Diary Blog, 17 June 2022, including thoughts about Ukraine and the EU

Afternoon music

I remember that black-and-white Robinson Crusoe from about 1965, when I was 8 years old. A different world.

On this day a year ago

Ukraine and EU

One of the more ludicrous items of news yesterday was to the effect that Ukraine would probably be fast-tracked for EU membership and in the interim, be given some kind of candidate-member status.

Jesus H. Christ! It was not very long ago that people were lamenting the fact that Greece had been allowed to join the EC, forerunner of the EU, in 1981. Many had said at the time that Greece was too backward, and insufficiently stable economically. Those doubts resurfaced in 2001 when Greece joined the Eurozone.

Similar doubts were raised when most of the Eastern European states joined the EU less than twenty years ago.

Indeed, those of my sort of age (65) can recall the wranglings over whether the UK itself could or should join the EEC, as it then was, in 1973.

Now we see that Ukraine, a “failed state” (and failed economy) by most if not all standards, is going to be fast-tracked into the EU despite the fact that

  • Ukraine is actually, if not “legally”, at war with a neighbouring state, Russia, and may soon be in conflict also with Belarus;
  • Ukraine has lost about a fifth of its territory to that neighbouring state and/or separatist rebels;
  • Ukraine is almost a dictatorship, with most opposition parties banned, and leaders of some parties under arrest;
  • Ukraine has just lost the bulk of its heavy industry (which is or was located in the Donbass region or the Sea of Azov littoral);
  • Ukraine cannot export 90% of its agricultural produce;
  • Ukraine is only kept in the “war” because NATO states, and other states, are supplying it with arms, ammunition etc for free;
  • A substantial part of the population has fled beyond Ukrainian borders.

I suppose that what this once again proves is that the EU is primarily not an economic organization but a political project, part of the NWO/ZOG matrix.

Tweets seen

I am very glad that I resisted “invitations” from NHS drones and the State to get the “vaccine(s)”.

…and a small group of “entrepreneur” con-men (and women), connected to the Conservative Party, have made hundreds of millions each out of it (out of the British people).

Julian Assange, a prisoner of conscience, sacrificed on the altar of the non-existent “Special Relationship” (a one-way control mechanism), and at the urging of the USA (NWO/ZOG) and the Israel lobby in the UK (Jews, mainly).

The migration-invasion continues. Hundreds of the bastards daily.

I wonder how many “hosts” (the men, that is) had it in mind to “host” the kind of glamorous blonde Ukrainian women that I knew in the past (one of whom I hit with a tennis ball on the bottom when she was bending over to retrieve another ball); [see earlier blog posts].

More music

[the Feldgrau relax in France, 1940]
[Tiger tanks, 1943]
[Wehrmacht in Albania, WW2]

Late tweets seen

Jailed for 20 years” meaning 5 years apiece on average, so out in about 2 years. They should have been shot while trying to escape.

“… and at that moment, 20 heavily-armed Spetsnaz commandos burst in and shot them.” [in a better world].

…but the cost of the “scamdemic” (measures taken) is certainly real!

Corrupt Jew tyrant meets part-Jew would-be tyrant.

Late music

[Berlin, Reichskanzlei, 1945]

19 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 17 June 2022, including thoughts about Ukraine and the EU”

  1. If only that evil Indian CUNT of a woman, Priti Patel, would just do the only decent thing she has ever done in her entire wretched existence and just die of a massive heart attack or get involved in a fatal car crash.

    I really hate her and can’t stand her evil, lying, fat, ever smirking, supremely arrogant face.

    Seriously, who the FUCK does that evil cunt bitch thinks she is? She is a fucking alien to this country and has NO RIGHT whatever to destroy this country which isn’t hers to destroy.

    Fuck off and die, you evil piece of foreign excrement!

    If this country was in any way moral, she [redacted]…hangman’s noose seeing as she murdered effectively tens of thousands of people during the pandemic through no border controls along with his wretched,, anti-British government of evil clowns.

    For fuck’s sake, God, hurry up [redacted] the bitch.


  2. So Ukrainian refugees have become homeless? That SHOULD mean there are more places for homeless BRITISH families too many of whom have been homeless and on waiting lists for far too long but in this SICK country those places will only go to more of Priti’s fake foreign effluent ‘refugees’ from Third World shitholes the likes of which that evil, anti-British bitch crawled out of.

    At least those Ukrainian refugees have got a slight case unlike the ones this rancid and evil, anti-British government normally imports.

    Mind you, saying that, are ANY of these people genuine? After all, for DECADES now the refugee issue been used by our anti-British governments to allow mass immigration under another name.

    When have they ever gone home once their home countries have become safe as this is what is supposed to happen!

    Why, for instance, is Dominic Raab’s family still here? Czechoslovakia was perfectly safe for Jews in 1945 after the war ended.


  3. His family should have been required to go back home to Czechoslovakia as soon as the war ended and how does that cold looking and cold of heart cunt repay this country’s softness and stupidity? Certainly, that is the requirement that this country’s last REAL Tory PM, Neville Chamberlain,would have ordered. Chamberlain refused admission to many of these in far too many cases trouble making Jews in 1938/1939.

    Yes, by backing to the hilt mass immigration under Priti Evil Anti-British Continually lying Cunt Bitch.


  4. I am fucking well FED-UP to the back fucking teeth with this wretched government importing these 99% FAKE chancers from across the Channel on a daily basis!

    Fucking well [redacted] cunts as that is the only guaranteed way to STOP this continual INVASION.

    That is what exceptionally well run Japan and South Korea would do to protect their borders.

    If these people had been German Nazi soldiers in 1940 arriving on our beaches like this we WOULD have shot them and would have had every right to do it. Indeed, Churchill even wanted to use poison gas on German soldiers.

    Our people died for nothing in that war. With this evil government doing fuck all to control, let alone stop these daily invasions they are literally spitting on the graves of our war dead from two world wars.


  5. Daniel Hannan isn’t naive just a gormless libertarian extremist of which there are far too many of within the fake CONServative Party.

    Some of his beliefs are not just wacky but DOWNRIGHT INSANE eg he has seriously proposed building all over the supposed protected Isle of Wight with its Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty to build a new city modelled on the extremely densely populated Hong Kong!

    The bloke is nuts or mentally ill.


    1. John:
      Yes, Daniel Hannan is the sort of idiot (albeit well-educated, superficially articulate etc) who is, however, almost insane, speaking in socio-political terms.


  6. It really is about time the wicked, anti-British treasonous VERMIN of the RNLI was closed down or forced to close down by a backdoor route such as removing them from the Charities Register.

    Only charities which have genuine good causes and don’t pose a danger to our national security or health like those scumbags do should be allowed to be in existence.


  7. I see that the globalist extremist rag called Metro in London (edited by open borders supporting nutter, and former incompetent Chancellor of he Exchequer, George Osbourne) has a story that one of the mere handful of so-called asylum seekers vile globalist bitch, Priti Anti-British Evil, managed to try and deport has whinged that he was subjected to some violence by the immigration staff of Borders Farce.

    Well what the hell do you expect? If you are breaking into a house as a burglar and the home owner wants you out of his/her property they are entitled to use reason able force to get you out.

    OUR ONE AND ONLY HOMELAND is no different.

    If you don’t like the force used you can always kill yourself or deport yourself!


  8. Don’t unpack you SHOULD be going fucking BACK but under the terminally leftwing, globalist open borders supporting crazy nutters of the anti-British NON Conservative (and nowdays NON Unionist as well) Party you only have a 0.1% chance of ACTUALLY being deported despite the demented rantings of rags like the Metro and the loony-left Twitter Twat virtual signalling idiots.


    1. If no description has been provided then that is normally a sign the criminal/criminals are, ahem, ‘cultural enrichers’.

      As if we are particularly successful in dealing with our own home bred criminal fraternity the British government insists upon worsening an already serious situation by continually importing people who are very often criminally inclined and find it difficult to adjust to our society.

      If only we followed the likes of well run countries like Japan and South Korea who don’t have this imported crime problem.


  9. I hope the people of Tiverton and Honiton give the fake CONServative Party the biggest electoral hiding it has ever received next Thursday. Obviously, as a party, they have learnt ABSOLUTELY ZILCH from that huge by-election swing of 34% the electorate of North Shropshire delivered last December and which entered the record books on Wikipedia’s UK By Elections Records page as the second largest Tory to Lib Dem swing since the war.

    Go on Tiverton and Honiton give us a new record!

    You don’t even need to vote Lib Dem necessarily to do that as there are candidates from UKIP etc standing. What is needed for this country’s sake is a HUGE Tory defeat.

    Perhaps if it is like the result in North Shropshire they will wake-up and finally dump Boris Idiot and his cabinet of clowns and we can, finally, stop being the world’s laughing stock and make some progress as a country.


  10. What is important is that we see a massive drop in the Tory share of the vote like in North Shropshire where I think it dropped by around 30% or around half its previous level at the general election of 2019.

    It made me laugh to hear Tory MPs say that result was typical of midterm by election losses. It was not. Mrs Thatcher lost quite a few by-elections but even at the one that really led to her fall from office ie Eastbourne in 1990 the Conservative vote share only fell by about 20%.


    1. John:
      Boris-idiot is widely despised, but at the same time the Labour Party is equally-widely considered hopeless by many. If Labour were more respected, then the Con Party, after the past 12 years, would certainly be toast.


      1. Indeed that is the case so the electorate can only use the Liberal Democrats out of the major parties to kick the fake CONServative Party and try and make it see sense.

        It truely is about time the Tories were made to realize they make for far inferior liberal-left globalists than the Liberal Democrats and others so if people want the latter ideology the Liberal Democrats, Labour, SNP, Plaid Cymru can espouse it with far more credibility. Why have a pale copy when you can have the original?


    2. Infact, I believe that when Maggie was PM the Tory share of the vote in by-elections never dropped by more than 25 points in seats they were defending. Percentage falls of 25% in defending parties’ share of the vote are rare and 30% even more so and if I were their MPs I wouldn’t dismiss them so readily.


  11. Yes, the End Of Everything, there is scarcely a more repellent sight than Boris Johnson continually meeting his bum chum, Zelensky, when he should be focussing on the huge ‘in tray’ of BRITISH problems AT HOME.

    He does this so much it is now, late though this scenario is, beginning to piss off his own backbenchers particularly those from the ‘Red Wall’ seats up North as a report in the ‘modern’ Conservative Party’s ‘bible’ The Guardian has reported today.


  12. Instead of meeting Zelensky and playing the part of a more scruffy impersonator of Winston Churchill he should stay at home, deal with British problems of which there are so many and sack Priti Anti-British Evil and replace her with a competent, genuinely Right-wing person..

    I assume there is at least ONE person who fits that description in the Tory Party? How about Sir John Hayes?

    No more globalist Lib Dem/Labour infiltrators like Priti as Home Secretary!


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