Diary Blog, 21 March 2022

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[addendum: The Twitter censorship is intensifying every day now].

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We are in the midst of a gigantic propaganda campaign, and it is certainly not a Russian one. The Russians, though, have made it easy for the Ukrainian regime (in fact, the New World Order conspiracy); the hamfisted and now brutal Russian attacks have reinforced the anti-Russian propaganda being pumped out 24/7.

Ship them all back to Nigeria.

Idiots of the Piers Morgan type are basically puppets-on-a-stick, saying whatever is required of them by the people who really matter.

Piers Morgan would no doubt disbelieve his own eyes, were Russian nuclear missiles to start landing in his native Essex, and preventing him from taking half a dozen holidays a year in the Maldives, Seychelles etc.

The old Soviet Union was sometimes described as “Upper Volta with rockets”. Well, OK (though that was obvious hyperbole anyway), but the great fact was that those rockets existed. 6,200 still exist, upgraded and mostly ready to launch.

Yes, of Russia’s 6,200 missiles (and nuclear bombs), only some will successfully launch and reach their target areas. Probably half, or maybe fewer, even as few as a quarter. So about 1,500. Of which about a tenth might be aimed at UK targets. Call it 150. 150 nuclear missiles, landing in the UK, each one capable of destroying almost anything within a radius of maybe 10 miles or more. Just one, landing in Westminster, would affect directly as far out as the outer London suburbs. That leaves 149 other such missiles striking elsewhere in the UK: Portsmouth. Southampton. Every large Army base. Every airfield. Every major city and town.

Nein danke, Piers “useful idiot” Morgan.

Seems that some people need to be reminded of a few facts:

#Ukraine has only been an independent state for 31 years;

#Prior to 1991, Ukraine was merely part of the Soviet Union and, before that, of the Russian Empire, stretching back for hundreds of years;

#Ukraine is a corrupt and shambolic state run by a profoundly undemocratic Jewish cabal;

#The UK has no alliance with Ukraine, no military treaty, and no obligation under international law to funnel arms to its illegitimate rulers;

#Sending arms to Ukraine only prolongs its agony.

Nearest town square. Firing squad. End.

Please refer to my earlier comment.

I do not generally approve of the death penalty. I however distinguish between that and what amounts to a public health measure…

The sad fact is that the organs of the UK State (eg police, CPS, MI5/MI6 etc), and the institutions of society, to a large extent, now work against the interests of the British people. Wilfully so.

I was only just blogging, in the past few days, about how Russia will, perforce, turn to autarky, or semi-autarky. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autarky.

The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan. No “conspiracy theory”; it’s all around you. Just open your eyes.

I tend to distrust such “happiness” or similar league tables, but it is noteworthy that 9 out of 10 of the “most happy” countries on that list are in Europe, and still with largely European populations…

Late tweets

So much for the “free” Western world…

More “trans” nonsense.

The migration invasion continues, aided by “Conservative” ministers.

One result of the migration invasion..

[addendum: The Twitter censorship is intensifying every day now]

How is it that not one Western journalist has seen fit to ask the Jew tyrant Zelensky why his own security service shot a Ukrainian “government” negotiator in the head as he was entering a building in Kiev?

Incidentally, no Western (certainly no UK or US) “news” outlets have questioned why Kiev civilians are being prevented by Ukrainian government curfews from leaving the city and fleeing westward.

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21 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 21 March 2022”

  1. Hello Ian!: Yes, Piers Morgan is a disgusting blob whose undeserved wealth could only have happened in a totally corrupt society like ours.

    Regarding those “happy countries” (what an idiotic expression!) yes, their population is mostly White but not for long… Besides, sadly, it is just a matter of quantity, not quality. Most Whites are gutless zombies…

    BTW, I will take my computer to the doctor (LOL), therefore I will not have access to it for about 3 or 5 days. Bye for now…


    1. I am aware that they are not big fans due to history. I was looking at the Russophobia page on Wikipedia the other day and it is fair to say that very few Europeans think particularly highly of Russia apart from Italians and some French people.

      It seems as if it is replicated on Russia’s part. Russia has always had a bit of a stand offish attitude towards the rest of Europe.

      That being said my own country has never been all that friendly towards them to our cost at times. This is a shame. We other Europeans should try to make Russia feel like it is part of the European family but perhaps they don’t want that? I am not sure what the attitude of your average Russian is. Perhaps, ordinary Russians along with their governments simply don’t consider themselves to be a part of Europe even though geography indicates that a large part of Russia IS a part of Europe.

      Russia is a strange country and a real mystery and enigma as Churchill once said.


      1. James:
        To my mind, Russia is —leaving aside geography— neither European nor Asian but sui generis, a point of view also put forward by others, such as the interesting thinker (now long-dead) Amaury de Riencourt (in his book The Coming Caesars).


  2. The death penalty wouldn’t be needed in a homogenous and at peace with itself society run by a competent government that invested serious amounts of money in decent and sufficiently large police forces, court system etc but probably is now here in ‘Britain’ as we now have none of those things due to continual immigration of Third World riff raff like that example and a thick and repellent left wing ‘Tory’ government composed of globalist, anti-British chancers like the evil Patel who are more interested in getting PC brownie points from rags like The Guardian than ensuring we have police forces fit for purpose.

    The police were comprehensively smashed to pieces by Labour in 1999 with that McPherson Report and the left wing Tory scum have done ZILCH to repair the extreme damage. Indeed, under the useless Patel, they are adding to it by having blatant anti-white racist recruitment polices for senior officers.


    1. James:
      Absolutely right.

      *If* there were any semblance of a social-national movement in the UK, we might echo Lenin’s words and say “worse is better” but, as it is, we have not even that comfort.


      1. If this country was a genuine democracy like Germany is ((well, it IS considering most aspects) with a fairly fair voting system instead of our archaic ‘democratic’ obscenity of FPTP them we could have a decent national -Conservative party like their AfD (Alternative Fur Deutschland) or even the NPD/The Third Way.

        Germans and other Europeans are very lucky to live in genuine modern democracies unlike us.

        For all the arrogant Tory bleating about Russia and its non democratic values we are not much better seeing as we share FPTP with only ONE other country in Europe namely Putin’s ally of Belarus!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


        Oh, Tories and Labour, we also have a war criminal in SIR 🤬🤬🤬🤬🙄🙄🙄🙄Tony Blair! who treated international law with utter contempt and invaded a sovereign country without provocation. I am sure ordinary Russians and their government are sick to death of British hypocrisy when it comes to ‘war crimes’ and ‘war criminals’.


  3. Call it a conspiracy theory if you want but I have often wondered why at least one reason for Labour abolishing capital punishment was because they could see that importing more and more Third Worlders (blacks in particular) as they did in the 1960’s without hugely increasing the size of police forces (Britain has never had particularly large forces as, for example, Portugal and Spain have) would increase the murder rate and that if the death penalty were to continue then many blacks and asians would go to the gallows and that whites would notice the disparity in the races of those sentenced to hang and vote for the Conservative Party which then was at least a little bit anti-immigration.


  4. So, yet more fake refugees under the wholly misnamed CONServative Party then? 🙄🙄🙄

    I notice these liars don’t want to put them up at THEIR expense and in THEIR homes! 🙄🙄🙄

    That evil and supremely ugly murderer, Sajid Javid, who has effectively murdered thousands of no doubt mostly elderly white people since last Summer because of his too early relaxation of Covid restrictions was asked on GMTV if he was willing to host refugees and he pointedly avoided answering the question.

    No, but it is alright to dump them on poor white areas, isn’t it, you stinking hypocrite.🙄🙄🙄

    I earnestly hope the evil, vile, anti-British Tory wankers get totally smashed in the local elections in May. If any government in British history deserved that fate these wastrels do.

    This government was elected (partly) to control immigration in 2010. Cameron said the rate of immigration under Labour was far too high and he would get it down to the, “low tens of thousands”. He failed and Boris and his even more useless Home Secretary than Amber Rudd, Priti Patel, has done NOTHING to stem the flow. Indeed, she has been doing the VERY OPPOSITE.

    12 years of failure to properly control immigration is a true damming indictment of a supposed Tory government. Controlling migration is the only reason some working class people vote Tory.


    1. James:
      Indeed, but the problem we have is that people are still thinking that the antidote to Con is Lab, and that the antidote to Lab is Con, when for all important purposes they are the same, at the higher levels.


  5. You may as well vote Lib Dem rather than ‘Tory’. At least they are HONEST about their globalist values and their open doors immigration policies.

    Better a genuine Lib Dem under their open and honest true political colours than a posh, snotty ‘rich man’s Liberal Democrats party’ representative that would look down upon you as a ‘oik’


  6. Yes, Piers Morgan is wrong about virtually everything. Some of us still remember when he was the editor of that awful, left wing and anti-British rag, The Daily Mirror,, and published incriminating pictures of British servicemen on its front page during Tony Bliar’s illegal war in Iraq.

    As you say, Russia has about 6,000 nukes and of these some 1600 are readily deplorable at any moment.

    No doubt a considerable number of these are specifically targeted at us. A small number could destroy this island and all human life here several times over.


    1. James:
      I agree, of course, but it seems that a significant number of people, sitting in their houses in this country, remain unaware of the sheer apocalyptic destruction that might be unleashed upon them.


      1. Ignorance is bliss for far too many people in this country including people who SHOULD know better like government ministers.

        Only the other day, mouthy and arrogant little Paki, Sajid Javid, was mouthing off about Putin and was seemingly unaware of the fact that doing this is not in any way a form of diplomacy and it isn’t wise to push Putin who is at the command of a HUGE nuclear power into an ever smaller corner and to enrage or belittle him.

        Those people you mention should just watch a few YouTube videos of nuclear tests. They should know that modern nukes are immensely more destructive than those that were dropped on Hiroshima or Nagasaki. Those were awful and killed many thousands instantly and from radiation years afterwards but nuclear weapons now are in a different league. A country can survive a few Hiroshima and Nagasaki like attacks but not survive attacks many more times destructive.


      2. I was looking at YouTube videos of nuclear tests the other day. One of the more interesting and very frightening and sinister ones concerns a Russian test in 1961 of the ‘Tsar Bomba’ which was a massive nuclear bomb considerably more powerful than those the Yanks dropped on Japan.

        I wonder if Russia still has a few of those bombs the test of which comprised the largest nuclear bomb test of all time?

        No doubt these armchair military experts and virtual signallers on Twitter with their little Ukrainian flags haven’t seen any of these videos of Russian military capabilities! 🙄🙄🙄

        These people are very often globalist liberals and should be PEACEFUL people in theory but mention Putin and the Ukraine and they turn into huge, demented, frothing at the mouth warmongers.


  7. Piers is a virtual signaller par excellence. This has become an increasing disease within ‘Britain’ with many of the most avid ones adding little Ukrainian flags to their Twitter accounts recently.

    If you want a good laugh then I would advise you to go over to Amazon UK and look for Russian Standard Vodka where you can read some of their rants about what was until a few weeks ago considered to be a very good genuinely ‘Made in Russia’ vodka (many vodkas are not produced in Russia nowadays even with Russian sounding names)

    I had a good chuckle at them and one decidedly NON virtual signalling reply by Abdul of all people!😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😎😎😎


    1. James:
      I drink rather little these days, but have tried Russian Standard in the fairly recent past. As you say, many formerly Russian makes are either not produced these days, or are produced outside Russia proper (Stolichnaya, in Latvia, for example). The once-excellent Moskovskaya vodka (green label) is, as far as I know, no longer produced at all.


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