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North Korea is like a laboratory experiment showing the deficiencies of old-style socialism (or any system of society where the political element completely rules over both the economic sphere and the spiritual/cultural sphere): see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_threefolding.

At the same time, it is incredible to see what the human spirit (even when largely crushed, as in North Korea) can accomplish under collective will (whether voluntarily or otherwise). North Korea’s people may be half-starved, and more or less beaten into submission, yet they have developed rockets, and have huge and apparently efficient armed forces, at the same time as the domestic railways scarcely work, the roads are mostly potholed and ill-repaired, and many of the rank and file North Koreans hungry and poorly clothed.

North Korea prioritizes military spending, and making its capital as much of a showcase as it can, before anything else (except the privileges of the ruling circles). A socio-political choice by the few who rule.

There are examples elsewhere in the world. Stalin said, on learning of the atom bomb, “we must have it, even if we have to eat grass“. Well, Stalin and his clique never had to eat grass, but many of the Soviet people were on almost starvation rations for years, and later on very modest living standards, even as the Soviet Union industrialized (1930s), defeated the German Reich (1940s), built the atom bomb (1940s) and a hydrogen bomb (1950s), and launched into space (1950s and 1960s).

In other words, these things are questions of political will and prioritization, at least up to a point. Stalin told his intelligence agencies to discover how to build an atom bomb at a time when nothing was known of it beyond its actual existence. It had never been deployed, nor even tested. Armed only with that one fact, that it existed, the foreign intelligence directorates of the NKVD and GRU managed to get enough information to enable the Soviet Union to build a usable bomb.

Another case: Adolf Hitler found a Germany in the depths of poverty and despair (yes, a simplification, but largely true) and raised it to glory, even if that lasted only 12 years. His will alone, transmitted to others and thence to others yet, created the achievements of the German Reich in the 6 years of peace, and then in the 6 years of war, the latter including not only initial and stunning military victories, but technical achievements which, inter alia, led humanity to the Moon and outer space (the V2 rockets developed by von Braun and his team).

[autobahn, Germany, 1930s; the first British ones were part of what is now the M6, and also the M1, both started in the late 1950s]
[Nuremberg building, built 1930s]
[Tempelhof Airport, Berlin, reconstructed in the 1930s]
[Tempelhof Airport main terminal hall, Berlin, from 1934; compare that to what existed in the UK or even USA at the time]

There is a “creative tension”, if you like, between the necessity to have political will to do something, and the equally-pressing necessity to have the economic resources to accomplish that objective. Some countries have the political direction (North Korea the obvious example, perhaps) but (in that case by reason of a ramshackle socialist economy) lack the resources to do what the political leadership would perhaps like to do; at least to the extent that its government would like.

There again, there are thriving economies in countries that have very little political direction: contemporary Germany, and indeed most of the Western and Central Europe of the present-day. The economic benefits of those economies go, one way or another, to satisfying consumer demand. The opposite of Goering’s famous remark “guns before butter“.

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These people should be on our side!

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Once you get people to accept the facemask nonsense and the other contrived “rules” (hoops to jump through), once you get them to accept the most absurd and contradictory “laws” (eg facemasks on in the supermarket, but off next door in the pub), once you get people used to being injected regularly, then you will be able to get most of, and eventually all, the “sheeple” to accept having a subcutaneous microchip. Social conditioning.

The rationale will be something like “accept the microchip under your skin. It will only take a minute, and thereafter no need for papers, Covid passports etc; you will be free to do everything...” except that you will then be able to be tracked, controlled, found (if you try to hide) and, at the push of a button, if you are deemed to be “racist”, “anti-Semitic”, a dissident, whatever, the System will be able to deny you access to…anything, everything…

Zoo news


“…a born-again Christian“… Seems as if she needs another baptism. Push her under the water and keep her there.

More tweets

Naturally, I am opposed to the ludicrous Covid “restrictions” anyway, but the incredibly “entitled” attitude of the Conservative Party hierarchy has shot the Government’s credibility, such as it was, to pieces. Parties in Downing Street, and at CCHQ, with none of the useless but previously “mandated” measures in place: no facemasks, no “social distancing”, and no arbitrary “rule of 6”.

This is up there with “let them eat cake“…

Wikipedia is a valuable resource, perhaps the best single source of information on the Internet, but when it comes to matters involving Jew-Zionism, the so-called “far right” (social-nationalism) etc, the (((influence))) is readily apparent.

There is only one way to counter the evil, or maybe two, but so far there is little sign of any resistance at all to either the Great Reset or the Great Replacement in the UK. A few protest marches in London parks do not cut it; those people would be better off saving their time and money.

I always thought that Andy Burnham was one of the better people on the Labour side…but then I heard him, a few years ago, weaselling about “holocaust” nonsense, and I thought again…another System drone.

So in the UK there are 10 or 11 people hospitalized with “Omicron” (with, not exclusively however— they have other “co-morbidities”), none of those 10-11 require to be on ventilators, and it may be that 1 other person has in recent weeks died with Omicron. For this, Boris-idiot and the sinister clowns of SAGE have half-closed down the country, and re-mandated the facemask nonsense…

North Shropshire by-election

For what it is worth, the bookmakers now have the Conservative Party candidate just ahead of the LibDem. Seems to be an open contest between those two, and with —in my view— every chance that the LibDem might bring off the biggest surprise in the history of the constituency (which history, though with a break of a century, goes back to 1832).

It is a little strange that Labour supporters would vote Labour just to (?) make a point (what point? That “democracy” is really rather a sham in our system?), when they could dislodge the Conservatives (and make electoral history) by voting tactically for the LibDem, but I suppose that many recall the way in which Clegg and the LibDems propped-up the regime of the part-Jews David Cameron-Levita and George Osborne from 2010-2015, thus enabling all those cruel and callous “welfare” (social security) cuts and other measures (the ATOS scandal etc). Many will never trust the LibDems again.

At present (1540) the main two of the (14) contenders seem to be running neck and neck. The local newspaper is running a live blog: https://www.bordercountiesadvertizer.co.uk/news/19788472.live-blog-north-shropshire-by-election/.

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Late tweets

The actual “Hoax of the 20th Century” (the Zionist-promoted “gas chambers” narrative) is also still going strong, though with continually-ebbing propaganda power. The book of the same name started a current of “revisionism” which only gets stronger and more powerful. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Hoax_of_the_Twentieth_Century; and https://blackwells.co.uk/bookshop/product/The-Hoax-of-the-Twentieth-Century-The-Case-Against-the-Presumed-Extermination-of-European-Jewry-by-Butz-Arthur-R/9781591480792.

I would not put it quite like that, but at root, that is right, inasmuch as the Western cabals were behind Bolshevism, and are now fairly openly pushing for the post 2022 “agenda” which might be summarized as “The Great Reset + The Great Replacement = NWO/ZOG world power”.

How many times does one have to repeat it? Where “they” exist, except in miniscule numbers, others never have any freedom.

That has already started to happen. Look on Twitter. I am not quite sure why most Jews (on Twitter, at least) seem to be fanatically pro-Covid “restrictions” and “vaccination”, unless they just distrust the British people having any liberty at all.

OK as far as it goes, but don’t forget what the poster below explains:

Late music

[Akademgorodok, Western Siberia]

15 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 16 December 2021”

    1. Watcher:
      Ha. Synchronicity, again, perhaps.

      1 apparent “Covid” fatality, but in the same period hundreds if not thousands dead because the NHS has almost shut down. Both government and (many) people have lost their senses.


    1. Watcher:
      I am looking at Twitter. Consensus (for what it is worth) is that Cons may hang on at North Shropshire. Still, even a Con win, if the majority is less than 5,000, will set alarm bells going at CCHQ, though MPs are generally spineless useless creatures.


  1. I was just prompted to share a few links from my dossier on DPRK. Will have to break these up – long and many links … here goes:

    A good place to start is with Leon Allan Davis. Leon gives a very scholarly talk on topics that interest him from time to time – he got interested in the DPRK through its music.

    • The Reunification Song


      1. If you don’t mind, I will drip feed a few more – not sure of the moderation restrictions so maybe one at a time. I am planning on setting these up on my own blog when I can.

        Attempts so far to post another link have failed – no matter.


      2. Julius Skoolafish:
        I see what you mean. A couple of links posted by commentator “Claudius” yesterday have also been removed (not by me, presumably by WordPress) but without any notification.


  2. It seems that I cannot post a youtube video as part of a playlist so deconstructing and trying a few more as a test ex-playlist

    • Moranbong Band (DPRK) featuring cellist Yoo Eun-Jong (Song: “I Know Only You”)

    • “General Star” (Piano solo: Kim Yong-mi)

    or something a little more upbeat …

    • “Sound of horse hooves in Mt Paektu” (featuring each of the musicians individually)


  3. Okay – here goes

    Part 2 …
    • Arirang
    The desire of all Koreans for UNITY is exemplified by the song “Arirang” – a Korean folk song, often considered the unofficial national anthem of a unified Korea.

    • From South Korea – Yuna Kim (world and Olympic champion) skates to “Arirang” – Vancouver 2010

    • From DPRK (‘North Korea’) – Moranbong Band performs “Arirang”

    • or the New York Philharmonic if you prefer

    __________________________________________________________Part 3:
    • Leon Allan Davis
    Leon’s interest in DPRK arose out of stumbling across the Moranbong Band and DPRK music in general. As with all rabbit holes, the reality is far from what we are ‘supposed to believe’ in the Jewish-controlled media..

    Leon gives a very scholarly talk on topics that interest him from time to time

    • The Reunification Song

    • The Problem of North Korea

    __________________________________________________________Part 4:
    • Eva Bartlett (yes – that’s the intrepid Eva K Bartlett of Gaza and Syria work)

    Eva (https://ingaza.wordpress.com/) started her international investigative journalism in Gaza but (among others) has been courageously instrumental in bringing us the truth about Syria. She recently went to the DPRK to see for herself …


    • Miscellaneous ‘promotional’ material – some light propaganda
    • Korean Socialism – Human Rights (ethnic nationalism comes to mind)

    __________________________________________________________Part 5:
    … More from the Moranbong band … highlighting their exquisite classical talent
    • “Zigeunerweisen” (Gypsy Airs 1878 by the Spanish composer Pablo de Sarasate)
    (Lead violinist Sonu Hyang-hui is truly world class)

    • “Csárdás”

    … Moranbong Band ENCORE(x3)
    (It’s hard to limit to just a few favourites)

    • “Soldier’s road” (featuring Kang Phyong-hui Guitar solo)

    • “Without a break” (Tansume) (I love the guitar work!)
    • (Kim Jong-un is an Eric Clapton fan, by the way)

    • “Mungyong Pass”

    • Ri Sol Ju: Soldiers’ Footprints

    … and did you know that Ri Sol Ju is the First Lady of DPRK (Kim Jong-un’s wife)?

    The channel 푸옹 Phuong DPRK Daily is about as authentic as you can get in explaining and promoting the idea of DPRK Juche.


    So much stuff there including this documentary ‘PROPAGANDA’.

    Another channel – SONGUN007: See his channel via this introduction:


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