Diary Blog, 29 November 2021

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There is no British nation now, just a host of compliant, virtue-signalling serfs, with occasional valiant resisters here and there, among no more than a quarter of the population, those who have seen through the scam.

Ecce “British journalism”, and controlled opposition, today…

and there never was any WW2 German plan to use gas as a weapon. Historical fact. The gasmasks were, like the facemask nonsense today, a tactic by the UK government, used to create fear and to enforce social and political obedience, at a time (1939-40) when a large minority, possibly majority, of the British population wanted peace with the German Reich.

As for that photo, it may be genuine, from the time between September 1939 and mid-1940 when the people were bombarded by fear propaganda, but it is probably itself part of that propaganda effort. People generally never actually wore the gasmasks issued.

Most MPs, mainstream journalists, TV presenters, and most other System figures, are now enemies of the British people.

and the British way of life died, not with a bang but with a whimper…[apologies to Nevil Shute].

I was just yesterday blogging about pathetic little would-be dictator, Nicola Sturgeon. She still talks about “travel across the border“, as though Scotland were really an independent country…


Social compliance is what is being taught to the future serfs of ZOG…

Exactly. When will the transnational conspiracy release the real pandemic, the “Omega” variant? That’s the one that will kill billions of people…and few will have any natural immunity to fight it.

See also: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/01/26/the-tide-is-coming-in-reflections-on-the-possible-end-of-our-present-civilization-and-what-might-follow/

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On this day, a year ago

If I say so myself, who shouldn’t, that blog post has, like most of mine, worn rather well.

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The world may be approaching a crisis, but not because of “Covid” (which has only killed, even on faked or flawed statistics, about one individual in every four thousand in the whole world population).

How many people, how many billions, can the Earth sustain before that burden becomes too much for the Earth, which will then shrug and remove vast numbers of humans?

That was one thought behind my blog post of a few years ago: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/01/26/the-tide-is-coming-in-reflections-on-the-possible-end-of-our-present-civilization-and-what-might-follow/.

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Another lunatic.

The facemask nonsense is a social-control mechanism and public relations move by an incompetent government which is, nonetheless, part of a transnational conspiracy.

They, like the facemask zealots, have gained the illusion of biosecurity…nothing more.

Yes, a real social-national party could achieve great support, but the (((controlled))) System would probably crush it at a fairly early stage one way or the other. It may be that there is no “electoral road” available to us, and so we need to take other action. Still, “all roads lead to Rome”…

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[V.S.Orlov, Native Land]

5 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 29 November 2021”

  1. Hello Ian! That post from “Eternal English” about having “a proper tyrant” is brilliant! Regarding the stupid blond slob posing as PM, I was telling a friend of mine (who cannot read English) the colossal fiasco of Boris at that meeting where he ended up talking about “Pippa the Pig”. After a couple of minutes, he asked me “You are making this up, aren’t you?”. Understandably, he could not believe that someone could be SO stupid!

    I thought our moronic president was the worst ever but Boris has won the race! Very sad…


    1. Claudius:
      You are right. “Boris” is a national embarrassment. I am not sure that I had heard of Peppa Pig (not “Pippa”) previously. Perhaps in passing. It used to be said that English people overdid the cult of the “gifted amateur”, and that may have been correct, but now we are ruled by a pack of amateurs entirely without gifts (except in their own little minds or self-image). Terrible. It would be wonderful if “something happened” to “Boris”, but then he would only be replaced by some even more alien idiot such as Sajid Javid or Rishi Sunak. The UK is actually under the control of a completely alien clique.


  2. This is an extract from a booklet issued by the SS to its members. It sums up the healthy, wonderful attitude of the NS towards women and especially mothers. One of the many hateful things we owe to Christianity is the Jewish ideas of sin and guilt, which the bastards running the Church made particularly relevant regarding single mothers and the poor little children born out of wedlock.

    They suffered terribly at the hands of the clergy and the “righteous” and hypocritical religious fanatics (particularly in England and the Protestant countries where the Jewish spirit, embodied by Calvinism, was particularly strong) who despised and humiliated them.

    “The illegitimate child is also a valuable member of the folk community—as long as it is conceived by genetically healthy, Nordic parents who are fully conscious of their full responsibility to their clans, the child, and the folk community of blood”


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