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Serious problem. So many people having to work purely to pay rent to some parasite for (often) a wholly-unsatisfactory dwelling. Not a new problem, but now getting even worse.

The cost of rentals devalues the more basic kinds of work, unjustly rewards rentier parasites, and damages society in a number of ways.

There is another point, looking at that Times report: the sheer pointlessness (from the purely practical perspective) of bothering to get a “degree”, a “master’s degree”, even a “doctorate”, when every other idiot also has one.

The political implications are stark. The average age of outright owners of real property in the UK is now 68. Not so long ago, say 20-40 years, it would have been 50 or even 45.

Those property owners in their sixties, seventies, eighties often own two or more properties (second homes, holiday homes, rented-out homes— sometimes all three in one).

The tiny proportion of people (about 1 in every 200 citizens) about to choose the next Conservative Party leader and so, by default, Prime Minister, are mostly persons over 50, usually over 60, who are (again, not always but often) outright property-owners and, not infrequently buy-to-let or other rentier parasites.

This has real results: last time, that tiny electorate chose Boris-idiot as Prime Minister. This time, either Liz Truss or Rishi Sunak.

Talking of Liz Truss, I have seen the clip of her filmed as the TV debate presenter collapsed. A panicked reaction at first. Is this the person to be in command, overall, of Britain’s nuclear deterrent? Is this the person to decide whether Britain gets into a war with Russia? I hope not, though I don’t want a non-European as Prime Minister either.

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The [NWO/ZOG] System is getting desperate to advance their latest 33-year cycle agenda, 2022-2055, therefore we see the “blacks with everything” agenda, the “I stand with Ukraine” silliness, facemask nonsense (and all the other Covid-related stuff), the “trans” nonsense, and much of the “climate change” reportage. All part of an agenda of evil.

Another example:

Regular readers of the blog will already have read of my own experiences, eg https://ianrobertmillard.org/2017/07/09/the-slide-of-the-english-bar-and-uk-society-continues-and-accelerates/.

All well and good, but Toby Young and the Free Speech Union have never said a word in defence of my free speech rights, nor those of Alison Chabloz and those of Jez Turner (Jeremy Bedford Turner) etc. All attacked by the same pack of (Zionist) Jews.

Leaving aside the rights and wrongs of the rail industry dispute, what we see here is an example of what I have been blogging about for years around the Labour Party, that being that, if you like, the Labour Party has lost its former overall constituency, and has not found a credible role.

The industrial proletariat —the massed ranks of miners, dockers, railwaymen, steelworkers, factory workers, later expanded to include shopworkers etc— has pretty much ceased to exist in the UK.

Whole industries were shut down from, especially, 1980-2000, by reason of changing economic and social landscapes, accelerated by withdrawal of government subsidies.

The former “proletarians” either went into other activities where there existed no tradition of “working class” solidarity, or joined the unemployed, existing on State benefits and, in areas such as the South Wales valleys, on top-ups from disability income given out (in the 1980s) almost unchecked.

The former Labour Party stalwarts had become either Marx’s “lumpenproletariat”, or members of a new group, or perhaps a group with a new label, the “precariat”.

The latter implied a group whose lifestyle and very existence was uncertain from week to week, the polar opposite of those comfortably-off smug core Conservative Party members and voters, who had always been (and often their parents as well) well-paid, perhaps with family money, who had properties owned outright or with easily-paid-off mortgages. People whose lives were —unlike those of the “precariat”— not at all precarious.

Increasingly, the Labour Party ditched anything connecting it to “socialism” (in the UK’s more “social-democratic” form): Clause IV of the Labour Party Constitution was removed, opening the way for Tony Blair and his group to make Labour more “electable” in areas normally voting Conservative. Links with trade unions were loosened.

The strategy worked: in 1997, Labour had what many still call a “landslide” victory, though it still garnered only 43.2% of the popular vote (Conservatives 30.7%; LibDems 16.8%).

The absurd First Past The Post system gave Labour its “landslide” in MP numbers, despite the Labour popular vote having risen by only a modest amount. The same effect helped the LibDems, whose MP numbers almost tripled (to 46 from 18), despite the LibDem popular vote having fallen by one point. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1997_United_Kingdom_general_election.

In 1997, the old industrial regions and cities still voted Labour. South Wales, the Midlands and Northern conurbations, the industrial parts of the North-East, much of Scotland (especially the industrialized Central Belt), and some parts of the London area.

Compare the graphic above with that showing the result of the 2019 election, below:

Labour, as an entrenched “one-party” political monopoly (in its core areas), has only remained entrenched in parts of London, parts of South Wales, parts of the North, North-East, North-West, and a few parts of the Birmingham/West Midlands area. Scotland is gone, most of Wales is gone, almost all of southern and central England outside London has gone.

Corbyn tried to appeal to the old Labour heartlands, as well as reaching out to the new “identity politics” of, mainly, London— the blacks, the other non-whites, the precariat generally, and the “useful idiots” of white pseudo-intellectual “wokedom”.

Corbyn failed, but not as badly as many have said. What sank Corbyn-Labour was that many voters outside London would not accept his clunky 1970s pseudo-socialism, or his infatuation with the “blacks and browns”.

That perception was intensified by the basically Jewish attacks on Corbyn (since he became leader). In the Press, on TV, on radio. Many Labour MPs were completely in the Jew-Zionist pocket, and made pronouncements against Labour even during the 2017 and 2019 elections.

Keir Starmer, despite his first name and Labour-voting parents, is someone with quite shallow roots in Labour (born in London, brought up in affluent Oxted, Surrey, and attended Reigate Grammar (which became private/independent while he was there); he became a barrister, married a Jewish woman, and their children have been brought up as if full-Jew).

Starmer’s response to Labour’s decreasing relevance has been the opposite of that of Corbyn. Starmer wants to appeal to what is left of the old Labour heartlands, while also making Labour “electable” for the rest of the country. No “socialism” to frighten the horses, just (supposedly) competent managerial semi-social-democracy. Basically, a (less convincing?) Tony Blair/Gordon Brown strategy.

Part of Starmer’s plan is to present Labour as a party which disapproves of industrial action, and which does not want to return to (what is perceived as) the bad old 1970s.

The “workers” of the old type (as in the rail industry) are rather unwanted remote relatives now, unwanted guests at Labour’s party.

Frankly, I doubt that Starmer’s strategy will work much. It may work up to a point, Labour may regain a relatively few seats, enough to prevent whichever then idiot leads the Conservative Party from getting a majority in (as it may be) 2023 or 2024 but, in the end, Labour’s time has come and gone.

Like the Conservative Party (and LibDems), the Labour Party is little more than a name.

Late tweets

Humouring of deluded idiots. Is that what the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists now advises?

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14 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 27 July 2022”

  1. Hello Ian: I have to say I was shocked (and furious) when I saw that disgusting, huge, billboard over Garnier’s glorious and magnificent building. To add insult to injury it shows a fat, disgusting negress exhibiting herself; but what can we expect from trash like NIKE? All these big corporations are rabidly anti-White and owned by either Jews or Aryan traitors.

    Here is a good example of what I have just said: http://www.renegadetribune.com/chevron-brags-about-firing-white-men/


    1. Claudius:
      Those economic enterprises tied-up with the System do it so flagrantly because their top executives know that, whatever they do, they themselves will not be punished. As people now say, “just saying”…


    1. Claudius:
      Very good, though there was one small error: there is no such thing as an “English” passport (not yet, at least); only a “British” passport.

      I have little interest in sports, and none in organized sports, but of course the *England* team should be *English* meaning all-white. It goes without saying.


    1. Yes, I read about that elsewhere. How utterly absurd and, yes, he would be in his element with his poundshop Churchill routine. Fortunately though the French are said to have reservations about this nonsensical aspiration of his and want to veto it!😂😂😂😂


  2. Liz Truss is obviously not ideal PM material by most measures but my estimation of her has risen as a result of last night’s events.

    At least she showed what appeared to be some genuine concern and empathy for the collapsed TV journalist.. Deeply Fishi Criminal Rishi, on the other hand, just stood there.

    Still, would one expect any differently from him? In the middle of a worldwide viral pandemic with an inherent risk of mass spreading of a dangerous viral disease he instituted an utterly gormless ‘Eat Out To Help Out’ scheme which undoubtedly increased transmissions of the disease and killed numerous often very vulnerable people.

    Either he was very thick in doing that course of action so he isn’t as clever as he so obviously thinks he is or he done it deliberately knowing full well how many thousands of mostly old white people would go to their graves.😠😡🙄🙄😠😠

    So, he is either dim or a callous bastard with murderous intentions but then as we all know now he IS a criminal as even the corrupt Met Police have confirmed.

    He shouldn’t even be a candidate in this contest let alone a potential PM.

    He should be in PRISON. If the Tories are so out of touch and downright stupid to elect him I want to hear no more nonsense being spouted by them claiming to be Britain’s ‘party of law and order’ or accusations thrown at Labour or Lib Dems for being ‘soft’ on crime and criminals.

    Neither Labour or the Liberal Democrats have, to my knowledge, knowingly had a CRIMINAL stand for leader of their respective parties.🙄🙄🙄🙄


    1. I suspect many criminal suspects when being interviewed by police officers in police stations or in court in front of judges or magistrates have already tried the little trick of saying, “Please, Mr/Ms Police Officer/Judge/Magistrate, can you deal with me more softly since Boris Johnson as PM and Rishi Sunak as Chancellor have effectively got away with law breaking and haven’t faced serious consequences so why can’t I be treated the same?”

      Put simply, those who make the law and expect ordinary people to obey it must also do so otherwise our entire system of government becomes an absurd farce and falls into contempt and disrepute.

      One law breaker in No.10 is quite enough for the next few decades! As a country, we should have no wish to add to this now blemished record of British governance.

      The self-proclaimed ‘party of law and order’ (this claim DID have some credence to it once) must act like it from now on so Liz Truss it is then!


  3. I would expect and hope so too but I’m sure some members of the criminal fraternity have tried it on and, frankly, why shouldn’t they?

    The life of a police officer is already hell under Priti Leftwing and then along comes Boris and Sunak to make it more it more so! The morale of your average police officer must be at rock bottom under this administration.


    1. If only the gormless, vile, mass murdering of mostly old white Britons, eternally scruffy, prick would just eff off to Kiev and get hit by a Russian rocket.

      Did he do ANYTHING worthwhile for US?😠😠🙄🙄🙄

      I have a dream (in the immortal words of Martin Luther King) that one day we get a British PM whose primary concern is to make BRITAIN a decent and succesful country for BRITISH people instead of being globalist, anti-British wankers like that utterly discredited stain upon this blighted land.

      Eff off, Boris The Butcher to a foreign land and DON’T COME BACK.


  4. If Britain was a decent and moral country and I had my way you would be sentenced to either execution via a long-drop hanging or lifetime incarceration without the possibility of parole for your part in effectively murdering countless thousands of people during a worldwide viral pandemic and for being a globalist, anti-British traitor.

    A sustained period of SILENCE from you would be most welcome!


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