastrous and unlamented by halfway normal people Premiership.

      I would gently remind Daniel The Brexit supporter par excellence that his so-called hero Boris was so completely useless he didn’t even ‘get Brexit done’ in the end as the people of NI have been excluded from it via the iniquitous NI Protocol that Boris so stupidly signed. Boris Idiot was the first PM in British history to allow a foreign power ie the EU to effectively partition the United Kingdom.

      Even Hitler and the Kaiser were never allowed by a British government to do that and all this without a single shot being fired!

      I say good riddance to the awful Benny Hill impersonator! Benny when he was alive was a staunch Tory supporter but having an impersonator as PM is something even he would have found a fantastical notion and taking an admiration for him way too far!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Wonderful words by John! I subscribe to them entirely! He is a bit like myself, although far more eloquent, I just rant! (LOL) Regarding that moron of Daniel Hannan, John described him perfectly when he called him “a libertarian extremist”. He is also a nobody (as an intellectual) as we can gather looking at the titles of books he has “written”, pure meaningless pap (say something! LOL)


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