Diary Blog, 19 July 2021

Israeli spyware

Afternoon music

I prefer the far slower Andres Segovia interpretation, but that is not fully on YouTube.

Tweets seen

My assessment of NWO/ZOG puppet Macron, from over two years ago: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/01/09/on-recent-events-in-france/.

Cartoon for “Freedom Day”…

In fact, drawn about 6 months ago, but still apposite.

Other cartoons:

More music

[“Pamwe chete”]

More tweets

Seems that some British people are still willing to fight for freedom, even if they are a small minority.

Late tweets

Yet whose are the loudest voices angrily shouting when the white peoples of Europe want to keep Europe white? Jews…


The only reason to support NWO/ZOG puppet “Boris” as (posing as) Prime Minister is because Jewish-lobby puppet Keir Starmer would be even worse…and I think that that is where most of the British, certainly the English, people are politically right now.

“…even in this new normal of fear and hysteria where all concerns are passed over for the sake of coronavirus, where university students can be told they must wait before evacuating in the event of a fire, I expected reason and decency to prevail. I wouldn’t have believed you could be considered unworthy of employment because you object to being treated like a muzzled dog. Decency has died... Where are those who claim to champion the rights and conditions of workers over the oppressive capitalist corporations? I fear they will be with the other lot.” [Joe Audritt, writing in Conservative Woman online magazine].

My view is that if employers or others try to impose their own “laws”, in other words ignore the wider English law, then those adversely affected have the right to take the law into their own hands too. See how those petty tyrants like that…

As for trade unions, they are now completely useless— and just part of the System.

Late music

12 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 19 July 2021”

  1. Hello Ian: I have just read your article/post from 2019 about Macron. Very good, as usual. and spot-on regarding the potential failure of the “Yellow Vests” as a political force. Sadly, very true. That shows the imbecility of the French nationalists who were not able to take over a potentially fantastic national movement.

    I don’t trust, neither have any faith in the European people, most of them are cowards/sheep, happy to go along with the System. A System that spits in their faces daily. As I said before, the White race is heading for a well-deserved culling.


    1. Claudius:
      I agree. of course.

      It may well be that something will eventually happen on such a scale that most of those presently alive will cease to be alive. Let us assume for now that 99% of those now alive cease to exist. What then will matter is the nature of the surviving 1%.

      From 8 billion Earth inhabitants to 80 million. If that 1%, the “survivors” of humanity, are mainly white Northern Europeans *with, crucially, the right cultural and intellectual qualities as well as race/ethnicity*, then the world will be rebuilt in our image.

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    1. Claudius:
      In one or two blogs from a couple of years ago, I suggested some not unlikely scenarii. One was a pandemic (“give that man a cee-gar”!), another was a nuclear war.

      I do not pretend to see all the future, but it is clear that (whatever one’s view of the various “weaponized” agendas around the environnment), the natural world *is* reaching a breaking point. The reason, or main reason, is the sheer number of people in the world (twice the number that existed even in 1970).


  2. Hello Ian: I am writing an article about the “newspeak” of nowadays and how many words have been corrupted by the enemy. I think you will be interested (as a former barrister) in the etymology of “discriminate”. Here is what I wrote:

    “Another word whose meaning has been completely subverted and corrupted by the enemy is discriminate. It comes from the Latin verb discriminare and means: distinguish – differentiate. To go a bit further, let’s look at the composition of the word, the prefix dis means separate and crimen means fault – offence; therefore for the Romans it had a very important ethical meaning because it was the process by which a person charged with a criminal offence would be declared guilty or innocent.”


    1. Very good observation “Watcher”. GB News is “controlled opposition” at its finest (or worst). Today I heard that Nigel Farage has joined GB news, this would attract thousands of morons who see in this trickster “a great patriot”. Andrew Neil must be very pleased!


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