Diary Blog, 14 August 2022

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An extract from the blog of exactly a year ago:

The System needs at least two “major parties” (even if their combined membership is only about 600,000, i.e. 1% of the UK population) because it preserves the facade of a binary choice, the facade of supposed “democracy” etc. So fake Labour has to exist, just as fake Conservative Party has to exist, in order to fool the mass of the people into thinking that they have a real choice. They do not have any such choice.


Labour, like the “Conservatives”, has to exist and pretend to put forward a bunch of policies, when really both parties have been stripped of real policy, real difference, and even real politicians (look at the pathetic deadheads now crowding the Commons and Lords alike). You want to see what “ZOG” looks like? Just look at “British” political parties and MPs today.

Nothing has changed.

“Covid” “vaccine” uselessness


Cashing-in pensions


Leaving aside the immediate issue reported on (fuel inflation), it should not be possible to “cash in” a private pension below X-age. If I am not mistaken, the right to cash-in was brought in, or made much easier, when the part-Jew, George Osborne, was Chancellor of the Exchequer.

A private pension is to help someone of pensionable age, clearly. It is not just a long-term investment of some kind. It is against public policy in the broad sense to allow pensions to be simply cashed-in.

In fact, it is contra public policy in practical terms as well, quite apart from the ethical aspect, or impact on the individual, because someone who cashes-in a private pension but then later, at or above pensionable age, becomes poor enough to require State “Pension Credit Guarantee”, will have his or her State Pension augmented by Pension Credit so that he or she receives a minimum of £185 per week (as well as other benefits, such as Housing Benefit etc if applicable).

In other words, not only the individual but also the State itself will, in that instance, lose out financially.

“The world is not without kind people”


The world is not without kind people“, says a Russian proverb. One sees that constantly, despite also seeing contrary news.

Look at the story about “Mrs. Hinch”. She has given away a £600,000 house simply because she wants to help a family, and “does not need” the capital proceeds of any sale.

Remarkable. I have no idea whether her husband is wealthy; she herself is said to be “worth” about £1.5M (presumably discounting the donated house).

It was not clear to me, on skimming the report, whether the house donated has actually been transferred, or just given to live in rent-free for as long as permitted. Either way, very generous.

If only the very wealthy of our society, those possessing tens, hundreds, or thousands of millions, were as kind-hearted.

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[in an ideal world…]

London. Zoo. Monkeyworld.

Full-term abortion“. Murder of babies born, or being born, or about to be born, and perfectly capable of living a full human life in most cases. Straight murder. Legalized.

Will any of those Australian MPs be held to account in an appropriate way?

“Racism” against white Europeans is now considered OK; but any perceived mere criticism of Jews, or non-whites, is not only not approved of by the System, but may even be criminalized by biased law and enforcement.

“They” worm their way in everywhere, if not stopped.

Educated guess: of those 19,000 or more migrant-invaders, not one will actually be —in any way— someone who benefits the British people, but let us be kind, and assume that 1% benefit the UK (somehow). What about the other 99%? Guessing (but I think reasonably) further: of every 100 migrant-invaders, at least 10, maybe 20, will turn out to be criminal and/or terroristic; the remaining 79 or more will just be completely useless millstones round our collective neck.

I was not too pleased about Neil Oliver when he did Coast, especially his —not always well-informed– occasional anti-“Nazi” historical (or ahistorical) comments, but he has certainly redeemed himself in the past couple of years.

Not that I agree with everything he now says, but no matter. He is in general on the right track. I may be an “idealist”, as some have called me, but I do have pragmatic aspects as well.

Ask “Robert Maxwell” or Jeffrey Epstein. Oh, no— you can’t, because they snuffed it under mysterious circumstances. Ask Ghislaine “Maxwell”, then. Oh, no— you can’t, because she is in prison for much of the rest of her horrible life, and afraid of being murdered (as was, she thinks, her father) by Israeli Intelligence killers.

Liz Truss and Priti Patel, and Keir Starmer (etc) should be wary of being puppets of Israel and the Jew lobby. It’s one rouble to get in, but two roubles to get out…

Temperature variations

Incredible how varied the UK can be in terms of temperature. Where I live (Hampshire coast) the temperature at 0900 hrs this morning was 22C, in London at same time it was 33C, but in Edinburgh only 16C.

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Eddie Izzard is as much a woman as a pantomime horse is Red Rum.

Late tweets seen

I do not usually approve of rowdy behaviour, but if a few frustrated Brits in Greece were to give the idiot a kicking, I have to admit that I would not be upset about it.

Incapable of creating a civilization, incapable of maintaining one even when provided to them, and most of them incapable even of simply living decently as unwanted “guests” in the civilization created by white Europeans.

Late music

[New Zealand, South Island]

21 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 14 August 2022”

  1. If only Priti Leftwing, the pretty obvious Labour Party infiltrator, would just do the decent thing at long last and just eff off and die.

    Evil, wretched anti-British globalist bitch that she undoubtedly is. She never lifts a single finger to stop or even slow down this continual INVASION by boats.

    I really don’t know why Hitler bothered with Operation Sealion in 1940. All he had to do was wait a few decades and then Priti would have let his Nazi troops invade by small boats instead of trying to invade after his very expensive Luftwaffe tried to gain air superiority.

    This wretched government can’t get ANYTHING right . It is heading for defeat and rightly so when they can’t even get the two issues that the Tories used to have big leads on correct namely immigration and law and order which is another horror show.😠😠🙄🙄🙄🙄. Apparently, the Tory lead on immigration compared to Starmer is just TWO points. There is no use getting rid of the drag anchor that was Boris if you allow another one like Priti in place to continue her globalist idiocy and complete incompetence.

    FFS, Tories, bloody well pull your laces up by sacking her and getting a half decent Home Secretary to replace her. There must be at least one person within the party that could fit the bill!🙄🙄🙄

    Yes, as you say, the odd one may be of some benefit though they will still have illegally entered this country but the vast majority will be nothing more than a collective dead weight and some will be outright criminals as bad as rapists, murderers and terrorists.

    There is no way we should put up with this illegal immigration for a single second longer. We are FED UP WITH IT.😠😠😠😠


  2. According to a news report in the Independent Britain needs to have THIRTY new reservoirs to be built over the next few years.

    WHERE are we supposed to build them when we have a fucking useless Home Secretary continuing to let in thousands of illegal immigrants, mostly fraudulent asylum seekers all the time?😠😠😠🙄🙄🙄

    We can’t even begin to deal with climate change, traffic congestion, heatwaves every year ect when we have no form of genuine immigration control and a rising population caused by globalist bitches like Patel.🙄🙄🙄

    This government hasn’t the foggiest idea of who is in this country so we can’t plan for new reservoirs or things like climate change!

    If only Britain had a ‘Right-wing’ Green Party like a small one that exists in Germany then we could take these issues seriously as they should be.


  3. Yes, it is too bloody hot. I hope we have thunder storms soon to break it. With a bit of divine intervention a few lightening strikes may hit those migrant boats and sink them as we can’t rely upon Priti Leftwing to control our borders so lightening strikes from God it will have to be.🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


  4. If only a lightening strike hit Patel and killed the awful, anti-British, globalist Indian bitch! COME ON, God, where is your divine intervention?😂😂😂


  5. It never ceases to amaze me how utterly devoid of genuine compassion or a moral compass so many lefties are when they castigate the death penalty for guilty convicted killers as irredeemably evil yet fully endorse the killing of babies in the womb before they have the chance to be born and be able to live either a guilty or innocent life and all without that person being given their day in court!🙄🙄🙄🙄

    They think that just because the end process of the death penalty and abortion is the same ie the ending of a human life that the two lives are on the same moral level!🙄🙄🙄

    This is simply not so hence the issues involved are different. To me , you CAN credibly have a ‘consistent life ethic’ and be opposed to abortion and capital punishment and therefore in support of the sanctity of human life ‘from the womb to the tomb’ but you can’t be a credible opponent of the death penalty on the one hand and support abortion on the other.🙄🙄🙄


  6. Abortion should not be banned entirely as there are a few exceptional circumstances for which it should be permitted ie if the life of the mother is at risk but it should be, in general, difficult to obtain.

    Abortion laws need tightening. Abortion on demand by being wholly unrestricted is morally speaking utterly repulsive and is, in effect, legal murder.😠😠😠😥😥😥😥

    I hope at least one Tory MP gets re-elected next time though sadly he probably won’t as he holds the pretty marginal seat of Blackpool South and that person is Scott Benson. He is anti-abortion and pro-hanging.😀😀😀😀😀

    He should be my MP here in the tenth safest Tory seat in the land of Brentwood and Ongar in Essex (Tory majority 29,065). He would suit the views of this seat well.


    1. Yes, the Daily Mail is an obnoxious and spiteful so-called ‘newspaper’ which takes an evil delight in kicking the unemployed and various other groups of benefit claimants yet won’t say a single word in condemning Priti Leftwing and Boris’s utter failure to control our borders.🙄🙄🙄😠😠😠😠

      What about all these patently fraudulent for the most part ‘asylum seekers’ and boatloads of illegals being put up AT OUR EXPENSE in hotels by Priti Globalist Evil?

      If there is any money to be wasted then I would much rather it be wasted on OUR unemployed and disabled people ect not that it is being wasted in those cases for the most part.

      Evil repellent rag that puts the interests of foreigners and foreign countries first just like their now very obviously globalist beloved Tories do.

      How that paper has changed from supporting Sir Oswald Mosley for a while in the 1930’s.🙄


  7. What a beautiful country of wide open spaces New Zealand is! At present it is run by Jacinda Ardern a Labour Party PM who does have her faults like all world leaders do but did a superb job in protecting the lives of the most vulnerable Kiwis during the worldwide viral pandemic of COVID-19 unlike Boris The libertarian Butcher/Buffoon.😠😥

    New Zealand is also a genuine democracy who changed their electoral system from the undemocratic crap of First Past The Post we bequeathed them to German-style Mixed Member Proportional Representation (one of the best forms of PR in my opinion) in 1996 so their votes count at general elections REGARDLESS of where they reside in the country.

    The sky hasn’t fallen in either contrary to the ridiculous scare stories the likes of the Daily Mail and Daily Express would have people here think about changing to PR.


    1. John:
      Like Australia and other countries (including the UK), New Zealand had more possibilities open to it before the globalist wave post-1989 arrived. As in those other countries, non-white immigration spoiled NZ to some extent, I think. Also since 1989, a chipping away of the welfare state very considerably.

      Still, NZ has, as you say, the open spaces we here now do not: a population of 5M compared to our swollen and maybe (?) 70M, yet an area about 10% bigger than the whole of the UK.


      1. The quality of life here has declined considerably even from as recently as the 1980’s/1990’s thanks to continual mass immigration and the overcrowding of the environment, traffic congestion, increasing crime rates, social dislocation, lessening of any real sense of social cohesion, Green Belt erosion etc it brings with it and all of this is destined to get still worse with Priti Leftwing running riot with quasi Labour Party policies at the Home Office.🙄😠😥😠😠😠😥😥😥

        It is high time she was given the boot and replaced with someone who will take their responsibilities seriously.


    2. And that good system of PR (though it could be improved a bit in both their case and Germany’s) has been implemented in a country which had our undemocratic system, has a population that is English-speaking and still is of mainly British descent and which has our Queen as Head of State.

      In this respect, New Zealanders are not some strange and weird people who are completely different from us like the ‘Jonny Foreigners’ of EU countries so if they can adopt and adapt well to PR why can’t we Daily Tory Fail/Daily Express?🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


  8. Typical stupid nonsense from the Daily Globalist Tory Moron Mail/Fail. I am also no fan of Amnesty International (eg they should stop ranting about Japan’s death penalty when the fact is the Japs use it in a far more restrained fashion than we did when we had it).

    Mr Zelensky is not the 100% pure angel he likes to portray himself as and Ukraine has been guilty of some unwise things in this war as well as Russia.

    Putin has many faults too but at least he attempts to be a Russian patriot and tries to put the interests of his nation first unlike the vast majority of globalist, anti-British non entities/common criminals/fraudsters/spivs filling up the House of Treason upon the Thames that the Daily Mail is so enamoured with.

    Japan’s surprisingly restrained use of the ‘ultimate penalty’ for a country with their wartime history and being Eastern Asians:



    1. Yes, more hot air about controlling immigration. They have had TWELVE YEARS in power to do precisely that and most of that time has been spent ALONE in government without those pesky Liberal Democrats getting in the way.🙄🙄🙄🙄

      It is noteworthy that this supposedly Tory government has abysmal ratings in the opinion polls on virtually every issue of governance with one putting their lead over Labour on this issue at a miserly plus TWO percentage points.

      Just as the Tories can’t win on the issue of the NHS Labour should be streets behind the Tories on the immigration/asylum issue yet the difference is just two points!

      Labour is trusted more on law and order too though that issue has had Labour leads before. Still, it along with defence and immigration used to be Tory bankers with regard to opinion pollsters questions on which party can best handle various issues. They certainly were under Thatcher.

      That they have lost their leads on these type of issues or they have been severely reduced is symptomatic of how they have gone wrong under the Buffoon and his utterly useless Home Secretary.

      That is what happens when you choose a Benny Hill Tribute Act to lead you who never had a coherent political philosophy to guide him.


  9. It is a shame we don’t have mountain scenery as dramatic as New Zealand does and illustrated so well by that picture. I have been to the Scottish Highlands and the scenery there is great in its austerely beautiful way but it isn’t as spectacular as New Zealand. I liked the Highlands’ feeling of wide open spaces and serenity.

    I really love mountain scenery. I’ve been fortunate enough to visit the Austrian Tyrol as well.


    1. John:
      Not sure that I am really a mountain person, though the December (1996) night-time view far far down to the far-distant lights of Almaty (Kazakhstan) through clear very cold sub-zero air, while standing in snow near the Presidential lodge at Tyuk-Su, high in the Tien Shan mountains, was almost literally stellar. Like the view from an aeroplane. A few previously-taken glasses of vodka, and the company of a blonde Russian lady, made the experience even more memorable…


  10. I don’t normally approve of yobbish or rowdy behaviour either but some situations are very tempting to even to well disciplined and polite people. Giving a strong opinion on The Buffoon’s abject performance as PM to him would be one such occasion. He is lucky far coarser language was not used for one of the most dire British PMs in history.


  11. That Bob Moran was sacked even by the libertarian extremist cretins of the Daily Telegraph which at one time was a fairly sensible and respected Tory newspaper shows you he must be a real idiot.


  12. Those 19,000 foreign invaders Priti Indian Evil has let in should be forcibly relocated to Witham. If the locals there are so unpatriotic and braindead to vote for that evil, anti-British piece of Indian excrement then they should suffer the consequences.

    Why should other towns suffer from the increased numbers of murders, assaults. gang rapes, terrorist attacks they will bring?.

    That being said Witham is one of the ‘arseholes of Essex’ and is too near to me in Brentwood for comfort.


  13. If only Priti would do the only decent thing she has done in her entire wretched existence and just died from a stroke, a heart attack or even the COVID 19 virus she imposed upon others through her utterly grotesque irresponsibility in failing to control our borders during a worldwide viral pandemic but no the arrogant, ever smirking bitch doesn’t do decent, does she!🙄🙄🙄🙄

    A fatal lightening strike from the good Lord it will have to be then.

    Though perhaps a better end and a very ironic one would be a fatal stabbing attack on her by a crazed Islamist loon like the one who murdered her fellow globalist, David Amess.

    Amess could be said to have [REDACTED] as he was stupid enough to be in favour of welcoming these mostly entirely fake and fraudulent asylum seekers many of whom come from inherently violent cultures like Third World excrement hole Somalia.

    Fat lot of good it done him in the end! WHAT A CLASS A IDIOT!🙄🙄🙄🙄


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