Diary Blog, 22 August 2022

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[regular readers of the blog will be aware that I often repost tweets by @EternalEnglish, who however has now had his Twitter “account” “suspended” (probably removed permanently). It happened to me in 2018, and of course has now happened to most of the interesting Twitter “accounts” formerly online, such as those of David Icke, the London Forum, Katie Hopkins, Patriotic Alternative, Alison Chabloz etc. So much for the “free society”].

…and what on Earth will it accomplish to stand in the street with a placard? Ha ha…

I think that I shall self-censor at this point…

Ellwood again. The “Conservative” MP from some kind of diplomatic or intelligence family background, who is now a colonel in the Reserves (TA, as was) 77th Brigade: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tobias_Ellwood; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/77th_Brigade_(United_Kingdom)#Activities.

Why? Because the Jew-Zionist element always tries to destroy freedom of expression, particularly for non-Jews. Wake up.

Jesus H. Christ!

Still, if we had any real social-national party or movement, an economic shock like that might be a gamechanger politically, just as the 1929 Wall Street Crash and the consequent/subsequent Great Depression was for Hitler and the NSDAP.

The NHS 111 service is near-to-useless.

I favour a free-at-point-of-use NHS service, but only for British people, not for “health tourists” and all manner of riff-raff. How such a service can be funded is an open question. How such a service can be staffed is another question. The aim should be for the UK to train its own doctors and nurses, for one thing, and they should be forced to work in the NHS, and not allowed to emigrate to the white Commonwealth or elsewhere, for several years (in the case of doctors, perhaps 10 years).

Back in the 1970s, even 1980s, despite many Press stories about deficiencies, the NHS did work, most of the time. Now, mass immigration and NHS maladministration has ruined it.

Management, or rather mismanagement, is one of the really major problems with the NHS.

I see that the propaganda campaign is being readied to pretend to the public that they, the public, are to blame for the NHS not working properly, because they, the public, are actually requesting the services that the NHS is supposed to provide.

This winter, the NHS will not easily be able to blame the 2020-2022 “Covid” “panicdemic” for its inability to run itself properly, and it has been 3 or 4 years since other illnesses or conditions (eg “flu”) were blamed (almost every winter for many years).

If and when the UK has a real government, it must tackle the healthcare mess and the associated adult social care mess as a priority.

One idea might be to use a “dedicated” or “ring-fenced” tax only for the NHS. “National Insurance”, which is merely another tax on top of income tax, is paid into general government funds. If it, or a large part of it, were only usable for health services, the taxpayers would accept it far more readily, especially under a suitable name such as the unoriginal but easily-understood “Health Services Tax”. It is claimed that that would be less efficient; I think not.

Another point: blaming the consumer, or worker, or citizen, now seems to be “a thing” in the UK.

NHS not working right? It’s because Joe Public actually has a medical problem and wants it dealt with. Water shortage? It’s the fault of the public, because they actually want to have a bath or shower, and to water their plants. People cannot live on peanuts? It’s their fault, for being unable to “budget”, or cook, or enjoy “fasting” (going without food— yes, the Daily Telegraph suggested even that recently).

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Yet more censorship on the Twitter forum. A Chinese level of “control” is being exercised.

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19 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 22 August 2022”

  1. Another wave of Twitter suspensions. I looked this morning, then looked again just now and i’ve lost 3 more followers since 10am.


    1. SaxonEngland:
      Yes. You may have noticed that I always, every day, post the blog entry from a year ago. The tweets reposted on those blog posts now are missing very many of the tweets originally posted, so many people have been “deplatformed”.

      I think that those who deprive people of any and all platforms for their expression of views should be noted and punished.

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  2. Yes, standing outside of Tory politicians’ homes with placards wouldn’t achieve much. It will probably get you arrested by the Tory Party’s blatantly politicised goon squads/ PC Stazi/private political armies formerly known as real police forces.

    This would be especially the case if you write something inflammatory on them like virtually all Tory MPs should be hanged for treason and specifically for their genocidal, anti-British immigration policies.

    The Tories made a big fuss a few years ago when lefties hung effigies by a noose outside their conference in Manchester to complain about benefit policies and austerity.


  3. Yes, if we had the ‘welfare chauvinism’ propagated by some social national/national conservative parties on the Continent such as the Austrian Freedom Party (FPO) and the Danish People’s Party and thereby ensured the NHS and benefits only went to deserving British citizens then people might not be so reticent about paying taxes for them and begrudge people for using the NHS or claiming benefits.

    The only exception should be that the NHS should provide emergency care for tourists who have had a heart attack etc whilst here on holiday.

    People increasingly resent paying taxes for the NHS and benefits because pathetic British governments both Tory and Labour alike refuse to control immigration properly hence they perceive benefits going to strangers and not to deserving Britons who most people don’t mind them going to.

    People are naturally more willing for their hard earned taxes to go to people like themselves they can relate to and feel a certain affinity with.


  4. I’m not at all surprised some anti-social dimwit at the Daily Telegraph suggested that. It is, after all, a very long time since that paper was a respectable Tory newspaper and not the insane libertarian loony rag it now is.

    Yes, Daily Telegraph why not blame ordinary people for the inevitable bad economic consequences of decades of often unwise libertarian globalist economic policies.

    Neither Japan nor South Korea became the economic and industrial superpowers they are today from following far right libertarian globalist policies in the economic sphere.


  5. If I were a Tory MP or a Tory supporting journalist at a Tory newspaper I would try and restrain myself from too many ‘Let the peasants eat cake’ moments a la Marie Antoinette especially as we are entering a recession and the Conservative Party is some distance behind Labour in the opinion polls.

    It isn’t exactly a positive incentive to vote Tory or a potential election winning formula!


    1. John:
      Some of the “Conservative” MPs, commentators and newspapers are in danger of drifting into a real-life version of a Monty Python sketch, as in:

      “People are so spoiled these days. Some actually want to *eat* every day! Every single day! In my day, people would boil up nettles and old boots and make a 5-course family dinner out of them! Some people these days even want to have heating and lighting!”



      1. The Tory Party needs to be aware of the fact that loose talk costs votes and they are in no position to lose them..

        The next election whenever it comes is going to be a struggle for them. The Labour Party under Bliar confidently thought we can upset our traditional voters as ‘they have no where else to go’. That prediction was proven to wrong as those voters increasingly abstained under Blair.

        With Priti Leftwing presiding over a total shambles at the ever dysfunctional Home Office and with no sign that will ever improve under her I wouldn’t be so confident traditional Tory voters won’t abstain like Labour’s did.

        Infact, I suspect the next election will be more than usual a case of who can get their most staunch supporters to the polls the most.

        The Conservative Party has made a miscalculation before in this way in February 1974 with Heath losing.


      2. John:
        Until about 6 months ago, maybe even 3 months, I thought that almost whatever Boris-idiot and his crew did had already been discounted by the voters, while Labour had simply no story to tell, or sell. Now? The whole inflation thing may lead the electorate to lash out at those nominally in charge…the “Conservatives”, and with the rigged fakery of the binary choice, that can only help Labour. Arguende…


      3. Mrs Thatcher lost quite a few by-elections but I don’t think any of them were lost by more than a 22% adverse swing against her party or with the Tory vote share declining by more than 25 percentage points.

        This government, by contrast, has already lost by-elections with swings of very nearly 30% and one of 34% with the Tory vote going down by more than 30% in North Shropshire.

        The Conservative Party’s vote has a certain softness to it at the moment.


    1. What has continual mass immigration ever done for the British?

      Apart from the so-called ‘good points’ of foreign foods like curry (I’ve never been a fan. I prefer French and Italian food) all it has given us is an increased crime rate including some crimes that were either non-existent or very rare like muggings, gang rapes etc, less natural social cohesion, a fractured society not truely at ease with itself, less sense of a national identity, a more authoritarian state with less respect for the principles of free speech and freedom of thought, blatantly polticised police forces which have become less and less effective at fighting real crime but ever so willing to police thoughts and opinions. It is also leading to the progressive loss of our one and only homeland.

      Winston Churchill said mass immigration would bring a, “magpie society” and how right he was at least on that occasion.


      In short, mass immigration has brought only negatives about 90% of the time. Its imposition on us has never had a true democratic mandate from the British people. Where was the referendum which endorsed this?


    2. Indeed.😠😠😠🙄🙄🙄🙄😥😥😥 A very revealing website just as the BBC’s well loved and long running Crimewatch programme was before the inevitable happened and they took it off air after thirty odd years because the truth is far too non PC!🙄🙄🙄

      Forced diversity without any true democratic mandate is not a strength but a profound weakness!


    1. nativewarrior14:
      If the surveillance was so tight, how is it that the evidence does not include more directly-incriminating footage or stills, such as the suspect interfering with the victim’s vehicle? Also, from where were the explosives sourced?

      Perhaps more information will emerge, so long as that does not simply create a “wilderness of mirrors”.


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