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Conservative Party leadership

Still seems open, though the big guns of the mass media and Con Party are all promoting Sunak. So far, Penny Mordaunt has only 26 public declarations, with a mere 3 hours to go, though her camp claims “many more” private declarations to Sir Graham Brady of the 1922 Committee.

It may be, but time is running very short for her to get the necessary 100 declarations. She may now have anywhere between 50 and 100.

If Mordaunt were able to take the matter to the Conservative Party membership, she might well win; many rank-and-file members hate Sunak (see, e.g. the readers’ comments in the Daily Mail), and I can see the membership of the Con Party dropping to a few tens of thousands (if that) under Sunak’s obviously-intentioned “slash spending” regime.

Looking beyond, to the next general election, if Sunak starts to make everyone (but the already ultra-wealthy) much poorer by 2023 and 2024, then one has to ask where the Conservative votes are going to come from.

Not the young (say, under-30s— very few favour Con Party); not very many of the 30-60 age group either, who will mostly be even poorer than they are now, and struggling with exploitative rents, higher mortgage payments etc, and higher taxes. As for the mainstay of the Conservative vote, the 60+ age group, their allegiance has flagged since Sunak, as Chancellor, suspended the Triple Lock. They suspect that Indian money-juggler Sunak regards them as “useless eaters”.

If Sunak reinstates the Triple Lock, some of the 60+ age group may well continue to vote Con; if not, their votes will either go to the LibDems or Labour, or perhaps to snake-oil Farage’s conservative-nationalist “Reform Party”. Many might simply abstain.

The Conservative Party has let down the overwhelmingly English/British 60+ age group— on pensions, on mass immigration and migration-invasion, and on other issues important to that group, such as law and order.

The only question at present is whether the voters will give Labour —if only by default— a massive majority, or only a small-to-medium one.

Labour, which until very recently looked as if it had little future with white English/British voters, now looks almost unbeatable in the short-term, if only by default.

It cannot help Sunak, as likely Prime Minister, that he is almost forced to delay a general election, despite the perception that he has no real mandate, being the third prime minister since the 2019 General Election.

If Sunak were to call a general election this year or early next year, there would only be 50-100 Conservative MPs likely to survive, so he has no choice but to try to rule without much legitimacy.

The msm are mostly ignoring the fact that Sunak is Indian (yes yes, “born in Southampton, attended Winchester” etc).

Interesting times.

Tweets seen

In the UK, there is an epidemic of such cases, but because many (though far from all) involve individuals who are black or of mixed race (who are far more likely to be schizophrenic anyway), the msm generally ignore the role of marijuana in many of the most horrible violent crimes committed.

Hopefully, useless “Boris” Johnson will now disappear, at least if he loses his Uxbridge seat before too long.

I have to say that I found “Partygate” a storm in a teacup, and the silly “rules” laid down partly by “Boris”-idiot himself were a waste of time anyway, but I know anecdotally, meaning from keeping my ears open, that many people did take “Partygate” seriously.

My criticisms of the buffoon were and are more weightily-founded, I think: shutting down the UK economy for nearly 2 years, imposing restrictions which were both dictatorial and stupid, involving the UK in the Ukrainian war that really has nothing to do with us, and failing to stop or even reduce the migration invasion.

Typical. Dan Hodges takes the pro-multikulti System line. “Diversity” (meaning promotion of non-whites, and subjugation of white people) supposedly “a strength“, when the opposite is the case.

Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan.

Ha ha! So scribbles Jew fraud Grant Shapps, who used aliases even in the Palace of Westminster in order to flog dodgy get-rich-quick schemes to mugs.

Unbelievably, the Jew fraud is now Home Secretary (appointed last week), and privy to all sorts of secret intelligence etc. I suppose that he wrote that article because he wants Sunak to keep him in the job, or at least in Cabinet.

Needless to say, I am not very interested in Penny Mordaunt, but I cannot, and will not, accept an Indian, or any other sort of non-white, as Prime Minister of my country.

I find that I warm to Beth Rigby a little…

So Sunak wants honesty and probity in his government. Will he sack Grant Shapps, then? Or himself?

If Sunak becomes Prime Minister on the nod, you can probably say goodbye to the Conservative Party.

More tweets

Well, I have no faith in Farage-the-snake-oil-man’s “Reform Party”, though if it takes away votes from the fake “Conservative” Party, I wish it well to that extent.

No party that is not explicitly anti- (((you know who))) will ever get my endorsement.

The British people need and (unconsciously) want social nationalism, but are bamboozled 24/7 by a corrupt and Jew-Zionist-influenced msm.

You only have to look at the public attitude to Ukraine. It has gone from a country few had even heard of (up to early 2022, arguably), and that only a tiny handful had either visited and/or knew much about (up to today, really), to a kind of “ally” in a supposed “fight” with Putin and/or Russia. That despite the fact that the UK has never had a shared history with the quite new (1991) state of Ukraine, and never had anything substantial to do with —as it was called in English— the Ukraine (unless you count the Crimean War of 1853-1856, which was between Britain, France, the Ottoman Empire and Piedmont-Sardinia on one side, and the Russian Empire on the other).

At the time of the Crimean War, there was no question of Ukraine existing as an independent state, nor even as a separate country ruled over by Russia or the Russian Empire. It was far less “independent” or separate from Russia than, say, Scotland or Wales were and now are from England. As for Crimea, that had been Ottoman territory, mainly occupied by Crimean Tatars, until the time of Catherine the Great, and was incorporated into Russia in 1783:

See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crimean_War; and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crimea.

Now, you see silly and ignorant people (eg in newspaper readers’ comment sections) claiming that anyone not supporting “the war” in Ukraine is a “traitor“, etc. They have been fooled by the (((msm))) into thinking that Britain is almost literally at war with Russia over the Ukraine incursion.

People are fairly easily whipped up into a completely fake pseudo-patriotic fervour when the msm and political class all sing the same song.

The mass of the British people are now being invited to blame Putin and Russia for possibly-upcoming blackouts, as well as for shortages in the shops, inflation, the falling pound sterling etc.

In reality, Britain used to get only 4% of its energy from Russia, and any trade problem with Russia was caused when the USA, EU, and UK imposed trade sanctions on (against) Russia.

The real causes of Britain’s economic disaster lie elsewhere: shutting down the economy (and country) for 2 years during the “Covid” “panicdemic”; racing to the bottom on corporate taxation; spraying money around thoughtlessly during the “panicdemic”; the misconceived “austerity” regime of the part-Jews, David Cameron-Levita and George Osborne, which continued under May and “Boris” Johnson until 2020; the sanctions which prevent most trade with Russia; totally-mishandled Brexit; continuing mass immigration; speculator-parasites in the banking and hedge-fund “industry”.

Reverting to the tweet above, I can see that the disillusion of those two women is widespread. They may not be educated people, but they know — too late— that “Boris” Johnson took them for a ride. They no doubt despise Truss (the 5-minutes “Prime Minister”, now already almost forgotten), and will not vote for a party headed by Sunak because he is a. Indian, b. a globalist near-billionaire; c. quite likely to cut their pensions, and certain to make them poorer overall.

They will probably not vote for Labour, either (as they say in the video clip).

[I wish, btw, that Sky News and other msm journalists would not write “disinterest” when they mean “uninterest” or “lack of interest“].

Food poverty


Interesting, and may help many people, but such clever ideas are, just like foodbanks, basically sticking plaster on an open wound.

More tweets seen

Picture of the day?

Sunak pointedly ignores Little Matt Hancock, the would-be dictator of the “panicdemic”, as Hancock tries to get a Cabinet job with the Indian money-juggler’s new government.

Sunak did not shake hands with Hancock, nor (it seems) even look at the bastard. Looks like there will be no big new job for Hancock.

Late tweets

It is because Britain is no longer a “folk community” or “Volksgemeinschaft“.

Not so much funny as sinister.

Late music

73 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 24 October 2022”

      1. They are intentional foreign invaders and we therefore have the MORAL RIGHT to use any available means to repel their invasion though preferably we should use non fatal methods.


      2. Sadly, our globalist bastard politicians who MUST be summarily despatched with ultra high efficiency via a traditional British style execution using the long drop hanging method for their collective treason one day won’t allow us to have one.


    1. With any luck he will be assassinated soon like Spencer Percival was. Well, we are in the season to break records at the moment like Liz Truss did with George Canning:


      So why not break Spencer Percival’s one too?


      I am heartily SICK and TIRED of the evil, virulently anti-British media rubbing into our faces our unwanted and not, in reality, voted for foreign occupation and I am sure, deep down, I am not the only one.

      Foreign occupiers need to be resisted. I, for one, if I had been alive at the time of WW2 and if we had been invaded would have resisted a German occupation with all my heart even at the cost of being executed by the occupying forces.

      As would my grandparents (my grand dad was a part time firefighter in that war)

      His grandson proudly upholds his attitudes to foreign occupation today.


  1. I suspect this will be an absolutely calamitous mistake by a party that has long pissed upon many of the voters most likely to vote for them ie the dreaded, dirty and unclean ‘Right-wing’ ones (NO, I DON’T mean economic libertarian extremist nutcase people)

    Apart from the ultra-wealthy why should ANYONE vote Tory?

    Their RECORD on immigration control and tackling the increasing scourge of violent criminals is utterly absymal and now we don’t even get the pretence of doing what needs to be done.


    1. John:
      The one and only reason for most voters to vote Con now would be to try to stop Labour getting in with an “elected dictatorship” majority. I have some sympathy with that, but the Con Party has failed spectacularly in every area.


      1. Why bother even doing that? Vote Tory and you get Blairite, globalist open borders not even presented by a true Brit like Starmer frontman now, non stamping on crime by a blatantly polticised and demoralized PC police force after 12 years of Tory government etc.

        Vote for the None of the Above Party! You will be in good company! 15 million people did that at the last election which was more than the number who thought let us give the Conservative Party one last chance.

        They have rejected a possibility of reviving a bit with Penny Mordaunt and must now await the inevitable electoral rout when it comes as all the current polls are predicting with increasingly ominous regularity.

        The Tories are arrogant enough to believe their voters have nowhere to go. They do. They can stay at home. This has already happened before ie in 1997 when they lost quite a few more seats than they should have done because of that factor.

        It is clear as if it wasn’t before that the Tories regard naturally Right-wing people with the utmost contempt and so severe electoral consequences await them.


      2. John:
        The missing factor is a credible “social-national” party. That is in fact the only answer. Voting among System parties, like voter abstention, cuts no ice.


      3. In some areas you can vote Lib Dem. At least they are a democratic party unlike the fake Cons and Labour and want a democratic voting system of Proportional Representation.

        At least with Labour, Lib Dems and, for God’s Sake, even the Greens you get British people leading them not obviously alien Indians.


      4. Ah, Tory gayboy Pierce. He should feel disgusted at this PC globalist stunt by the fake Conservative Party.

        Why should he not? Surely it is obvious that the fake CONS regard homosexual people like him along with bisexuals as lower life forms and not on the same PC level as ethnics.

        Why have we not had a gay man, a lesbian woman or a bisexual person as Tory PM yet? Or have them sit in Cabinet?

        Aren’t they equal to ethnics then? If you are going to play PC Bingo then it HAS to be FULLY INCLUSIVE as otherwise some minority groups still feel left out!


      5. It has indeed and it looks like the electoral final reckoning will come if not now then within the next two years.

        We need a party like Marine Le Pen’s Rassemblement National or Germany’s excellent Alternative Fur Deutschland (Afd)


      6. Pointless. The non Conservative Party has sealed its own fate. The polls may move a bit but the general trend is now well established. Unless something extraordinary happens or they remove this utterly alien imposter and obviously contrived frontman for the globalist NWO or he dies via a Spencer Percival like assasination, car crash, heart attack etc and get themselves a genuinely popular leader Labour will win and win handsomely.

        A 1945/1997 or even worse defeat like that of 1906 is firmly on the cards.


      7. Starmer is ethnically English. THAT is the important point as is Ed Davey. No one cares particularly much who they are married to.

        At any rate, Jews are not ethnically associated with the host population as most, if not all, of them would say but we gentile Britons don’t regard them as particularly foreign or ethnically alien even though we probably should do.

        Hence, they can pass off as English/Scottish/Welsh/Ulster-Scot. Indians CAN’T. Their essentially alien nature is all too obvious.


      8. Yes, they have failed massively in every area of governance and this also applies to what used to be two traditionally Tory issues ie law and order and some would say THE Tory iconic issue of the lot ie immigration.

        Mentioning law and order my Ipad Mini has just come up with a notification informing me that there has been two people killed in a shooting in ‘culturally enriched’ Ilford not far from me.

        At one time it was just stabbings now even shootings are becoming commonplace!

        In ultra-tough on law and order Singapore you can be executed via a long drop hanging for the illegal discharge of firearms:


        Perhaps we should introduce that here or, at least, cane the lawless scrotes:



  2. The CON Party truely is a repellent organisation. They elevate a globalist Indian to the top job who is a confirmed criminal CANDIDATE (at least Boris only became one AFTER being PM) and one who is a mass murderer who callously instituted a braindead ‘Eat Out To Help’ scheme during the middle of a deadly worldwide viral pandemic thereby killing many and making others severely ill.

    If this country had any morals he would be sentenced to death for this mass murder and be receiving justice at the end of a hangman’s rope.

    With any luck he will be dead soon perhaps via a new record:


    He has all the personal warmth and appeal of a bucket of cold vomit as well.


  3. I haven’t watched the news. I have no wish to view their likely over the top globalist celebrations but if they say he is the first ethnic PM they are wrong.

    Boris was partially one and, of course, we had a PM by the name of Benjamin Disraeli but then he came from a Jewish family and Jews ARE ethnics but unless they wear their hats etc some can pose fairly credibly as whites.

    The evil mass murderer is just an obvious ethnic which just goes to show how thick the fake CON Party is. If you are as utterly desperate to put in an ethnic as they so obviously are you do it with a Jew like Michael Howard not an obvious one.

    Mentioning Michael Howard reminds me of the fun Labour had with pigs and election posters in 2005.


      1. I think Disraeli was a non observant Jew but that is immaterial really. Jews regard themselves as ethnically Jewish and certainly do if they are born to Jewish mothers even if they don’t practice the religion.

        Gentiles tend to not regard Jews as ethnics but most Jews would consider themselves to be ethnically different from the host population.


      2. Who were the other partial Jews? To my knowledge and according to Wikipedia only Callaghan slightly fits the bill.


      3. John:
        Callaghan? I admit that that is new to me.

        David Cameron (“Cameron-Levita”) for one:
        “Cameron has said, “On my mother’s side of the family, her mother was a Llewellyn, so Welsh. I’m a real mixture of Scottish, Welsh, and English.”[18] He has also referenced the German Jewish ancestry of one of his great-grandfathers, Arthur Levita, a descendant of the Yiddish author Elia Levita.[19][20]”

        Of course, George Osborne, though never PM, is also part-Jew.

        There is more than a suspicion that Theresa May is partly-Jewish. Her mother’s maiden name was Zaidee Barnes; Barnes is often a Jewish surname, as is Parnes.


        Suspicions have been raised also about both Blair and Major. In Blair’s case, hard to ground, but in Major’s more plausible; on the paternal side. Possibly a quarter.

        “Tom Major-Ball (born Abraham Thomas Ball; 18 May 1879 – 27 March 1962) was a British music hall and circus performer. He was the father of John Major, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1990 to 1997.”


      4. From the pictures I have seen of him, Disraeli even looked like a Jew. Some Jews even of full Jewish ancestry don’t particularly.

        I believe I am correct in stating he was a non practicing one.


      5. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the fact that Michael Howard was Jewish contributed to the fact that the Tories didn’t do well in that election of 2005. Some voters turned away from the Tories because of this.

        I think Labour wanted to allude to this fact with their flying pigs poster.


      6. I have always been suspicious of Teresa May having partial Jewish ancestry. Let us face facts! Her facial features are not really that of an ethnically English woman even of her fairly advanced age.


  4. I know that Penny Mordaunt did not stand a chance and it is all water under the bridge now, but, by Jove! How painful is it to see that smug, arrogant Indian as PM.

    He should be waiting tables in an Indian restaurant!!!


    1. He will fall soon. He will either be assassinated like Spencer Percival was, or he will die of the still prevalent COVID 19 viral disease he helped hundreds at least to die of will get him as well. The latter would represent true justice for all those he bereaved through his intentional stupidity/sheer callousness.

      Those eventualities could happen or his party’s MPs WILL get a brainwave at long last and seek to overthrow him when they see their party is on course to a totally calamitous landslide defeat akin to one even worse than 1906 let alone 1945 or 1997.

      We are talking an existential defeat here as all opinion polls are currently predicting.

      They might move a bit but I think the trend in them will not easily move now. Their only chance was with Penny but they, in their infinite utter stupidity, rejected her.


      1. Hello John: Why do you think Rishi will be assassinated? (LOL) I don’t think people hate him so much. As Ian said, the British people have been brainwashed so badly that many seem happy with an Indian as a PM. My friends, who have a very outdated image of the British, asked me “How the British elected an Indian? Are they mad?” I had to explain to them that the Brits of today are not the Brits of the 1950s.

        Anyway, I think his policies will be disastrous. He is a fanatical and ruthless globalist and I am sure he will enforce the agenda of the WEF. Perhaps you are right and a new John Bellingham will appear.

        Incidentally, I read that when Spencer Perceval was murdered he had only £106 5s in the bank. He was obviously a very decent man; what a difference with the likes of today!


    2. His supremely arrogant, vain, tosser character will get him into trouble soon if not by an assassin’s bullet or blade then by some other means. Those kind of people always fall in the end because they rub people up the wrong way.


      1. Those rules are not set in stone and can be changed. When Tory MPs finally realize their pathetic and so obviously contrived PC globalist stunt has failed as it assuredly will they will get rid.

        Frankly, why wait untill the bleeding obvious becomes obvious even to those thick politically-speaking as blind as a bat numbskulls?



    3. It IS painful for any patriotic Briton and genuinely nationalist Englishman, Scotsman/Welshman/Ulster-Scot to see this alien Indian fellow as PM even though he isn’t technically-speaking the first alien to be there (Disraeli) especially as he wasn’t legitimately elected by the public or even Conservative Party members which rather says it all I think.

      I am quietly confident his extreme arrogance and very off putting character defects will precipate a fall which may come come sooner than we think.

      When Labour or Lib Dems rack-up increasingly extreme by-election wins (not that the Lib Dems haven’t already done this) they will dump him and install someone else.

      He has absolutely no personal warmth or character/empathy for others and that will come through to the voters eventually.

      He is a TOTALLY ILLEGITIMATE PM installed by a severely out of touch globalist Lib Dem/Labour cabal/ rabble within the Tory Party.

      At least Liz Truss WAS voted for by paid-up Tory Party members even though they comprise a tiny section of the population.

      Fishi Rishi has less legitimate reason to be there than King Charles III. Yes, an unelected Monarch has more legitimacy.

      He is emphatically NOT my PM and I will NEVER accept him as such.


      1. John:
        Sunak is probably safe for 12 months, as per the 1922 Committee rules, which did not have to be changed for Liz Truss to be ejected because she agreed, under pressure, to step down.

        Whether there will be agitation to remove him in the 14-15 months between October 2023 and the date when the next general election has to be held will depend upon events (and the opinion polls).


      2. I am hoping there are a few by-elections in really staunchly Tory seats like mine in Brentwood and Ongar. My constituency is the tenth safest with a numerical majority of 29,065 and a percentage one of 55% over Labour (though Lib Dems are only 0.1% off Labour’s second place finish of 13.7%).

        When they see truely ultra-safe seats like this go down to Labour or, a bit more likely with my seat, the Lib Dems they will regret this contrived, blatantly undemocratic and wholly illegitimate PC globalist stunt and kick him out.


  5. I wonder if Sunak doesn’t get assassinated like Spencer Percival was or die by drowning in his flashy ‘look at me’ indoor swimming pool (God, WHAT un unclassy CHAV he is! Even most of our normally Chavvy Premiership footballers wouldn’t boast of owning one like he does as they have more taste and class) the Labour Party or Liberal Democrats won’t use some sly inuendo to win votes like Labour did with Howard.


      1. I don’t either. What I will say is that they should be, as you say, aesthetically pleasing, INLINE with full planning regulations (ahem) and that those who own them should show at least a modicum of dare I even say it BRITISH class and not have a Chavtastic attitude of showing off that one can afford to have one.

        Doing the latter is very un British behaviour to be frank for anyone really even from our usually low, working-class origin British lottery winners or Premiership footballers.

        We BRITISH were once renowned for having some class.


    1. Unlike with Michael Howard (Hecht) you don’t even have to use sly inuendo. Just how utterly foolish the non Conservative Party is!


  6. Why would he look at Hancock?

    Hancock, for all of his many faults, did attempt to save peoples’ lives even though thanks to Boris he made a botched job of it whereas the evil, mass murdering Indian, Chavtastic piece of excrement did the exact opposite.

    As I have said before and will once again Rishi deserves to do a ‘Singapore Sling’ (we did teach the ancient British art of hanging well to them) on the end of a British rope.


  7. So those women won’t vote for Sunak because he is obscenely rich but then some might say Jeremy Hunt is as well though as he is English and naturally a very classy man so he doesn’t boast he is rich. (Hunt is rich to a far smaller extent through REAL effort on his part and through creating a non parasitic business)

    You shouldn’t vote for Sunak because he is an obvious alien. That he is a vain, arrogant, mass murdering tosser who happens to have great wealth is a factor but is just one reason not to vote for him. Personally, I have no problem with a rich person being PM like Hunt is, but as with him, I prefer the wealth to come from a productive business as he created not through parasitic activities.


    1. John:
      As you say, Sunak is *much* richer than Hunt. Something like ~£800M as against ~£20M. That’s not including (I think) Sunak’s wife’s cash…[correction— it is their joint wealth].


      1. I think Hunt got 14 million from the sale of his business. His firm was the creation of Hunt’s HARD WORK in something that can be considered to be at least semi-productive though not when compared to the industrial business of Neville Chamberlain and his family’s.

        Money made from industry and valuable services should be viewed with higher esteem than the essentially parasitical business activities of Spivs in the City like Hedge Funds.


      2. There is wealth and then there is wealth. Yes, Hunt is rich but his wealth is still of a level where he can with a bit of effort on his part relate to ordinary people. Importantly, his wealth came from creating a productive service company that he founded with a friend NOT through parasite Spiv activities and that is a factor also.

        Once you have wealth on Sunak’s level then, frankly, you really are NOT living in the real world and you would have to be a really rather special kind of person to be able to even conceive of other people’s lived realities let alone truely relate to them.

        Needless to say, Sunak is an arrogant, vain, egotistical, tosser and that is me being charitable to him so he can’t relate at all.

        Liked by 1 person

    2. I wouldn’t have any problem with Richard Branson being in No.10 apart from the fact he has globalist opinions I don’t share.

      He is, at least, British so so what if he is an ultra-wealthy man?

      If you are mega rich AND British you should have the opportunity be a British PM but NOT if you are not even British.

      I believe I am correct in stating that some of our PMs in the past have been very wealthy and when converted to our money at today’s rates so rich they were nearly billionaires in our time.


  8. Talking about the harms committed by people high on drugs even so-called ‘safe’ ones like cannabis I read that exceedingly annoying British tosser, Richard Branson, has criticized Singapore for its use of the quaint British custom of long drop hanging we taught them so well that it uses for drug dealers.

    Now, he does have some fairly arguable critisisms of Singapore to make but also they can be considered to be a bit over the top.

    Anyway, Singapore’s excellent Home Secretary, Mr K Shanmugam, has now offered to debate live on their tv with Branson over the issue.

    Singapore’s government is getting annoyed at Branson’s constant critisisms of them in this regard and told Branson he should be wary of giving them advice as Singapore has low numbers of drug abusers compared to us. Their government said it wouldn’t take much heed of what Branson has been saying because of this dire record of the British (if you can call it that now) government and also because of our history with Opinum dealing with the Chinese.

    I can see their points especially with regard to the latter point but they would be wrong to blame EVERY British person for that history. Also, their statement seemed to imply that all Britons were critical of Singapore for hanging drug dealers but they should know not all of us have Branson’s opinions..

    Some of us tend to ADMIRE Singapore for doing this.


    1. Mr Shanmugam is an excellent debater too. I don’t know if it is still up there now but in the Summer the BBC conducted an interview with him on their Hard Talk news programme on the BBC’s I player where he gave as good as he got in response to questions on capital punishment there by Stephen Sackur.

      Sackur was quite snarky as is the BBC way but Shanmugam easily got the better of him.


  9. If only Britain had a decent Home Secretary like Singapore has in Mr K Shanmugam but we have a libertarian extremist, globalist, lying ‘Tory’ tosser in Grant Schapps.

    Singapore has one that takes the maintenance of secure BORDERS and law and order very seriously indeed.


  10. If we really must have an obvious alien as PM can we have a decent one who takes his responsibilities seriously like Mr K Shanmugam, Minister of Law and Home Affairs, of Singapore?

    Why not import him?


  11. Fuck off, Rishi, you vain, supremely arrogant, egotistical, mass murdering, evil tosser with all the personal warmth and empathy of a bucket of cold vomit.

    Just go and die in your bed tonight, get fatally struck by lightening or die in a car crash on a dark road in North Yorkshire.

    I really wish I could hang this vain, arrogant, egotistical tosser. I’m up for that essential task should the quintessentialy British method of capital punishment ever be restored.

    The majority of people in this country simply DON’T want you! Now, just do the decent thing, take the very obvious hint and Fox Trot Oscar and do it SOON.


    1. The sad thing is though that even if the Good Lord gave him a massive heart attack and he died in his bed tonight or at the Despatch Box like one MP did in the early 1980’s the sheer STAIN of his presence in NO.10 can’t be wiped out.

      I am hoping he dies before NO 10’s website is updated or the utterly arrogant smirk of his face appears on a picture on the staircase in NO.10.

      Will this arrogant, evil, mass murdering Indian cunt just fuck off and DIE?

      Please, God, may I beseech you to kill CONFIRMED CRIMINAL (as even the corrupt Met readily acknowledges) Rishi and despatch to him some natural justice for all the people he effectively murdered with his braindead or intentionally evil and callous Eat Out To Help Out scheme during a worldwide viral pandemic.

      We just DON’T WANT this blatantly undemocratically imposed Indian imposter. He MUST GO by fair means or foul ones.

      Failing that, yours truly, is ever ready to train as a latter day Albert Pierrepoint, put a rope around his neck and summarily hang him with ultra-high efficiency to where he belongs in a coffin in an unmarked grave inside the walls of a British prison.


  12. If God is British and let us face it all the best people in the world are from God’s Own Country he will kill Mr Sunak soon and then we won’t have to face the vain, egotistical, evil, dementedly ambitious to an utterly unhealthy and worrying extent, mass murdering Indian tosser’s face any more.

    Please, oh Lord, help us!


  13. I really can’t understand where the fake Conservative Party is coming from! Ethnics, on mass, won’t vote them because they are ethnic AND also because, on balance, Tory libertarian nutcase economic policies tend to make this generally poor section of the population even poorer.

    So, unless you change those economic policies quite radically indeed you will get nowhere with very obvious PC globalist stunts like this utterly grotesque one.


  14. If only a new virus could be invented that would just wipe out unwanted foreign occupiers like Sunak. If only this mass murdering Indian piece of verminous excrement would just go away in a dark room and just expire without his having to suffer the fate of Spencer Percival.

    He is just NOT fucking wanted. God, he must have the skin of a rhino and it must be very much thicker than that of most politicians. Surely, even he, with his painfully obvious and absurd levels of egotism and utter arrogance must know, deep down, that is the case?


  15. Just fucking well shoot them. Churchill wanted to use old stocks of poison gas in the event of German Nazi troops landing on these shores and I see no reason why squeamishness should prevent such a course of action being done now.


    1. They are intentional foreign invaders and we therefore have the MORAL RIGHT to use any available means to repel their invasion though preferably we should use non fatal methods.


  16. I don’t, like you, accept this obviously alien ethnic Indian as PM of my country and NEVER will.

    He is UNWANTED and MUST GO, preferably as soon as possible and, ideally, by tomorrow morning.

    I just want him GONE whether that is by the same actions which led to Spencer Percival’s death, terminal cancer, a heart attack, a stroke, a drowning in his ever so flashy indoor swimming pool or a car crash in his constituency or elsewhere or, dare I even say it, a rebellion by his own MPs – AGAIN!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

    Just GO and do it SOON!


  17. I only want an Englishman, Scotsman, Welshman (where is our second Welsh PM by the way and more specifically first Welsh Tory PM?), Ulster-Scotsman or the female equivalents to be PM.

    Now, we will have to vote Labour, Lib Dem or Green to achieve that not the so-called Conservative and Unionist Party (they dumped that part as well eg the NI Protocol which is STILL unresolved)


  18. Yes, Beth Rigby, Labour WILL use that as an attack line with these Tory frauds and they would be well justified in doing so.

    Simply put, HOW, with a straight face, can the Tories possibly claim to be the ‘party of law and order’ not just on account of their diabolical record in this area of governance but because they have elevated to PM status a CRIMINAL who was fined by the police for purposefully breaking LAWS he helped to write?

    The bloke is a CRIMINAL! Why must anyone respect the law of the land when CRIMINALS are put into high office?

    This criminal LAW BREAKER MUST GO.


  19. I have decided to let Spencer Percival keep his record. Mind you, that way of getting rid of the supremely arrogant, dementedly ambitious pestillance that is the brown turd that will not flush would be best in some ways as it would represent the most emphatic rejection by Brits of this undemocratically imposed imposter.

    No, the brown essentially alien turd that will not flush will have to die in No.10 – a record that is held by Henry Campbell Bannerman if I recall correctly.


  20. Re those two voters above. They say they have never heard of Penny Mordaunt. That would be a common saying even for people who do follow politics more than average and THAT is the precise reason why dimwit Tory MPs should have given pretty Englishwoman Penny From Portsmouth her chance.

    She could have established a REAL fresh start and political reset for her party with the electorate after Boris The Buffoon’s numerous balls-ups but now that opportunity has been squandered and, I suspect, it will come with a big political price attached perhaps a truely massive one.

    Labour must be in heaven at the political stupidity of Tory MPs.


  21. The knives for the undemocratically imposed Indian should be ready to be sharpened! There are two massive Labour wins in by elections in West Lancashire and now Chester incoming soon.


      1. I highly suspect they will produce very large Labour wins though the turnouts may be poorer than normal as well.


  22. In the 1960’s in one constituency in the West Midlands Tory canvassers put out leaflets with the strap line ‘if you want a nigger for a neighbor vote Labour’.

    Now, it is if you want a British PM vote Labour, Lib Dem or even Green.🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


  23. If I have my facts right I believe he was the TRUE Tory MP for guess where?

    None other than Pretty Penny from Portsmouth’s constituency of Portsmouth North.


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