Diary Blog, 31 May 2022

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[Bryansk region, Russia— the family home of the poet Tyutchev: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fyodor_Tyutchev]

On this day a year ago

Zelensky’s Jew-Zionist “Ukrainian” police state

The “Minister of Culture” of the Kiev regime has declared that up to 100 million Russian books described as “Russian propaganda”, including classic works of literature, are to be removed from libraries, schools etc in Ukraine, and may be used as waste paper or burned.


There are some well-known Ukrainian classics (almost all, though, written in Russian), such as Bulgakov’s The White Guard, but this dictatorial edict means that the cultural level of Ukraine will now decline further.

This is the police state regime that the “me too” idiots in the West are lionizing.

Tweets seen

Welsh “nationalism”: English home-buyers— bad, but completely alien non-European invaders— good. No wonder the joke “nationalist” party there, Plaid Cymru, holds only 3 out of 40 Welsh seats at Westminster, only 13 out of 60 seats in the Senedd (Welsh Assembly), and only 202 out of 1,231 local council seats: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plaid_Cymru.

Same in Ukraine, mutatis mutandis.

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Late tweets seen

That bloody place! I have only been there two or three times (and not since the late 1980s) but the bar service used to be abominable, and the whole set-up a rip-off in every way. Wouldn’t go near it after that.

Stuck in the car at a supermarket earlier this evening (stuck because of a fairly short but torrential downpour), I noticed three cranks (one old couple and an anorexic-looking woman) still wearing facemasks. In the open air. In a car park. In a downpour. In winds of about 20 mph.

What can one say?

Neurotics of some kind.

The Labour voters shown were dim beyond measure (“I vote Labour because my grandparents did” etc…), and the Conservative voters unsurprisingly almost non-existent.

Late music

5 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 31 May 2022”

  1. Notice how GB News failed to display the names of candidates for the Wakefield by-election of a more ‘nationalist’ persuasion? GB News is little different to the BBC.


    1. HennyPenny:
      As you say.

      As a matter of fact, Andrew Neil, their main man, is entirely pro-System, pro-Jewish lobby, which does not take away from him the fact that he is the best political interviewer in the UK.

      I myself have never once watched GB News. As I understand it, few people actually do watch it.

      As to the Wakefield by-election, I should blog something about it, but I fear that, as in other recent by-elections, the “nationalist” candidates are likely to be poor, when not rock-bottom.


  2. Like you, I’ve never watched GB News. It is just another Farge-ist type outlet which offers nothing outside of the system narrative. A safety valve ‘news’ outlet, and ultimately serving system interests. So of no use whatsoever.

    Best steer clear of the Wakefield by-election. Judging by the imbeciles interviewed on the streets there, if they’re representative of the majority of the electorate, they’ll dutifully vote for the LibLabGreenCon monolith.


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