Diary Blog, 19 July 2022

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Britain as dustbin



Can anyone provide one reason why we, the British people, should keep such unpleasant parasitic elements here?

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Does one turn up the volume and call little Matt Hancock a “traitor” for wanting a non-European individual to pose as Prime Minister of the UK? Does it even matter what words are used?

They cannot create (and never have) a civilization, nor any culture beyond the most primitive; they cannot maintain a decent culture when one is provided for them or bequeathed to them; they cannot even live in a civilized society without trashing it.

More on that story: https://www.fox13memphis.com/news/trending/uber-driver-las-vegas-attacked-by-passengers/U2OMHNKUQZC2TICWTIXT4GTUSI/; and https://www.gofundme.com/f/pay-medical-bills-attorney-car-repair.

Quite. I have blogged about that, of course, but the masses in the West are completely bamboozled by the NWO/ZOG pro-“Ukraine” (pro-Zelensky’s ZOG/NWO regime) propaganda.

Despite what the presiding judge (a retired Circuit judge) said at my Bar Disciplinary Tribunal in 2016 (that a Jew could be, contrary to my assertion, “an English gentleman“), time and again one sees the truth. The fact that “Boris”-idiot is only part-Jew makes little difference. You can send “Boris” to Eton and Oxford, you can try to inculcate English or classical virtues in him, but they will have shallow roots. In the words of Somerset Maugham, “alien corn“.

[see also: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2017/07/09/the-slide-of-the-english-bar-and-uk-society-continues-and-accelerates/].

Incidentally, I was wondering yesterday why Conservative Party backwoodsman, Sir Bill Wiggin MP, made an asinine speech in which he claimed that Boris-idiot was a PM of “historic” proportions etc. Could it be that deadhead Wiggin has a peerage in mind?

Because Liz Truss is as thick as two short planks, and totally dishonest.

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More proof, if more were needed, of how very over-rated Robert Peston was, or perhaps (?) still is.

If you double the amount of money in the system, you halve the value of that money. There are are tweaks and nuances, but essentially that is it.

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Andrew Marr, hugely well-paid for 20 years to be a major NWO/ZOG mouthpiece, spouting all the usual themes— multiculturalism, anti-racism, anti-anti-Semitism, “global warming”, “climate change”, “CO2 emissions”, “Black Lives Matter”, “Ukraine” etc.

Dangerous” views…the use of the word “dangerous” in this sort of context is confined to Jews and/or post-Marxists. In Stadlen’s case, a silver-spoon half-Jew (the latter his own description of himself: see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matthew_Stadlen). Whether his socio-political views are Marxist or post-Marxist (or something else) I have no idea.

500 or 1,000 every day, invading our shores with the help of the very forces meant to exclude them— navy, Border Force, police.

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15 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 19 July 2022”

    1. nativewarrior14:
      Only a handful of degenerates and culture warriors even attend such shows, as the newspaper photo showed, but of course they are subsidized by the so-called Arts Council etc.


    1. nativewarrior14:
      God, what a horrible crime. Hard to think why some cruel person did it. Maybe a neighbour who disliked the barking, maybe just a sadist of some sort, or someone with a grudge.


  1. Andrew Marr is an utterly vile leftie (he once said that certain ‘natural impulses’ by which he meant ‘racism’ could be wiped out if the powers that be stamped on them hard enough) but he is right on climate change deniers.

    It IS happening! We can argue about how we should tackle it including how to protect our economy whilst making sure that countries like India and China don’t use Western policies to tackle it make our economies weaker compared to theirs but, at the end of the day. all countries need to work together to deal with the issue.


  2. Re that black criminal: The restoration of the death penalty, longer prison terms , radically expanding the number of police officers (at least another 30,000 plus are needed if not 50,000 plus) employed, reforming the police so that they are well-led,well-motivated and freed from PC redtape/constraints, a national DNA database set-up with every new baby placed on it, more CCTV cameras put into public places etc is the ONLY real way to deal with black crime and the crimes of others.

    And, of course, not importing en mass people from backward and very often violent countries like Somalia.

    Unless these actions are taken our crime rate will go ever upwards!

    There is a reason why some states in the USA such as Texas, South Carolina, Georgia, Arkansas, Alabama ect cling so fervently onto the death penalty and that is it is about the only sentence their violent blacks there understand. and to help keep their criminal tendencies at bay.


  3. It is very revealing seeing which Tory MPs back certain candidates. That Matt Hancock supports the not very clever Indian fellow doesn’t surprise me. If he is elected, Matt’s safe Tory seat in Suffolk might not be as safe as it is at present and his party will no doubt lose the election.

    I see that your MP was a Badenoch supporter but has now switched to the corrupt, criminal Indian. The member for New Forest West was always a bit strange. I wonder what Rishi thinks of that time when your MP blacked-up his face like in the Black and White Minstrels?🙄🙄🙄😃😃😃😃😀😀

    Their only hope as a party is to have Penny Mordaunt as PM. The other candidates, especially Sunak, are vote losers especially in those marginal ‘Red Wall’ seats in Lancashire, Yorkshire and Wales.


    1. John:
      As far as Swayne is concerned, I know from various sources both in and not in the public domain that, as MP, he is a lazy waste of space, though I can agree with some of what he says.


      1. Well, that wouldn’t surprise me. After all, as a Tory representing New Forest West he hardly has to work hard to retain his seat, does he?No candidate wearing a blue rosette however awful, lazy or incompetent has had to exert themselves there. The seat is a very safe one so unless he dies, stands down by himself or is deselected as the Tory candidate then he effectively has the seat for life. If New Forest West fell at a general election we would be looking at a revolution in progress!

        No doubt the safeness of his seat is a big reason why he is backing the criminal Indian! An ‘I’m All Right Jack’ attitude and sod the potential futures of other Tory MPs in marginal seats like Burnley, Keighley, Bridgend etc.


      2. John:
        Indeed. Labour has little chance in this part of the world, and never has had a chance. Labour came second in 2017, but with only 19.6% of the vote (Con 66.8%).

        In fact, in the most recent general election, that of 2019, the Labour vote declined to 13% (Con 63.8%; LibDem 15.3%).

        Labour’s usual position has been third place, after Con and LibDem


  4. I feel a bit daft to say i only found out recently that Andrew Marr is Scottish. He’s taken the “pan loaf” accent to the extreme.


      1. I’ve been watching a lot of old documentaries about the Falklands conflict recently, a lot of the Scots Guards were very upper class sounding. Robert Lawrence and Alasdair Mitchell are two, they were both injured on Mount Tumbledown.


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