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One cannot see, as some simpletons did in the 1970s, the conflict in Northern Ireland as simply a kind of “national liberation struggle”. More a kind of several-hundred-years-old sectarian conflict between two populations, and mainly occurring in a relatively few areas of the province.

The methods of the IRA in the 1970s and 1980s particularly were brutal and callous. Despite some harsh measures on the part of the British and/or Northern Irish authorities, the sort of 1930s/1940s Soviet-style clearances that might have finished the whole problem were never used, nor ever even contemplated.

The British never really hit the IRA infrastructure as hard as they could have. Gerry Adams was, ludicrously, allowed to be notionally “on the dole” for many years, ferried around in one of the black taxis used extensively by the IRA. He and McGuinness and the like were never killed, their families never arrested, their properties never destroyed.

I think that it is clear that the British always favoured, at root, a nice polite Westminster-style “political solution”, even if that meant, strategically, giving in to Sinn Fein (and thus the IRA) in the long run (if only because the birth-rate of the “Republican”/Catholic population was higher than that of the “Loyalist”/Protestant population).

The same happened in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, a country I myself visited in 1977. In 1979, the British played it their usual way, with a nice polite conference at Lancaster House in London (a rather nice small palace, of sorts, which I saw when invited to a couple of receptions in the 1990s).

The British used their intelligence services to bug the hotels of the delegates, and made sure no-one blew the place up. Emerging from that was the idea of a British-style “election” from which would inevitably emerge the winner, that nice, well-educated, little man, Robert Mugabe.

That’s how Britain has done these things since 1945— superficially slick, well-organized, without too much noise or violence in most cases (until the British have left), but in the end, a complete disaster. It started with Indian Partition in 1947.

The bombings etc carried out by the IRA were terrible. Having said that, they were not a tenth of one percent as deadly or as wounding (in bald numerical terms) as, say, the American bombings of countries such as Iraq in the past 30 years, and even smaller by proportion than the bombings in Germany, Japan, France, Romania etc carried out, mainly, by the British and Americans during the Second World War.

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[Lazienki Park, Warsaw]

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Anyone listening to System/Jew-Zionist-lobby pundits such as Dan Hodges is likely to be disappointed, at least most of the time.

I agree with the above, though. This is not now about a piece of Westminster Bubble theatricality, but about the fact that million upon million British people are now going to suffer terribly simply because stupid Liz Truss and woolly-head Kwarteng have been trying to play a performative game with the future of Britain.

If the last part of that tweet is right, we are well and truly ******…

Even so, need one take seriously most British “security and intelligence” sources? Those people have been wrong most of the time since 1945 (and, indeed, were for much of the 1939-45 period).

Mirabile dictu— I even find myself in agreement with sleazy Bryant this afternoon. Not that one need be a political genius to see the obvious truth of that tweet, of course.

Kick them in the head. Don’t spare the smug smirking grey-hairs either, men and women both. In fact, do them even harder.

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The future of medicine may lie mostly with a more holistic approach.

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If the Prime Minister (yes, even if it is Liz Truss) commits expressly to something, commits to it in the Chamber of the House of Commons, and in response to a direct question, that’s that…or else.

As I blogged yesterday, if the Triple Lock is not reinstated, then that is effectively the end of the Conservative Party, because the hard core of Con support consists of pensioners. If most of them abstain or vote elsewhere, the Conservative Party might really end up with a national vote of 10%, and that would leave them with 50-100 MPs, quite possibly at the bottom of that range.

The Conservative Party is polling around 20% or so. Take away half or three-quarters of that, and you are left with 5%-10%. Goodnight Vienna.


Lose/lose for the Conservative Party. Election now means about 50 Con Party MPs left (ironically, as blogged yesterday, probably including Liz Truss), but the only alternatives are to keep her as PM until the next general election, which might mean a near-total wipe-out, or to replace her as soon as possible, and then hope that at least a third to a half of the Con Party MPs can be saved, 100-175 of them.

Actually, it’s true: Liz Truss is a fighter, a noisy, aggressive, stupid, pointless woman used to pushing herself to the fore. Trouble is, once the silly bitch has forced herself to the front, there is almost literally nothing in her arsenal (intellectually or otherwise), and that is as true in the House of Commons as it is in any possible nuclear confrontation with Russia.

Will that be the next Liz Truss attempt to channel Thatcher and the Falklands? To try to create a “Falklands Factor” or “Belgrano Moment”? If so, a big mistake, and we may all be the victims of it. Russia is not Argentina, it has many thousands of nuclear weapons, many more advanced than our own few (most newspapers etc say the UK has 30-60, some claim 100).

Yes, it may be that Russia could only land 50 or 100 nuclear weapons on us. Is that OK? Do people think that anything much would be left?

See also: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/01/26/the-tide-is-coming-in-reflections-on-the-possible-end-of-our-present-civilization-and-what-might-follow/.

“Stein”? (((J)))? Looks like it…

[Jason Stein]

Liz Truss is, apart from all her other faults, totally in the pocket of the Jew-Zionist and Israel lobby. She “proudly” said as much at the recent Conservative Party Conference, at the fringe event organized by the horrible “Conservative Friends of Israel” [“CFI”].

I posted, yesterday, Peter Oborne’s excellent analysis of the Truss/Kwarteng “government”:

That 9-minute exposition is a must-see.

I noticed that Oborne says that, over the past decade, the Conservative Party has been “captured” by “about four” groups, the primary one being “the super-rich“.

Another, interpenetrating, would be the Jew/Zionist/Israel lobby.

I agree. Generally, the aid monies stick to the aid “industry” itself, its executives, to corrupt governments and officials etc. Look at “Save the Children”: millions of pounds wasted on the salaries and expenses of sex pests and rapists such as Brendan Cox, the then husband of assassinated “Labour” MP, Jo Cox. I think that Brendan Cox alone was getting something like £300,000 (maybe £200,000 or so) a year, and he was not even the top boss!

If you want to help the poor of Asia or Africa or elsewhere, 9 times out of 10 your best bet is to just find a family and give money to them. No take-out, no bureaucracy; just a bit of money to help them get on.

There may be circumstances where a large-scale project can have good effects, but that is usually better done on the governmental level.

As for animal charities, better to find one which is directly doing good, such as those supported by the actor Peter Egan [A Perfect Spy etc]: see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Egan#Animal_rights_activism.

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Cut off all money, arms, and ammunition to the Jew-Zionist dictatorship in Kiev.

Is Harry Cole pushing for war with Russia? Bad idea, if so.

Incidentally, we read that Cole has “the best security and intelligence contacts” of all mainstream journalists in London. Maybe, but how can he check the veracity of what he is being told? What do his contacts want in exchange? What is their agenda?

We are living in unusual times. Historically, more money spent on defence meant more real security for the British people. Now, the reverse is the case. More money spent on defence may mean a greater chance of a nuclear attack on the UK, especially when billions of pounds are wasted on the Jew-Zionist regime in Kiev, which (((typically))) is alternately wheedling and demanding more from us daily.

At the same time, the Royal Navy cannot or will not even secure our shores from migration-invasion.

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Wealthy Jew Peston may think that keeping the Triple Lock is a “car crash“, but Liz Truss and her fellow Con MPs know for certain that they are toast if it goes. I have blogged today and yesterday about it.

It is a simple calculation: with Triple Lock, the pensioners who are the core of Conservative electoral support will stay on board, most of them; without the Triple Lock, over half, maybe three-quarters, of the Conservative vote just evaporates, leaving the Conservative Party in an existential hole.

It may well be that international bankers prefer “austerity” for the British people, while parasites siphon off hundreds of billions, but the British people beg to differ.

When will idiots like Peston start working for the British people, and stop spouting System finance-capital propaganda?

You want to cut spending? Close down 90% of the Army, Navy, and Air Force, none of which are doing anything at all useful now. Also, stop sending money to arms manufacturers and to Kiev.

Interesting analysis


 “After weeks of City chaos, and scoldings from Larry Summers and the IMF, even the most liberal and tofu-loving of commentators have bought into a dangerous idea: that you can never buck “the markets”.

Behind this mentality lies a whole mix of things, including the very understandable schadenfreude that comes with watching the Britannia Unchained lot find out that the markets don’t actually love them back. And who wouldn’t find joy in seeing the double-breasted, vacant-eyed, permanently post-prandial beetroots who between them make up the Conservative parliamentary party await an electoral tide that will sweep them out into generational oblivion? But the “markets know best” is not the lesson of the past few weeks, or the pandemic, or the bankers’ bailout before it. And believing so puts you on a collision course with voters.

You can see the result today: the UK is once again in the grip of austerity and anti-democratic politics – when we got into this crisis precisely because of austerity and democratic failure. The vast spending cuts made by George Osborne wrecked our hospitals, our schools and our town halls, and stoked the frustrations that ensured Brexit. I heard it over and over while reporting before the referendum – passersby declaring they were voting out, and citing as their reason nothing to do with Brussels and almost everything to do with the Tories. Their mum’s wait for an operation, their kids’ inability to get a council house, the loss of industry, the black hole left by privatisation: 40 years of bombed-out economics and bullshit politics.

To prove how far we have regressed, the politician who is once again everywhere is Osborne, easily the most ruinous Conservative minister this century. Others might name the layabout liar Boris Johnson or Truss the malfunctioning android, but it was Osborne who robbed Britain of a future. In the 2010s, interest rates hit rock-bottom and markets were practically screaming for governments to spend and invest. The UK could have rethought and rebuilt its post-crash economic model, but he chose to trample on the working poor and to cut, cut, cut. He is a big reason why Tory economics now has only two settings: cutting taxes for the rich, which never produces growth, or pursuing austerity that never brings prosperity.

Even today, Hunt is copying Osborne’s moves, right down to outsourcing politics to the financiers – just look at the newly installed panel of economic advisers, which comprises just two representatives of giant asset managers and two hedge-funders. Yet Jeremy cannot be George, because his role model cut public services so far there is nothing of substance left to take without them falling over. Now inflation is in double digits (unlike the prime minister’s approval ratings), it is devouring every Whitehall budget.

This is the UK’s horrific doom-loop, where voters are told the untenable is inevitable, while the sensibles keep mouthing stupidities and capitalists mirthlessly toast a cadaverous capitalism. Further downstream, surveys suggest over half (54%) of the 4m households on universal credit have gone without food in the last month, sick people in Wales can wait nearly two days inside an ambulance before getting admitted to A&E, and about 100,000 households each month are rolling off their mortgages into financial disaster.

[The Guardian]

I have noticed that “George” Osborne (Gideon Osborne), that nasty part-Jew “a nobody-but-with-money”, is now once more all over the TV politics shows, dispensing his “wisdom”.

Britain 2022


It’s like It’s a Wonderful Life but without any angels to help people. Maybe what Britain needs are avenging angels. As people now say, “just sayin’.”

Suella Braverman

Suella Braverman must be the shortest-serving Home Secretary ever. Like her predecessor, Priti Patel, another one of Indian origin, she talked a good game on migration invasion and immigration generally. Whether she would have been any more effective, I doubt. Anyway, that’s her gone as Home Secretary, gone as part of the Government, but not as MP: she scored over 63% of the vote last time, so has a safe seat even in these times.

See also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fareham_(UK_Parliament_constituency); https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suella_Braverman.

Apparently, she may be replaced by the Jew Shapps, who, about a decade ago, posed as other (invented) people, even using false identity badges, in order to sell get-rich-quick schemes in the Palace of Westminster and elsewhere.

A fanatical Jew-Zionist, and former head of the UK branch of B’Nai B’rith [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/B%27nai_B%27rith].

Can this “shitshow” of a government actually get much worse?

Late tweets seen

Useless“? Well, maybe (I have never heard of her). More useless than, say, Liz Truss, Boris-idiot, James Cleverly, Therese Coffey, and a hundred others?

How mad does this “shitshow” have to get before someone just takes Liz Truss outside and…well, you get my meaning?

There was a time, not so long ago, when British people laughed at goings-on of that sort overseas. Italy, Spain, maybe Yeltsin’s Russia, parts of Latin America or Asia. More than awkward. Humiliating for the whole country.

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44 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 19 October 2022”

  1. I would say the conflict in NI is an ethnic/national one where two peoples disagree about who they are and which country ie the United Kingdom of Great Britain and NI or the Republic of Ireland they truely belong to.

    Yes, there is some undoubted sectarianism to it all but one must be careful not to overemphasize that factor.

    This is why leftist simpletons in the Labour Party such as Corbyn who basically want to just dump the Unionists overboard and force them to join the Republic are just so wrong.

    Idiots like anti-Brit fanatic, Joe Biden, with his typical Irish-American chip on his shoulder about us don’t understand the situation properly either.

    Why on earth that scumbag was invited to the Queen’s funeral I don’t know when he constantly shows his enmity to this country.

    Ex President Trump should have been invited instead. At least Trump for all of his faults appears to have a genuine liking for the United Kingdom (no doubt because of his recent half-Scottish ancestry) and this is something quite rare with American Presidents even Republican ones.

    Out of the Republicans and Democrats it is normally better for us that there is a Republican in the White House.


  2. Not all Catholics in NI want to join the Republic. Some of them are perfectly content with being inside the UK provided they are not discriminated against and also because in the UK they can make use out of our free NHS whereas in the Republic you have to pay to see a doctor.


  3. A lot of people now in NI say they are Northern Irish rather than just Irish or British. It is a cross community identity and these people tend to place less emphasis on the constitutional issue than on ordinary everyday ones.


  4. I tend to be supportive of the death penalty but even though quite a few Tory MPs called for its return to use on IRA terrorists during the Troubles I think they were wrong.

    Executing vile IRA terrorists would have been justified on a moral level but it may well have made the situation worse by turning them into martyrs. The problem with terrorism and the death penalty is that most terrorists do have an identifiable political cause and therefore executing them is likely to turn them into martyrs and cause increased support for them.

    The best thing to do with convicted terrorists is to lock them up for very long periods of time eg prison sentences of sixty years plus with no possibility of parole.

    Don’t give them the oxygen of publicity they crave via execution.


      1. True but I still think executing terrorists who do have a readily identifiable cause which can be considered to be a realistic aim like the IRA’s was is likely to make them into martyrs and increase recruits to the ’cause’.

        Criminal trials where executions are a real possibility for the accused would also have been given a great deal of coverage whereas those where a convicted terrorist would be given a real life sentence would, generally-speaking, receive less.

        Terrorists who have a real cause really crave publicity. Just quietly bang terrorists away for a very long time in a spartan dungeon somewhere and contemplatiously ignore them in that way.


  5. Typical utterly moronic scribblings from a thicko ‘journalist’ at that oh so learned and august publication The Scum ‘newspaper’.🙄🙄🙄🙄

    Far from being ‘mad’ Vladimir Putin is a very cool, calm and calculating guy. So far he has run rings around virtually every Western politician.

    If you DO want ‘mad’ I would suggest, The Scum, that you look closer to home to none other than Ben Wallace and Loopy Liz Truss who both evidently believe Britain would survive a nuclear attack by Russia on us and think, utterly wrongly, that Russia won’t strike us FIRST before we get in some pathetic, half-arsed retaliation – a retaliation that our post world war 2 owners the Yanks might allow us via Yankee controlled Trident but may not.


  6. The corrupt Jew Zelensky must be told by us, the US and others that his evident wish to embroil Europe if not the entire planet in a nuclear war with Russia is NOT going to be entertained.

    Sadly, he won’t be by us because this wretched government has an ahem, globalist ex Lib Dem as its PM instead of having a true Tory like Neville Chamberlain with his attempted pro-British, Britain FIRST foreign policy.

    Whilst this conflict is undoubtedly a tragic and sad one it will do Britain, Europe and the world no good to see it spread. If we are careful enough it won’t and will fizzle out eventually of its own accord.


    1. John:
      Macron has already drawn a line around France and said to Russia that France will not use nuclear weapons against France unless *France* is attacked. Wise, and more statesmanlike than I had hoped from him.


      1. I think Macron is quite intelligent so he wouldn’t make the mistake of Truss and Wallace of making France a direct target for a nuclear attack from Russia.

        Yes, France should only use its nuclear weapons against Russia if France itself was attacked. Those very expensive weapons are paid for by hardworking French taxpayers to deter an attack upon the French motherland not Ukraine.


      2. Macron for all of his faults is someone who comes across as a quite thoughtful statesman at least most of the time.

        People like that have virtually disappeared entirely in this country. The House of Commons is composed of about 90% utter dross as was proven, once again, today.. Too many MPs would embarrass London Zoo.

        I’m seriously wondering whether it might well do Britain some good if we ended our largely fake and rigged democracy and had a charismatic and benevolent dictator for a while or even got the Windsors to rule us directly as in the olden days.

        Could either scenario really be any worse than being under the authority of the Muppet Show in Westminster?


      3. John:
        Forget about the Windsors, a dim bunch, frankly, as well as tied-in to multiculturalism etc.

        I, however, stand ready to serve the people as clement though firm ruler, if called upon.


      4. Not many people in this country know that the foundations of South Korea’s stupendous rise from being one of the world’s poorest countries in the 1950’s to being today’s economic mega success story with world leading and export orientated companies such as Samsung and LG were laid by a military dictatorship in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

        Yes, a military dictatorship helped to create ‘The Miracle On The Han River’ economy.


      5. John:
        Likewise, few people know that, until the 1970s, the *North* Koreans, per capita, were better-off economically than those of the South. The inherent contradictions of the dynastic feudalist “socialist” system in the North, combined with lessening favours from the Soviet Union, led to a decline which led to the bizarre situation of North Korea today.


  7. Yes, Loopy Liz is probably gagging to unleash her ‘inner Maggie’ and try and embroil us in a pointless conflict with Russia so as to provide a much needed boost in the polls.

    Unfortunately, for her, the real Margaret had far more intelligence than the risible attempted copy and Maggie’s War DID have some easily discernable British national interest to it in that the British Task Force sent to reclaim the Falkland Islands was despatched to liberate people who were of overwhelming British descent from an unwanted foreign occupation.

    Also, the British Armed Forces were of a higher standard then in terms of their equipment, size and there was less PC nonsense in them. Sadly, PC is in its early stages of ruining the last public institution of the UK to have so far escaped from this plague like the police already have been.


  8. The Tories could remove Loopy Liz without calling a general election. Yes, it wouldn’t look good to kick out yet another leader but they do have a majority in the House and we don’t vote directly for PMs (apart from the voters who live in their constituencies).

    We have no codified written constitution so there is no constitutional bar to the governing party changing their leader within the term of a parliament.


  9. National and very unfunny joke, Loopy Liz, at the helm of Britain through a new Cuban Missile type Crisis?

    GOD ALMIGHTY! Has Halloween arrived already?

    Time to send for one of the very few adults in the Tory room and plausible alternative PMs then!

    Step forward the Right Honourable Jeremy Hunt MP.


      1. He is not only more intelligent than Liz but much more naturally suited and able to be PM and people like that are in very short supply within the Tory Party.

        He looks the part of a PM in waiting and certainly comes across that way.

        In these public schools like Charterhouse that he attended do they have some form of secret labs where they come up with potential PMs and cabinet ministers as if on an production line in a factory?

        Of course, that probably does NOT apply to Eton College. When was the last PM from that school who was any good? Balfour? Lord Salisbury?🤔🙄


  10. Yes, we may well not have MI5/MI6 for all the good they do. They didn’t take action against dangerous, virulently anti-British, globalist fanatics and subversives like Jack Straw or Tony Bliar did they?🙄😠😠😢😥


      1. He is a vile globalist Blairite so it is no wonder the Daily Mail employs him. Previously, he has been associated with those mobsters of the Unite Against Fascism cranks.

        Liked by 1 person

  11. Bloody hell! This farcical administration (if you can call it that) is disintegrating before our very eyes!

    Suella Braverman has just resigned!

    What complete non entity and manifestly incompetent moron is going to replace her?🤔🙄🤔🙄🙄

    Now, we did have an improvement in replacing Kwarteng with Jeremy Hunt so can we have Suella replaced with Sir John Hayes? He is a traditional Tory of the old school in that he is anti murdering babies in the womb and pro hanging criminals by their necks between the second and third vetebra so they are executed.😂😆😀 Mind you, he only wants that as a possible discretionary punishment on the part of judges and not as a mandatory sentence as it once was which is fair enough.

    He also happens to hold the safest Tory seat of the lot called South Holland and The Deepings which if the polls are to be believed and if there were to be a general election could well be the only Tory seat left!


  12. I am surprised by John’s blind faith in Jeremy Hunt, Assuming he is a “good guy”, patriotic and all that; do you think that the (((people))) who control Britain will let him carry on with a personal pro-British programme?

    These people will not allow anyone to interfere with their plans, therefore if Jeremy does not follow the script, he will be fired or they will find a skeleton in his wardrobe and force him to resign.

    Sorry, I don’t see ANY reason to be happy or optimistic about him.


      1. Mrs Thatcher was hated by very large numbers of people but even her most passionate detractors didn’t view her as a joke/figure of fun and regarded her as a serious politician and credible PM even though they violently disagreed with her entire political philosophy.


    1. I am not saying he is marvellous or God’s gift to Britain but he does have some intelligence and ability to be a cabinet minister or PM. He is CREDIBLE in that regard. He wouldn’t have made an utter pratt of himself on a trapeze wire and embarrass himself, his party and his country like Boris Idiot/Buffoon did.

      He is a serious and well educated man and as a Brit I can tell you for a fact there are very, very few of those people in Britain’s ‘natural party of government’ ie the Tories.

      The Conservative Party over the last few years has become a national joke rather akin to the Monster Raving Loony Party and this is something not even its fiercest critics like Arthur Scargill would ever have described the Tories as being in Thatcher’s day.


      1. Hello John: Well, I wish you and the good, patriotic people in the UK, good luck. As I said, we will have to see what Jeremy can do. BTW, I have heard fools saying that he is pro-Chinese just because his wife is Chinese. What a ridiculous thing to say!

        Having said that, there are different aspects to the “pro-Chinese” attitude, You could be an admirer of the Chinese culture, an admirer of the ruthless, pragmatic approach of the Chinese to politics, or just a corrupt bastard happy to do business with the Chinese without any regards for your country.

        PS: I do agree with you and Ian; this idiot (Lis Truss) is the worst PM ever and the whole thing gets worse by the day!!!


  13. Oh For God’s Sake, not Grant Shapps as Home Secretary!🙄🙄🙄🙄😠😠😠😠😠

    As you say can this excrement show get any worse?

    It appears the Tories have no clue WHATEVER at what is making them so unpopular. I will give them a clue! It isn’t just daft libertarian extremist economics that the financial markets rip apart in five minutes.

    It is the fact they keep on appointing leftist globalist Home Secretaries as well!

    There are NO votes for the Tories with regard to this! Lefty voters will STILL hate you whilst you piss off potential Tory voters.


      1. It sure does. The Conservative Party needs to dump the libertarian extremist economics crap, move to the centre ground on running the economy but also take a sharp rightward turn on immigration and law and order.

        The most succesful ‘Right-wing’ parties on the Continent all put forward those kind of opinions.

        They are mistaken if they think globalist liberals have any real regard for them. They never did and they especially don’t now considering it was the Tory Party that put Brexit into effect. Those kind of voters haven’t forgiven the party for that.


  14. I’m afraid Grant Schapps is wholly unacceptable and will no doubt be worse than Suella who, as you say, at least talked a good game.

    I’m sorry but this dodgy spiv called Grant will have to tender his resignation or be sacked by next week at the latest.


    1. NativeWarrior14:
      Yes, but how ludicrous is that? An immigrant (albeit born in the UK) pulling up the ladder behind her? I have no idea how honest her views are.

      Unusual in that she regards herself as Buddhist, despite Hindu origins; also, in that her husband seems to be Jewish.


  15. Hello Ian: I know you stop practicing law a long time ago, but I would like to know your opinion on this matter. Basically: Can the Government force you (the hotel’s owner) to take bloody asylum seekers?

    According to “Nottinghamshire Live”, the Home Office has taken over the place. I cannot believe this! Here is the local article



    1. Claudius:
      The short answer, in “normal” times (in wartime, special regulations may apply), is “No”. The owners cannot be forced to take “asylum seekers” (migrant invaders) but, in this case, and as the newspaper report says, the directors of the company operating that hotel have contracted (i.e. freely) with the government to house the invaders, presumably in return for X-amount of ££ per person per day.


  16. Yes, I’ve read a report on yesterday’s farcical events in parliament in The Independent which says that you are correct in believing that Suella Braverman is now the proud holder of the record of being Britain’s shortest serving Home Secretary.

    Now, for the record for the shortest serving British PM in history to be smashed which is currently held by George Canning a Tory PM in the 19th Century with a length in office of 119 days.

    He has the excuse of dying in office though!

    Apparently, some cruel sod has put up a countdown clock website counting down the days till Liz Truss manages to serve longer!😂😂😂


    1. John:
      The only way the Conservative Party will survive as a major force in the Commons (naturally, I hope for its demise, as well as that of the Labour Party) is for Truss to be removed and some other person “anointed” who is not as bad as her. Not easy, looking at the large number of complete deadheads who are now Con Party MPs.

      If Truss continues, the Con Party will be all but wiped out whenever there *is* a general election; likewise, an immediate general election would pretty much wipe them out. Therefore, it seems logical that she will be replaced by A.N. Other, who will “rule” until sometime in 2024, giving the Con Party a chance of at least retaining half of the Con MPs (arguably, possibly).


      1. About 99% plus of Tory MPs are complete duds and are as thick as pig excrement. There is probably no more than ten of their members who could be in anyway credible as PM.

        Jeremy Hunt is one of them but you very soon run out of names.


      2. John:
        I cannot think of even one suitable or qualified, though at least (arguably) David Davis has his heart —sort-of— in the right place. He might appeal to the more traditional British people.


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