Diary Blog, 23 June 2022, with some more thoughts about “Boris”-idiot, the misnamed Conservatives, and Labour.

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The clown presently posing as Prime Minister of the UK

Pretty damning, though nothing I have not seen previously. In fact there exists far more information, and greatly more detail.

As I have blogged repeatedly since 2019 or 2018, Johnson has weaponized his own lack of integrity, decency and —yes— ability. People do not actually expect Boris-idiot to behave honestly, or even with basic decency, let alone to know how to be a real Prime Minister of this country.

That lack of expectation in respect of the clown “Boris”, on the part of the voters (and the very aged and blinkered Conservative Party “grass roots”), is like a suit of armour for Johnson; they actually do not expect the clown to fulfil his office and role properly.

Any further or worse scandal which may turn up will have little impact, for the reasons stated above.

There is another aspect: the sheer dullness and lack of edge to the Labour Party now, the supposed Opposition.

Under Corbyn, whatever his lack of education and/or ability, Labour offered an alternative in many respects. Not everyone wanted or liked the alternative offered, but it was offered. Now? No alternative.

Starmer is, as I said from the beginning of his tenure, as dull as ditchwater, but the Jewish lobby wanted to get rid of supposedly “anti-Semitic” Corbyn (who is certainly not anti-Semitic by my standards anyway), and have Corbyn replaced by “Labour Friends of Israel” member Starmer, with his Jewish wife and half-Jewish children.

Starmer is not, in my opinion, particularly “electable” anyway, but what (again, in my opinion) scuppers him, and Labour, is the same factor that weakened Corbyn, the fact that so many Labour MPs now are black, and often black women with little education, culture, or even sense. Not the only factor, but it is a big one.

Now we hear that Starmer may be replaced by another “Labour Friends of Israel” member, the expenses cheat, moneygrubber, “refugees welcome” hypocrite and would-be dictator, Yvette Cooper. Good grief…

Labour has been on a downward trajectory for a long time, well over a decade. The result can be seen in both General Election and by-election results over the past 5+ years. It will be interesting to see what happens in the two (or is it three?) upcoming by-elections.

For me, the most interesting aspect of the result at Chesham and Amersham last year was not the fact that the LibDems beat the Conservatives (striking though that was), but the fact that the Labour vote plummeted to 1.6%; a lost deposit for Labour, and for the first time in that constituency: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chesham_and_Amersham_(UK_Parliament_constituency)#Elections_in_the_2020s.

The System political landscape now seems to be resolving into a contest between unpopular and not-respected Labour, and not-popular and not-respected Conservative, with a side issue of former Conservative voters either (brainlessly) voting LibDem or abstaining; also, former Labour voters abstaining but not going elsewhere .

The British people, most of them, need and unconsciously want a form of social nationalism, but no organization exists to collect and channel that.

An interesting and adventurous life


Someone whose name was unknown to me until today. Almost along the lines of Where Eagles Dare.

” In 1944 he was appointed to the OSS and was an espionage agent in Austria in support of the Austrian Resistance against the Nazis, working with the Tyrolean group under the leadership of Dr. Karl Gruber. He infiltrated the country in the uniform of a German Wehrmacht sergeant of the Reichssicherheitshauptamt. In late April 1945, after being arrested by the Gestapo, imprisoned at Reichenau, tortured and sentenced to death, he was able to escape and assist in the liberation of Innsbruck by the Americans in May 1945.


USA— which way?

It has seemed to me for some time that the USA cannot indefinitely continue on its present path without some form of muted civil war occurring. Not an American Civil War mark 2, with states opposed to each other, but a gradual and decentralized collapse of unity, and opposed groups and individuals fighting, including literally fighting, within states, within cities.

The outcome may eventually be victory for one or another side, leading to a form of dictatorship; at least equally likely, a gradual withdrawal of communities, cities, maybe whole states or regions, from common goals, institutions, political organizations etc.

The racial aspects, though not the only factors of importance, are key: at the end of the First World War, America was composed of 90% white Europeans (by origin); now about 45%.

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Manchester United

I have little interest in football, and so rarely comment about it, but the “legalized fraud” at Manchester United has been incredible. An American Jew family took over the club years ago (as a purely moneymaking enterprise— they knew even less than me about the game) and have bled it dry, just as “Robert Maxwell” did at the Daily Mirror etc. Do I detect a pattern here?

Even leaving the Jew and legal quasi-fraud aspects aside, there is a systemic problem here.

In the Threefold Social Order concept, developed originally by Rudolf Steiner, something such as sport or games would come under the “spiritual/cultural/educational” sphere, not the sphere of “economy/business” etc, or that of “politics/rights/government” etc.

Taking football as an example of a rule applicable across the field of sports, football clubs should be (as they once were to a large extent) social-cultural associations run for the benefit of the supporters and, after that or consequent upon that, the players, not business enterprises; nor (as in pre-1989 socialist Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union, and elsewhere) flag-bearers run by local or central government.

The Manchester United situation is not a consequence purely of Jewish economic exploitation but also, and arguably primarily, a symptom of a malaise and mis-organization in the way society as a whole operates.

See also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_threefolding; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rudolf_Steiner; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malcolm_Glazer.

Boris-idiot in Rwanda

[they cannot believe that life has dealt them such a lucky hand— look at her face. That of a lottery-winner. Holding hands at the official airport reception; rather vulgar]

See also: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10944737/Boris-Carrie-land-Rwanda-faces-double-election-defeat.html.

Britain 2022

Late tweets

I do not feel inclined to answer that…

Eventually, Russian forces will prevail in southeast Ukraine, and perhaps all of Eastern Ukraine (Ukraine east of the Dnieper).

Absolutely disgusting. Housing for “Ukrainian” “refugees” (often not Ukrainian, indeed often just disguised economic migrants using the situation as cover), housing for cross-Channel migrant-invaders, while British people without money are treated worse than dogs.

Someone is awake…

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38 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 23 June 2022, with some more thoughts about “Boris”-idiot, the misnamed Conservatives, and Labour.”

    1. Well, if the Tories suffer bad defeats tonight and particularly so in Tiverton and Honiton with its 24,000 majority (ha, ha, call that ‘safe’? My seat of Brentwood and Ongar is not the 65th or so safest Tory seat as the Devon one is but the party’s TENTH safest and with a numerical majority of 29,065!) then they are going to have to take SERIOUS measures to differentiate themselves as as a party and put FIRM ‘clear blue water’ between them and the Lib Dems on immigration and law and order.

      I would suggest taking Britain out of the Refugee Convention and the European Court of Human Rights and legislating for stiffer prison sentences.

      An area of the law that needs attention in this regard in particular is to provide for tougher sentences for drug dealers.

      I have been looking on Google’s news search facility recently and looking-up the kind of prison terms given to them in this country. In far too many cases, the average terms are too lenient ones of seven years or ten at the most and this is for traffickers dealing in not just a couple of kilos here and there but TENS of kilos etc.

      If countries like Singapore would be considered in this country by many to be TOO tough with its hanging and flogging practices then we are too much inclined to be too soft in the opposite direction.

      There should be a MINIMUM sentence of fifteen years at least for any quantity of drugs being dealt and even for a first offence of that kind.


      1. For the drug dealing scumbags who far too often take the most flagrant piss out of the law ie dealing in tens of kilograms of the most dangerous drugs such as heroin or cocaine and/or are repeat offenders then, frankly, I can’t see any reason why these abhorrent criminals are not given life without the possibility of parole (LWOP)/whole life term sentences.

        Lock ’em up and model our prisons on those of Japan where you have to ‘pay for your stay’ ie WORK! Jap prisons are not the kind of places where normal people would wish to be incarcerated within! Look on YouTube and you will find videos which describe them as being correctional facilities where prisoners are given regimes which are highly disciplined and akin to something out of that famous BBC drama serial, Tenko, and that film called ‘The Bridge On The River Kwai’!๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜‚

        No wonder our often thuggish football fans decided to behave themselves when they went to the World Cup in 2002! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

        Mind you, another cause may have been the Japanese people were said to be very hospitable towards them as well.


    2. nativewarrior14:
      I agree. For “Boris”, words are just words and, so far, the public have allowed themselves to be totally bamboozled by that part-Jew fraud.


      1. Yes, far too many stupid people have taken the silly Benny Hill impersonator at face value because they make him laugh! That is how dimwitted a lot of the electorate are!

        Well, I am sorry but I have never found Boris Johnson remotely funny and had him sussed out long before that dreadful day he became PM instead of the obvious candidate for PM, Jeremy Hunt.

        However, it looks like increasingly large numbers of people have woken up to the reality of Boris Johnson after today’s by elections.

        When are many more Tory MPs going to do so?


    3. Drug dealers are some of the very worst elements of the criminal fraternity and this crime is an evil and abhorrent one which can cause a great deal of personal harm and harm to society as a whole.

      No doubt the real, underlying reason as why Singapore hangs drug dealing scumbags is because they use it as an indirect way of lowering still further their existing low murder rate ie when a country lets drug dealers get away with their crimes a drug addiction problem appears and that often leads to addicts being high on drugs and then murdering others.

      Hanging drug dealers is against UN guidelines on the use of the ultimate penalty as it is considered to fall not within the remit of ‘most serious crimes’ ie intentional and direct murders but as I have explained above the undoubted rationale of the Singaporean government for using hanging for drug dealers can be understood.

      Our often too lenient sentences for drug dealers are proving to be of woefully insufficient deterrent effect and need to be of a much longer time period to provide a decent level of deterrence.

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      1. Singapore deals with the drug dealers ie the supply for addicts by either giving them stiff prison sentences ie 20 plus years often with caning via the rattan cane on top or by executing them with the hangman’s noose AND the demand for drugs by educating youths and adults as to the dangers of taking them etc.

        The wonderful and efficient Singaporean Ministry of Home Affairs IS fit for purpose in this regard as with other respects unlike the useless British Home Office under the sick leftwing joke of Priti Useless and the CON Party.

        The Ministry of Home Affairs in Singapore and the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) there use a multi pronged approach to drug dealing and drug abuse. It isn’t just a case of simplistically hanging loads of people!๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ƒ


      2. Capital punishment should be brought back. Judges should be given the discretion to use it for the crime of murder and perhaps for the most serious cases of drug dealing.

        For convicted traitors such as those helping the mostly blatantly fraudulent ‘asylum seekers’ arrive in their tens of thousands from across the Channel ie the head of the treasonous RNLI ‘woke’ charity then discretion on the part of the judge needs to be removed and treason would then be treated with a MANDATORY death penalty just like it was in the good old days before Tony Bliar rather convenienently got rid of the ultimate penalty in 1998 for the last few remaining offences!

        Let the head of the RNLI and do gooder, leftwing lawyers swing on the end of [redacted] is what I say!๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

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      3. I liked your comment on capital punishment. Is nice to see I am not the only hothead here (LOL). Seriously, all those who helped the invaders (a.k.a. “asylum seekers”) to come to England should be considered traitors and treated as such. The same applies to ALL those who say “Refugees are welcome” and support all those “charities” set up by the enemies of the British people.


      4. You need to do BOTH approaches to the problem. There is no point in spending loads of money in teaching youngsters and adults to stay away from drugs so they don’t become addicts, having drug rehabilitation centres as Singapore does if you undermine those messages as a government by treating the dealers with kid gloves. It you give out excessively lenient sentences as is too often the case here to the pushers, children, teenagers and young and older adults alike will think these drugs can’t be all that bad then and they will be more willing to try them and, for some, become addicts, have their health, lives and those of their families ruined, wreck their communities and perhaps go on to commiting violent crimes to fund and continue their addiction.

        Drug dealing and drug addiction is a real scourge upon society as a whole and needs to be dealt with firmly with a multi-pronged approach.


    4. There is no point in having even ‘tough’ immigration laws on the statute book if those who deliberately break such laws ie illegal immigrants are never deported and Priti despite loony left PC idiots comparing her to wonderful women such as Marine Le Pen (God almighty, what PLANET are these cretins on?) virtually never DOES deport illegal criminal immigrants.

      Boris Idiot is on record as saying that illegal immigrants should be given an amnesty which just goes to show what an utterly irresponsible and repellent globalist, liberal left, Metropolitan liberal he really is and has always been.

      I am quite sure that Mrs Thatcher would never have uttered such stupid and yes CRIMINAL aiding remarks even though she too didn’t make all that much effort to deport these scumbags though her government was better than Boris’s tenth rate Lib Dem government is in this regard.


    5. If Priti LEFT-WING was in any way serious about controlling immigration instead of what she actually does ie spouting useless ‘Right-wing’ RHETORIC she can use EXISTING legislation to deport criminal illegal immigrants but she hardly ever does.

      Also, she can stiffen prison sentences but before a criminal can be sent to jail they have to be caught so they can be put before a court.

      This wretched government of fools has starved the criminal justice system of funds so that courts are being overburdened and taking too long to sentence criminals and sacked too many police officers and closed down too many police stations.


    6. The ONLY way I will be convinced she is taking the matter of illegal migration to this country seriously is if there are many planes taking off from Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted etc 24 hours a day seven days a week.

      Sadly, this won’t happen. I have suspected for a long time that Priti is a Labour or Lib Dem infliltrator sent by one of those parties to destroy the Conservative Party from within and she is doing an excellent job of it.

      It is high time she was booted out of office along with quite a few other non performing ministers. Is there not a more youthful and able version of Norman Tebbit or Terry Dicks (one time MP for Hayes and Harlington and who was once dubbed by his Labour opponent as ‘the Le Pen of Hayes and Harlington’) who could be a decent Home Secretary?


  1. Why is Hungary not mentioned as having a leader with a plan to combat the general trend of falling birthrates? Orban has given the Hungarian people incentives to marry and have children, by all accounts it is working.

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    1. Well said Velvet88! Orban has done and is doing, quite a lot for the Hungarian people. Compared with the treacherous scumbags of the rest of Europe he is almost a hero.


      1. Victor Orban is definitely one of Europe’s best PMs if not THE best. Western Europe apart from perhaps Iceland is wall to wall with globalist, anti-nationalist, open borders supporting nutters.

        Despite being far nearer Ukraine than we are Orban is determined his country isn’t going to be seriously involved with a conflict with Russia yet with Boris Idiot being our ‘leader’ we might well be nuked soon yet we are on Europe’s Western edge.


  2. There are only two by-elections happening today not three. The Labour Party, useless though it is with a dull leader who has no fresh ideas, is bound to win in Wakefield not only on account of that seat’s marginal status, its long Labour Party tradition (uninterrupted from 1931 onwards apart from when Boris the buffoon picked it up because of the fake CON Party’s Brexit obsessive stance in 2019 but also because he CON Party’s chances have been doomed from the start because of their candidate.

    He is an Asian Muslim whilst the Labour Party has an Englishman and the Liberal Democrats do too!

    The Tory Asian is even worse than normal Tory Asian candidates are in that he has publicly said he regrets voting for Brexit as he thinks it has increased ‘racism’ and he has also made other remarks which are bizarre if you want to win any seat in parliament let alone one where your party had a small majority of under 4,000 votes.


  3. He isn’t making much effort to win the seat and his bizarre remarks about Harold Shipman the extremely murderous former GP and Tories are not likely to win many!

    Such is his strange behaviour I wouldn’t be too surprised if he was a Labour or Lib Dem infliltrator!


    1. John:
      I presume that what he meant was that GPs are trusted (if so…) despite the “one bad apple”, i.e. Shipman, and that the Conservative Party can therefore be trusted despite the one lying, cheating, useless bastard, i.e. “Boris”.

      Bearing in mind that Boris-idiot is posing as Con leader and PM, not just one Conservative out of tens of thousands, that was a singularly inept argument…


      1. Yes, his point is lessened as Boris is not just a random ‘bad apple’ but CON Party ‘leader’ and PM and even that isn’t taking account of the other ‘bad apples’ in the cabinet of utter duds such as the Chancellor who is ALSO a criminal according to the Met.

        How anyone can take the self-proclaimed ‘party of law and order’ at all seriously as such a party is beyond me nowdays what with a criminal as party leader and PM and a Chancellor also proven to be!

        Coco The distinctly unfunny Clown has ‘led’ his party into the abyss and the party can only be regarded as a joke party until such time as Coco and his Chancellor are removed from their posts.

        I wouldn’t be at all surprised if some criminal scumbags have already used the ‘Coco the criminal PM and his Chancellor’ ‘defence’ in court or with police officers when they have been arrested or being questioned in police stations

        If both Wakefield and Tiverton and Honiton are lost badly tonight will it finally be ‘Taxi for Coco The Clown’?


      2. John:
        The Con majority in the Commons is either 79 or 80 at present. If several by-elections are lost, it only affects Boris-idiot if those results unsettle Con MPs to the extent that they remove him next year.


      3. Removing him next year might well prove to be too late to improve their already slim chances of winning the next election.

        The Tories should have removed John Major around 1993 when they suffered that calamitous defeat at the Christchurch By-Election or at the latest by 1994. If they had done so then they probably would still have lost in 1997 but they may well have been able to prevent such a huge Labour landslide win.

        Action to remove Coco and clear out that dud cabinet needs to be taken soon before the ‘dye is cast’ and the point of no return is reached. Politics is a fast moving business!

        Yes, I know the clown did win the recent leadership vote and holding another within a year is not allowed by their party rule book but, I’m sure, other ways can be used eg a strike by Conservative Party activists, calling an Extraordinary General Meeting of the party’s board etc.


  4. Tories in their safe seats often vote Lib Dem. It isn’t normally because they approve of Lib Dem policies in the round apart from a select few but because a fair number of them in these kind of strongholds are the more ‘Right-wing’ kind. It is often an attempt to try and push the Conservative Party in that direction more in the absence of small ‘Right-wing’ parties standing.

    It is basically saying to the Tory Party nationally if you can’t be bothered to put clear blue water between yourselves and the Lib Dems we can’t recognize the difference between you and the Lib Dems so up your game and differentiate yourselves properly.

    In the past the tactic has worked on occasions but now it too often doesn’t but staying at home and abstaining normally works even less since the Tories and others then say you are not interested in politics or as Jack Straw said of traditional Labour voters doing this en mass in 2001’s general election they are ‘contented’!


  5. From the video posted about Johnson / Kamal’s misdeeds, it’s evident that he thinks of blacks, browns, and orientals as little more than vermin. However, considering it’s these groups whom Johnson / Kamal and his masters are seeking to replace White people with, his opinion of the native Europeans must be far lower still. I wonder if the deluded Tory loyalists are beginning to put two and two together yet. Perhaps that’s hoping for a bit much.


    1. HennyPenny:
      In my view, there is a hard core of above-retirement-age Con voters and a smaller similar core of party members, and that many of that group are kneejerk “Conservatives” who have not noticed that, since 1989, and more and more since then, their party has changed out of all recognition (as has the Labour Party).


      1. Yes, even under John Major who at least appointed not too bad Michael ‘Prison Works’ Howard as Home Secretary and had Anne Widdecombe as Prisons minister the party wasn’t as openly liberal-left, globalist and supportive of open borders as it now is let alone the nature of it under Thatcher.

        Now, the Conservative Party is just a tenth rate version of the Liberal Democrats which no doubt goes a long way to explaining why they are now, once again, beginning to experience horrendous by-election defeats at the hands of the latter party just like they did at Newbury in 1993 and at Christchurch in the same year.


  6. After all, why, if you are a globalist, open borders supporting, leftwing, soft on crime and criminals freak vote for a tenth rate copy when you can vote for a party that is honest about those convictions?

    Put simply, the Conservative Party should cater for those people who are NOT leftwing, globalist, open borders supporting loons!

    The Cons make for very unconvincing and tenth rate Lib Dems! If they get defeated in Tiverton and Honiton and especially if it is a bad defeat then they have no one to blame but themselves.

    Having Priti Leftwing and her completely disgraceful record of not controlling immigration properly or getting truly tough with REAL criminals as Home Secretary is a positive invitation to vote Lib Dem and has only served to give the Liberal Democrats credibility.

    If only we had a Home Secretary who took their responsibilities seriously like Mr K Shanmugam of Singapore does!


  7. John’s rants remind me of those from Steven. Mind you, he is 100% right in everything he says. I remember how Steven used to get mad at Peter Hitchens. God, how he swore at him! (LOL) BTW, what happened to Peter Hitchens? I noticed you don’t quote him anymore. Is he supporting Russia?


      1. Well, at least in that respect he has recovered somewhat from his bizarre libertarian nuttiness over the COVID-19 pandemic.

        Yes, all these fruitcakes in the press and that idiot who has just been appointed as the head of the British Army need to have their brains tested if they really wish to go to war with not just anyone but the WORLD’S PREMIER NUCLEAR POWER.

        We have just emerged from a terrible worldwide viral pandemic’ that this government of libertarian nutters handled very incompetently indeed because of that stupid political philosophy so we are in no fit state even to go to war with the likes of Italy let alone Russia with its 6,000 odd nukes!

        Has the head of our army seen how few men he has to send to their deaths in a conflict in which there is NO essential British national interest at stake?

        Under the so-called ‘party of defence’ you can fit them all within Wembley Stadium and still have plenty of room to spare!

        If only we had a TRUE Tory PM in power at the moment such as Neville Chamberlain. He would not be so gung ho about risking Armageddon due to getting too deeply involved in a conflict involving a “far away country of which we know little”.

        It says all you need to know about Boris Idiot that his Tory hero is not Neville Chamberlain but Winston Churchill who wasn’t particularly concerned about OUR interests as opposed to those of other countries.

        Our defence capabilities in terms of readily available resources of manpower and equipment are very modest nowdays so our foreign policy can NOT be too agressisve unless we want to come to serious national harm.


  8. Trust Coco The Clown to admire a PM who wasn’t renowned for being a consistent TORY as Chamberlain was but one who crossed the floor of the House of Commons twice and was originally a Liberal!


    1. John:
      As you say, Neville Chamberlain never left the Conservative Party.

      Chamberlain’s half-brother, Austen Chamberlain, did switch from Liberal Unionist to Conservative, serving under Lloyd George, and their father, Joseph Chamberlain, went from radical Liberal to Liberal Unionist to Conservative.



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