Diary Blog, 15 June 2022

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Britain 2022


Read that report and then look at the sentence— 3 years, very lenient for what the defendant actually did— meaning that the defendant will be out in 18 months, and possibly earlier.

Why are such untermenschen even in this country, even in Europe? Unnecessary, unwanted, and —at best— useless.

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I have seen Ukraine develop as a “fake state” and indeed “failed state” over the past 30 years. There were even strong possibilities, ~23 years ago, that I might spend time there (maybe two years or longer, in Kiev and/or Odessa and/or elsewhere).

Ukraine, a “state” for only 30 years, has been a festering mess of corruption and shambolic maladministration. Also, very much exploited by Jewish interests.

As it now is, Ukraine has control over only —about— three-quarters of its territory, and over about half of its 1990’s population. It has little manufacturing industry still operating, its agricultural produce cannot be exported, and it is almost entirely dependent on American and other foreign aid.

The Jesuit Order has captured the Papacy: see https://ianrobertmillard.org/2021/10/14/diary-blog-14-october-2021/.

Alison Chabloz

I have received no news about Alison Chabloz, but note that the custodial part of her unjust sentence (for having lampooned supposedly-typical Jewish behaviour in cartoons, animations, and humorous song) comes to an end on 29 June 2022, exactly 2 weeks from today.

[Alison Chabloz, singer-songwriter and satirist]

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[German tanks advance near Kursk, 1943]

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What happened to Ireland? The IRA and Sinn Fein may have been a movement I mostly opposed in the 1970s and 1980s, but it seems that the Irish are now completely supine, ground down under the heel of, almost unbelievably, a gay half-Indian puppet of the New World Order and Zionist Occupation Government [NWO/ZOG].

Can nothing be done?…

Comment perhaps superfluous…

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13 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 15 June 2022”

    1. Savage being the operative word! Frankly, even the most dim of leftie cretins in the fake CONServative Party over here of which there are so many and others on Twatter and elsewhere in this country should realize that stories like that are one big reason why the death penalty is still pretty popular in the USA and especially so the Southern states.

      US blacks can be particularly violent and animalistic hence the use of capital punishment to keep them under some form of control.

      Still. thanks to Priti Patel, Border FARCE and the wicked and EVIL anti-British open door immigration policies of that evil bitch and this rancid government we will soon have murders like that and ones similar to South Africa over here.

      Coming to a nice Tory town near you thanks to a wicked Home Secretary who deserves to be executed along with all the other vile and often alien and foreign trash in this government.


  1. Regarding the video posted on Twitter by “A Quantum Cat”, what a pleasure to see a nice, clean city populated by White people! I know there is a growing number of Asians in Russia but they were not noticeable here.

    Fancy having clean streets and to able to go out without fear of being assaulted, robbed or raped! I wonder if that has something to do with the absence of Blacks and a quite harsh policy regarding vandalism and petty crime…?


      1. Apparently, Moscow has one of the largest Islamic communities (central Asians) in the White world although it is a major world city with a population of 30 million. Still it has (apparently) one of the most punctual underground’s in the world! 🤔


      2. nativewarrior14:
        Wikipedia has lower figures: 12M in the city limits and 20M or more in the region. Since residency controls were abolished in the 1990s, the population has mushroomed. A kind of gravitational attraction.

        ps. not *all* Central Asians are criminals!


    1. That would not surprise me. Although Russia doesn’t have judicial corporal punishment or the death penalty like Singapore does (it is still on the books though a morotorium on its use has been in existence since 1996) they do have some pretty harsh prisons so that provides a decent deterrent.

      Look at videos on YouTube about Jap prisons! Japan has a very low crime rate which is explained by a communitarian instead of selfishness attitude in society, its homogenous nature (Japan is still 98% Japanese), strict, efficient and consistent law enforcement, tough prisons (the regime inside of them is akin to that famous BBC drama series Tenko and the film The Bridge On The River Kwai!😂🤣😃🤣) and the fact the court system has an absurd 99% conviction rate!😂

      Basically, if you go to court in Japan it is a case of ‘abandon hope all ye who enter here’

      No wonder our sometimes thuggish football fans decided to behave themselves for once at the World Cup in 2002! They wouldn’t have got away with any bad behaviour there!


  2. Yes, L Suart, I see that many Twitter Twats have been trying to convince any moron who listens to them over the last few days that the Tories are awful ‘racists’ and the party is akin to Hitler’s National Socialists.

    Well, sadly, they are wrong. The so- called Conservative Party has had an utterly ABYSMAL record over the last eleven years of their misrule which is beginning to draw to a close at ACTUALLY controlling immigration.

    These leftwing freaks of nature/ anti-British repulsive scum think that Priti Anti-British Evil has actually done her job and was deporting the hundreds of thousands of illegals and blatantly fraudulent aslum seekers we have here by chartering jets 24/7.

    Over the last 11years we have had NO effective immigration control whatsoever.

    This alien Indian bitch called Priti Patel is On THEIR side NOT on the pro-British side.

    The last time the Tories ever bothered to control! Immigration in even the remotest sense was under John Major and a bit more under Thatcher but NOTHING since.

    Today, the Conservative Party is a fully fledged Globalist, open borders supporting, liberal party which is deservedly getting 34% swings against it at by elections


  3. If you are a liberal-left, open borders supporting globalist why vote Tory when you can vote for the party that has that line of thinking much more naturally and holds those beliefs HONESTLY ie the Liberal Democrats?

    As Marine Le Pen’s father, Jean-Marie , once said why vote for the copy when you can vote for the original?

    It is those of us on the anti- immigration, anti-globalist ‘Right’ of politics who have no one to speak for us!


  4. I wonder if that negro criminal in Kent is a recent arrival? It would not surprise me. The only thing Border FARCE is good for is bringing in criminals from abroad.

    We have enough hoodlums and trash of our own to deal with without continuing to increase their numbers from overseas.

    Go on Kent, keep on voting Tory and make what was the ‘Garden of England’ into a lawless, Third World excrement hole like London has become.

    The CONServative Party is full of anti-British, leftwing, globalist, open borders supporting vermin and you are too thick to see it.


  5. Whenever one of these foreigners arrives in Britain through the grotesque negligence of Border FARCE and Priti Anti-British Evil and commits a crime such as this, or god forbid, a murder, then the head of that organisation AND Priti should be put on trial for aiding and abetting the criminal act to take place.

    Why should ordinary, decent, law abiding Britons be under threat of a grave crime taking place or their families mourning the loss of a loved one because Priti Anti-British Evil can’t be bothered to do her job properly?

    It is high time she was MADE to take responsibility for these crimes of foreigners/ illegal migrants/blatantly fraudulent asylum seekers and if that means she is locked-up for life without the possibility of parole then so be it.


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