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Our strength is that, when push comes to shove, we shall not talk, debate, parlay, or compromise, but act.

The forces of Evil will then be exterminated.

I know, personally, of two people, in two separate countries, who have each had at least one (I think two or three) “Covid” “vaccine” shots. Both are now facing heart surgery, neither having previously suffered from cardiac problems. One triple bypass, one quadruple bypass. I myself have not been injected with the “vaccine(s)” and have not been unwell with “Covid” or anything else. Not yet anyway. I shall not be allowing anyone to inject me with these “vaccines”.

It is “almost” an insult to see these monkeys on sticks pretend to vie for the position of leader of the (misnamed) Conservative Party, and so Prime Minister of this country.

One non-European, with billions of pounds in wealth, a former Goldman Sachs vulture banker; the other, a dishonest woman without a shred of principle, and who only became an MP in the first place on her back.

Soon, fewer than 200,000 Conservative Party members (about 1 in every 200 citizens, i.e. persons of voting age) will decide which of those empty vessels will become, automatically, Prime Minister. It is sick. It is also stupid. As are the candidates.

Which one will win that contest? Probably the Truss woman, because the Conservative Party members are quite likely to prefer someone who is at least English, and someone who is not a billionaire and part of an Indian billionaire dynasty.

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I get the impression that the great British public, many of them, loved being paid to stay home, loved free money (as they thought and were encouraged to think), and now are puzzled by the spike in inflation (which might reach 12% soon), and by the consequent fall in living standards as pay and benefits fail to keep pace, and as the value in saved money is eroded.

Then there were other policies, such as “quantitative easing”. All have been stoking inflation.

Of course, hucksters in what passes for a government are attributing the economic problems of the UK (and Europe more widely) to Putin or his invasion of the Ukrainian failed state, problems with grain exports from Ukraine, even to “climate change” and, indeed, to “Covid” itself. Anything but misconceived government actions: “lockdown” shutdowns, furlough payments, unchecked business grants and loans from public funds, massively huge monies wasted on “test and trace” etc, not to mention the crazy sanctions against Russia.

For 1-2 years, the “British” government (in reality, “ZOG”) paid much of the population to stay at home watching TV, eating delivered pizzas and drinking far too much. Now, there is an explosion of ill-health, of social and psychological problems, and of inflation.

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The DDR (East Germany) was a strange anomaly of history, and an odd place to see. I was there for a couple of days in 1988, only a year or so before it crumbled to nothing. More like a facade of a state than a real one.

I was in transit by road from Poland to West Germany, crossed over (literally, via a bridge over the river Neisse) at Gorlitz, a little-used crossing-point, and stayed overnight (unofficially— I bribed the desk clerk) in a non-approved modern hotel at Bautzen. I was unaware at the time that Bautzen was also the location of arguably the worst prison of the DDR, where the most-reviled dissidents were incarcerated in terrible conditions.

Officially, transit-visa holders were supposed to stay at an “Interhotel”, of which there was only one on my route, near Dresden. Pay 10x as much (10x more even than my inflated/bribe price) and get snooped upon as well. Nein danke.

The desk clerk at Bautzen asked me and my companion (who was the driver) not to use the bar (he supplied a couple of bottles of good-quality East German beer). The car was parked in a locked garage out of sight. He also asked us not to open doors for anyone, and said that the Volkspolizei (political police) checked the hotel register at 0700 every morning. Very East German, as was the water supply: warm water in the bathroom washbasin, but none in the shower. Not a maintenance problem— the shower was designed to dispense only cold water! A 20thC Sparta.

Still, leaving aside those inconveniences and worries (we were not written into the hotel register), the hotel was actually quite comfortable. Large rooms with picture windows, spacious public areas, pleasant carpeting, speedy lifts etc. It might have been even a 4-star in the West, if one overlooked the cold shower and the chance of being arrested by the Volkspolizei…

East Germany was, like Scarborough (or was it Skegness?) in the famous old British rail-travel poster, “so bracing“…

Back then, people said that the two Germanies were like an orange and an apple, impossible to stick back together. Now, huge effort and money has tried to make it happen, though only partly-successfully.

East Germany/DDR is thought of as having been a rather small country, but that is a relative fact: nearly 42,000 square miles, so not much smaller than England (just over 50,000 square miles), nearly one-and-a-half times the area of Scotland (30,000 sq, miles), and over five times the size of Wales (8,000 sq. miles).[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/East_Germany].

The game is now again in the hazard. Putin’s closure of gas supply (to less than a third of the normal flow) will hit Germany hard. Anything could happen.

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Starmer is as dull as ditchwater (as I blogged even when he was installed in place of Corbyn). What he says is no more stupidly vacuous than the outpourings of Liz Truss, Sunak, or Boris-idiot, but even less interestingly and convincingly delivered.

I feel much more sorry for all those British people who are homeless, homeless not least because of all the non-European parasites who have flooded the country over the past few decades.

Historical document.

Late tweets

Trudeau is the figurehead for all that. Canadians…you know what to do.

The System is very very frightened of that Douglas Murray calls the “backlash coming“: look at the recent pronouncements of “senior police officers” carrying bombastic titles such as “anti-terror chief” etc. Even that absurd little nerd who now heads the Security Service, MI5, has said how much he fears the rise of social-national “terrorism” (so-called); in other words, a white British backlash. See also https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2022/jul/13/mi5-needs-more-funds-to-tackle-rightwing-terror-threat-says-watchdog.

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Paris…your portes are all fed, with loads of wood, and coal, and of the dead!

[Victor Hugo]

30 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 26 July 2022”

  1. Hello Ian: I just remembered seeing a picture of Sunak wearing a bespoke suit worth £ 2500 and an old Italian saying came to my mind. Translated into English it would read something like this: “A monkey dressed in the finest silks is still a monkey” (LOL) I think it describes him beautifully, don’t you think so?


    1. Claudius:
      Ha. I know that saying. Supposedly an old Russian proverb, but maybe it emerged first in Italy. Who knows? Perhaps Rastrelli brought it to the court of Catherine the Great (just a thought).

      As you say, very apposite in the case of Sunak.

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  2. I have read a massive book about Russia under Peter the Great (1690-1725) and it seems that madmen (unless they were violent and dangerous) were respected and considered to be “inspired by God”. In fact, some noblemen had some in their households as some kind of pets or jesters.

    The author says that obviously there were some clever fellows who pretended to be loopy to benefit from such an attitude, but generally, in Russia, mentally ill people have always been considered harmless and deserving sympathy

    Considering your knowledge of Russian history, folklore and culture, would you say that is correct?


    1. Claudius:
      I should imagine that, bearing in mind that Russia was then ruled by a tsar who experimented in dentistry (no anaesthetic) on his own courtiers and servants, who killed his own son when angry, and who could drink bottles of spirits in a day, you would have to be unstable indeed to be thought so.

      More generally, Russia has always/sometimes respected “holy fools”, but not all were as simple as at first thought. I think that that has to do with the fact that, if you try to be *too* innocent, a kind of automatic slyness can infiltrate into the mindset. I have to say that I thought that when I met the Metropolitan of Kiev (the second-highest dignitary of the Russian Orthodox Church) in the early 1980s (when he visited London). I cannot be critical of him, though, in view of the fact that he gave me a bottle of Moskovskaya vodka).

      Dostoyevsky’s book, The Idiot, is along those lines.

      As to the mentally-ill in the usual sense, not so sure that toleration was not just necessity posing as virtue. Until the (?) 18th or 19th centuries, Russia would have had few if any mental health institutions.


      1. Thank you very much for the links. Yes, Peter the Great was mentally un stable to a frightful degree! I remember reading he once got into an argument with his closest friend and confidante, Menshikov, and knocked him out with just one blow! (Let’s not forget that Peter was 6’6″ and very strong).

        Funny enough, as he was awfully brutal with some people, he was very kind towards animals. He hated hunting and bear-baiting. He ordered that the animals sent to his personal zoo were well fed and kept warm during the winter and made sure his orders were obeyed (Woe the poor servant who failed to do so!)


  3. Yes. You can dress Sunak in the finest hand made suit from Savile Row where they can cost more than that (the most expensive have been in the order of ten thousand or more pounds), send him to the most elite public school (apparently he went to Winchester College. My, the standards have dropped there as one of their most famous ex pupils was none other than Sir Oswald Mosley of British Union of Fascists’ fame in the 1930’s but, at the end of the day, he is still fundamentally an Indian and not an Englishman, Scotsman, Welshman or Ulsterman!

    If he was a native son of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland then why are Indian-origin news programmes on YouTube making such a fuss over him and positively salivating at the prospect of his entering No.10?🙄🙄🙄

    I wonder how many British people are MPs in India let alone ruling over them in the Indian cabinet? None, I suspect!🙄🙄🙄

    Indians told us we were not welcome in India anymore so we left and we are made to feel full of shame for the British Raj by them so they should be quiet, show us some respect and not wish upon us an Indian as PM!


    1. John:
      Exactly. Let us say that I, the (let us say) possessor of hundreds of millions of pounds, went to India and wanted to be an MP, and then a Cabinet minister, and then Prime Minister, what would happen (once all India stopped laughing)? Would I just be deported, or assassinated?


      1. Probably assassinated I would imagine! After all, even one of their own who played such an important part in their struggle to be free of the ever wicked and evil British🙄, Mahatma Gandhi, was assassinated so I wouldn’t rate the chances of a British PM of India surviving for long!🙄

        They become a Republic only three years after independence so they couldn’t even bear the thought of King George VI being Head of State let alone would they ever tolerate one of us being Indian PM!🙄


  4. Sunak is objectionable not because of his wealth as, after all, Donald Trump was as President and remains as an Ex President one of America’s and the world’s richest people but because he has a very annoying and frankly classless and uber crass tendency to show off about it.

    This is not worthy of anyone let alone a person seeking to enter No.10 and at a time in history where many in Britain are struggling to make ends meet.

    I have no fundamental problem with an ultra-rich PM especially if they have made their own money through doing something productive and truely worthwhile for the country ie manufacturing like, I think, Neville Chamberlain’s family were engaged in rather than a superficial activity such as finance but when it comes to really stinking wealth ie on the level of billions then I do think it is hard though not totally impossible for such a person to really comprehend how ordinary people live.

    No, Sunak’s wealth is not a problem but more his boasting about it AND even more importantly the fact he was a US Green Card holder until recently WHILST he was Chancellor which to me shows a lack of true commitment to THIS country.

    I’m afraid that it will have to be Truss even considering her many and varied faults. It is a real shame the range of contenders was so pitiful.One of the most capable candidates for a plausible PM, Jeremy Hunt, was eliminated straight away! Frankly, what does that say about the Conservative Party?




    1. Sunak in that utterly vomit inducing promotional video for his leadership bid (a campaign he was clearly orchestrating in the background for MANY, MANY MONTHS ) made the claim that he didn’t have any working-class friends. Well, yes, that is likely mate but you appeared to think this was not just a mere fact which wouldn’t be unacceptable or surprising but somehow a valuable credential!

      He is a objectionable big head and an essentially foreign one at that. I couldn’t think of a better candidate to crash the Tory vote in those all- important ‘Red Wall’ seats in West Yorkshire, Lancashire (Blackpool North and South etc), West Midlands and Wales.

      There is little doubt that Labour and the Lib Dems too to a more limited but still important extent would be utterly delighted if the Tories showed themselves to be so utterly out of touch and downright stupid to elect him.


      1. I agree. Personally, from looking at the national polls and other more detailed evidence such as a recent MRP survey of those crucial marginal seats it looks like the Tories have comprehensively blown it for the next election. That MRP survey had them losing virtually all those so-called ‘Red Wall’ seats back to Labour.

        For a party that is genuinely conservative about very few things nowdays with one of the most important being our hideously undemocratic electoral system of First Past The Post you might think they would understand how it works! Labour is not capturing the imagination of people in these seats or elsewhere but the Tories are losing vote share in them and that will be sufficient to see them go back to Labour in many cases.

        Sunak and Truss won’t do much to keep the Tory vote share in them at its present level but will likely depress it with Sunak being the best at doing this.

        Basically, the Tory Party only had any real chance albeit not much of one of holding these seats with Penny Mordaunt in charge but Tory MPs thought continuity Boris was the better option!🙄🙄🙄🙄

        What was that again about Tory MPs being the world’s most sophisticated electorate?🙄🙄🙄🙄


      2. Yes, Sunak as leader is only likely to maintain or slightly increase the Tory vote precisely where it IS NOT needed ie well-off Tory stronghold seats such as East Surrey or the seat in Surrey that contains the private estates of Wentworth and Virginia Water.

        Pretty much everywhere else apart from a couple of Tory held inner city constituencies like the Cities of Westminster and London, Chelsea and Fulham a party led by him will bomb in.

        I think he won’t go down well in Scotland either. The Tories still have six seats up there but they are all marginal.


      3. Even most Indians don’t vote Tory. The only ones who do are those who own shops or the small minority who are seriously wealthy like Sunak’s wife.

        Some Jews do but that is only a relatively recent thing ie since Thatcher. Under the traitor Blair, most Jews voted Labour and appear to be going back to their usual voting habits under Starmer.

        The very small number of Ultra-Orthadox Jews vote Tory in better numbers. Indeed, the Tories have had a number of these people being councillors for them in Stamford Hill.

        It is time the Tories stopped constantly pandering to ethnics. It doesn’t work and will never work to any real extent. Regardless of whether they are comfortable with the label or not, the stark electoral fact is they are Britain’s main ‘party of the white man and woman’ just like the Republican Party is in the US.

        Apart from being a genuine patriot, there WAS a reason Enoch Powell was passionately opposed to mass immigration ie the future electoral prospects of his party.


    1. Hello Nativewarrior14! Not being a Brit I did not know who Greg Dyke is, so I looked him up on Wikipedia. He is the bastard who said that “the BBC is hideously white”!

      I bet he fired a lot of Brits just to make room for blacks and browns! What a piece of *&@£! Unfortunately, he is still alive ​😡​😡​😡​


    2. Indeed or, in his typically biased anti-British BBC way the phrase he would use would be, “hideously white”.😠☹️🙄😠

      No doubt we would be called ‘racist’ if we remarked that adverts nowdays were, with very few exceptions, ‘hideously black”, “hideously asian” or “hideously mixed-race”.

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      1. I think the time has now come to give the BBC a two or three year period in which to reform itself by getting rid of its persistently anti-British nature or it will have to be shut down.

        In some ways that will be sad as it can still occasionally produce quality tv but we really can’t have a so-called national broadcaster that dislikes this country and its native people. National morale and self-confidence is being diminished by them and that simply won’t do.


  5. Only six months imprisonment, Trudeau? You are slacking! Well, he IS a Liberal Party of Canada PM so softness should be expected!

    In one of the most well run countries on this planet, Singapore, you can be fined up to twenty thousand Singaporean dollars and go to jail FOR A YEAR for disobeying Covid-19 regulations if you do this more than once.

    I’m surprised they haven’t executed people yet for not following the law in this regard! Mind you, even for the ultra-authoritarian ruling REAL ‘party of law and order’ People’s Action Party government that might be a bit extreme!😂😂😂

    Yesterday, they hanged their SIXTH person this year so far for drug dealing!


    On a Tuesday too! Normally, Fridays on the dot of six AM is ‘hang ’em high day’ there!😂😂😂

    I see that the Japs executed their first person this year too yesterday via a long drop hanging:


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    1. Hello John! Thank you very much for the link about the death penalty in Japan. Nice to see that nearly 80% of the Japanese approve of the death penalty; that is what one should expect from such respectful, decent, and law-abiding people.


      1. Yes, as the vast majority of Japs are decent, moral, reserved and law abiding people why would they not approve of hanging being used?

        They can obviously see that the death penalty should be a permissible punishment for the very worst and most atrocious crimes. As you can see from that article the Japs are pretty restrained in their use of the ‘ultimate penalty’ anyway eg they are less strict in its application than we were before we abolished it so Amnesty International and others should make fewer criticisms of the Japanese government.


      2. Yes, the Japs are an admirable people in many ways: reserved, nationalistic, cultured, hardworking, law abiding, respect for their elders, a keen sense of communitarian values rather than excessive ‘me first’ individualism (no wonder the Covid-19 pandemic was not an absolute disaster there as it could very easily have been in a very densely populated country)

        Britain would be better if we tried to emulate them. I am highly envious of their postwar economic miracle.

        Yes, they were evil towards my country’s troops during WW2 and that should be condemned but I still respect them.

        They were allies of ours in WW1 and before then which was sadly broken in WW2. I hope we can build a new ‘Special Relationship’ with them.

        Japan’s new Emperor, Naruhito, was due to have a State visit to this country in early 2020 but the pandemic intervened. Hopefully, he will visit us soon. He is welcome here at anytime.


      3. In some ways, Britain and Japan are similar countries in that we are both reserved peoples in the main, we both had overseas Empires, have constitutional Monarchies, are island nations that are a bit insular.

        Even though Britain is a European country whilst Japan is an Eastern Asian one, I feel a sense of kinship with Japs.

        Japan hasn’t been called ‘The Britain of the East’ for nothing.


      4. Japan is one of the very few non-white countries which hasn’t been colonized. Indeed, they were a colonial power themselves eg Korea and Taiwan (or Formosa as it was under their rule).

        As a Brit and European I have to respect that as it shows they have remarkable qualities for non whites.


      5. I agree with you 100%. I have an excellent book. “Sources of Japanese Tradition”, Is a compilation of letters, articles, and documents from important Japanese military leaders, high-ranking noblemen, civil servants, and thinkers from 500 AD to 1935. It gives you an excellent picture of their mentality.

        They have always been very frugal, respectful, and patriotic but also very harsh towards themselves and their enemies The idea of somebody surrendering on the battlefield was unthinkable and they despised those who did so.(that explains but DOES NOT justify the atrocities committed against Allied prisoners in WW2)


    2. Hang ’em, Flog ’em(via a Singaporean-style rattan cane), Incarcerate ’em, Don’t unpack this time you WILL be going back would make for an excellent motto for the Home Office to live by I think!😂😂😂😂

      If only they did!😠☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️

      The Home Office is so persistently ineffectual and dysfunctional it might be a good idea to split it into two separate government departments with the suitably Orwellian titles of:

      1.)The Ministry of Law and Crime Suppression

      2.) The Ministry of Border Control and Homeland Security.

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  6. Very good idea John! You should be in charge of the first! (LOL) I like the title, in fact, is brilliant! “Ministry of Law and Crime Suppression” Mind you, with you in charge the manufacture of rope would get a boost! (LOL)


      1. If there was an election I would vote for you! (LOL) Of course, I would imitate you if I had power here. There are thousands of candidates for the rope!


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