Diary Blog, 8 July 2021

Tweets seen


Official portrait of Claudia Webbe MP crop 2.jpg
[Claudia Webbe, deadhead MP]

I must do a “Deadhead MPs” piece on that one.

She did “a master’s degree in race and ethnic relations at Birkbeck, University of London” [Wikipedia]. I wonder whether she was taught (nonsense) by Jew Zionist Twitter troll @bengidley (aka @inthesoupagain, @antinazisunited, @bobfrombrockley etc)?

“She was selected as the Labour candidate for Leicester East for the 2019 general election. Her selection resulted in the resignation of the Constituency Labour Party chair, who described it as “a fix”, and some in the local British Indian community were angry that one of their candidates was not interviewed.[26][27][28] Webbe was elected with a majority of 6,019. This compared with a 22,428 Labour majority in the seat in 2017.” [Wikipedia].

Another doomed Labour seat, though Claudia Webbe at present is not a Labour MP, having been suspended pending her trial on a harassment charge: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/claudia-webbe-labour-mp-harassment-leicester-b1721625.html.

Leicester East constituency has been pretty unlucky in its MPs. Claudia Webbe’s predecessor was the corrupt and perverse Indian, Keith Vaz: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keith_Vaz

That’s Labour today…

“…and none dare call it conspiracy”…

Me: “The country is declining in almost every way, especially from the social and racial points of view.

Response from typical unthinking spectator-sport-obsessed Brit of 2021: “But ‘we’ have just won a football [or rugby, or cricket, or other] sport contest on the other side of the world! Yay!”

How do we awaken those whose perceptions are on such a low cultural, social, and political level?

Bill Oddie is a proponent of White Genocide; he condemns himself out of his own mouth. He is mentally-disturbed, like many with his socio-political views, and his own mother was detained in a mental hospital for most of her life: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bill_Oddie#Early_life; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bill_Oddie#Depression_and_bipolar_disorder; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bill_Oddie#Political_views.

I suppose that if you were to call Jews, blacks, South Asians, even Roma Gypsies or Irish tinker “travellers”, “a terrible race” who should be restricted to one child per family, you would probably soon find the Jews (especially) or others making malicious complaints to the police or others about you; you might even find yourself a defendant in court, charged under some Mickey Mouse law such as Communications Act 2003, s.127. Not, though, if the people described are white British people, and not if the person saying the offending words is Bill Oddie, or Jo Brand, or some Jewish talking head or scribbler…

In fact, many if not most people who have deep concerns about the environment (me for one) also have very different political views to Bill Oddie: see https://ianrobertmillard.org/2016/11/17/social-nationalism-and-green-politics/.

Incidentally, Bill Oddie is not exactly sharing a hutch in one of the new “British” neo-slum areas with a poverty-stricken multikulti population. No, he lives in Hampstead, where the negative effects of the multikulti society can be insulated-out by those with enough money.

Late afternoon music

[Sonning Bridge, Sonning, Berkshire; I was at school by Sonning]

Late tweets

The type of eccentric (?) G.K. Chesterton [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/G._K._Chesterton] would have liked. Chesterton wrote about “good Christian inns“. Incidentally, has Chesterton become an unperson now? True, he sometimes talks about Jews and “n******” in his Father Brown stories, so maybe that is the problem the msm have with dramatizing them. All the same, I do not think they have ever been properly filmed for TV. Rather like Raffles, and other stories, by Hornung. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A._J._Raffles_(character). Hard to film credibly.

Wikipedia has a page about the poet (and priest) “with pint and pipe”, above. Malcolm Guite: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malcolm_Guite; see also https://www.girton.cam.ac.uk/people/revd-dr-malcolm-guite.

The poet-priest is also on WordPress [https://malcolmguite.wordpress.com/]; and on Twitter as @malcolmguite.

Well worth reading by all British people.

Stephen Pollard, Editor of the Jewish Chronicle, disliked what a tweeter previously unknown to him had written (tweeted) about the very obvious Jewish influence and control over the Labour Party (under puppet-leader Keir Starmer, though it was equally true under Blair and Brown).

So what did Pollard do? Accept an opinion on Twitter as “free speech” or “freedom of expression on matters political (etc)”? Oh, no no! He turned snooper, found out that the tweeter was an accountant, then took it upon himself to write to the chief of that person’s firm, in order to get the tweeter sacked (which, it seems, was what happened).

Pollard seems to have had no regard at all for the possibility that that tweeter might have others dependent on his earnings. Well, what does one expect from “them”, really?…Compassion? Hardly…and for a Jewish supremacist, criticism of Jews is the worst imaginable crime, bar that of actually noting the fact that an individual is Jewish…

Pollard actually is a straggler in that regard. Alison Chabloz was sacked a number of years ago from her job with a German cruise line after she was stalked and harassed by a certain Jewish woman from North London, and others. It was after that persecution that Alison Chabloz became noticeably or more “anti-Semitic” online, in fact.

Come to it, I myself was disbarred in 2016 after a pack of Jews made complaint against me (in 2014), based on some tweets I had tweeted. In my case, I had left the practising Bar in 2008 anyway (so in reality had no job or profession to lose), but even knowing that did not stop “them”. Oh, no no…they wanted their pound of flesh. Not just my disbarment, but the msm publicity that followed. Pour encourager les autres. Subtlety is not their metier, in most cases.

Anyone unaware of the matter can just google “Ian Millard barrister”! At least for the msm story. The Jewish Chronicle (under Pollard) also featured my disbarment.

As for my own take on what happened to me when the organized Jew-Zionist lobby attacked me, see https://ianrobertmillard.org/2017/07/09/the-slide-of-the-english-bar-and-uk-society-continues-and-accelerates/. See also https://ianrobertmillard.org/2017/07/13/when-i-was-a-victim-of-a-malicious-zionist-complaint/.

As for the tweets that had me disbarred (after an impeccably fair-seeming but actually completely rigged process), they numbered only five in the end. They were all true, and have all stood well the test of time.

For example, I called the then President of France, Sarkozy, something like “a corrupt gesticulating little Jew”. The most recent news I heard about the little bastard (in fact apparently only a half-Jew, so I was wrong to that extent) is that he was on trial for corruption alongside a Jew businessman…

Oh, and one of my other supposedly “offensive” tweets was about Michael Gove, to whom I referred in some such terms as “a pro-Zionist, pro-Jew, expenses cheat“. All true of course. At that time, Gove had not yet been publicly exposed as a cocaine abuser and drunk. He was even filmed drugged or drunk in the House of Commons a couple of years ago; swaying and staggering! In 2016, only his cronies in the Westminster Bubble knew about all his long-term cocaine abuse (especially when he was an influential journalist, paid well by the Lugenpresse or, if you like, Judenpresse).

Actually, I am waiting to see why his (I think part-Jewish) wife, Sarah Vine, is divorcing him. More drink and drugs? Women? (seems unlikely). God knows what will emerge…

Sarkozy, Gove, and others (of a far lesser prominence). It’s almost as if those whom I dislike come to premature or bad ends. Co-incidence, no doubt.

By the way, here is a link to Pollard’s article: https://www.thejc.com/comment/opinion/time-for-direct-action-on-social-media-1.518412.

Late music

Update, 8 July 2022

14 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 8 July 2021”

    1. Watcher:
      Thank you.
      Imagine— *that* is a Member of Parliament! Until ridiculous idiots like that are removed, Parliament will continue to be —rightly— disrespected.


  1. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2021/jul/07/gareth-southgate-three-hijabis-proud-three-lions?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other Off topic: What is your opinion on the “hysteria” surrounding the England team and Euro 2021? Personally, i am fed up with the whole thing and to see those “part-time” patriots – who only seem to show their patriotism during a football tournament is frankly embarrassing, particularly given the ethnic makeup of the team and the BLM charade. Here’s hoping they lose to Italy in the final, otherwise we will never hear the end of it! 😒


    1. Watcher:
      As you will have gathered from my blog, I agree totally. The UK is not the only country with such phenomena, though. Note those in the USA (often called “wiggers”) who exhibit similar symptoms.

      Marx said that “religion is the opiate of the people”. That was then. Now it is mass spectator sport, or —better said— “celebrity” culture, of which I suppose mass televized sport is but one branch.


    2. Hello “Watcher”: I agree wholeheartedly with you. I despise those “part-time” patriots as you rightly call them. Those bastards/cowards are happy to take to the streets with flags but will remain at home when Antifa or BLM are on the rampage, tearing down statues and burning buildings.

      I was 19 when my country (Argentina) hosted the 1978 football World Cup. I was already aware of the political situation worldwide and the evil influence of the (((usual suspects))), therefore I could not but watch with total contempt the hysterical mob celebrating “our victory”.


      1. Hi Claudius: Is the situation in Argentina similar to the UK, in regards to taking the knee? Correct me if i am wrong but Blacks don’t seem to figure in Argentine football, unlike Brazil etc,,so i would imagine not however, i know the (((media))) love to push this narrative!


      2. Hello”Watcher”: I am happy to say that we do not have that problem here (bending the knee) there are no blacks here! What a blessing!

        In the 18th century, there were hundreds of blacks (all slaves) imported from Brazil (then a Portuguese colony). They were concentrated in the city of Buenos Aires, the only place that could sustain an affluent middle class able to purchase and keep slaves.

        In 1871 the city of Buenos Aires suffered an outbreak of yellow fever that killed nearly 14.000 people out of 200.000. Luckily the great majority of the blacks living in Buenos Aires died as a consequence of the plague. The survivors emigrated to Uruguay. That is why with the exception of few dozens of Africans who sell cheap jewellery on the streets we do not have blacks.

        Of course, our marxist=globalist government is pushing the lie that we were a “diverse” city and that the Africans “made a significant contribution to our culture”. As significant as the one made by them in England! LOL


  2. Hello Ian: Thank you very much for the beautiful music of George Butterworth. I have never heard of him and it was very sad to find out he was killed in action in 1916. The flower of Britain and the whole White race perished in WW1. I cannot watch WW1 videos anymore as I find them too painful.

    I bet very few Englishmen today know that nearly 1.000.000 British servicemen died in WW1 opposite to 360.000 in WW2. For the British race (and that includes Canadians, Australians and New Zealanders who in those days were all White and of British stock) WW1 was the greatest disaster ever.


    1. Claudius:
      A terrible conflict, which triggered (of course) the “Russian” Revolution as well.

      White Europeans do not wail about having lost “family” that they never knew (unlike the Jews), but almost every British family did lose people in WW1. My grandmother (1900-1988) lost two elder brothers in WW1, one in 1915, the other in the Battle of the Somme (1916). Both apparently captains of the Oxford and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry.


  3. Bill Oddie (and the likes of him) should be sent to Africa where they could “enjoy” the benefits of diversity in its natural environment. They would learn what it means to be White in a Black society that does not have any idiotic (and typically Christian) ideas about compassion and love towards aliens who are potential enemies.

    Eventually, they will all be raped and/or murdered. That is what I call “poetic justice”! LOL


    1. Watcher:
      There seem to be more and more such cases. I do not know whether there really are more people doing such things, or whether society (esp. the police and judiciary) are just hysterical these days. In the past, eccentrics were usually left to their own devices and, if caught hoarding such material, were often just fined or given a conditional discharge.

      Hard for me to understand the motives: the pen really is mightier than the sword, ultimately, and I cannot imagine many circumstances in which such devices as that, er, lady built would be useful (to me at least).

      The same goes for firearms (though I was once, in mid-1970s and early 1980s) a member of a “gun club” (Kensington Rifle and Pistol) and have in the distant past handled a variety of weapons (overseas, mainly; 1970s and 1980s, mainly). I cannot see arms of any kind as useful in the present socio-political circumstances of the UK. The social-national (non-existent) movement in the UK needs ideological rigour and discipline far more than it needs any form of armament!


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