Diary Blog, 6 July 2022

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I met John Tyndall several times in 1975, but cannot say that I knew him beyond those brief and brisk meetings. My impressions: Tyndall was a basically honest man, in my view, not a double-dealer (unlike several at the top of the National Front). He had strong views, sometimes right, sometimes not so right.

A quite-good political speaker, in the mould of Oswald Mosley (though nowhere near that level), Tyndall modelled himself quite consciously, I think, on Mosley, even in terms of his manner of speaking (watch the clip in the tweet).

Tyndall’s manner in conversation (at least with me) was brisk, short, rather like a mid-level Army officer of the old school. I detected a slightly narrow intolerance. On the other hand, Tyndall had fairly good organizational talents. He built the NF up to the point where the System, the Jews, Israel (and their “antifascist” useful idiots) had to mount a huge covert operation to bring the NF down in the 1970s.

I feel that, with Tyndall, overall, you got what you saw in front of you.

Quite. Boris-idiot was useless at all previous jobs, and the top job, Prime Minister. Too useless. So useless that not only the System msm but even the manipulated people of the country were starting to notice.


The msm is at pains to say how much damage the Kiev-regime forces have inflicted on Russian forces in recent days and weeks. All the same, Russia has achieved its tactical objectives, and is moving toward achieving its current strategic objective, full control of the whole Donbass region.

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Replacement idiot for Boris-idiot

Mostly pretty poor. Interesting that the top three in the running are actually English/British; also interesting that, of the remaining twelve, no less than seven are at least partly non-European.

Still, what a poor bunch, overall.

It seems that the UK version of “democracy” leads to “the survival of the unfittest”…

After all, in what country and/or what world does a stupidly-ignorant woman such as Nadine Dorries achieve Cabinet rank?!

Late tweets

Britain ruled by a part-Jew clown and public entertainer. Was this ever going to end well?

Next up— a play about halfwitted African troublemaker Nelson Mandela, the title role played by a Swede…

A semi-deracinated Kurd is a good choice for Prime Minister, at least for the ZOG/NWO. Someone with no real roots in this country, or even in Europe. Another perfect puppet ruler.

I myself never use the terms “right” and “left” wing, but never mind.

Levantine corruption is now at the heart of Britain, and is killing it.

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32 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 6 July 2022”

    1. I don’t know why The Scum is moaning about Boris. Their moronic so-called journalists and laughable political commentators are as responsible, if not more so than their equal idiots over at the Daily Tory Moron ( Telegraph) for getting us him in the first place!

      Boris was ALWAYS going to be an utter disaster as PM and would be out of his depth if a crisis such as a worldwide viral pandemic took place.

      Even some Tory political commentators such as Peter Obourne said so at the time of the party’s election in 2019.


  1. So we might be n the verge of yet another fake CON Party leadership contest! Of course, if their utterly gormless,senior dementia suffering, average age 80 plus members had a collective brain cell between them they would have made the obvious choice even their terminally thick MPs provided for them just three years ago ie Jeremy Hunt but they chose the way out of his depth cretin and criminal instead.

    .As you know, I, along with the part of the population who have brains, can’t stand BloJob (though real blowjobs do give pleasure!) and have never done so. I was a determined critic of him ever since he run London so abysmally. However , saying that, I fear a Tory leadership contest because this useless fake party is so full of utter morons they have an uncanny knack of getting the choice of next leader badly wrong as they so obviously did just three short years ago.

    I would say their best choice still remains Jeremy Hunt. Yes, he isn’t going to set the world alight but he is undoubtedly a decent human being, has some proven governing abilities, is quite normal despite his background and will provide the more necessary than ever ‘safe pair of hands’ which can’t be said for Rishi Sunak who murdered countless thousands of people during a worldwide viral pandemic with his utterly stupid ‘eat out to help out’ scheme and IS a confirmed criminal as even the corrupt Met Police have confirmed.


    1. Think of Jeremy Hunt as a kind of posher version of John Major the unassuming guy who, despite having very little in the way of charisma, suited the times after the fall of Thatcher and, despite what virtually all the pundits said would inevitably happen, won the election of 1992.

      I would urge Tory MPs and members this is no time for wild experiments. It is time Stanley Baldwin’s motto of ‘Safety First’ was given a real chance to work..

      Yes, Jeremy was on the ‘wrong’ side of the Brexit debate but so what? If he became PM he wouldn’t actively reverse it. What is needed now, above all else, is a demonstration of COMPETENT government and a sense of direction for the country.


  2. At least Liz Truss is actually British unlike the two backstabbing and intensely hypocritical scoundrels yesterday of which the worst is Rishi the confirmed CRIMINAL. Rishi has an utterly alien and patently lower class and frankly distasteful habit of boasting about his wealth using social media. Rishi, only he most Chavvy ‘nouveau riche’ genuine Britons do this ie footballers but as you are an ethnic Indian, genuine high class BRITISH ways of being discreet about one’s wealth would be hard for you to understand, wouldn’t they, murderer?

    That being said, Liz is a, ahem, ‘former’ Lib Dem and this has even included calling for the abolition of the Monarchy at a Lib Dem conference in 1994 and can she really be trusted to lead what is supposed to be the Conservative Party? As far as I know, Jeremy Hunt has always been a Tory. Liz isn’t too bright either as she has demonstrated as Foreign Secretary where she hasn’t been averse to putting this country at grave danger of involving ourselves in a nuclear conflict with Russia by calling for Russia to withdraw not just from the Ukraine but even the Crimea which is ethnically a Russian place. This would be akin to saying France would have a right to demand that Dover was handed over to them as it wasn’t ethnically English.

    Up to a few months ago, I would have said Ben Wallace might be a sort of credible contender for PM but now I am not so sure. He, like Liz Truss, is a bit too gung ho about Russia but where she does it because she isn’t too intelligent he might well be that way because Boris has ordered him to be like that and he has to follow collective Cabinet responsibility.

    As for Penny Mordaunt, I don’t really know much about her. Apparently, she is on the ‘Right’ of the party but that could be a bad sign as too many of them are unhinged libertarian extremist idiots like Steve Baker, David Davis etc.

    I can’t see Penny Mordaunt being PM in some ways because she has little experience as a Cabinet minister. Simply put. the party and more importantly the country can’t afford to have as PM another person who simply isn’t up to the job of being PM.

    Tom Tugendhat should be firmly ruled out. With him as PM we would undoubtedly be at war with Russia within just a few weeks and no doubt at grave risk of suffering nuclear Armageddon. That bloke is an utterly mad, war mongering partial Jew with the usual Jewish opinions about flooding our country with patently false ‘asylum seekers’.


    1. I am assuming that Ben Wallace has a more realistic and sensible view of the Russia-Ukraine situation in private or, at least I would hope so but as a Cabinet Minister he has to present a front of being gung ho about the matter on Boris’s orders.

      Liz Truss, on the other hand, faithful to her ‘former’ Lib Dem globalist roots is not just gung ho about that situation but has actually suggested Britain should be prepared to go to war with the rising world economic and military superpower of China should they ever invade Taiwan.

      No, Liz, such utter madness is best left to the wildest nutty fantasies of your former party. Perhaps this sort of globalist lunacy is one reason the Lib Dems or their former incarnation of the Liberals haven’t won a general election since 1906?

      Half decent Tory leaders of the past such as Baldwin and Chamberlain must be rolling in their graves at these sort of suggestions coming from ‘modern’ supposed Tories!


  3. I would go with Jeremy Hunt. He can provide the ‘safe pair of hands’ the party and the country so obviously needs. ”Safety First’ as a fairly good Tory PM of the past, Stanley Baldwin, said.

    Otherwise, it might well have to be Michael Gove. He is far from ideal with some strange neo-conservative, Zionist opinions about Israel but he has been a Cabinet minister for a considerable time like Jeremy Hunt was and like Jeremy he could actually run a government.


      1. That would be the case with pretty much all of them though I wouldn’t be sure of Penny or Ben Wallace in this regard. Gove is obvious in this respect as is, bizarrely, Sajid Javid.

        A Paki Zionist Pro Israel loon as PM? REALLY, Tories, even with your track record of giving us wrong PMs you can’t think he would be a vote winner?🙄🙄🙄

        With his strange opinions regarding Israel he would bomb not just in white Tory seats but in the Muslim influenced seats as well.

        He is also one of these crazy libertarian extremist nutcases (devotee of weirdo American Jew, Ann Rand) the CON Party has a disturbingly high number of.

        When, oh when, is the Conservative Party going to realize this essentially selfish, immoral and blatantly unconservative philosophy is not wanted in Britain and this goes even for some prosperous parts of the country like Surrey.


      2. Notwithstanding the fact of those neo-conservative, fanatically pro Israel opinions, Gove could run a government. Actually being capable of being PM and displaying the basic requirements of what can be a demanding job is an essential qualification to be Con Party leader and PM. Looking through the possible replacements that narrows the field quite considerably!

        They, as a party, can’t afford yet another grievous mistake in this respect. If they do, the country will regard them as a joke party.


  4. If the CON Party prove their usual leadership choice stupidity yet again and choose Rishi the arrogant, lower class acting, ‘nouveau riche’ showoff, common criminal and murdering extra from the Jewel In The Crown or the ugly Paki murderer (son of an common immigrant taxi driver) then the CON Party will wish they had chosen Jeremy Hunt three years ago as they should have done.

    Both of them will lead to a LANDSLIDE and this time IRRECOVERABLE defeat at the next election whereas Jeremy will steady the ship and lead only to the small defeat of a hung parliament so choose very carefully.


    1. Whoever puts him, or herself forward will undoubtedly be pro-Israel. I don’t think a candidate can apply without acknowledging that detail! 🤔


      1. nativewarrior14:9:
        As in the USA, where all candidates for Presidential office have to be seen (and filmed for TV) visiting synagogues and wearing those little skullcaps.


      2. Jeremy probably supports Israel not because he particularly wants to as a confirmed British gentile but more likely because Jews are about the only ethnics apart from the very richest Indians and Chinese prepared to give the Conservative Party even a hearing let alone voting support in the ballot box.

        Muslims stay away from the Tories and having Sajid the intensely disloyal son of a Paki taxi driver lead them won’t make an iota of difference not least because of Sajid’s demented levels of pro Zionism.


      3. Jeremy Hunt according to journalists and those within his party who know him is said to be a very decent human being ie the exact opposite of Boris. He allegedly posseses fundamentally decent human qualities of empathy for his fellow human beings ie when he was Health Secretary and Foreign Secretary he would often ask his civil servants how their families were getting on etc.

        So, on the surface, he does support Israel but as he is said to be a nice person I wouldn’t be too surprised if he had some sympathy for the plight of Palestinians. Even if that were not the case, as someone who is pretty above average in IQ levels for your average Tory MP/minister/party member nowadays he can no doubt can see the situation of Israel/Palestine from both directions and sees both sides as having some valid points.


      4. John:
        The key fact, though, is not what aspects of the Israel/Palestine conflict favour which side in terms of justice etc, but *the power and influence of the Jew lobby here in the UK* (and USA, France, Germany, Australia etc).


      5. We are, thankfully, not that far down the path of the USA yet though perhaps we may get there soon.


    2. Or Jeremy could actually WIN the next election with a small majority albeit that task is still going to be undoubtedly a difficult one to achieve.


  5. If the CON Party really thinks that having an ethnic alien as its leader and imposing such a choice upon this country will improve their electoral prospects then they need their heads testing.

    One of the very few genuinely diverse Tory seats, Harrow East, is forecast as going to Labour at the next election and that is still likely to happen even with an ethnic alien at the helm.

    Meanwhile, a by -election somewhere like Tottenham or Newham would be instructive at this point in time. I suspect if such a by-election were to happen the Tory candidate would be in grave danger of losing their deposit and that would still be the case with either ethnic choice.

    From looking at the results of the last election on sites like electoral calculus there seems to be a remarkable correlation of Tory held seats or good electoral performances by Tory candidates in British areas and not in Third World excrement holes like Tottenham or Newham.

    So for all their pandering at present and filling their cabinet with people like Chavvy Rishi it doesn’t improve their vote share with ethnics.

    Give it up, Tories! It isn’t EVER going to work, you dim idiots! Mrs Thatcher very nearly won Tottenham in 1987 but now as Brits have died or moved out of the crime ridden dump it has become one of the most safe Labour seats in the country. Work it out, Tory morons!


    1. It is well past time the Tories realized they are the ‘party of the white man’ as their Republican colleagues are in the US. OK, so they are uncomfortable with that notion but the stark electoral fact of the matter remains.


  6. Hello! That graphic you posted showing the possible successors of Boris-the-Clown is worrying since that brainless doll called Liz Truss is 3rd with nearly 14%. Of course, she will never make it, but it is pretty bad that a moron like her who could not place correctly some large Russian cities on the map, could even be considered for the job.

    Having said that, it doesn’t matter who gets appointed, it will definitely be a traitor like all British PMs have been since 1940.


    1. Claudius:
      As you say.

      It is vital for the NWO/ZOG that the new PM is at least partly non-Brit (like “Boris”), or an outright alien such as Zahawi or Javid. We are in the first year of the 2022-2055 cycle, and the agenda is being set.


    2. Yes, the last REAL Tory PM of Britain was Neville Chamberlain. GENUINE knowledgeable Tories today admire Chamberlain and the PM before him, Stanley Baldwin, NOT Churchill as Boris does.

      That he prefers the globalist Churchill as his Tory idol and not the far more level headed, non impulsive and less globalist duo of Chamberlain and Baldwin should tell people what is wrong with Boris’s political opinions.

      Chamberlain’s appeasement policy at the time was WILDLY popular with pretty much everyone in Britain from the Royal Family downwards. Infact, if Chamberlain had been a bit more politically smart he could and should have called a general election after his Munich Agreement in 1938. If he had done this, the Tory Party would have won a huge, massive landslide victory of 200 seats or more and half Yank Churchill and co would have been flushed away and the ever dispicable traitors of the emerging Labour Party would have been crushed and sent back to the anti-British sewers where they belong.

      It is a too little known fact today that our previous Queen Mother and King George VI deliberately broke all Royal precidence by inviting PM Chamberlain onto the balcony of Buckingham Palace after the Munich Agreement such was their obvious agreement with Chamberlain and his foreign policy.


    3. NEVER say never with the Tories! As a party they haven’t had a very good leader since Thatcher way back in 1990 though Count Dracula (Michael Howard) had leadership abilities for some. With each passing leader we are getting worse each time hence Boris The Buffoon as PM.

      So, don’t be surprised if Liz Truss makes the grade! The quality hurdles a potential Tory leader has to overcome are decidedly lax nowdays!

      Think of us! Many of us are scared shitless at what useless dud the Tories may next pick!

      Sadly, their MPs are for the most part pretty thick so the final two will probably not be ideal in anyway and then it comes down to the membership’s choice! It was the manifest stupidity of too many of them that got us Boris when even their MPs gave Jeremy Hunt the chance to be the eventual winner.


  7. Yes, Nadine Dorries isn’t exactly a contestant for the next edition of Mastermind, is she?😂🙄🙄🙄🙄😂🙄🙄🙄😆😆

    Mind you, you could say the same for others who having received a very expensive education should know better eg Jacob Rees-Mogg.

    He has seriously suggested that sparkling wine should be allowed to be sold in non Champagne type bottles!

    Surely, Rees-Mogg must know that sparkling wine is sold in these types of bottles due to the high pressure the wine is under inside of them?

    Libertarian extremism with its mania for deregulation at all costs can go too far, Mogg! Safety of people inside of shops and at home is important!

    Mogg also was a prime mover to get Boris as PM!🙄🙄🙄


  8. Jeremy Hunt had the good sense and foresight not to have joined Johnson’s dispicable cabinet of libertarian extremist mass murderers, general self-serving morons and oddball incompetents when he could have put his own career first. For that, his party should give him some credit.

    They need a complete fresh start under a new leader so that basically excludes pretty much anyone associated with Johnson and who has served under him in that ragbag cabinet.

    Rishi and the now ex Health Secretary are now converts to the cause of Johnson being no good but had no problem serving under him.

    This very, very recent conversion is a transparently late one and has nothing to do with their saying they have personal integrity. That is patently false and it won’t wash.

    Rishi is a PROVEN CRiMINAL so any of his criticisms as regards Johnson has the smell of hypocrisy about them.

    If Johnson is unfit to be PM because of that fixed penalty notice then Rishi is just as much. The electorate won’t forget that fact.


    1. Besides being totally incompatible with the post of being leader of the so-called self-proclaimed ‘party of law and order’ let alone with the job of being British PM having a PM or potential PM being given a fine by the police for breaking the law is a very serious problem for those charged by government, parliament and society with upholding the law of the land ie the too often unsupported by government police officers and judges and magistrates.

      Since those fixed penalty notices given to the PM and Rishi became known by the public I am sure many a criminal will have tried it on with the police and the courts by saying to investigating police officers and judges etc in court if the PM and Chancellor can be given fixed penalty notices and thereby be effective criminals and yet not face real consequences then why can’t I be given the same treatment?

      The forces of law and order in this country or what passes for them have a hard enough time doing their jobs without Tory criminals in government making them worse!


    1. nativewarrior14:
      For once, I agree with Boris-idiot— Gove *is* a snake, a snake in a snake-pit. He is also, as I tweeted about 10 years ago (one of the 5 tweets that got me disbarred at the behest of the Jew-Zionist lobby), a pro-Israel freeloader and expenses cheat (fraudster). At that time, I was unaware that he was/is also a cocaine abuser and hopeless drunk.


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