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Diary Blog, 27 July 2022

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Serious problem. So many people having to work purely to pay rent to some parasite for (often) a wholly-unsatisfactory dwelling. Not a new problem, but now getting even worse.

The cost of rentals devalues the more basic kinds of work, unjustly rewards rentier parasites, and damages society in a number of ways.

There is another point, looking at that Times report: the sheer pointlessness (from the purely practical perspective) of bothering to get a “degree”, a “master’s degree”, even a “doctorate”, when every other idiot also has one.

The political implications are stark. The average age of outright owners of real property in the UK is now 68. Not so long ago, say 20-40 years, it would have been 50 or even 45.

Those property owners in their sixties, seventies, eighties often own two or more properties (second homes, holiday homes, rented-out homes— sometimes all three in one).

The tiny proportion of people (about 1 in every 200 citizens) about to choose the next Conservative Party leader and so, by default, Prime Minister, are mostly persons over 50, usually over 60, who are (again, not always but often) outright property-owners and, not infrequently buy-to-let or other rentier parasites.

This has real results: last time, that tiny electorate chose Boris-idiot as Prime Minister. This time, either Liz Truss or Rishi Sunak.

Talking of Liz Truss, I have seen the clip of her filmed as the TV debate presenter collapsed. A panicked reaction at first. Is this the person to be in command, overall, of Britain’s nuclear deterrent? Is this the person to decide whether Britain gets into a war with Russia? I hope not, though I don’t want a non-European as Prime Minister either.

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The [NWO/ZOG] System is getting desperate to advance their latest 33-year cycle agenda, 2022-2055, therefore we see the “blacks with everything” agenda, the “I stand with Ukraine” silliness, facemask nonsense (and all the other Covid-related stuff), the “trans” nonsense, and much of the “climate change” reportage. All part of an agenda of evil.

Another example:

Regular readers of the blog will already have read of my own experiences, eg https://ianrobertmillard.org/2017/07/09/the-slide-of-the-english-bar-and-uk-society-continues-and-accelerates/.

All well and good, but Toby Young and the Free Speech Union have never said a word in defence of my free speech rights, nor those of Alison Chabloz and those of Jez Turner (Jeremy Bedford Turner) etc. All attacked by the same pack of (Zionist) Jews.

Leaving aside the rights and wrongs of the rail industry dispute, what we see here is an example of what I have been blogging about for years around the Labour Party, that being that, if you like, the Labour Party has lost its former overall constituency, and has not found a credible role.

The industrial proletariat —the massed ranks of miners, dockers, railwaymen, steelworkers, factory workers, later expanded to include shopworkers etc— has pretty much ceased to exist in the UK.

Whole industries were shut down from, especially, 1980-2000, by reason of changing economic and social landscapes, accelerated by withdrawal of government subsidies.

The former “proletarians” either went into other activities where there existed no tradition of “working class” solidarity, or joined the unemployed, existing on State benefits and, in areas such as the South Wales valleys, on top-ups from disability income given out (in the 1980s) almost unchecked.

The former Labour Party stalwarts had become either Marx’s “lumpenproletariat”, or members of a new group, or perhaps a group with a new label, the “precariat”.

The latter implied a group whose lifestyle and very existence was uncertain from week to week, the polar opposite of those comfortably-off smug core Conservative Party members and voters, who had always been (and often their parents as well) well-paid, perhaps with family money, who had properties owned outright or with easily-paid-off mortgages. People whose lives were —unlike those of the “precariat”— not at all precarious.

Increasingly, the Labour Party ditched anything connecting it to “socialism” (in the UK’s more “social-democratic” form): Clause IV of the Labour Party Constitution was removed, opening the way for Tony Blair and his group to make Labour more “electable” in areas normally voting Conservative. Links with trade unions were loosened.

The strategy worked: in 1997, Labour had what many still call a “landslide” victory, though it still garnered only 43.2% of the popular vote (Conservatives 30.7%; LibDems 16.8%).

The absurd First Past The Post system gave Labour its “landslide” in MP numbers, despite the Labour popular vote having risen by only a modest amount. The same effect helped the LibDems, whose MP numbers almost tripled (to 46 from 18), despite the LibDem popular vote having fallen by one point. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1997_United_Kingdom_general_election.

In 1997, the old industrial regions and cities still voted Labour. South Wales, the Midlands and Northern conurbations, the industrial parts of the North-East, much of Scotland (especially the industrialized Central Belt), and some parts of the London area.

Compare the graphic above with that showing the result of the 2019 election, below:

Labour, as an entrenched “one-party” political monopoly (in its core areas), has only remained entrenched in parts of London, parts of South Wales, parts of the North, North-East, North-West, and a few parts of the Birmingham/West Midlands area. Scotland is gone, most of Wales is gone, almost all of southern and central England outside London has gone.

Corbyn tried to appeal to the old Labour heartlands, as well as reaching out to the new “identity politics” of, mainly, London— the blacks, the other non-whites, the precariat generally, and the “useful idiots” of white pseudo-intellectual “wokedom”.

Corbyn failed, but not as badly as many have said. What sank Corbyn-Labour was that many voters outside London would not accept his clunky 1970s pseudo-socialism, or his infatuation with the “blacks and browns”.

That perception was intensified by the basically Jewish attacks on Corbyn (since he became leader). In the Press, on TV, on radio. Many Labour MPs were completely in the Jew-Zionist pocket, and made pronouncements against Labour even during the 2017 and 2019 elections.

Keir Starmer, despite his first name and Labour-voting parents, is someone with quite shallow roots in Labour (born in London, brought up in affluent Oxted, Surrey, and attended Reigate Grammar (which became private/independent while he was there); he became a barrister, married a Jewish woman, and their children have been brought up as if full-Jew).

Starmer’s response to Labour’s decreasing relevance has been the opposite of that of Corbyn. Starmer wants to appeal to what is left of the old Labour heartlands, while also making Labour “electable” for the rest of the country. No “socialism” to frighten the horses, just (supposedly) competent managerial semi-social-democracy. Basically, a (less convincing?) Tony Blair/Gordon Brown strategy.

Part of Starmer’s plan is to present Labour as a party which disapproves of industrial action, and which does not want to return to (what is perceived as) the bad old 1970s.

The “workers” of the old type (as in the rail industry) are rather unwanted remote relatives now, unwanted guests at Labour’s party.

Frankly, I doubt that Starmer’s strategy will work much. It may work up to a point, Labour may regain a relatively few seats, enough to prevent whichever then idiot leads the Conservative Party from getting a majority in (as it may be) 2023 or 2024 but, in the end, Labour’s time has come and gone.

Like the Conservative Party (and LibDems), the Labour Party is little more than a name.

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Humouring of deluded idiots. Is that what the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists now advises?

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Diary Blog, 11 April 2020

Matthew Hancock

Seems that little Matt Hancock has once again exposed his own ignorance…

Regular blog readers may recall that I wrote about Hancock last year:


Now he tries to seem terribly important and portentous as Health Secretary during our Coronavirus times, but somehow it just does not wash.


In fact, it looks very much as though Coronavirus has peaked in Italy

Despite the peak having probably been reached in Italy, its government has decided to extend “lockdown” until 3 May at earliest. Will there be an Italy left once the populace emerge blinking into the early Summer sunshine? I doubt it.

Does that mean that the UK government-of-fools will extend “lockdown” until June? If they do, they are looking for trouble.

This idiotic woman, below, has the same vote as you. Now do you see why our form of “democracy” leads to governments run by idiots and/or confidence tricksters?


The bitch is not even giving the stuff that is still OK and within date to local foodbanks! It is not hard. Waitrose and other supermarkets have large bins beyond their checkouts.

Early tweets seen

Ah. Here’s one from some Twitter “celebrity” called Felton. He has 170,000 Twitter “followers”, no less, and is a TV comedy writer, apparently.

Absolutely peak Twitter stupidity. Thinks that people are “expert” because they have a few letters after their names and/or positions as government advisers. Not so. The principal government adviser on Coronavirus, one Ferguson, of Imperial College, said that UK deaths from the virus could reach 250,000. A month later, quite recently, he said 5,700! Hello? The actual figure, at time of writing, stands at just below 9,000.

While we are on the unpleasant but necessary topic of deaths from (actually, “with” or “related to“…) Coronavirus, we might remind ourselves that there are about 70 MILLION inhabitants of the UK. In other words, and in round figures, so far there has been 1 death for every 8,000 of the population.

Obviously, that is a serious public health problem, amounting to several thousand people having died in the past week, but it has to be seen in the context of the approximately 10,000-11,000 people per week who die in this week of the year anyway, taking the past five years’ average. The increase is actually below 1,000 per week, over the past week, and a matter of about 500 extra per week in the past month or so.

So far, only a few brave souls such as the scribbler and TV talking head, Peter Hitchens, have put their heads above the parapet and asked “is it right to shut down the whole economy, pretty much, for this, particularly when we do not really know what if any beneficial public health effect the ‘lockdown’ has?”

One might say “weigh a doubt against a certainty”: the “doubt” is what if any good effect the “lockdown” is having; the “certainty” is what negative effect the “lockdown” is having on the already-fragile UK economy.

Lies, damn lies and statistics…

The government of fools

What would I have done?

What would I myself have done, were I at the head of government? This:

Had I been the ruler of the UK (take that as you will), I should have ordered a complete lockdown for one week only. Complete. That would have sent the message to the population, and would have enabled preparation in NHS and police etc. After that, I should have pushed hard, with every tool available to government, the only measure we know beyond question halts Coronavirus spread, namely the thorough and effective washing of hands with soap and water, perhaps every 15 minutes.

I should have restricted gatherings of people in large excited groups and in very confined spaces (again, the only places we know spread this virus greatly) and would have recommended the responsible use of parks, beaches, shopping areas and so on. No-one wants to get this nasty condition, so I think that would have been as, or nearly as, effective as the “lockdown” that we now have.

The Underground, trains and buses (and equivalents outside London) would have to cease operations for the duration, or only allow a small proportion of “key workers” aboard, so that “social distancing” could be observed in those incubators of the virus.

That would have saved most of the economy from a terminal spiral. Now, as things are, we are approaching what amounts to a near-collapse economically, unless the “lockdown” stops very soon.

The “furlough” payments cannot be maintained indefinitely, and at present are due to determine in 2-3 months, at (I believe) the end of June. When that happens, huge numbers of employees will simply be made redundant. Retail, manufacturing, service. Many enterprises and indeed whole sectors were showing weakness before “Coronavirus” or “COVID-19” was ever a factor.

The political impact will be huge. The millions who cheered on Dunce Duncan Smith in his attacks on those without paid work, for example, will be shouting, not cheering, when they end up on “Universal Credit” and find that they get a weekly pittance and not the pay they had before the “crisis”.

Housing too. Millions will not be able to afford rents, and Housing Benefit will not cover rents in full. We then see the collapse of both the parasitic “Buy to Let” market and the wider housing market. Property will be worth 50% of what it now is. Perhaps even 25%. Impossible? 20 years ago, properties were about a fifth, even a tenth, of what they are now, supposedly, “worth”. Does the rocket only go up and never down? Will banks be lending freely after all this? I doubt it.

Going, going, gone…?

It will be recalled that some “expert” called Ferguson, from Imperial College, told the government and msm that over 250,000 people might be killed by Coronavirus in the UK. He later had to “revise” his estimate to…5,700. In fact, that seems to have been mistaken too, though less so (the death toll is now, officially, not far short of 9,000, though that may be partly because everyone who has Coronavirus is now (for the past 10 days or so) registered as a “Coronavirus death” even though the real cause of death may be some other condition).

Well, now we see that the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, based in the USA, and apparently the leading data collector for such things not only in the USA but in the whole world, has “revised” its 66,000 prediction for the UK to somewhere between 22,000 and 62,500! So much for “the experts”…


Silly, but it made me laugh…

Priti Patel

How can that freeloading and thick (in both senses) Israeli agent last, even in this government of fools?



Meanwhile, the bitch tries to distract attention from her own and the government’s failings: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8210601/Home-Secretary-Priti-Patel-reveals-paedophiles-stalking-children-online.html

Below, a scene from our wonderful, liberal, free country (that we have been told about all our lives…)

A police officer on a horse talks to sunbathers in Victoria Park, London, as Britons continue to bask in the glorious Easter sunshine

Speculations and conspiracy theories

The present atmosphere gives rise to all manner of conspiracy theories. One or two may have elements of truth in them.

What if “COVID-19” (or some other one next year or the year after that) were to be deliberately released and designed to mutate, with the idea of reducing the population of the Earth to say a tenth of its present size? What if getting infected by the virus were not to confer immunity to most victims? What if second, third waves of slightly different viruses were to hit the world, leaving only 10% or 1% of the population alive and immune?

The atmosphere must be getting to me! I have only had one can of Pilsner Urquell!

In the end, one must have faith that the advanced section of present-day humanity (white Northern Europeans) will, even if only a tiny number of them, survive and thrive, creating a new and better culture and civilization down the line.



Is not all Eternity mine?