Diary Blog, 15-16 May 2021


I lived on and off in the USA, mostly in the early 1990s though I did also spend time there in 1999, 2001 and 2002. Many Americans are fine people, but the mass media there is almost, not quite, 100% owned and operated by Jews. TV, radio, film, newspapers, magazines, book publishing. Americans have little choice but to see the world largely through the Jewish, Zionist, and Israeli lens. Fact. They are also brainwashed from childhood with “holocaust” propaganda and fake history.

The biggest mistake that anyone can make is to say “the Israeli Jews do terrible things to the Palestinians but Jews in Britain are different”. There are, admittedly, some nuances, cultural overlays etc, but the main difference is that the ones in the UK do not (yet) have total power over us.

Matthew Parris and the “tinkers”

I am a long way ideologically etc from Matthew Parris, but he does occasionally enunciate truths which few others in the msm or Westminster political milieu will say. Example, from his Times column:


For once (?) Parris is kinder than me! His basic thesis is, however, correct.

Parris’s column has caused a big kefuffle: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9583091/Liberal-commentator-Matthew-Parris-calls-blanket-ban-Travellers.html

It used to be said in the USA that a conservative-minded person was just a liberal-minded person who had been mugged!

I recall that old hypocrite and humbug, Michael Foot [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Foot], so beloved of the BBC, changing his pro-“Traveller” tune pretty quickly once a pack of them parked their caravans by his opulent detached and Listed house on Hampstead Heath.

I recall an amusing cartoon about that in a newspaper of the time, which showed two hedgehogs at night looking at a Gypsy caravan with smoke coming from its chimney; one says to the other, “since they camped on Hampstead Heath, they bake you in muesli”.

In fact, though, the old Romanies who sometimes ate baked hedgehog were not the same as modern “Travellers”, who are mostly of Irish origin and, as Anna Soubry, below, says, mostly not rural-dwellers:

I should never have imagined that the former MP for Plymouth and Angostura (or somewhere) would agree with me on any subject! God does indeed move in mysterious ways…

Tweets seen


Well, this week, I again beat John Rentoul. He scored 5/10, but I trumped that with 7/10. The answers that I did not get were those to questions 2, 6, and 10.

There were also protests in London, one major one (perhaps 150,000-strong) against the slaughter being once again perpetrated by Jews against defenceless Palestinians, the other (also quite large, maybe 100,000-strong) by people who want an end to the ridiculous and unnecessary “panicdemic” “rules” and “measures”.

As in the mass media of the socialist world before 1989, the mainstream media in the West are now ignoring what they want to muffle or stifle. Dangerous tactics— people are starting to get very angry. Justly so.

Some Israeli Jews show their true colours…

Most of them look incapable of doing anything themselves, for all their callous and cruel big talk. If a squad of SS suddenly came around the corner, they would run quickly enough!

Look at the ancient “Israel”, as seen in the Old Testament: slaughter of whole tribes and nations was mandated and carried out. What we today would call “genocide”. Ideas ingrained over thousands of years…

Anne Boleyn was as black as the ace of spades!

Well, no, she wasn’t, in fact:

…but that does not prevent our (((occupied))) mass media from pretending that she was! Or that it does not matter. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/women/life/jodie-turner-smith-playing-anne-boleyn-should-allowed-tell-story/

Jodie Turner-Smith as Anne Boleyn opposite Mark Stanley’s Henry VIII
Jodie Turner-Smith as Anne Boleyn

So not only a black woman but a rather plain one, and one who was brought up from age 9 in the USA. Why a black actress playing Anne Boleyn? Oh, yes, she says that it is just “a story“. She and her supporters say that race should not matter. Really? Oh, well… next up, a white man (with or without “blackface”) playing the role of, say, Nelson Mandela. Oh, no, wait…

More tweets

The above tweet refers to fanatical Jew-Zionist trolls on Twitter, particularly Steven Silverman of South Essex (currently tweeting as @ssilvuk), and Stephen Applebaum of Watford/Edgware (currently tweeting as, inter alia, @grubstreetsteve and @rattus2384). Both exposed in open court as secret trollers and harassers of anti-Zionists, mostly women.

Both of the above are active members of the malicious Jew-Zionist organization known as the “Campaign Against Antisemitism”, or “CAA”. Silverman is also an office-holder in that cabal, and styles himself “Head of Investigations and Enforcement”. Shin Beth-lite?

As seen above, Applebaum also excuses Jewish terrorism, such as the 1946 bombing of the King David Hotel, Jerusalem, in which at least 91 people were killed, and dozens of others suffered serious injury: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/King_David_Hotel_bombing

He is still excusing, on Twitter, Jewish (sub nom Israeli) state terrorism too.

The UK mass media is so (((occupied))) these days that most British people are left entirely unaware of how Jewish and/or Israeli terrorists have targeted them.

Below, Jewish terrorism before “Israel” as a state even existed—

British soldiers hanged by fanatical yet cowardly Jew Zionist terrorists…see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Sergeants_affair.

The organization that hanged the British soldiers was called Irgun, which was headed by the Jew terrorist Menachem Begin [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Menachem_Begin#Jewish_underground]. That Jew also ordered the bombing of the King David Hotel [see above].

Begin became Prime Minister of Israel in 1977. The Irgun terror outfit later became part of two political parties that were very similar, Herut and Likud, the latter of which is presently the governing party in Israel.

Israel is a state founded on terror, led by terrorists and murderers, and the only difference between 2021 and 1947 is that the terrorists are now the state, or part of the state.

The MPs do not fear the voters, as voters. As to what the freeloading bastards do fear…well, I think that at this point I shall not say more, in case some typical 2021 malicious creature denounces me to the authorities, which would (again) be very boring.

What does Hitchens want? A medal? I was saying all that before him, but am not making a good (or any) living out of it.

I disagree strongly with Hitchens when he writes, in his column today, that he is “glad that antisemitism is so unpopular today“. He ought to be a little consistent, and see what element is (not entirely but to a large extent) behind the very trends that he writes or rants about! Who does he imagine controls most of the UK mass media, to name just one crucial area?

Of course, Hitchens is part-Jew himself: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/05/19/peter-hitchens-and-his-views/.

This country would be a great deal better for a little (more) intelligent and defensive “anti-Semitism”…

Two years before my own first visit to Moscow.

Afternoon music

[East Berlin street scene, 1970s]
[East Berlin car park, 1987]

I myself was briefly in the DDR (East Germany) in 1988, travelling by car from the south of Poland to West Germany, but I was only there for 2 days. To this day, I have never seen Berlin, whether East, West, or reunified. Moreover, I have no wish to see it.

Late music

17 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 15-16 May 2021”

  1. Laurence Fox, just do a decent thing at long last ie fuck off and either boil your brainless head in some piss or fuck off and die of Covid-19 like all you thick, evil, Covid-19 deniers should do and which libertarian extremist cunts like you, Boris Johnson, Priti Evil and that Indian cunt we have as a Chancellor have helped to impose upon decent and moral people. You fucking evil moron!🙄🙄🙄🙄

    Those pathetic and utterly selfish and unfeeling demonstrators should feel the full force of the law but in lawless ‘Britain’ run by Priti Evil/Priti fucking Useless they won’t be. That bitch only reserves her incompetent PC Gestapo for patriots.

    In Germany with its REAL police forces they would be pepper sprayed, or given the full water canon treatment and that should happen here.

    By the way, how many dim morons voted for you in the London Mayoral Election?🙄🙄🙄🙄

    Even in the CONServative and Labour created Third World, lawless shithole of Stab City Upon The Thames hardly anyone voted for you!

    That so few did even in a city which thanks to Tory and Labour treason and their multiculturalism has virtually no real sense of community nowdays hardly anyone was willing to put a cross by a libertarian extremist crank like you should tell you something!🙄🙄🙄🙄

    Take the hint, man, and fuck off! Most decent people don’t want your Yankee libertarian extremist crap!


  2. I don’t normally like to see white Britons being sacked and replaced by foreigners but perhaps it may be a good idea if we sacked British police officers en mass and then replaced them with German police or Japanese policemen and women. Those two countries particularly Japan still seem to have functioning police forces who don’t much care for the ideology of globalism or the deranged cult of PC and consequently attempt to maintain law and order without favouring or showing bias towards any one group in society. At the very least senior officers should be replaced by Germans and/or Japs. We may get decent non PC police forces again then!🙄🙄

    IT IS TIME TO GET TOUGH with these loutish demonstrators who deliberately flout the Covid-19 restrictions by not wearing masks or keeping their social distancing.

    Time to do what the German or Jap police would do ie pepper spray them or use water cannons and in the final analysis if that doesn’t work rubber bullets.


  3. So Israel is effectively a racist and virtually Nazi state? That is certainly the ideology of many Jewish Israeli settlers but, of course, one may not say such a horrid thing in oh so ‘democratic’ Britain or one of Priti Useless’s Gestapo goons will probably arrest you for ‘anti-semitism’!🙄

    One thing that does make me laugh is when pro Israeli people in Britain say that Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East!

    Yes, that is TRUE in many ways ie Israel uses a very proportional electoral system of National List PR whereby the threshold to gain representation in the Knesset has recently being raised to just 3.25% of the national vote (before it was just 2% and even 1%,) so in that sense Israel is far more democratic than Britain is with our archaic FPTP system. If anything, Israel is TOO democratic in this respect!

    However, only Jews really benefit from Israel’s democracy whereas the Palestinians are treated in a way that suggests they are viewed as a lesser people than Jewish Israelis. Is that really in accordance with genuine democratic ideals which has the notion of the equality of all humans as a basis?


    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      Israel is quite “democratic” in its own ethnostate, just as South Africa used to be before 1993. I blogged about “democracy” quite a long time ago:

      The Israeli type of electoral system tends to fragmentation firstly because (if I recall aright) the threshold for representation in the Knesset is low, and also because Jews tend to argue within their own communities, and form small cabals. Look at Trotskyism.


  4. I don’t know why you keep on quoting Peter Hitchens, The bloke is a very mixed-up loon who surely has lost whatever intellectual credibility he may once have had in the last year with his unhinged rants about Covid-19 restrictions.

    Apparently, he has no problem with increasing the power of the state whereby it will be able to, once again, take a human life via a long drop hanging in prison with the inherent possibility of innocent people being executed by the state but a few, mild increases in state power to enforce a couple of Covid 19 restrictions to save INNOCENT lives sends him into full libertarian extremist frothy mouth mode! 🙄🙄🙄🙄

    I would have thought a supporter of capital punishment would have no problem with the restrictions.


    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      I cannot speak for Peter Hitchens, whose views diverge from mine quite often, but I agree with him, as you know, about the panic over “the virus”. I quote or cite him fairly often because it suits me, in making certain points.


  5. Yes, Peter Hitchens SHOULD be consistent but rarely is and there is a good reason for that namely if he was and told his readers the real reasons for Britain’s constant descent into the loony globalist open borders, PC mania abyss he would be sacked by the Tory Mail Group for waking-up the plebs and effectively steering them away from voting for the globalist, PC, fake Conservative Party!🙄🙄

    He isn’t willing to lose his very large salary for that!🙄


  6. As you say, there is nothing inherently wrong with a DEFENSIVE ‘anti-Semitism’. Many Britons in the 1930’s could be described in that way and this extended into the upper echelons of the then REAL Conservative Party with even Neville Chamberlain himself being said to be, “not overly fond of the Jews”.

    Jews need to understand that if they promote ideologies and causes/interests that are harmful to the collective, long term interests of native Britons whilst opposing them for themselves and Israel then they are going to be regarded as being worthy at least of a certain amount of suspicion if not a degree of mild hostility.

    Sir Oswald Mosley said we shouldn’t have a group of people acting like a ‘nation within a nation’ and that isn’t unreasonable.


    1. Exactly so, m’Lord of Essex.

      I have no particular wish to bait or “offend” the Jews, but their power and influence in the UK, as in the USA, France etc, is absurdly disproportionate and very negative. That is why I oppose such influence.


  7. Don’t hold back upon saying what you think should happen to the scumbags of the House of Treason!

    Back in the ‘good old days’ when we had capital punishment available for traitors a lot of them with very few exceptions (one of the limited number of MPs that springs readily to mind here would be Sir John Hayes who holds one of the very safest Tory seats in the House and seems to be a ‘traditional’ Tory rather than a globalist, libertarian spiv like too many of them are) would be hanged!

    I still think the rope is an entirely appropriate punishment for 99% of them!


  8. Speaking of the lawless, Third World excrement hole that was once our capital city, did you see what happened there the other day?

    Yes, it was yet another stabbing and that isn’t exactly news in 2021 but it was a new low in that it was a monkey fest stabbing in SELFRIDGES of all places ie right in the very heart of ‘tourist’ London!🙄🙄🙄🙄🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😞😞☹️☹️

    Now, I normally go up to London and do some Christmas Shopping there every year and nearly always go into Selfridges and buy some goods but now I think I will give that a miss this year!

    With London’s constant descent I wonder how long before some usually black thugs conduct a stabbing brawl inside of Harrods in the ‘posh’ area of Knightsbridge?🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🤬🤬🤬😡😡☹️☹️☹️😞😞😞

    I wonder what we would do without all this wondrous ‘DIEversity’ that our Indian Chancellor claims ‘made Britain’?🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


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