Diary Blog, 16 June 2022

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[Spetsnaz officer exits plane over Vasilievsky Island, St. Petersburg]
[Shishkin, Before the Storm]

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Is this the moment in history when the West actually goes mad?

Brings to my mind the day when I met the Metropolitan of Kiev, the second-ranking bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church. That was in the early 1980s, in London. A diminutive person with a beard seemingly almost as long as his body. He gave me a bottle of export Moskovskaya vodka (now sadly all-but-unobtainable in the UK, and I think not even manufactured in its original version).

That was also the first time I saw kefir. The Metropolitan was drinking it at breakfast in his small hotel, the De Vere, a place in Kensington High Street, and used quite often by the not-far-away Soviet Embassy.

I heard some ridiculous little bastard, a “Conservative” MP, on the pathetic BBC Radio 4 PM show yesterday, bleating about “smugglers”. We should be deterring the migrant-invaders first. As to “people-smugglers”, there should be ordered a covert operation to kill them.

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The above was later used in the Yellow River Concerto:

Late tweets

I would make a heartfelt suggestion, but in view of the police-state repression now existent in the UK, I shall keep it to myself for now.

Intelligent speech and Jess Phillips rarely meet: see https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/05/07/deadhead-mps-an-occasional-series-the-jess-phillips-story/.

James Patterson. Whoever he may be. Pathetic groveller.

“Diversity” = “No Whites”…

Late music


26 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 16 June 2022”

  1. Refuse to board a flight for your totally justified expulsion back to whatever Third World shithole you have crawled out of then more radical measures will need to be taken against you obvious frauds ie a nice, quick, well-aimed bullet to the back of the skull as they do in those wonderful , well ordered countries of China, Vietnam and one of Europe’s best countries ie Belarus.

    This brilliant style of execution should also be applied with extreme urgency to degenerate, leftwing lawyers who keep on and on frustrating any tiny, wholly inconsistent measures to enforce a semblance of border controls.

    Fuck off HOME, fraudulent Third Word dregs. The British people DON’T want you here with all the rampant criminality you normally bring with you.

    So it is your choice! Obey your deportation or be executed by one of the best methods of capital punishment!

    Simples as the Meerkat would say!


  2. Liz Truss, you utterly daft ex Lib Dem, Russia is WINNING this war albeit it slowly so your increasingly inane and stupid measures only worsen OUR economy not Russia’s not that a stuck-up, useless, common tart like you would care about native British people becoming unemployed.

    Just fuck off you thick bitch. The rest of the world just laughs at you.

    Infact, it could be said your meeting with Russia’s Foreign Minister, Mr Lavrov who is so much more educated than you ie he can speak FOUR languages where as you can barely speak your own was the date that Mr Putin finally decided to invade Ukraine. Meeting you as Mr Lavrov did would have been an arduous and unpleasant experience for anyone at the best of times and a positive incitement to invade another country.

    You are so thick you can’t even pronounce the Irish version of their word for PM as you got so very wrong the other day. I have never even attempted to learn Irish Gaelic but I have always known how it was pronounced.

    I’m an ordinary guy and have never been an MP or a Foreign Minister so what is your excuse for getting what is by no means the hardest term in Irish Gaelic so very wrong? You are not exactly on top of your brief at the Foreign Office, are you?

    God, the standards at the formerly very prestigious British Foreign Office have truely hit rock bottom levels, haven’t they?

    Lord Palmerston and even figures like Anthony Eden, Lord Halifax etc must be turning in their graves to see who Boris Idiot has appointed to the Foreign Office!


  3. Quit your utterly pathetic Maggie Thatcher tribute act ie going around in tanks as Maggie once did. You, Liz, are no Margaret Thatcher. It just makes you look even more daft than most people with brains worked out a long time ago!

    God almighty, this silly, screeching harridan and Lb Dem infliltrator is supposed to be Boris Idiot’s imminent replacement!

    Still, I suppose she is better than Priti Anti-British Evil but that only goes to show how low the bar has been set with Boris Idiot’s cabinet of ghastly horrors and all round clowns!


  4. Re that Tory MP he obviously doesn’t care that we are being invaded on a daily basis with sometimes tragic consequences ie some of these invaders have murdered native Britons in Kent and elsewhere.

    Oh no, it isn’t the welfare of Britons that worries him or his repellent, leftwing, open borders supporting Tory spivs but the welfare of the invader instead.

    Without the fact the Tories are so pathetically weak and inadequate when it comes to controlling our borders this problem of people smugglers wouldn’t occur in the first place. It is the Tory Party, its globalist attitudes and its placement of people like Priti Anti-British Evil at the Home Office with her zero concern for the country’s borders that positively incites the people smugglers and gives them their opportunities.

    Pull Britain out of the Refugee Convention AND the European Convention of Human Rights then this problem of smugglers would be considerably lessened or solved.

    If you don’t do this then shut the hell up about people smugglers and trying to pull the wool over the British people’s eyes as you intentionally do by hiding behind people smugglers as an excuse for your constant, 11 YEAR LONG grotesque INACTION in controlling illegal migration and patently fraudulent asylum seeking.

    The French have been telling us for at least the last TWENTY odd years to tighten up on our non existent border control as this incites and facilitates the cross channel landings.

    The responsibility for this problem lies at the feet of his own government and that of the previous Labour one.


      1. His surname should be PRICK. Let us face some simple facts here, 99% of Tory MPs are as thick as dog excrement and people so inherently untrustworthy even if they were second hand car dealers you would disbelieve this nature of them.

        What other party even in Britain let alone in well run countries like Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Germany etc would have Liz ‘I’m a common Tory tart who is good on my back’ Truss as Foreign Secretary or someone of the obviously very low calibre of Nadine Dorries as Culture Secretary!

        Still, I suppose Boris Idiot has to make himself look at least a tiny bit worthy of his present position.

        There are very few exceptions to thick Tory MPs. I can only readily recall a few names at the top of my head : Sir John Hayes, Jeremy Hunt etc. You soon run out, don’t you?


      2. John:
        I am assuming (as an optimist) that there are a few decent Con MPs on the backbenches; a handful that have both integrity and a brain. Admittedly, cannot name even one, though.


    1. The individual illegal aliens/fraudulent asylum seekers continually do these landings and the people smugglers have an incentive to aid them because they KNOW Britain is the softest touch in Europe and has been for FAR TOO LONG.

      I want to hear no more utter nonsense from libertarian extremists like David Davis about why a national ID card scheme is so evil or other childish and nonsensical crap. Decent, law abiding native Britons with British citizenship have nothing to fear from sch a scheme. Germany and France to take just two countries in Europe have them and suffer from illegal migration in a lesser way.

      It along with other measures such as pulling out of the European Convention of Human Rights and the Refugee Convention along with prosecuting and jailing lefty lawyers or shutting them up in other ways ie making regulations to be able to practice more stringent must be done.

      At any rate, lefty lawyers must not be able to frustrate government policies on this matter. We should take a leaf out of the book of the Singaporean government when they use measures against lefty lawyers who oppose the use of hanging in that country and try and frustrate the operation of the penalty through unreasonable tactics. They are not allowed to get away with it and neither should our utterly treasonous pests of lefty lawyers.


  5. A one time member of Germany’s national-conservative/nationalist Afd party, Frauke Petry, was interviewed by the BBC a few years ago and suggested that as a last resort German border guards should be allowed to shoot at these invaders.

    Extreme actions like that might well be the only way to stop the invasion of Europe and the people smugglers often behind it. Not doing anything remotely serious as the globalist, leftwing Tories do is NOT a credible option.


      1. Exactly which is why the Labour Party has opposed any genuinely effective and consistent measures to control our borders being an inherently anti- British party that it has always been and now the (I am going to throw up here) ‘modern’ Conservative Party has joined them in their dispicable treason hence people like Priti Anti-British Evil being allowed anywhere near the Home Office let alone being Home Secretary and Boris Idiot Buffoon being PM.


  6. There will have to be put into place a serious deterrent to these people who just land on our beaches at will and if that, unfortunately, means shooting at them then so be it.

    Regardless, this problem HAS TO STOP.


    1. Would we have been squeamish as a country about shooting German Nazi soldiers with live bullets if they had invaded this country in 1940 via our coastline the way these illegal immigrants/mostly blatantly fraudulent ‘asylum seekers’ do?

      No, we wouldn’t have been. Indeed so much so that Churchill even contemplated using poison gas on invading German troops.

      These people are unwanted invaders and should be treated as such and those who aid and abet them such as lefty lawyers should be charged with treason as they undoubtedly would have been then and if found guilty should be sentenced to the death penalty with their necks being snapped by the hangman’s noose between the second and third vertebrae.

      Where is a latter day Albert Pierrepoint when we really need one?


      1. John:
        Did you notice that two prominent Jew-Zionist lawyers (one solicitor, one barrister) are proud, apparently, of the activity in bringing into the UK, in the past year or two, nearly 1,000 Afghans?


  7. IF Liz Truss had any brains or the slightest degree of concern for OUR national interests she would realize that Russia will eventually win this war and that we should do a kind of reverse Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact with Russia by forming a new trade/ investment/mutual friendship partnership with that country.

    Russia has many millions of consumers our businesses can court in order to sustain jobs and prosperity here. Also, such a partnership at this particular time in history would really piss off the EU and the evil anti-British scumbag, Joe Biden, of the USA thereby hopefully helping them to get off our backs and to see that the UK has totally legitimate concerns regarding the NI Protocol.

    We need to turn the tables on the EU and have a ready replacement for the lost trade when they start their trade war with us through their unreasonable behaviour and stubbornness over changing the NI Protocol.


    1. John:
      I have been urging something similar for years, both on the blog and, before the Jews had me removed from the site in 2018, on Twitter.

      Such a policy is too intelligent for the NWO/ZOG System political puppets of the present day.


  8. Re Russian vodka you can still obtain it on Amazon UK. One of the best is called Russian Standard and it is still made in Russia (St Petersburg). A few months ago, I was reading the reviews for it and came across a funny one by an Asian guy here which made me chuckle quite a bit as he made fun of the virtual signalers who previously thought Russian Standard was a good, well-made and tasty vodka but had all of a sudden changed their opinions in late February!😆🤣😂😂🤣🤣😄😆😆🙄🙄🙄🙄😂😂😂😂🙄🙄🙄😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😄😄

    Sadly, this good review seems to have been taken down now.


  9. Look up, Sir John Hayes. He seems to be a decent chap and holds pretty traditionally conservative viewpoints ie he is against abortion, is pro the death penalty though he only wants it brought back as an option for the courts. This is reasonable enough. Even ultra hardline Malaysia has very recently announced it will be ending the mandatory imposition of the ultimate penalty for certain crimes and allowing judges discretion so they can use an alternative sentence. When that goes through their parliament it will be interesting to see whether nearby Singapore follows suit or adjusts its death penalty laws in other ways.

    His views on the economy are pretty sensible too ie they are more centrist and not so fanatically in favour of allowing free market forces to run riot as many Tory MPs support


  10. Hello there! I know I am a hothead (I have been expelled from Twitter and U Tube) but I think our friend “John” beats me by a nice margin (LOL) Having said that, I love his posts and I would be saying the same if I was a Briton. In fact, other countries in Europe are as bad as the UK, particularly Sweden, France and Germany.

    The main problem is (as I said it 1000 times) the lack of guts, pride, dignity, etc of the average White man. This is the result of the relentless anti-White propaganda that started in 1945; it was very subtle, to begin with, but it grew like a tsunami. Our enemies were very clever…


    1. Claudius:
      You are right re. the morale of the white populations of Europe. It has been sapped over many decades, primarily by the activities of the you-know-who(s). “They” are behind 90% of the trash put out by the msm.

      That even applies to areas which, superficially, have no part in the war waged upon us by the J**. The facemask nonsense for example. Yet look at “them” (eg on Twitter) and you see that 95% of “them” are pro-facemask. It is chilling to see how tied-in they are, completely unconsciously in most cases, to the causes of Evil.

      This is no mere socio-political disagreement, but what amounts to a holy war for the future of Europe and, indeed, the whole world.

      Finally, as to commentators on my blog, I try to allow as much free speech as possible, within the constraints of the now-quite-repressive laws of the UK. I do sometimes censor or redact some words or phrases, though mainly those which might be (possibly be said to be) tending towards any kind of “incitement”, and I usually say when the redaction has happened.

      The only comments that are just trashed (and the commentator blocked) are those which are malicious and which attack me personally. Such comments are actually fewer than you might imagine. I think that the total, over 5-6 years of blogging, is no more than a few dozen. I have identified about half as having been sent by a tiny handful of Jews. I know who and where most are.


      1. Regarding your enemies, I remember an idiot who said he believed you would be capable of atrocities in time of war. (LOL) From which loony bin do these people come from? (LOL) Another one confessed he was a bit loopy and was taking pretty strong psychiatric medication.


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