Diary Blog, 20 October 2022

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Britain 2022


Read it. Remarkable even by the standards of Britain’s increasingly useless police forces.

A woman who took a picture of a teenager who groped her at a bus station was staggered to be told by police that the case would be shelved – due to a lack of evidence.

The force reopened the investigation only after the 25-year-old victim passed on her photographs of the tagged groper to her local newspaper.

When a journalist contacted Derbyshire Police, officers issued a public appeal and within days, Daniel Oakes had been arrested.”

[Daily Mail]

Note that the force involved was that of Derbyshire, whose extremely poor police spent inordinate amounts of time persecuting and eventually prosecuting the satirist and singer-songwriter Alison Chabloz at the behest of the malicious Jew-Zionist cabal, “Campaign Against Antisemitism” [“CAA”].

The same force was one of the worst during the “Covid” “panicdemic” as well, pointlessly bullying members of the public in various ways.

Derbyshire Police also has a very poor record in relation to detecting real crime. Not so surprising when you read the Daily Mail report above.

The readers’ comments are interesting. Here’s one;

Big Mac n Cheese, Derby, United Kingdom, 10 minutes ago

This is my local police farce. It seems the police are little more than window dressing these days. Not particularly interested in preventing or solving crime. Like with hospitals, surgery’s, schools, councils ect, standards have declined to a level that is totally unacceptable.”

[Daily Mail].

Another Daily Mail reader comments:

AndyJames445, London, United Kingdom, 1 hour ago

Police are useless as are the authorities. We are now in unprecedented times where everything in our society is breaking down and nothing works.”

[Daily Mail]

As those readers comment, it is not just the police— standards have been declining across the board: police, NHS, councils, central government, exams, schools, universities, you name it. Parliament too. I mean, look at the stupid woman posing as Prime Minister (Liz Truss), and her so-called “Deputy Prime Minister”, and Health Secretary (Therese Coffey). Look at the near-brawl in the House of Commons yesterday. And so on.

[Therese Coffey, Deputy Prime Minister and Health Secretary]
[Therese Coffey]
[Liz Truss, Prime Minister…]

Tweets seen

Inform, educate, entertain“, the original prescription of Lord Reith [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Reith,_1st_Baron_Reith].

What we now have is a multikulti agenda masquerading as “inform” (TV/radio news etc), a multikulti and Jew-Zionist agenda posing as “educate” (including huge amounts of “holocaust” farrago), and a vast amount of money spent on the “entertain” bit, most of which output is not entertaining in the slightest (and also serves that multikulti agenda, e.g. with blacks seen everywhere, even in period drama).

The Jew Shapps. Effectively an agent of Jew-Zionism and Israel. A former youth leader of the Zionist “B’nai B’rith” organization. A “dodgy” inhabitant of the Hertfordshire “Borshch Belt”, who sold get-rich-quick schemes in Parliament, using at least 3 aliases. Now posing as Home Secretary.

Another near-lunatic.

The UK could, under a real British government, call a halt to the demonization of Russia, restore both trading and cultural links with Russia, and distance the UK from NATO, or at least be more independent (as France is, with its force de frappe).

Britain would then be able to access Russian gas (via a new pipeline direct to the UK) at cheap or very cheap prices. Britain would see a whole new future open up for it.

More tweets

True, though Steve Hilton is himself a “three pound note”— useless. I blogged about him, about Dominic Cummings, and about Brendan Bracken, a few years ago:

The System relies on complete or near-complete “control”, which was one reason there was such a massive campaign against Corbyn, spearheaded by the Jew-Zionist element.

Liz Truss, by reason of her sheer lack of ability, threatens System “stability”. She will, therefore, be removed, to put in place a (superficially) better Prime Minister-figure.

Land, the ultimate reservoir of wealth.

Haven’t I seen that somewhere before?

I seem to recall seeing a piece in one of the newspaper magazines (in the days, long ago, when both they and their parent newspapers were designed for intelligent, reasonably-cultured British adults) about Hampstead Garden Suburb [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hampstead_Garden_Suburb], and about how the entire population of the UK (as it then was) could in theory be housed in a radius of 30 miles or so around London, at that density. Maybe 35 miles, now.

Not that I particularly favour the layout of Hampstead Garden Suburb (I knew a lady who lived there, about 30 years ago), but there are worse places to live in the world, or in the UK for that matter.

More tweets

As Peter Oborne laid out in this recent piece;

and…there we have it:

The ignorant, talentless “ho”, devoid of any real education or culture, devoid of any understanding of the British people, has quit (after saying just yesterday that she was “not a quitter“). Well, no more a lie than anything else she, “Boris”-idiot, Theresa May, David Cameron-Levita-Schlumberger and others in the Westminster monkeyhouse have said over the past 12 years.

Ha ha. She will not even get the £115,000 a year all other recent Prime Minister retirees have received (though I have seen tweets to the contrary).

I thought that two months was the shortest time allowing an outgoing prime minister to get the cash. Is that 2 calendar months, or 8 weeks? I do not know.

So far she has “served” 6 weeks and 2 days, so I suppose she might still make at least 8 weeks, and so (?) breast the tape. She has “resigned” as of today, or so the news reports say. Does that mean her term ends as of now? How can she then get the cash?

Reading the reports, it looks as though the official dates will be massaged to allow her to get the cash.

They really do not know their (collective) **** from their elbow.

Naturally, in our rigged more or less binary electoral system, the people look to Labour now, but “Labour” is just another face of the System. Look at the System drones in the Shadow Cabinet— Yvette Cooper, Lisa Nandy, Rachel Reeves. All Labour Friends of Israel, none willing to commit to the Triple Lock on State Pensions, none willing to commit to raising State benefits in line with inflation.

We could be looking at a Labour government every bit as bad as the “Conservative” ones of recent years.

I should imagine that the Conservative Party will try to install someone who will sit as Prime Minister for the next year or two, in the hope that, over time, the opinion polls will swing at least somewhat back to a position whereby maybe half the Conservative seats will be saved. An election now means a near-wipeout for the Conservative Party.

Still, who knows what is really going on behind the scenes, in the hidden ruling circles?

That valete shows a stunning lack of understanding of her defaults, and also a lack of understanding of international affairs. Putin may “menace” the Jew Zelensky and his Kiev regime; he certainly does not “threaten the security of our whole continent”.

Indeed, Russia is struggling to keep a tenth of Ukraine under occupation. How then (even if he wanted to) could Putin threaten the security of Europe as a whole, or even the “near-abroad” of the Baltic States?

Just Stop Oil

Those idiots talk about “people freezing in their homes” but their solution to that is —wait for it— to restrict new sources of oil and gas! The educational system in the UK needs a radical overhaul, needs to teach young people how to reason…

Start kicking them. They cannot even stop you, because they have glued themselves to the road. Alternatively, reroute the traffic, and at the same time spray those bastards (male, female, old as well as young) with freezing water, continuing for hours, for days, until they either unglue themselves or beg to be arrested.

If they get away with these actions, they will escalate their sub-terrorism.

Liz Truss

When Liz Truss became Prime Minister, I predicted the following, in such terms: that I would be “surprised” if her term lasted as long as the end of 2022, and “astonished” if she lasted as long as Spring 2023. One gold tick for this blog…

No wonder that journalists, MPs, ministers of foreign governments etc read this blog.

Late tweets seen

Just bought a half-bottle of Lanson Black Label Brut (at less than half-price— £9.19), and may decide to keep it until Gates snuffs it.


Ha ha. There is the typical ignorant msm drone for you. A journalist who has no idea that Hugh Carleton Greene and Hughie Green were not one and the same! See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hugh_Greene and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hughie_Green.

At least Mr. Bale’s Twitter profile has elements of honesty (“Travelling the world (again) and talking bollocks. Fortunate to have been at Reuters, FT, News, Microsoft, CNN and CPI.”)


This is not the “USA” (or “UK”, on a smaller scale). It is not even the Jew-Zionist element, not entirely. It is the NWO, the New World Order conspiracy, at work. The NWO wants to not only trammel and control Russia, but to destroy its proper future by enfolding it as another part of the Western jigsaw.

Ha ha. Still, good news that the Swedes are finally starting to wake up.

They are finally having to realize that multiculturalism does not work; it certainly cannot result in any sort of decent society.

Late music

47 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 20 October 2022”

    1. This is a STUNNING new British record she has set!😂😂🤣🤣 George Canning, old Tory Boy, you have taken one hell of a beating!😂😂🤣🤣😀😀😃😃 I was only looking at the previous record holder’s page yesterday on that ever useful internet site called Wikipedia and someone had only edited it to say he holds the record a mere day or so ago. I didn’t expect that it would need to be updated so soon!😂😂😂

      Liz is destined to be relegated in history to pub quizzes and the one million pound question on future editions of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?😂😂😂🙄🙄🙄🙄


    2. Naturally, we are filled with side-splitting mirth at this news but we do need to remember that the non Conservative Party does have an uncanny knack of not only changing their leaders with almost the regularity of people changing their daily underwear but also by giving us ever worse ones.

      I am genuinely frightened at what ghoulish specimen they unleash upon us from their Chamber of Tory Horrors!


    3. George Canning, HOLD MY BEER! OR IS YOUR BEER?😂😂😂😂😂

      I’m not too familiar with the expression but it is funny anyway!🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😀😀😀😃😃🤣🤣🤣😆😆😆😆😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣


  1. If only moronic libertarian extremist cretins like Steve Hilton would do something useful like either dying of the COVID 19 terrible illness wicked ***** like him imposed upon others or eff off to the USA and be put into one of their gas chambers they haven’t used since 1999.

    The US still does a nice line in executions for evil pricks like him.

    Or maybe he can go to Singapore which, unlike us, has an excellent Home Secretary (one of the world’s best infact) who DOES take his grave responsibilities seriously in controlling crime, borders and who dealt with COVID brilliantly well in a country which is one of the world’s most densely populated so that pandemic could have been a real disaster but wasn’t.

    These vile nation wrecking libertarian extremists make me laugh. They laud Singapore for its ultra free market economy but morons like them would be shunned in that country and treated like the anti-social outcasts and misfits they are because Singaporeans have a moral sense they so clearly lack.

    Time for all this country’s libertarian extremist morons to eff off out of this country FOR GOOD. You have wrecked the Conservative Party, our economy, our formerly good society and, in too many cases, people’s health.

    NOW hop it and don’t let the door slam you on the way out.


  2. Those protesters do have a semblance of a point. Global warming and climate change due to many factors including human ones IS happening and should be dealt with.

    As a country and a world we need to find new green ways to meet our energy requirements.

    The planet needs to be taken care of. Human beings can’t abuse it indefinitely without severe consequences occuring. We humans are a part of nature and have to live in harmony with it


      1. I think those protesters have a valid point of view but spraying large amounts of orange paint over one of London’s most world famous department stores which many people from Britain and around the globe (including myself at times) have used as a tourist attraction and creating criminal damage is not really the right way to go about trying to make people sympathize or understand their opinions.

        I can comprehend the urgency of their cause and that they are frustrated that in a country like Britain with its effectively rigged semi-democracy their cause has few ways to make itself heard other than dramatic actions like that.

        It would be much easier to do that in a country with a genuine modern democracy with PR like Germany or Denmark rather than one that, disgracefully, shares a decrepit and unfair electoral system with Belarus which is probably Putin’s only real friend.


  3. Jeremy Hunt or Penny Mordaunt for PM!

    Hunt might be best. He is certainly someone who does have some administrative ability. He looks and sounds like a plausible PM and there are a vanishingly small number of people you can say that about in the parliamentary Conservative Party. He is unlikely to embarrass us abroad.

    There is some talk about Teresa May coming back as a interim PM.

    It is either those two above or we will have to ask His Majesty King Charles III to (dare I even say it?) ‘Take Back REAL Control’🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😀😀

    This country is a worldwide laughing stock! Sadly!😠😠😠😥😥😥


    1. John:
      If all you want is someone who looks the part, you may as well recruit a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company.

      As for the King, what makes you think that he could run the UK actively (even were it possible)? Of course, I know you jest.

      Now I read that “Boris”-idiot may return…


      1. Boris Idiot? Well, sadly, there ARE even worse people than that within the almost completely bare Tory cupboard but surely that is a flight of fantasy?

        Does anyone think he will profusely apologize to his party and, more importantly, the country for his disgraceful behaviour and change his entire character?

        That must be a billion to one chance.


      2. Michael Gove could make for a plausible PM. I am not exactly on his very often quite weird and disturbing ideological plane but he does have some basic governing ability like Hunt does.

        When you think about who could do the PM’s often very difficult and trying job particularly in these sort of times one soon runs out of credible candidates.


      3. What about Larry The Downing Street cat? Surely there is a case for looking at his leadership credentials?😆😃😀😂🤣🤣🙄🙄🙄


      4. Above all, I want someone with the actual ABILITY to be PM – a difficult job at the best of times but particularly so with the challenging economic situation at present and other scenarios like the Ukraine conflict.

        This isn’t a too unreasonable expectation but that we have so few members of the parliamentary Conservative Party that could fit that requirement is a scary and depressing thought.


      5. John:
        I just saw 10 mins of BBC coverage, outlining the possible candidates: 2 Indians, one black woman, “Boris”-idiot, that Wallace character, and Penny Mordaunt.

        Not a very inspiring bunch, at most diplomatic…


      6. Penny Mordaunt it is then! Wallace may be all right if he could just learn to not be a warmonger as traditional Tories like Chamberlain, Lord Halifax etc tended not to be and not imbibe the whisky quite so much and then spout some unhinged machismo about Ukraine.

        Britain FIRST would be a good campaign slogan NOT Ukraine First.


      7. Penny Mordaunt might be ok. At least she was wise enough to not join Boris’s cabinet and she is, more or less, a complete unknown to the public.

        Boris left behind quite a stink which is still in need of fumigation.


  4. Some good points from Peter Hitchens there. The BBC should be given about two or three years to thoroughly reform itself and if it can’t then it should be shut down and replaced with a new public broadcaster.

    I support the ethos of public service broadcasting but we can’t allow a so-called national broadcaster to constantly undermine national morale, national self-belief, national self-awareness and basic British patriotism as they do.

    Lord Reith must be turning in his grave at what a vile, anti-British organisation the BBC has become.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Now that Liz Truss has been summarily despatched to the outer darkness of future pub quiz questions can we now break another record ie that of the shortest-serving Home Secretary?

    Suella Braverman broke it yesterday according to The Independent but her replacement, if anything, is even worse as is the usual, abysmal Tory way.

    Having a Zionist Jew who uses false identities with libertarian (and therefore no respect for the concept of national borders) and globalist inclinations is NOT my idea, or, I suspect that of other’s model of the ideal Home Secretary.

    Grant Schapps personifies how the Conservative Party lost its way with the all too predictable results as we see today and in the present horrific opinion polls.

    Step forward Sir John Hayes! Your party and country needs you!


    1. John:
      Hard to believe that that bloody Jew is considered to be suitable to be the guardian of so many secrets, after his “get rich quick” activities posing as “Michael Green” et al.


      1. Indeed. Someone who is untrustworthy enough to fake his own identity should surely not be an MP let alone be in charge of MI5 as Home Secretary.

        That Jewish Zionist group he was a member of is quite sinister as well even when compared to their other community groups.

        How can a close watch be placed upon him when he is in charge of the Home Office?😠😠😠🙄🙄🙄

        The CONS really do themselves no favours appointing such people to the Home Office.

        Michael Howard is a Jew but, to my knowledge, he has never been a member of that Zionist organisation.

        I am really quite concerned about Mr Schapps appointment.


    1. HennyPenny:
      Thank you. Will look at that. It makes me fume, the way that “ordinary people” suffer because the police both refuse to do their proper job and also want to play at being a poundland KGB.


      1. And not forgetting we pay our hard earnt taxes to enable them to be such substandard police ‘forces’ with appalling crime clear up rates as well!

        Even the libertarian nutcases of the non Conservative Party haven’t found a way of privatising them yet as they are public services which can only be ones performed and owned by the state so we can’t even shop around using our consumer power to get better services like we can with services provided by private enterprise.


  6. Yes, if we are going to have a nuclear deterrent then it should be modelled after that of France’s ‘force de frappe’.

    It should be entirely under our control. There is no point in Brexit if we are still, effectively, a US colony. Independence from the US is at least as important as independence from Europe if not more so.

    Time to exit NATO and stop being America’s demented lost puppy. The US may have issues with Russia but we shouldn’t have in the longer term.

    Unlike the US, Russia, or, at least the Western part of it is part of Europe as are we so our foreign policy needs to take account of that.


  7. Now that Liz Truss has resigned because she lacked the basic ability to be PM and very unwisely listened to shadowy libertarian extremist crackpots like 55 Tufton Street, the Institute of Economic Affairs etc can we, finally, expunge the dire influence of these economy and society wrecking lunatics from the Conservative Party so it can, at long last, start to represent normal people again? Perhaps, in time, it might be viewed as a half-credible party!

    It is time these people were firmly told to leave the Conservative Party and to stop their infiltration of it.

    So much for people being against Proportional Representation as it allegedly helps ‘extremists’. Well, under FPTP, ‘extremists’ can and, as we have seen, DO bury themselves inside a ‘mainstream’ party, take it over, alter its agenda and gives such a party absolute power on a minority share of the vote!

    FPTP also enabled members of the British Communist Party to be elected as MPs in 1935 and 1945 but the likes of the Daily Mail ect won’t be telling people that.🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


  8. Strangely enough, I only passed George Canning’s statue in Parliament Square (in front of that rather elegant and smart Supreme Court building of Brexit fame which must be one of the nicest looking buildings in London) last month when Queen Elisabeth II’s funeral was taking place.

    Her last PM was the first PM to share a name with her and now Liz Truss PM is gone as well.


  9. Yes, Labour is no real alternative particularly when Keir Starmer acts like Chairman Mao and refuses to endorse his own party’s members call for Proportional Representation to be introduced.

    What is he so scared of? Is it that he doesn’t like PR because it would enable the British people to fight back against his New Labour (reheated) agenda of utterly flooding this country with millions of new immigrants as they did when New Labour Mark One did from 1997 to 2010?

    With that record the last time they were in government with a stupid landslide I have every right to be suspicious of their hidden agendas!🙄🙄🙄

    If people don’t like the Conservative Party that is fine. Don’t vote for them then! You can abstain instead of putting an X by the Tory candidate’s name and that would still be one less Tory vote, vote Lib Dem, Green if you are a leftie, SNP, Plaid etc.


  10. Hi Ian, re. Liz Truss resignation: I have just heard that “Boris” is considering standing as leader again, because in his words “it is in the national interest” lol! Talk about a comedy of errors! 😅🤣


    1. By “it is in the national interest” he means his party’s interests though he must be living under a rock somewhere to think that.

      Personally, I think he along with a few others has done almost terminal damage to his party.

      He clearly thinks of himself as a kind of Donald Trump figure. However, Trump, for all of his faults did have a kind of political philosophy that had wide appeal and had some coherence to it summed-up by the phrase ‘America First’.

      Boris put Ukraine rather than Britain first. Boris ‘won’ the election of 2019 through two main reasons ie ‘getting Brexit done’ though this still hasn’t been actually achieved because of the NI Protocol and two because the Jewish Zionist/pro Israel Lobby conducted a veritable hate campaign against Corbyn because of his views on the Palestine/Israel issue. There were some other factors causing Corbyn to be unpopular but that was one of the main ones.


      1. John:
        I have/had little time for Corbyn, and I tend to laugh at him, but he at least is a recognizable English “type”, unlike “Boris”, who is a copperbottomed fake in all respects, a kind of self-created pastiche or cartoon “upper class Englishman” (in reality, a part-Jew, born in New York City and largely brought up in the USA and Belgium).


  11. When she became PM I didn’t think she would last long. I thought until May of next year with a drubbing in the local elections but even so I have have been surprised at the sheer speed of this. More lately, I thought she wouldn’t leave until the end of this month at the earliest or until Jeremy Hunt sorts out the next mini budget.


  12. Hello Ian: The situation in the UK is more a “comedy of horrors” than a “comedy of errors”. I can’t believe that that disgusting , brainless fat slob called Boris Johnson had the cheek to suggest/say he is ready to become PM again.

    Incidentally, I liked the analysis by Peter Oborne. Liz Truss was appalling even to look at! You can tell there is NOTHING between her ears. What an idiot! Margaret Thatcher must be turning in her grave!


      1. Thank you very much for that interesting article. Yes, Marx was right in that regard. Napoleon III was a pathetic creature. It is also pathetic the way some Frenchmen try to make a hero out of a fool like him. I can speak with some authority because I have been subscribed to the newsletter from the FONDATION NAPOLEON for nearly 16 years.

        Is very revealing that out of, let’s say 20 articles 18 are about Napoleon I (or just Napoleon) and 2 about Napoleon III (or, as Victor Hugo put it so nicely “Napoleon le petit”)


  13. Re that story on Sweden: multiculturalism CAN work but only in very limited circumstances ie such a society must be very prosperous AND a government ruling over it must be prepared to use a very heavy and ultra-authoritarian stick to force people together and to crush tensions between groups as the government of Singapore is capable of doing and regularly practices.

    Multi cultural societies tend to be hard societies to manage without being authoritarian on the part of governments and as they lack natural cohesiveness.


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