Diary Blog, 25 June 2022

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Saturday quiz

This week, another victory over political journalist John Rentoul. He scored 4/10, which I trumped by scoring 7/10. I did not know the answers to questions 1, 5, and 9. Question 4 was particularly easy for me, I having shot there myself, though many many years ago.

On this day a year ago


The Western msm now awakening to reality. Kiev-regime forces east of the Dnieper are, as predicted on the blog, running out of fuel, ammunition, heavy armament, perhaps food as well. Russian forces have taken Severodonetsk and are closing in on Ukrainian forces in several places, though the Ukrainians seem well-embedded defensively in some areas of the Donetsk region.

The above map shows the state of play as of yesterday (24 June 2022).

I have predicted previously that Russian forces would move up from the Sea of Azov coastal zone to Zaporozhye, Dnipro, and then northward, following the river to somewhere southeast of Kiev itself. Meanwhile, once the Donetsk and Lukhansk areas are secured, Russian forces will move west and northwest from there, as well as west/southwest from Kharkov, once, or if, Kharkov is in Russian hands.

If that is done, the bulk of Eastern Ukraine will be in Russian hands. Kiev will then be threatened again.

The pockets of Kiev-regime resistance here and there have not, so far, amounted to a counter-offensive. Even in the Kiev area, Ukrainian forces moved back into previously-occupied areas only because Russian forces left. The prisoners exchanged on both sides so far amount to several thousands, however.

It is for the Russian General Staff (the “Stavka“, in traditional terminology) to decide, if the above turns out that way, whether Kiev or Odessa is the greater prize. Psychologically, and in terms of propaganda or public relations, Kiev; however, Russian capture of Odessa and the remaining Black Sea coast would choke off any possibility of large-scale Ukrainian grain exports, or any relief by sea.

At any rate, it seems clear that the tide of war has changed in favour of the Russian forces.

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[Serov, Yeremka’s Song from the opera Enemy Forces, aka https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Power_of_the_Fiend]

London zoo


[Roma Gypsy professional pickpocket Vasilka Stancheva]

A woman has been jailed for one month after stealing medicine from an elderly woman at a busy London tube station.

Vasilka Stancheva, 22, was caught by British Transport Police officers in plain clothing rummaging through the pensioner’s handbag outside Oxford Circus station.

The crime occurred on Wednesday, June 15, at roughly 5.20pm.

At the time, the 22-year-old was wearing a leather jacket and blue hat. She used the accessory to block the view of her right hand as she rooted around in the womanโ€™s rucksack.

Ms Stancheva then proceeded to steal the elderly woman’s medicine, as well as her gold purse.

Within 24 hours she was charged with attempted theft, and put in front of Westminster Magistrates Court.

There, she was sentenced to 28 days in jail.

A month earlier she was caught using the exact same tactic on another person, where she again targeted and lurked behind an elderly woman on Tottenham Court Road in the West End.

For her first offence, she was charged ยฃ369 – and spared time jail.”

[Daily Mirror]

Now look look again, with more scrutiny.

Firstly, the Daily Mirror has seen fit to omit the very obvious fact, looking at the criminal’s features, skin colour etc, that said criminal is a Gypsy from Central or Eastern Europe.

Secondly, look at her practised technique, as reported. This is a professional pickpocket, but the Westminster Magistrates’ Court has seen fit to sentence her to only (in reality) a couple of weeks in prison.

Westminster Mags was the same court in which persecuted singer-songwriter Alison Chabloz was sentenced to a far longer term simply for lampooning Jewish behaviour in cartoons, sketches, and song.

The court seems to have twice treated “Ms. Stancheva” as if she were some misguided young person who had made an uncharacteristic mistake of some kind. In reality many of the Roma and other similar Gypsies of Eastern Europe intensively train their children from an early age to commit certain types of crime. A predatory tribe, known throughout Europe for centuries.

I have seen examples myself, and seen Home Office reports about it (when I was a practising barrister in the early/mid 1990s).

Why did the court not properly take into account the previous conviction, only weeks before the latest one?

Incidentally, it is clear to me, reading between the lines, that “Ms. Stancheva” was captured not by chance but because police surveillance on the Underground noted her Gypsy appearance; she was obviously tailed and observed closely, and finally arrested.

What kind of deterrent to her and other Gypsies (and other non-Gypsy malefactors) is what amounts to a two-week sentence? Odds-on, the creature will be back “at it” within weeks.

Incidentally, also, I would bet my shirt on her living in London social housing paid for, ultimately, by the British people; I bet she also gets various State benefit monies that should be reserved for (real) British people.

You ask “why did people vote Leave, years ago“? In reality, to get rid of evil trash of this sort. It has never happened.

Were I in a position of power, I would look at covertly or otherwise eliminating social cancers from our national life.

I blogged about a slightly similar case about 30 years ago, in which I was not so much a participant as an observer: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2018/08/03/first-steal-a-chicken/.

Tweets seen

…and guess who is there? Greta Nut. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10952149/Greta-Thunberg-Glastonbury-Teenage-climate-change-activist-announces-surprise-appearance.html.

Starmer is, in a sense at least, an even worse political joke than Boris-idiot.

A good example of the kind of box-ticking socio-political madness around: “pardon” people dead for hundreds of years, convicted under the laws of a very, almost completely, different society to Britain in 2022. Nothing concrete accomplished, just pointless virtue-signalling on social media.

Exactly. Take the UK, which is already short of electrical-generation capacity. If every car were electric, from where does all the electricity come from?

Exactly. Labour, the only (supposed) “alternative” to the equally-misnamed “Conservative” Party, is not seen as something positive or very good by most voters.

Late tweets

Ha. Wouldn’t you know it? The smug hypocrisy of Trudeau and his kind. Why can the Canadians not get rid of him?

That star medal round his neck should have 6 points, not 5 (arguably).

Late music

[Vicente Romero, Moonlight]

16 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 25 June 2022”

  1. I said it many times, the Germans were too kind/generous in WW2, to the point of stupidity in fact. They should have executed ALL [REDACTED] that fell in their hands; as they should have executed ALL members of the Communist Party and ALL political opponents EVERYWHERE in Europe.

    A friend of mine put it very nicely. “If you know that the enemy will show no mercy towards you and your people, that they will raze your country and destroy every monument and building that represented anything glorious or noble, you have nothing to lose, therefore kill as many of your enemies as you can and their families too. Spare no one, as they will do with you” History proved him right.


    1. Claudius:
      Claudius, you Latin hothead! Regret that one word of your comment had to be redacted, in order to save me from peril of the guillotine (well, at least from the usual “you-know-who”-instigated repression that now exists in the UK).

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I know what you mean! (LOL) I can’t help myself. It’s my Italian ancestor’s fault! (LOL) Actually, they were all nice, peaceful people, I don’t know from where I got this bloody, fiery temper! Thank you for putting up with me.

        Speaking about my Italian ancestors I have some classical Italian recipes for you. Do you like cooking? There is a bit of everything here!


      2. Claudius:
        Cooking and me are barely introduced. When I was younger, especially before I first married (aged 33), I usually ate cold food unless in a cafe or restaurant etc.

        Now, I can (thanks mainly to spousal tuition) make a few basic things, especially fish pie, a traditional English favourite: see

        I should make okroshka, a traditional *cold* (and, for me, no-meat, though the older recipes are with some meat) summer soup that I like, though in fact I have rarely attempted it. See:

        ps: thanks for the link to Italian recipes. I like Italian food, generally, but should go carefully with the heavily-carbohydrated foods.


  2. No, Keir Starmer, women DON’T have ANY fundamental right to control their own bodies if that involves effectively MURDERING an ENTIRELY INNOCENT child ie a new life that is guilty of NOTHING.

    Of course it should go without saying this despicable person of virtually no morals as is typical of all too many Labour people is opposed to hanging murderers even after they have been accorded due process and a fair court trial. Even the most vicious and callous murderer who has murdered several people has an inherent ‘right to life’ in Labour’s book which he/she can’t be made by the state to forfeit as a form of retribution for grave wrong doing but not an innocent baby who hasn’t even had the chance to live!

    Keir Starmer as a qualified barrister has been known to poke his nose into other countries affairs and tell them they must end capital punishment. He has told Japan to do this even though the Japs respect our national sovereignty and don’t tell us what penalties we should have in our criminal justice system.

    Unlike Britain, Sir Keir Starmer, Japan is not a degenerate liberal-left cesspit and they quite wisely have seen the often bad results of attitudes of yours here and have no wish to copy us!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. If women don’t wish to have a baby, Sir Keir Starmer, they can always use the option of closing their legs instead of getting people of very low morals like you to legalize the murder of children.

    I see that the Tory MP for Blackpool South, Scott Benton, tweeted yesterday his support for the excellent US Supreme Court decision and even used a US Republican Party tweet about it. Sadly though Scott lost the courage of his convictions and quickly took it down after the usual mob of liberal-left Twitter Twats abused him.


  4. Abortion should not be banned entirely as there are a few, limited circumstances in which it should be allowed eg if the life of the mother is at risk ect should the pregnancy be allowed to continue. An abortion should be something that is hard to obtain so let us hear no more degenerate, fundamentally immoral, liberal-left nonsense that a woman has an inherent, so-called human ‘right’ to legally kill a baby whenever she feels like doing that.


      1. Yes, utterly degenerate. Abortion should be heavily restricted and only available for extreme circumstances otherwise it is simply the fundamentally immoral state murder of children. Disgusting!

        Thankfully, the US Supreme Court saw sense on this issue. I see that Republican Party controlled states have already started moves to restrict the availability of abortion! Good! That will teach degenerates from the Democratic Party like the simply awful, Joe Biden!


  5. Why can’t Justin Trudeau be got rid of? He can be but it is difficult to do so because unfortunately as a former British colony they inherited our archaic and fundamentally undemocratic electoral system of First Past The Post from us that they still use. As a result of that archaic system, Canada has a pretty rigid two party system where the vast majority of seats go to just two parties ie Trudeau’s Liberal Party and the Canadian Conservatives.and seats don’t match votes. Their last election was absolutely farcical in this respect.

    Having said that, at least you can say that FPTP isn’t such a stupid system for them to use rather than us since Canada is an utterly vast country geographically speaking and about the only thing FPTP does do well is provide geographical representation of communities ie the fabled ‘constituency’ link.

    Canada could switch to Germany’s Mixed Member Proportional Representation system which preserves single member FPTP geographical seats though without increasing the number of them the seats would grow bigger which for a large country like Canada could be a problem.


    1. John:
      Canada, however, is, as you know, split into provinces, so they have another level of government (and jurisdiction) which of course is not the case in the UK.


      1. Yes, they do so retaining smallish constituencies isn’t quite so important in that respect.

        Canada has a small total number of MPs considering how large the country is so their existing constituencies are already very large. They could could use Germany’s excellent system and have more MPs in total to counteract having to increase the seats too much in geographical size.

        Germany’s seats are the equivalent of about three to four of ours merged together.

        Mixed Member PR on the German model here would keep 650 MPs in total but half the number of single member seats to 325 and then use 325 list members to ‘top-up’ the local seats and ensure seats match votes for parties.


  6. I’m not a particularly religious guy but I would say that for couples the birth of a child is an immensely joyous occasion and a gift from God and this is the case also for the child’s grandparents and other relatives.

    A child represents the miracle of human life and creation yet degenerate and immoral liberal-lefties like Sir Keir Starmer want the law to give sanction to a woman who wants to destroy God’s creation for often frivolous reasons.

    Some couples desperately want to conceive a child, to love it and care for it up to adulthood but can’t for various medical reasons yet immoral Labour politicians want to make killing babies legal on demand!



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