Diary Blog, 25 July 2022

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People should not be treated in such a shabby manner (by the NHS system, not staff), yet the story above is almost commonplace in some parts of the UK.

The NHS has some wonderful people in it, a minority also not so good, but what really lets it down is maladministration. Money is a large part of the problem, but is not the whole story by any means.

There is also the point that the UK population has increased from about 55 million half a century ago to maybe as many as 70 million today, mainly (in fact almost entirely) because of mass immigration, and also births to immigrant mothers. Yes, quite a few non-Brits work in the NHS, but that hardly outweighs the pressure from FIFTEEN MILLION more potential patients (who should not even be in this country).

Pressure from immigration etc would not have been a factor in the above story (which comes from Northern Ireland), but it is a factor in much of the UK.

Arthur’s Stone


I recall camping only about 20-30 feet from Arthur’s Stone sometime in the early 1980s. My then girlfriend and I just happened upon it one dark late evening; in fact we had never heard of it. A convenient place to stop the car and pitch a small tent. Very quiet. Zero traffic (except us).

Sounds as if it is a bit of a tourist destination now, but then I think not. I do not think we heard a single car pass in the night until, at about 0200 hrs, a torch was shone into my face. A policeman. He asked whether we had heard a car pass in the past hour; we said no, we were sleeping. He said OK and left. I expect that he made that story up as an excuse for disturbing us.

Arthur’s Stone is about 15 miles west of Hereford, and is on a very narrow and little-used (even now, I expect) lane. I have trekked, at various times, across much of the countryside between Hereford and Hay-on-Wye and around (but many many years ago, in much younger and far fitter days).

Looking at Google Earth, I see that it now has a low wooden fence, about 2 ft high, around it. Don’t recall that, but (as we know) memory, even my memory, can be faulty.

Slava, Orban!


The Guardian

So the virtue-signalling Guardian’s editor has a salary of £510,000 a year! No wonder the Guardian‘s one-time “socialism” is rather muted these days…

Incidentally, I believe that Ms. Viner’s personal “partner” makes even more than she does.

GMG also paid its former chief executive Annette Thomas £795,000 after she left following a clash with Ms Viner over the direction of the business. Ms Thomas received a “one-off” payment on top of her £630,000 base salary, meaning she made £1.5m in 15 months on the job.

[Daily Mail]

Annual revenues at GMG climbed 13pc to £255.8m and profits rose nearly four-fold to £11.7m.

The Guardian does not have a paywall but instead relies on donations made by readers.

Over one million people made monthly contributions of at least £1 a month, while another 500,000 readers made one-off payments.

[Daily Telegraph]

Incredible, really: a million mugs give £1+ each monthly to the Guardian, meaning £12 million a year, while another half-million mugs make one-off payments each year, meaning £500,000+, probably £1M or more.

So… the profits of nearly £12M are because those million or so mugs are donating about the same amount, and maybe several million pounds more. Those donations make the difference between insolvency and significant profitability.

Meanwhile, the editor gets paid half a million pounds —and more— annually.

The wonderful world of pseudo-socialism.

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Those invaders will be, in the best scenario, effectively useless, and a millstone round the collective neck of the British people. At worst, criminals and/or terrorists.

The problem, of course, is that whichever way the masses vote (I myself never vote), they vote (in reality) for globalism and open borders, because all System “democratic” parties are signed up to that agenda.

The new Australian biosecurity police state.

Ehud Barak…[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ehud_Barak]. Now there’s a name not quite in sync with the others. I wonder what he was up to, bearing in mind the Israeli Intelligence connection with both the Jew Epstein and the half-Jew Ghislaine “Maxwell”.

Barak…served as head of Aman, the Military Intelligence Directorate (1983–85), head of Central Command (1986–87) and Deputy Chief of the General Staff (1987–91).” [Wikipedia].

Interesting. I would not dismiss such an invention out of hand.

The top of the slippery slope? All the same, something has to be done to address both the NHS funding gap and (equally important) maladministration in the NHS. We have seen about 2 decades of sliding standards, and also useless interference by idiots such as that Andrew Lansley carpetbagger. [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrew_Lansley; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrew_Lansley#Suggested_conflicts_of_interest]. Time for useful change now.

The perennial NHS crisis. Pretty much every year for 20-30 years. As said, something gamechanging has to be done both about the NHS and about the mass immigration that puts intolerable strain upon it. A national health service such as the NHS should not be run like a massive version of M*A*S*H [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MAS*H_(TV_series)].

There is a serious sickness in American life, two symptoms of which include pro-abortion fanaticism and the callousness towards animals seen in, for example, the incredibly evil “declawing” of cats (banned in the UK). Not all Americans, maybe a minority, are involved, but the tendency is there, prominently. Manifestations of practical materialism.

London. Zoo.

To win without war— this is the supreme excellence” [Sun Tzu].

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Does not look English, but that could describe half of the population of London.

Tweeters already covered what would be my main suggestion, i.e. to check cctv at the two or three nearest Boots branches.

You do have to be very careful in London now. When I lived in London, and later in Almaty (Kazakhstan), in the mid/late 1990s, I always wore one of my Rolex Seadweller watches (in today’s value, over £10,000).

I doubt that I would do that today, if I had such a watch (in fact, I sold my watches long long ago from necessity…needs must), especially if I used the London Underground (as I often did when in London).

When I lived in Almaty, where (at the time, i.e. 1996-97), credit cards were almost useless, I always carried USD $5,000-$10,000 in a special moneybelt made to look exactly like an ordinary belt. I never had any serious trouble, though there was once a scuffle with a “wild” (unofficial) taxi driver (no real harm done— my sunglasses broken, a good shirt torn, but his face improved after connection with my elbow…).

As a visitor or tourist in a foreign city, you do have to be careful. I was once, 40 years ago, doing some petty nonsense at the now-closed Paddington Green police station [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paddington_Green_Police_Station]. In the reception area. Two Egyptian girls, tourists, came in, wailing. The police desk person could scarcely have been less helpful to them, almost contemptuous, when he heard that one of the girls had had her handbag snatched, along with £800 in it (a great deal higher value then than now, of course; you could probably call it as much as £10,000 in today’s money).

Sadly, the police now are usually useless unless the crime is something they have been told is top-priority, such as cases of murder, “terrorism”, saying rude things online about Jews etc.

I hope that the lady in that Twitter thread gets her stuff back, but it is a long-shot, of course. Her best bet is probably to set up a gofundme appeal, but that will of course not help with the identity documents she lost.

At least the lady’s case has now been taken up by police CID (see below):

People are often careless with bags etc. I found a woman’s strapless bag, a bit like a large wallet, in a shopping trolley in one of the trolley bays in the car park of the Waitrose in the local small town, about a year ago. Opened it out of curiosity before I gave it in to the Waitrose reception desk. Full of cards, dozens of them; quite a bit of cash as well.

A few years ago, not long after sunup, I happened to see a purse on the ground, in a clifftop car park. Inside, nearly £50 in notes, a debit card, and a student rail pass in the name of some girl. I brought it home thinking that it must be fairly local (the rail pass having been issued about 5 miles away), and that the unusual surname might be in the telephone book. No luck, so I gave it to the police at the local police station.

I hope that the girl student got back her cards and money. As to what she might have been doing late at night (presumably) in that clifftop car park, well, that is none of my business…

Incidentally, lest readers of the blog think that I am unnaturally virtuous, I have to admit that, were it a million pounds in a suitcase, my actions might be quite different.

I think that most police forces do not even bother now with mere lost property. After all, their valuable time is taken up by policing the Internet etc…

See also: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2022/01/15/diary-blog-15-january-2022-including-an-outline-of-the-failure-of-the-latest-jew-zionist-attempt-to-prosecute-me/.

Late tweets

I had not previously heard of “Oxford Royale Academy”, which sounds like some kind of bullshit scam. In fact, it is a summer school which uses some of the buildings of one or two Oxford colleges. Seems to be a genuine set-up, but what a poor attitude to free speech.

Monkeys on sticks.

I have posed the question previously, but is there no-one in Canada able to remove this “elected” tyrant?

Still, if they are that sick in soul, they cannot produce suitable replacement humans to form the basis for a super-race further down the line, so why bother with them?

One round, small/medium calibre, costing about 50p…

“Boris”-idiot wants to visit Kiev again soon (presumably while he is still PM, so that all his expenses, flights, security etc will be paid for by the British taxpayers).

Apologies to John Betjeman, but. ..”Come, friendly Russian bombers, and drop your bombs on…”

Could that happen? “Boris”-idiot totalled by a chance strike?

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18 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 25 July 2022”

  1. Re John Betjeman and Boris Idiot wanting to go to Kiev AGAIN! and some Russian rocket killing him.

    I have visions of Deeply Fishy Rishi being killed by a lightening strike or expiring some other way before this utterly farcical fake Tory ‘leadership’ contest is over and then Penny Mordaunt comes back into the contest and beats Liz Truss at the end of it!

    Well, a man can dream, can’t he?🤣😄😂😂🤣😅

    I think that is the only way their ratings will improve from an average deficit in the polls of now nine percentage points instead of just six when Boris Idiot was leader!

    Conservative MPs are said to be the most sophisticated electorate in the world! WHERE is the hard evidence for such a bold assertion?🙄🙄🙄🙄

    They have kicked-out one moronic vote loser in Boris and are seeking to replace him with either confirmed CRIMINAL CANDIDATE (at least Boris wasn’t a criminal when he was a mere candidate) Rishi who has all the potential electoral appeal of Adolf Hitler or Adolf Eichmann at your typical Bar Mitzvah party or Deeply Dippy and, ahem, ‘former’ Lib Dem, Liz Truss, who has the appeal in electoral terms of a bucket of cold sick!

    The ‘choice’ their thick and completely out of touch with ordinary people MPs have saddled their party members with is a horrifically uninspiring one and similar to the ‘choice’ prisoners on Death Row in some American states get ie do you wish to be executed by a lethal injection or the electric chair?

    If I were a member, I would be very annoyed with the MPs for removing Penny Mordaunt who may have presented Labour with a bit of a challenge especially in those crucial Tory-held ‘Red Wall’ seats but as she is now gone I would try and make the best of a very bad situation and vote for Truss.

    Out of the remaining two candidates, Truss will lose the least votes in those marginal seats in Lancashire, West Yorkshire, County Durham, Wales etc.


    1. John:
      It seems to me that many, who will not admit it to pollsters etc, will not vote for a non-white. Having said that, it does all depend on who is the other candidate. Liz Truss is a very poor candidate. Her knowledge-level is low, in my view, and of course she is very dishonest.


  2. Re that black man in Belgium: what an evil bastard! It is disgusting to punch anyone let alone a frail and vulnerable old lady.

    In well run Singapore, such a vile and callous creature would get a long prison sentence and several whacks of the rattan cane:


    I am all for reintroducing judicial corporal punishment in this country preferably via the use of Singapore’s rattan cane. Labour were utterly irresponsible in abolishing corporal punishment n 1948. It doesn’t have the same issues attached to it as the death penalty has so why not? We desperately need REAL deterrents to thugs and other criminals. Too many are simply not deterred from committing vicious acts of thuggery etc because of the too often short prison sentences imposed at present.


    It isn’t hard to see why some US states, particularly those in the South such as Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee etc cling so tenaciously onto the death penalty considering how violent some of their black criminals are. It is about the only language such miscreants understand and helps to keep them in some form of control.



    1. John:
      Indeed. When I was visiting my then girlfriend in Florida some 23 years ago, she told me of a case where 4 blacks had scaled the walls of a gated community she knew, then raped and killed (with great cruelty) the lady of one of the houses, and her young daughter. They were captured, tried, convicted, sentenced to death, their appeals rejected, and finally executed in the electric chair.

      The electric chair, perhaps more than most forms of execution, is itself barbaric, but the mobs and gangs etc have to be controlled and deterred somehow. A puzzle for those who, like me, are basically opposed to the death penalty.


      1. I must admit I have never liked the electric chair. It is too barbaric for me but, then again, if you are going to use the death penalty then you should really be seeking to maximize any deterrent value it posseses and perhaps that is the thinking behind it in the US.

        Saying that the death penalty’s punishment and deterrent factor is supposed to be just the ending of the life of the convict rather than the brutality level employed.

        I prefer my executions to be more civilized and humane and to my mind the only method that comes relatively close to that ideal is a properly conducted long drop British-style hanging.

        Before we abolished it we had got it down to a fine art form. A long drop hanging done decently well is quick for both the prisoner and the officials and needs hardly any preparation of the prisoner so minimizing any mental anguish for the condemned and prison staff.

        I find it bizarre why the US invented all these new methods like the electric chair, gas chamber and lethal injection instead of just using our method we brought over to them.

        Lethal injection contrary to the opinion of many over here who want the death penalty restored and who balk at hanging for being ‘barbaric’ is often botched and isn’t very humane at all. I wonder if Americans and those Brits who approve of it think it is ok because they think it is like a clinical procedure and similar to their pet dog being put to sleep by a vet? It really isn’t though!

        Trust the Yanks to make something quite simple and turn it into a complicated affair!

        A new method they have invented called nitrous gas asphyxiation sounds promising and might well prove to be the most humane method of all.

        I think either that, a long drop hanging or firing squad/single bullet to the back of the head as in Taiwan/Belarus are the only acceptable methods.


  3. Very wellsaid, Victor Orban! 😄😄😄Undoubtedly, he is one of the best leaders in Europe if not THE best! Can’t someone persuade him to dump his Hungarian citizenship, become British, join the Conservative Party and run for leader?

    Well, they DO NEED someone inspirational rather than the two globalist damp squib non entities competing at the moment!😥😢😥😢😢😢😥

    It is either Victor Orban for Tory leader, we dig up the late and great John Enoch Powell, or we shall have to have Marine Le Pen, Alice Weidel of Germany’s excellent nationalist/national-conservative Afd party or ex President Trump!


  4. Ha, ha, re John Betjeman! Yes, recall his famous poem about Slough!

    I’ve got a better idea:

    (In the manner of the legend (well, at least he was before his terrible pedophilia was discovered) that was Jimmy Savile of Jim Will Fix It fame):

    Dear President Putin

    I am writing to you to see if you will ‘fix it’ to kill Boris Idiot, Rishi Sunak or Liz Truss by employing your fellows at the FSB security agency and the the poisons they utilize when they want to get rid of someone you find annoying like in Salisbury in 2018.

    Yours Sincerely,. A concerned British patriot!

    Ha, ha, if that happened we could dance like these excellent Russian soldiers to Boney M’s famous 1970’s hit Rasputin:

    This video’s hit rate has, unsurprisingly, surged since the war started. I see that some people have added some great comments to it.😄🤣😀😂😂😂


  5. In regard to your story of finding a purse. About 20 years ago the mother of a friend of mine found a plastic bag under a shelf in the local Sainsbury’s, it had £25,000 inside it. She handed it in at one of the counters, and was given a bunch of flowers and a £50 voucher as a reward… and was interviewed on the local news. It turned out it belonged to some old Pakistani. My friend was enraged and embarrassed that she didn’t keep it, and went on television. He still forbids us from mentioning it to this day.


    1. SaxonEngland:
      Interesting, and your friend’s mother must be (or have been) a very honest woman. Very commendable, though the suspicious mind must wonder where an old Pakistani got £25,000. Life savings? Tax evasion? Theft?

      “Ownership” is at once something obvious and at the same time a vague concept. Who “owns” a castle, for example?

      In the old story, a man asks that question. The owner answers “me”. The first man then says, “how did you get it?” Turns out that it has been passed down for hundreds of years, father to son, via primogeniture.

      Finally, the owner says that the original owner, his ancestor, fought the previous owner in battle to seize the castle and its lands. The questioner then takes off his jacket and says, “right, then— *I* want a castle, so I’ll fight you for it”…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh of course, all of our suspicious minds were immediately alerted haha. The guy was in his 80s. She’s still around today (not in the best health though), at the time this happened she’d recently been widowed.


      2. SaxonEngland:
        Personally, as you gather, I would hand in a wallet, purse etc, but not a million pounds in a suitcase, because the latter is probably money from crime or other default, and in any event I would feel justified in deciding to expropriate the funds for social-national purposes.

        The £25,000 your friend’s mother handed in (call it about £50,000 today) lies between the extremes. I might wait to find out (on local TV/radio or in the Press) whether some old lady had lost her life savings before applying it for my own or political purposes.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I’d probably do similar if it were thousands. But if it were a million i’d be slightly wary of just keeping it. A criminal/criminals missing that sort of cash would be quite hardcore criminals, who might come looking for it. The movie “No Country For Old Men” comes to mind. If you haven’t seen it i’d highly recommend it. A (((Coen brothers))) film.


      4. SaxonEngland:
        I hear what you say (though have not seen that film), but were I to find such money, criminal elements would be unlikely to find me or know how to find the (random) money-finder. Also, as someone who was for a while doing offshore law (Caribbean, Liechtenstein etc), I would have a better than average chance of hiding it!

        Were I to find something like a huge amount of cocaine or the like, though, then I would be helpless. I do not use illegal drugs, and moreover know no-one who does. I should have no way of translating my find into cash.

        Liked by 1 person

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