Diary Blog, 22 August 2021

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It seems to me that the existence of dedicated cycleways between road and pavement/sidewalk is the key factor, an arrangement I first saw when I was first in the Netherlands, in 1975.

Crete, as part of Greece, uses the Euro, but even if the ยฃ5,000-ยฃ6,000 a night cost is nearly 6,000 Euros, that makes little difference. In fact, the ad is clearly aimed at UK people paying in pounds.

On the face of it, there are questions to be answered here.

That man is right. What we are witnessing across the white Western world is an exercise in psychological conditioning on a vast scale. A distortion of the truth on the scale of the “holocaust” narrative, and with far more immediate, and on-the-ground, effects.

I was there, a few times, in the 1980s. Already becoming a bit of a zoo. Now? God knows…

Once more, Peter Hitchens trying to fit actual facts into the very outdated “right”/”left” structure of thought. Why bother with this? It is at least 80 years out of date, if not 250 years.

Yes, those who sit in London, or New York City, find it easy to give glib support to the various NWO/ZOG “interventions” in the Middle East, Afghanistan, Libya etc. It is all very different when your own city comes under attack. Two buildings were destroyed, unexpectedly, in New York City in 2001, and the Americans have still not got over the “shock and awe”…

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If they tell people to stock up, and people do, then there will be less pressure. Bring down the biosecurity “woke” Australian and New Zealand police state(s)!

…and all the pseudo-socialists, and self-descibing “Left” on Twitter will welcome the useless untermenschen, and say that they must be prioritized before white Brits. Just as they support “strict lockdown”, the facemask nonsense, “Covid passports” etc. Sick. They have thrown away the substance of socialism while retaining the outward forms of its mid-20thC coercion and propaganda.

I have even seen some (mostly rather old) lunatics (pretending to offer or) offering rooms in their modest homes to migrant-invaders (via Twitter or local newspapers). The same people never offer homeless Brits shelter. Why? Those people are virtue-signallers and/or deluded.

Good grief. I had no idea.

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7 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 22 August 2021”

  1. Regarding Afghans coming to the UK: I watched the BBC’s 10′ o clock news tonight and low and behold there was a small piece about a “synagogue” in Hertfordshire ready to offer a welcome to those fleeing Afghanistan. What a surprise! ๐Ÿ˜ซ


    1. Claudius:

      I am not sure. I just saw a picture online somewhere and saved it without noting its location. It appealed to me partly because it is slightly similar to the Victorian conservatory in the house where I lived from 2002-2004, though the one in the picture is at least 1.5x the size.

      While you are here…
      I happened to see, in a supermarket magazine recently, the following recipe, far too sweet a food for me, but I apprehend that you might like it (Mrs. Claudius can use sweetener instead of sugar, I would suppose):


      1. Hello Ian: Very kind and thoughtful of you, many thanks!!! I have to agree with you that this cake seems too sweet. Having said that and to return your kindness here is the link to an American lady who loves Italian cooking. I subscribed to her newsletter and every week I get 5 recipes. I hope you will find it useful. Buon appetito!



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