Diary Blog, 29 November 2022

Afternoon music

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Tweets seen

See also: https://www.teahousetheatre.co.uk/.

139, Vauxhall Walk, London SW11.

Sounds like it will be interesting.

Similar in both USA and UK.

True, but of course there are large areas where there are few or relatively few non-whites. The direction of travel, though, is the most important factor. It would be acceptable for the population to be reduced to a twentieth of its present level, if the remaining portion were English/British.

That woman is another treacherous mass media half-caste determined to destroy our race, history, and culture.

Apart from which, the idea of hitting non-State schools on tax is wrongheaded. They are not businesses, but charitable institutions which do not make profits but surpluses, ploughed back into the purposes of the schools.

Those Dutch police thugs would not have been so ready to throw their weight around had a couple of snipers opened up from distant windows…

Glue Greta Nut and her supporters to them.

Social madness

Look at these loonies!

Complete loonies, who want to be told what to believe. Sick organisms within our society. Also, note their support for “Ukraine” (not the real Ukraine, but the fantasy totem) and for the egregious “Bootstrap Cook” (another fantasy totem)…

More tweets seen

More unreality, this time from someone who thinks that he is “anti-Tory” and so (?) supports the allegedly “grifting” and lying “Bootstrap Cook” whom he obviously thinks opposes the Conservative Party (doubtful); at the same time, said “anti-Tory” is apparently making money (or pretending as much) by, of all things, parasitic currency trading!

No wonder Britain is having a “mental health crisis” (or so we are told)— people now love unreality, from believing that “holocaust” “gas chambers” are real history, to Russia supposedly posing a threat to the UK, to Ukraine being a fine upstanding “democracy” (and not a corrupt, shambolic Jew-ruled dictatorship), to “Black Lives Matter”, “Covid”, and Albanian gangsters and parasites being “refugees” etc.

Late tweets

Exactly. The tweeter “@mikecosgrove” has mistaken the label on the jar for the contents.

Compare Russian culture (whether in music, painting, literature, whatever) to Ukrainian. There is just no comparison.

I have still seen not one investigation or report, nor even any question posed by the UK/US mainstream media, as to where the prisoners of the Kiev regime are being held, or under what conditions.

…”and your point is?…”

[Hitler reading on the terrace of the Berghof]

Late music

5 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 29 November 2022”

    1. Native Warrior14:
      Yes, though the rubbish about “terms and conditions” still allows censorship at second hand.

      There are huge numbers of people on Twitter gagging for almost Stalinist levels of censorship. Most of the *self-describing* “left”, “socialists” etc, who have little to say about society but whose greatest pleasure is when someone with social-national views is “deplatformed”. Of course, that applies also to the Jew element.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. That beautiful picture of a gorgeous woman with a hawk on her hand, is it from a film? I have just downloaded it.

    BTW, I discovered a very interesting film from 2019 by Andrei Konchalovsky about Michelangelo. It is called “Il peccato” (Sin). I found it on a Russian website but unfortunately is in Russian WITHOUT subtitles! Idiots!!!


    1. Claudius:
      I am not sure from where that picture comes.

      As to that Russian film, I do not know it.
      I have just seen a trailer with subtitles, but you may have to buy a DVD or something to get the full film w/subtitles; I do not know.

      the bird is not a hawk but a raven, and I have discovered that the picture *may* be called “Raven Girl”.


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