Diary Blog, 6 September 2022

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[Mill Colonnade – Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad), Czech Republic]

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Liz Truss and her doomed government

So only 22% of people are at all pleased that Liz Truss is or is about to be Prime Minister (once rubberstamped by the Queen). Not such a surprise, in view of the fact that the voters have not been asked to vote on this. At least, only those voters who are Conservative Party members, i.e. about 1 in every 500 people, of which only just over half voted for Liz Truss.

Liz Truss has therefore been voted for by about one person out of every 900 people. Not much of a mandate.

Even most of those who normally vote for Conservative Party candidates are not pleased about this— a mere 41% of those voters.

Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan in operation

For the first time in Britain’s history, there will not be a white man in one of the four great offices of state.” [The Guardian]


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More on Ukrainian “refugees” in the UK

Why I’m glad to see the back of my Ukrainian refugee

As Olena’s luggage once again filled half of my downstairs corridor, ready to be loaded into the car that would ferry her to her new accommodation, I could hardly wait to see the back of her.”


I suggest that all well-meaning and/or virtue-signalling mugs thinking of hosting such guests read that Daily Mail article before buying into a pack of trouble.

Another point is that most of Ukraine is not a war zone in reality, not yet anyway. With the exception of part of the Black Sea coastal belt, and the odd military base, almost anywhere west of the Dnieper is not under attack, and that is well over half of the country. The same is true (so far) of the majority of territory east of the Dnieper.

In all, about three quarters of Ukraine is pretty safe and life is continuing in a relatively normal fashion, bearing in mind the overall situation of conflict, and the fact that Ukraine is not a real state at all but a failed, shambolic, corrupt, crime-ridden kleptocracy, run by a Jew cabal.

Tweets seen

Tweeter “Gerard” must be a complete idiot. Look at a. the population numbers for Russia and Ukraine, then b. at the full military and/or destructive power available to both; then c. at the economic strength of both.

I certainly do not advocate this, but what does tweeter “Gerard” think would happen if Putin landed a nuclear bomb on Kiev?

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LBC joke radio

I have not listened to LBC joke radio since about 1976, but I see that irascible radio loudmouth Nick Ferrari (pro-Jewish lobby drone) has today referred to “Boris”-idiot as “a supremely successful leader“. Just one example of the unreality that pervades the UK’s msm.

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[Panoramic view of Moskva river and Kremlin at sunrise]

Eddie Izzard

A not-very-funny (because it could just happen) piece of political satire.

In the circumstances mooted, only a [self-censored…] of the evil in society would cleanse this country.

Proof that this society, at least in large parts (which means overall, really) is broken. Many people are so confused about reality that they cannot distinguish male from female, good from bad, decent behaviour from mere virtue-signalling, and social cohesion from fake communitarian nonsense (such as the brainwashed plebs of 2020, “clapping for the NHS” on order, or under social pressure, outside their dwellings).

The Labour Party is especially infected with socio-political disease.

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More tweets

There is no real democracy in the UK, just a rigged electoral system designed expressly to maintain a mere facade of democracy while, in reality, providing the voters with a fake and basically binary Con/Lab “choice” leading to an ultimately-similar result no matter which party “wins”.

Late tweets seen

Free money for “Covid” “panicdemic” nonsense, free money for the regime of the Jew dictator Zelensky, free money for migrant-invaders and hoteliers, free money for MPs, free money and tax cuts for speculators, but poverty and suffering for most of the British people.

…and the “BLM” “useful idiots” talk about “cultural appropriation” by white Europeans! Of course, the blacks are just being used by the “you know whos” (((you know whos))). “They” are those who infest the world of TV, film and radio (and the Press), not the blacks.

Late thought

I saw a minute or so of the public valete of “Boris”-idiot in Downing Street. Pathetic. Entirely expected. Pitiful, really.

There was the usual back-of-postcard “classical” reference (to Cincinnatus— https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucius_Quinctius_Cincinnatus), in order to remind the public that Johnson was at Eton and Oxford, and the usual pathetic jokes, this time mainly about how Johnson saw himself as a “booster” (rocket) to get Liz Truss into orbit. To my mind, more like a “booster” (injection) that poisons and kills the recipient. Anyway, as far as I know, only former MP Mark Field has been able to get Liz Truss into orbit, and she very quickly fell to Earth in the muddy fields of South West Norfolk.

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23 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 6 September 2022”

  1. https://youtu.be/1X1TS14H4xM. Saw this film the other on a free movie site. It concerns a Bolshevik unit attempting to take the body of Adolf Hitler back to Moscow and Stalin, while facing-off “Werwolf” partisans – not bad, despite the odd anti-NS propaganda!


    1. nativewarrior14:
      “Woke” bingo…

      “The Harry formerly known as Prince”, aka “the Royal Cuck”, and The “Royal” Mulatta and, as a bonus, the moneygrubbing Jew “philanthropist” Geldof/Geldoff/Geldorf or whatever he is.

      They (she, mainly) are happy now that the “woke” Hollywood moneybags such as Netflix supply hundreds of millions of dollars, but does the Royal Cuck ever consider that he is selling his soul (and selling out the British people) for money (and the possibly fickle favours of the Mulatta)? I saw a few photos of him at the event. Isolated. As I said on the blog recently, the couple remind me of crazed Fanny Cradock and her under-the-thumb husband, Johnnie.


  2. I think you posted something about Nigel Farage (a.k.a. “the Fake”) promoting some cheap gin (Made in England, of course!). What a pathetic shyster! Talk about being despicable!


  3. My Twitter account has been suspended for 12 hours. Serves me right! I could not control my temper and I wrote that those pricks from “Extinction Rebellion” should be “thoroughly beaten up” (LOL) That will teach me to control myself. 😁​😁​😁​


    1. Extinction Rebellion do have some good points to make and as Britain is not and never has been a genuine democracy with Proportional Representation like virtually every other country in the world (disgracefully we share our grotesquely undemocratic electoral system with Putin’s mate of Belarus!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄) then we can’t have a Green Party that gets seats in our parliament in proportion to their vote share within the electorate so how else are environmental groups going to be able to make effective points and get taken notice of by the powers that be?

      It is one of the biggest myths in world history that we are a genuine modern democracy. We are NOT. We are basically a Royalist state that never took the next steps to develop into the modern democratic era like other Monarchies such as Belgium, Sweden, and, for god’s sake, Liechtenstein and Monaco!🙄🙄🙄🙄



    1. Cue all the whinges about ‘racist’ police! YES, the police ARE racist but it is directed, overwhelmingly, against Britons not ethnics and this has been going on for well over twenty plus years now!😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬

      I am surprised London is not having riots over that. Isn’t this situation similar to what happened in 2011 and then we had rioting and millions of pounds worth of damage done to property?

      Perhaps, the weather isn’t hot enough for them to do it?


    2. I doubt he was an angel where butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth!

      Our police are rarely heavy handed to people who deserve it. In Singapore, they are probably that way all the time if you have seen how they look on internet pictures. They have an appearance similar to Robocop, are tooled-up to the nines and appear very intimidating indeed. That is one way I disapprove of how they organise law and order there. Police officers should be firm but be friendly and approachable as well.


  4. So the thick, ahem ‘former’ Lib Dem cow, Liz Truss, has gone in for PC Bingo even more than Boris Idiot did and appointed the rather ironically named, James Cleverly, from BRAINtree in my part of the woods in Essex to be Foreign Secretary.

    The bloke as anyone who has ever watched him in tv interviews can readily work out is as thick as pig excrement.

    What a total, fucking embarrassment and disgrace to this country!

    At one time the British Foreign Office was a very prestigious government department. Indeed, THE most prestigious.

    Why couldn’t Jeremy Hunt be re-appointed? Oh, I forgot, Jeremy is English so that rules him out under the ever more extreme anti-white racist Tory Party.

    Surely even British Tory MPs are getting fed-up with this blatant PC globalist favouritism/anti-British discrimination and being passed over for promotion time and time again?


    1. John:
      I think that the Con Party smart money is on Liz Truss getting chucked out within a year or so (maybe less than a year). On that premise, few will want to join her Cabinet. It is almost a badge of shame.


      1. The knives for this disastrous ‘former’🙄🙄🙄🙄 Lib Dem should be starting to be sharpened already!

        Pretty Penny from Portsmouth to the rescue!😂 The Tories are a complete farce and haven’t got a single clue.

        Ethnics will NEVER vote for them in decent numbers as all electoral evidence suggests and, if anything, these kind of gormless, contrived stunts repel them because they can see it as the patronising nonsense it undoubtedly is.

        I wonder when the first heavy by-election defeat to the Lib Dems will occur?

        I hear Mid Bedfordshire might be a possibility soon!


      2. She needs to resign NOW! Her shambolic administration is already a total car crash!

        Come on Tory MPs sharpen those knives! When is the first devastating by-election defeat to the Lib Dems under her? I hear a Mid Bedfordshire by-election may come around soon?


      3. Around the House of Sleaze/House of Treason, Loopy Lib Dem Liz is known as a common slut/tart. In another life, she could have been a prostitute. That occupation is probably the only thing the globalist anti-Brit is good for.

        This country is increasingly becoming like the End of the Weimar Period in Germany towards 1933.

        As we are not allowed even a real democracy with genuine political choices as Germany was then (arguably, it was TOO democratic which led to the Weimar Republic’s end) can we not try a period of benevolent dictatorship like in South Korea in the 1950’s/1960’s?

        They CAN be beneficial. South Korea’s led to the first foundation stones being planted towards it subsequent economic rise known as ‘The Miracle On The Han River’.

        Without it they might not have companies like LG or Samsung today.


      4. I’m being sarcastic. As far as I am aware she had that fling with the former Tory MP for the Cities of Westminster and London, Mark Field, as you tell us regularly and that is the extent of her prostitute like behaviour.


  5. Seriously though putting that braindead, half house trained/half negro in as Foreign Secretary is a total insult not just to our diplomats and civil servants at the Foreign Office but to this country as a whole.

    We have had people of the calibre of Lord Carrington as Her Majesty’s Foreign Secretary who, when government ministers had a bit of respect for themselves as well as this country had the common decency/personal integrity to resign before they were pushed as he did at the start of the Falklands’ War even though it could be said he had no need to but then he had some class.

    How embarrassing for us when someone like Mr Lavrov of Russia is Foreign Secretary who can speak not just fluent Russian but three other languages as well and we have someone who could have emerged out of some God forsaken slum in Alabama or Mississippi!🙄🙄🙄🤬🤬🤬😡😡


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