Diary Blog, 1 June 2022

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[panorama of Prague and the river Vltava]

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Historically, Russia usually wins in wars of attrition.

Time will tell.

Looks like the Turks are avoiding the Zelensky regime.

I was expelled from Twitter in 2018, by reason of a conspiracy by a quite small but well-funded pack of Jews.

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I was living in the USA when a lying Kuwaiti girl claimed to have seen atrocities committed by Iraqi troops at a hospital in Kuwait City. Her lies were accepted unquestioningly by the “free” American msm (and, therefore, American people, most of them): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nayirah_testimony.

Stormy weather…

[Incidentally, “Nina Byzantina” is the nom-de-plume of Nina Kouprianova, the former wife of American “alt-Right” luminary, Richard Spencer: see https://observer.com/2017/09/interview-nina-kouprianova-wife-of-alt-right-leader-richard-spencer/; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_B._Spencer]

Also incidentally, I am just listening (unusually; I rarely do that) to a podcast on which a Dr. Richard Spence (I think not the same, despite the similar surname) was a guest; may be of interest: https://espionagehistoryarchive.com/2016/05/19/dr-richard-spence-espionage-secret-societies-the-occult/

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_B._Spence; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_B._Spencer

Another interesting (written) piece from the same blog: https://espionagehistoryarchive.com/2016/05/13/kgb-cia-counterintelligence-martha-peterson-ogorodnik/#more-1221.

Late tweets seen

I can only imagine that the tweet of “Steve Lawrence” is some kind of joke.

Something that has struck me in the past decade, when I have been a serial visitor (not usually as patient) to NHS hospitals, is the lack of any restful, peaceful atmosphere. It must be terrible to be unwell and not only have to live, and sleep, in a ward full of strangers but also with the amount of noise of all sorts. Like being in a busy railway station.

I never saw Ricky Gervais stand up for the free speech rights of, inter alia, me…or Alison Chabloz, or David Icke, or Jez Turner, or David Irving (etc)…

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7 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 1 June 2022”

  1. That lying Kuwaiti girl wasn’t just any Kuwaiti girl – but the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the U.S. So, of course, she’d never even been anywhere near Iraqi occupied Kuwait. And all courtesy of the CIA and Bush Snr.


    1. HennyPenny:

      It was both alarming and enlightening to see how quickly almost all Americans around then (late 1990/early 1991) got behind the basically Jew/Israel-controlled msm narrative. Overhearing conversations on the street and on city buses in Manhattan (where I lived, in New Jersey, people don’t really talk in the street or on buses; hardly any local buses exist, in fact), it was clear that most people *seemed* to be pro-war, but (as I had experienced in the late 1980s on visits to Eastern and Central Europe), those opposed to the official/govt. view tended to keep quiet, mostly.


  2. That idiot complaining about the Russians who are “carpet-bombing us” does not seem to realize that is what you do to your enemies in time of war! (LOL). Of course, if it was the other way around it would be OK because Ukrainians (like the Allies in WW”) “are fighting for Freedom and Civilization” LOL


  3. https://youtu.be/YvsKIBSPfWw Off topic: I saw this movie on BBC4 the other week. Although superb, I was enraged at the treatment of the boys featured and which again shows that WW2 and other conflicts are not as black and white as MSM and Politicians like to pretend!


    1. nativewarrior14:
      Very true.

      On the secondary subject of mines left over from wars, when I was “not arrested” in Alexandria in early 1998, I was earnestly asked by Egyptian Mukhabarat officers why the UK had not cleared the British mines planted on Egyptian beaches (mostly Mediterranean) during WW2! I had to politely point out that I was not the British Government, and so unable to suggest a reason…

      My blog post:


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