Diary Blog, 6 June 2022

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Anyone who thinks that “Boris”-idiot gives a monkey’s flying **** for Ukraine or its people is sadly mistaken. This is all about “Boris” once more trying to play the poundland Churchill (“...second time as farce“) in response to his sharply-waning popularity in the UK.

Of course, it all meshes with the NWO strategy of weakening and eventually capturing Russia. The NWO nearly succeeded in doing that in the 1990s, when Russia was all but taken over by a pack of “oligarch” Jews, with drunken idiot Yeltsin as figurehead. Putin was the imperfect but necessary antidote to that slide into the gutter.

If a general NATO-Russia war happens, sooner or later Britain will be the first to be hit by nuclear missiles. Forget about whether Russia will also be hit, or the USA.

The fact is that a geographically small space like the UK has no chance in such a scenario. Pretty much the whole country will be either destroyed or badly damaged, and mostly irradiated.

What will all the pseudo-macho posturers on Twitter, and the thick-as-two-short planks MPs (such as Johnny Mercer) do then? Cry into their beer (if any beer still exists) as their homes, families, and cities are wiped out? As their whole way of life disappears in minutes…

This is at least as mad as the rush to war in 1914 or 1939.

“They” (((they))) (you-know-who’s) are among the most fervent of the warmongers. Again.

Economic growth” will come to a dead stop once Russian missiles hit this country… Almost everything else will do the same.

Since when did “defending Ukraine“, a state which has only existed as such for 30 years, a state with which Britain has no treaties of importance, a country with which Britain has had almost no connection historically, count as a core British interest?

Gove, that snivelling little cocaine-sniffer, drunk, fraudster, and expenses freeloader, is just another Westminster puppet of the NWO and ZOG.

Afternoon music

[Volegov, Among the Roses]

I happened to notice that that concerto was recorded at Kingsway Hall in Central London [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kingsway_Hall].

When I returned to the UK after a youthful extended visit to Rhodesia in 1977, I found myself at a loose end. I did odd bits and pieces of work here and there. One such, I think in 1978, involved working (usually humping around heavy equipment) for a few days here, a few days there, arranged by a casual-labour company. A few days were spent carrying around recording equipment in metal cases for the EMI record company, based in Abbey Road Studios, St. John’s Wood, only about 15 mins walk from my then home. I too have often crossed that zebra crossing made famous by the Beatles…

Kingsway Hall was prized for its superb acoustics. EMI often used it. In fact, I myself owned at least one record (vinyl) recorded there (in 1975), arguably the best interpretation of Prokofiev’s 7th Symphony (London Symphony Orchestra, cond. Walter Weller).

Many famous people had been at Kingsway Hall since its construction in the late 19thC: world-famous composers, conductors, and soloists, even Winston Churchill.

In 1978, the building must have been already in a very poor state of repair: various parts of the auditorium (and all of the upper seating areas) had notices warning people not to step there. It was not open to the public, for health and safety reasons.

The building was demolished in 1998; an expensive hotel now stands on the site.

[1940s: Witold Małcużyński playing Chopin; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Witold_Ma%C5%82cu%C5%BCy%C5%84ski]

More tweets seen

I have not commented on the recent public celebrations, which after all were both a show for the masses and an example of “Hamlet without the Prince of Denmark”, the Monarch herself having been largely absent.

You still have people, including scribblers for major newspapers, talking as if we are still in the age of Palmerston, or even Walpole. In strict constitutional theory, true— Britain is not “presidential” in its constitutional structure but, in reality, “the medium is the message” [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_medium_is_the_message] because the TV is really all that matters politically to 90% of the voting public.

“Boris” is, of course, idiotic, but there he is, bobbing around, a massive inflated dummy, like those huge caricature balloon heads or effigies you see in foreign religious or other parades.

The system Britain now is is at least quasi-presidential, in effect.

11 possibilities mentioned by name; over half are part-Jewish, or Indian, or Pakistani, by origin.

All, I think, are members of Conservative Friends of Israel.

Seems that even members of the Conservative Party are rather underwhelmed by the “choice”, looking at those figures. Even the most popular is only endorsed by 12% of those asked.

Late tweets

..and, absurdly, NHS hospitals are still enforcing the facemask nonsense.

Manchester zoo…

Remove her.

From what I saw in a few big UK and US law firms ~25 years ago, HR is full of crazed women (in the UK as well as US). Whether that is the norm, I cannot say. Not unlikely, though.

I was listening on BBC Radio 4 News earlier to a vox pop tour of Harrogate, Yorkshire. Some of those who backed “Boris”-idiot must share a single brain cell with several others. Ordinary voters. Frighteningly thick.

As for those hostile to Boris-idiot, it was all about Partygate, not about the mass immigration that this government has in reality encouraged, not about the Poundland Churchill, “Boris”, provoking Russia more every week that passes, not even about the cost of living situation. “And they call it democracy”…

Late music

[15thC stone bridge, Yalding, Kent]

14 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 6 June 2022”

    1. HennyPenny:
      I see that the Professor is said to have this talent, inter alia:, “Over his career, Gwythian has developed a toolkit for thinking designed to help leaders make better decisions.”

      I can think of one or two supposed “leaders” who could do with some help in that direction. The Professor might start with Boris-idiot.


      1. Thanks for you reply, Ian.

        Trouble is that ‘The Prof’ (and others just like him) might already have wielded a disproportionate influence on the ‘Boris’ creature. He’s clearly just there to promote the ‘correct’ thinking in that decision-making process.


  1. Still, if the vote goes south for the ‘Boris’ creature, we won’t likely have to put up with him any longer. There’ll be some other lying sociopath acting as the regional Statrap that UK Prime Ministers now are. God help us if it turns out that the Money Power wants the snivelling little cocaine-sniffer, drunk, fraudster, and expenses freeloader to be given a turn.


    1. HennyPenny:
      The appropriate phrase, I suppose, is “better the devil you know”, but Boris-idiot is just *so* poor at being (pretending to be, posing as) Prime Minister, that many voters may even turn to misnamed Labour now.

      The equally-misnamed Conservatives have one chance— ditch the Idiot now, and put in some superficially-traditional-looking Con MP (certainly not one of the present Cabinet). That might just fly with the voters, looking at Labour’s non-opposition.

      It will be interesting to see how the upcoming by-elections go.


      1. Time is running out for the Tories (which is a good thing – as long as their demise is total and permanent). Labour can then fall as well, what with them not having a Tory Party to prop them up. I can’t think about anyone they’ve got who could possibly rescue the Tories from their inexorable slide. Talk is of the odious slimeball, Jeremy Hunt. He’ll quickly be found out for what he is if he does land the role.

        Apologies for not spotting the tongue in cheek nature of your previous comment. The mere thought of the Boris creature tends to reduce the effectiveness of my humour antennae; he infuriates me that much 🙂


      2. HennyPenny:
        I agree with your implication, indeed expression (both main System parties prop up each other as false “alternatives”).

        Nature abhors a vacuum, and that goes for politics too. If Con and Labour both dissipate, then what will rush into the space left? Not any of the existing social-national “parties”, which are nothing but an embarrassment.


    2. Michael Gove has apparently ruled himself out. He has some governing ability but his political opinions are pretty weird in general and especially regarding Israel for someone who isn’t ethnically Jewish and potentially very dangerous for our national security.

      He won’t be the new leader. With a new leadership contest, the first thing their MPs and party members have to look for is can this person run a government even half competently so that narrows the field drastically!

      Their MPs should have stopped Boris Johnson from being one of the final two seeing as he is a congenital moron who could not run a whelk stall on Southend Pier let alone a country properly and they must have known his personal ethics are akin to those of an alleyway cat.

      Let’s face it, he couldn’t even run London well as Mayor


      1. John:
        I may be wrong, because the “Conservative” Party seems to be in second childhood and liable to do any crazy thing, but my feeling is that “Boris” will be replaced by a (supposedly) steadier pair of hands. Someone more obviously “conservative” with small “c”. Someone unlikely to be seen clowning on a high wire, impregnating stray young women, or doling out large sums of public money to a mistress or three. Someone at least notionally competent, too.


      2. If I were a Tory MP or party member out of those who are seen as likely candidates I would go for Jeremy Hunt.

        Yes, he isn’t going to set the world alight but looking from a distance and thinking of myself as having quite a good record of assessing politicians character (I correctly surmised Blair was going to be a real bastard and anti-British wretch as soon as he became Labour leader) Jeremy seems to be a pretty decent sort of man with fairly high standards of personal ethics and a decent personal integrity.

        His background is classically Tory in that he is the son of a Royal Navy Commander related to Her Majesty albeit it distantly (and Sir Oswald Mosley!) and he was Head Boy at Charterhouse Public School (if he did become PM he would be only our second ‘Old Carthusian’ in the role) in his constituency of South West Surrey.

        He would be the safe pair of hands choice and has quite a lot of experience as a cabinet minister. I think there is little doubt he could run a government.

        Jeremy would probably be able to stem the loss of Tory voters to the Liberal Democrats at least a little bit

        As you say, the Tories need a safe pair of hands and a COMPETENT PM AND Cabinet instead of Boris and his morons now.

        Yes, Mr Hunt would never act like a congenital idiot on a high wire like Benny Hill two has done. He looks and sounds like a potential PM and even washes his hair and brushes it fairly regularly! That, in itself, would represent progress!

        This Labour lead in the polls we have at the moment is mainly to do with exasperation with having an amoral clown for a PM and perceived grotesque incompetence at the heart of government rather than a belief Labour have good or exciting policies for the country.

        However, it could easily turn into a bigger lead if Boris and his cretins are not removed soon as we saw in 1995 when even if John Major had been dumped the die had been cast and the next election was going to be lost badly anyway.


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