Diary Blog, 19 September 2022

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I am not “allowed” (in our “free” country) to say…

Import the backward hordes, and you also import their politics and their ancient hatreds.

The knaves and/or traitors at a high level in Britain have, for over 70 years, permitted and even encouraged the importation into this country of backward hordes of various types. Those hordes have, since allowed in, been breeding prolifically. It already looks like an existential crisis not only for the British people but for Britain as a nation.

Meanwhile, the State regards all attempts by young Englishmen to gather together in defence of race, nation, and culture as a form of “terror threat”, to be stamped on by the police and security services.

Another “strange” (perhaps not so strange) anomaly is that quite a number of young Jews go every year from the UK, France etc to Israel to be trained in the use of automatic and semi-automatic weapons, as well as in Israeli techniques of street-fighting. The Jewish influence over the UK political milieu, as well as the police, means that this is regarded as not a problem for the UK…

Because “the government”, i.e. the System, is signed-up to destroying the racial and cultural integrity of this country, and the rest of civilized Europe, via the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan: https://vk.com/@judi1964-coudenhove-kalergi-plan-stealth-genocide-against-the-peoples. That’s why.

I would in any case encourage all parents in the UK to homeschool their children. Many think that it is either illegal or very difficult. Not so. See https://www.gov.uk/home-education.

The cost, though huge, is not the main problem with this.

As to numbers, you only have to look. In 2018, “only” 299 actually crossed the Channel in small boats. Last year, 2021, that had grown to over 25,000, and this year is estimated to reach 65,000.

One or two well-publicized incidents of migrant-invaders being shot and killed in the Channel by the Royal Navy, and few would even try.

That, of course, cannot happen, not because of international conventions and/or similar bs, but because, as previously noted, the political system in the UK is wholly adherent to the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan, to basically bastardize the peoples of Europe.


What Hitchens does not say is that almost all of the crowds were white English or at least British; very few blacks and browns. Pretty obvious why— this country, and its history and traditions, mean little or nothing to 99% of them. In a word, they are alien.

Speaking of journalistic effluvia, I saw a piece of fake Union Jack-waving nonsense from Andrew Neil last week, saying what a wonderful and united country Britain is, and how we should all be grateful and —implied, at least— not try to change it.

Andrew Neil used to be the best political interviewer around, and also a perceptive commentator, though he sometimes made the odd and silly rant on his late-night TV show, usually attacking “nazis” etc. Still, he was almost always worth watching or, to a lesser extent, and in the msm, reading. He has really begun to disappoint.

Incidentally, it is both amusing and pathetic to see the self-describing “Left” (I myself never use left/right labelling) angry (not angry really, of course, but just virtue-signalling) about the cost of the funeral etc of the late Queen.

The same idiots do not care that (already) several BILLION pounds annually is being wasted on the hotels, council housing, food, gifts, pocket-money and other things (eg NHS care) for cross-Channel migrant invaders, almost all of which invaders are entirely useless, and quite a number actively hostile and/or criminal.

Interview with the Iranian President

So here we are, 77 years after the end of the Second World War, after the bombing of Germany by the Allied forces (death toll 600,000-800,000), after Hiroshima and Nagasaki, after Vietnam, after the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan (hundreds of thousands killed), and after all sorts of other American transgressions, but when CBS 60 Minutes has a chance to interview Presiodent Raisi of Iran, what is the hot question? “Did the “holocaust” happen?

The Iranian should have replied that no-one really claims that large numbers of Jews found within Reich territory were not detained, but most of those worked in industrial camps, and the majority that survived were released at the end of hostilities (and then went to various places, including Palestine, where they chucked many Palestinians out of their homes and took them over; stole their homes, if you like).

In fact, there is no credible evidence for much of the “holocaust” farrago, in particular the “biggest lie”, that about supposed “gas chambers”.

Any simple internet search will also turn up literally thousands of cases of “holocaust” fakery, hoaxes, fraud etc, from quite obscure examples to famous ones such as the supposed Anne Frank diary.

Incidentally, the interviewer sent from the USA is Jewish —and almost certainly Zionist— perhaps needless to add: see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lesley_Stahl#Early_life_and_education.

Late tweets

Not hard to seem “successful” when you are born with an annual income in the millions, and when you are thought to be wonderful almost whatever you do (or do not do).

What, I wonder, would be the life situation of Charles, Anne, Andrew, Edward, William, Harry etc without the comic-opera titles and the unearned money?

“They” are a state within a state.

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14 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 19 September 2022”

  1. Good afternoon Ian: Guess what? I have been suspended again from TWITTER, but this time (I swear!) I did not say anything rude or outrageous. They are starting to turn the screws. Today I opened an account on TELEGRAM and very soon I will drop Judeo-Bolshevik TWITTER 😆​😆​😆​


    1. Claudius:
      Twitter is pretty much influenced by the Jew-Zionist element. Jews gather together to mass-complain (maybe dozens rather than hundreds though). They managed to get me chucked off in 2018. I know at least some of the names of the guilty.


  2. I despise Andrew Neil (and almost everyone else 😆​😆​😆​)I read a resume of his career and he was always a lackey of the Establishment. Let’s not forget that he was the father of the pathetic programme “GB NEWS” which is 100% controlled opposition. Also, he dared to compare Saddam with Hitler! 😡​😡​😡​


  3. A lot of the “Counter-Jihad” EDL types, or “Patriotards” as i call them, fetishise the Hindus and Sikhs. They think Indians are our allies against the Muslims. You’d see them with Tommy Robinson at the demos, guys with Turbans, and Union Jack t-shirts. Sod that, none of them should be here.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Very well said “SaxonEngland”.

      I have another example of that nonsense. In 2012 Marine Le Pen (already a traitor to her dad) proudly announced the incorporation of two blacks (called politely “Frenchmen from overseas” LOL) and a Jew to her party’s board of directors.

      Le Pen’s spokesman said: “Different origins, different motivations, but the same love for France” (???) 😆​😆​😆​

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Le Pen is a disgrace. She’s close to the Neocon Mossad agent Geert Wilders as well (it’s been proven he has strong ties to Israeli intelligence). In the last French Presidential Election several months ago, the other “Nationalist” candidate was Eric Zemmour, a Jew. He was supported by the niece Marion Le Pen. What a sad joke.


  4. Hi Ian,

    I left a comment on 8th July saying how Japanese dealt with communists and added this link: https://www.tokyoweekender.com/2020/10/day-japan-assassination-japan-socialist-partys-inejiro-asanuma/.

    Well, it seems I may have got this completely the wrong way round. Doing a bit more research brought this to my attention and it seems Inejiro Asanuma was not communist but a National Socialist. A very interesting short documentary proves this. Relevant from about 16.20 mins in but worth watching it all:



  5. Regarding the vile and utterly false idea that by being born in a certain country (to which your parents DO NOT belong) you should be considered a citizen thereof as much as a true native of the land whose ancestors have been there for centuries, is good to remember the reply of the Duke of Wellington when somebody addressed to him as “an Irishman”. That annoyed Wellington who, obviously, considered himself English and he said: “To be born in a stable does not make me a horse” (LOL)

    So much for the Pakistanis, Africans, Malaysians, Chinese, etc., who claim to be “German”, “British”, or “French”!


  6. Referring to (((them))) having their own police force, they’re also allowed heavily armed (with automatic weapons on show) guards to be standing outside their synagogues. I was open mouthed seeing a couple of them guarding Edinburgh’s central synagogue the other day. One of them growled, when asked by one of my companions what they were doing there, “Antisemitism is running rife in Edinburgh.” I kid you not. (((They))) really are a law unto themselves.


    1. HennyPenny:
      The only thing that is holding the Jew-Zionists back from instituting a full Israel-style police state in the UK is their lack of numbers; only about a quarter of one percent of the entire population.


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