Diary Blog, 14 June 2022, with developments re. Bitcoin and Ukraine

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More or less what I predicted, 4-5 years ago, would be the ultimate outcome: see https://ianrobertmillard.org/2017/12/10/thoughts-about-bitcoin/.



All bridges to the embattled Ukrainian city of Severodonetsk have now been destroyed, the local governor says.

With the city effectively cut off, Serhiy Haidai says delivering supplies and evacuating civilians are now impossible.

Reports suggest that about 70% of the city is now under Russian control.

[BBC News].

The Russians will eventually control at least a third, maybe a half, of that part of Ukraine that lies east of the Dnieper river. If so, it will have been a victory bought at a tremendous cost in human and animal suffering and death. Few if any (on any side of the conflict) will be untroubled by what has happened. It could have been accomplished quicker, and in a far less brutal way. Too late now. The Russians have no choice but to continue to the bitter end.

On the above premises, it may be possible for Russian forces to take (or besiege, until surrender) Kharkov, Zaporozhye, and Dnipro. That would leave the Kiev regime ruling over only Kiev itself, Odessa, and Lvov, together with mainly rural western Ukraine.

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What happens when a part-Jew clown and poseur lies and cheats and blags his unmerited way into the office of Prime Minister? What do you get? That’s right— a circus.

Britain 2022: imprisoned for a joke (in this case about a black who was never even in the UK), or for speaking in Whitehall to the effect that Britain should be cleansed of Jews (Jez Turner), or for lampooning Jewish behaviour in funny songs and animations (Alison Chabloz).

Meanwhile, serious real crimes are commonly dealt with by way of non-custodial sentences, or even by formal police caution.

Mad. The country is just going mad. Fast.

Seems that the USA is even more mad than the UK.

Eventually a complete purge of the West and East will be necessary.

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17 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 14 June 2022, with developments re. Bitcoin and Ukraine”

  1. Good morning Ian: (Is 8.00 am here, and I have been awake since 6.00! 😡) I have to say I am glad I never invested in Bitcoins or anything like that, I was always suspicious about “virtual currency”. Let’s face it, everything “virtual” is a sham. (LOL)

    Incidentally, the famous “reality shows” that were all the rage in the 90s were another sham. Everything was carefully edited. Anyway, it was usually trash about low-lives and directed to an audience of low-lives (the great majority nowadays! 😂 LOL)


    1. Claudius:

      Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies are built on sand but, having said that, so *also* are the normal or non-crypto currencies. At root, they also have nothing backing them but public confidence and carefully stage-managed “scarcity”.


    1. nativewarrior14:

      It is always “them”. Every. Single. Time.

      Even Roald Dahl, who was adamantly anti-Hitler, maintained that Hitler was right about “them”. Result? Jews have been trying to “cancel” Roald Dahl or, now that he himself has been dead for many years, his works.


  2. How did Lenny Henry get a knighthood? He was never remotely funny at all and the only real reason he has one is that he is black. They give them out to any old stray, deadbeat or outright traitor nowadays. The Queen even gave one to Tony Blair which was and remains a grotesque insult to her armed forces considering so many of our troops were effectively murdered by that verminous anti-British cunt by his evil LIE about the Iraq War with the fatuous nonsense of that country possessing nuclear weapons they were about to fire at us within a timeframe of just 45 minutes!

    Still, the old dear has senile dementia so she has an excuse or, at least, I hope that is the reason she has for giving out the most unsuitable knighthood ever or she is the most stupid and leftwing so-called Queen ever. With leftie PC globalist Prince Charles next inline the House of Windsor has no future and will be replaced by a Republic. There is no point in having a globalist, leftwing, ‘woke’ Monarchy. It is decidedly NOT normal. Denmark and Japan don’t have this problem with their Monarchies.

    I expect she will give one to the present treasonous, utterly useless bastard in No . 10 for ‘services to mass murder Britons during a worldwide viral pandemic’ the half- Turkish, born in New York arsehole deliberately ignored holding COBRA crisis committee meetings during the vital first few weeks. That, and the resultant inaction caused thousands of unecessary deaths.

    I hope I live to see the day when Blair and the fat , mass murdering cunt in No.10 are put on trial for mass murder and treason and are executed by the hangman’s noose. It is the only fitting punishment for both wretched bastards.

    I would like to put the noose over their heads myself and pull the lever as it would be a great honour but I have no training in how to be a hangman ,sadly, though I am sure I would quickly learn how to do it.


  3. God only knows where the Queen and especially Prince Charles get their ridiculous, out of touch, globalist, PC ‘woke’ opinions from. Prince Phillip certainly didn’t share them and the Queen Mother was apparently so ‘Right-wing’ she was virtually a full on fascist.


  4. Apparently, the Queen is a ‘Tory’ whatever that is supposed to mean these days so it isn’t surprising she is so leftwing and out of touch with ordinary people just like that gormless, anti-British party ,’led’ by the thick , half-Turkish cretin is and their woeful, globalist ministers such as the perpetually lying Indian bitch Priti Fucking Damm useless and her MASSIVE CON of the Rwanda scheme utter farce.

    If we are going to be forced to accept foreign ministers for evermore then at least can we import decent ones like Japan’s Justice Secretary or the Law Minister of Singapore, Mr K Shanmugam, who hangs drug dealers and gives people who deliberately overstay their visas three strokes of the rattan cane and then ACTUALLY deports them rather than get tv crews to film useless flights with a tiny, irrelevant handful of people on them.

    Unlike the continual pathetic, leftwing excuses for Home Secretaries we have under the fake Conservative Party SOME Home Secretaries in other countries actually take their responsibilities seriously!


    1. Yes, that is precisely what it is all about! The continual Tory liars are ranting about leftwing lawyers but this very government contains them ie the Right Dishonourable member for Esher and Walton, Dominic (Czech Jew and fake refugee family) Raab (a quintessentialy British surname that one!).

      Leftie lawyers in Singapore oppose the hardline pro-hanging stance of the excellent Singaporean government but do they get anywhere with that?

      No, they don’t because the government there takes real actions against them so they can’t frustrate capital punishment in that country as that policy is endorsed by the people in general elections.

      That this wretched, shambolic government doesn’t enact a new act of Parliament/ regulations on the profession of barristers to ensure they can’t successfully oppose government policies tells you all you have to know about this Rwanda plan and the Tory government ie that the refugee policy is a SHAM and deliberately designed in order to fool gullible people into voting Tory whilst the number of illegal immigrants and legal immigrants keeps on growing to ever more dangerous and nation wrecking proportions.

      So much for Brexshit! All that was about was a means to ensure ultra rich Tory voting people wouldn’t pay more tax under plans by the EU to crack down on tax havens.

      What have the broad mass of ordinary people gained from it so far? Absolutely ZILCH! Not only that, the Tory scum have started the break-up of their supposedly beloved United Kingdom with the iniquitous NI Protocol which Liz Truss (cheap Maggie 2) has NOT properly addressed in their so-called plans to deal with that issue ie her plans DON’T fundamentally deal with the subjugation of Article Six of the Act of Union the foundational constitutional document which underpins our United Kingdom as a court judge said earlier this year.

      No wonder the DUP have learnt their lesson after unwisely getting into bed with the Tory traitors and refused to go back into the NI Assembly until the issue is properly dealt with. No more Tory ‘ jam tomorrow’ for them!


    2. Hopefully, this pretty obvious ploy won’t work. The Tories handicuffed their chances of retaining a seat in what was always going to be a difficult by-election in Wakefield even before the firing gun was started by making the wrong choice of candidate as they done in North Shropshire.

      Since the by election in Wakefield should be not necessary anyway ie the previous MP didn’t die but was caused by an Asian Muslim having to stand down because he committed a very serious criminal offence you would have thought the Tories would have been extra careful about their choice of candidate considering the circumstances which caused the by-election and the fact that the seat is a pretty marginal one (it only needs a small swing of 3.75% for Labour to win it).

      They have chosen another Asian Muslim so if you want to have an Englishman or woman to be the new MP you have to vote Labour, Lib Dem or for one of the smaller parties.

      A native Briton would have a better chance of winning the seat for the Tories. Sometimes, a good choice of candidate can be worth anything up to around 3,000 odd personal votes so when the margin of victory or defeat is small in these marginal seats it can make all the difference.

      The Tories essentially gave up on winning this by election as soon as the contest became necessary.


    3. They are going to lose both of them anyway though it might firm-up the Tory vote a bit in Wakefield in particular.

      As for Tiverton and Honiton, I wouldn’t be too surprised if they lost that one by a huge margin and perhaps even on the scale of their disastrous defeat in North Shropshire (ie a plus 34% swing).

      It is a similar kind of seat to the North Midlands constituency but has a better historical record of supporting the Liberal Democrats (they came within 2,000 votes of winning it in 1997)

      The seat has a large number of farmers who are alleged to be none too happy with Tory trade deals due to Brexit.


  5. IF the Tory traitors REALLY wanted to deal with the mostly fake refugee issue they would pull this country out of the Refugee Convention of 1951 which is hopelessly out of date and designed for an entirely different world with limited travel by planes (only the ultra wealthy could afford aeroplane travel then) and where the countries now where many of these refugees come from were mostly quite well run by us and the French but are now ruled over by despots and suffer from the economic incompetence and bad rule in general from their governments.


  6. Japan is not a party to this completely out of date convention and as a result the patriotic, pro Japanese government of Japan accepted a mere 200 odd people last year for assessment as genuine refugees.

    THAT, Priti fucking USELESS, is how to deal properly with this issue.

    What bliss it must be to live in an economically very successful and well run country ruled over by patriotic native people instead of waifs and strays like Priti from alien backgrounds imposed upon us by a virulently anti-British party like the fake CONServatives.


  7. I see that some of these leftwing, PC globalist lawyers have been celebrating on Twitter at having their clients got off from being flown to Rwanda.

    Instead of indulging these verminous SCUM and as Maggie would put it, ‘the enemy within’ the government should either invent new laws barring these scumbags from practicing as lawyers or do as the great government of China would do in one of their periodic ‘strike hard anti crime campaigns’ and put these contemptible, treasonous , diseased vermin into a football stadium in front of a crowd and then unceremoniously shoot them in the back of the head.

    These vermin need to be executed. That would be a very useful and productive use of lead.

    Yes, I’m a hard man but they need to be made an example of. I am sure I am not the only person absolutely exasperated with the vile, treasonous rabble of leftwing, do gooder, ‘enemy within’ barristers continually being allowed to frustrate government policies.

    As in China and North Korea, these scumbags HAVE to be dealt with firmly. The ‘final solution’ to these people has to come soon!😂🤣😅


  8. These scumbag ‘enemy within’ leftie lawyers should not just be executed but suffer PUBLIC HUMILIATION before sentence of death is exacted upon them.

    We should march them into football stadiums where they can be jeered at, have bananas ext thrown at them by patriotic football fans and other patriots and then, as in great China, they will have some lead shot into the base of their skulls by police officers or even a few of the football fans ext although they might not be a good shot and then the leftie lawyers will suffer before they finally expire!

    Oh well, needs must as they say in China and North Korea!🤣😂🤣😅


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