Diary Blog, 16 May 2022

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[The Thames at Sonning Eye]

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Britain 2022

University chiefs have sidelined sonnets from a creative writing course over concerns they are ‘products of white Western culture’.” [Daily Mail]


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Those who supported the halfwit, Mandela, and the ANC, in the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, should have seen (as did more sceptical observers, including me) that somewhere, not far down the line, black rule would almost certainly be savage rule, misrule, corrupt rule and, below that, scarcely-controlled social chaos.

See also: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/01/26/the-tide-is-coming-in-reflections-on-the-possible-end-of-our-present-civilization-and-what-might-follow/.

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[painting by Volegov]

12 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 16 May 2022”

  1. Whilst I would regret it as I think most officers and the general public would as well, it is perhaps time the British police were armed with guns.

    If they were then they might well be safer from criminals with an intent to kill them (in the absence of hanging for cop killers) and from mindless rioters on the streets, especially in these ‘occupied territories’.

    It is an utter disgrace for these thugs to attack the police for merely trying to do their job (for once!).

    Leftwing hoodlums like that must not be tolerated.


    1. John:
      the police of the UK may not be routinely armed in terms of every individual policeman (or woman), but armed (and trained) police are available at short notice almost everywhere.

      You may be interested to know that, when I was living in the USA in the early 1990s (mainly NJ), there was a report in (I think) the New York Times to the effect that most (I think well over 90%) New York City cops had *never* had to fire their weapons “in anger” (ie not when training) even once in their whole career. That actually points to another problem with arming *all* police, the fact that quite a few American police only fire their weapons once a year, at their assessment.


  2. Time to divert some of the billions of our hard earnt money Boris Idiot needlessly wastes on prolonging the war in Ukraine into arming the police at least in London, recruiting many more officers and building more prisons and police stations.


  3. Nice to know that Brexit obsessive, Richard Tice, has mentioned that problem of the endless flood of mostly blatantly fraudulent ‘asylum seekers’ and illegal immigrants. However, in some senses it is a bit rich of him to mention this seeing as he and Nigel Farage took the decision to stand down their candidates in Tory held seats and only put them up in Labour and other parties’ constituencies thus being a big contributory factor towards Boris Globalist Idiot and Priti Awful gaining a wholly unjustified majority of 80 seats and the present situation of no effective border control.


  4. Get the Royal Navy or rather what little is left of it after the cuts of the ‘party of defence’ to shoot at a few of those wastrels in the Channel. Some real deterrents are needed immediately.


  5. If only the report had gone out to the Police that those present in the criminal thug crowed were opposed to Covid lockdowns, the Police would have turned up mob-handed and given the crowd of anti-White activitists a good hiding. However, as they’re of the ‘approved’ type, the Police become an ineffective blancmange.


    1. The police need to be reformed from top to bottom, given new leadership etc before it would be wise to give them a pay rise, very many additional colleagues ect, build new police stations.

      They have become biased against the indigenous population starting with the Anti-Christ, Tony Bliar, and, as usual, the wankers of the Conservative Party have done nothing to rectify this.

      Their morale must be at rock bottom due to Priti Awful.
      We should create a National Public Safety Commission to run them as an independent body as the Japs do.


  6. hello Ian: I have not been around lately as I choose to “switch off” for as time from political issues as they are so depressing and infuriating. Having said that your two posts of today, particularly the one from the Daily Mail, aroused my blood pressure considerably (to put it mildly). Really your people deserve everything they get. Sometimes I wonder who is more subservient and despicable, the Brits or the Swedes?

    Although apathy and cowardice have infected most of the White race I have not noticed similar behaviour in France or Italy. As I read the local news in French or Italian I can tell you that the people over there still have some backbone and do not tolerate the filth that most Brits and Swedes put up with.

    OK, rant over!!! (LOL)

    PS: Have a nice day!


    1. Claudius:
      In a sense, I agree with you. However, the French and Italians are still being invaded to the same level as the UK and Sweden. Their noisy protests (now and then) have not prevented that.

      BTW, I read today that Sweden is 30% non-white now. Even the UK is only about 20%, bad though that is.

      Europe needs a saviour or saving event, but the white Europeans need also to *want* to be saved.


      1. Yes, that is the increasingly scary prospect we face. Sadly, for the second time in history, the US through its devious actions and non actions behind the scenes and in front of the globe as well looks likely to spark another terrible conflict in Europe just as President Roosevelt was doing in 1939 and ignoring the heartfelt pleas of a sincere world statesman ie our very own Neville Chamberlain.

        Still, what is 50 odd million dead in WW2 when the US was safe from being invaded and was aiming to become richer and become a world power?


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