Diary Blog, 26 October 2022

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Overall comment on recent political events and on the new Government

For me, one of the major aspects, looking at both the Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak Cabinets is the sheer mediocrity, at best, of the Cabinet ministers appointed by both Truss and Sunak (several appointed by the former have now been reappointed to various offices by the latter).

Here we have a country of 60-70 million inhabitants, a country with a long and distinguished history, and which has produced more for the world, arguably, than most if not all others [including, among hundreds of examples, the Industrial Revolution, trains, hovercraft, jet aircraft, radar, modern sanitation etc], and the best our political system can throw up (so to speak) is this pack of idiots? In the old Private Eye caricature of the newspaper editor Bill Deedes [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bill_Deedes], “shome mishtake, shurely?“.

Tweets seen

Brexit was badly mishandled. How to save it? First thing is to stop arms, ammunition, and money going from the pockets of British taxpayers to the dictatorial regime of the Jew Zelensky in Kiev.

Second necessary thing is for Britain to withdraw trade sanctions against Russia, restore full trade links and, also very important, cultural links. This will benefit Britain hugely, especially now that the EU, USA, and other states have pledged to intensify trade sanctions. An open field for British commerce, with little competition.

Third thing would be to distance the UK from NATO.

In return, I have no doubt that Russia would supply gas at cost, or even below cost, to the UK; a direct pipeline could be constructed. Britain would thereby stave off both energy shortages and high prices.

The above would not, of itself, solve the problems in dealing with the EU single market, but would mitigate them.

I have discussed previously on the blog that “Jimmy Carr Destroys Art” show, created by Jews at Channel 4, and featuring grinning little monkey and tax evader/avoider Jimmy Carr. Don’t want to waste any time on the bastard today.

Incidentally, though, perhaps I should add that I despise the concept and actuality of Jimmy Carr Destroys Art for wider reasons than simply because one of the works of art destroyed was by Adolf Hitler.

I would not, for example, want to destroy Jewish art, such as the works of Chagall, or even the degenerate contemporary “art” of moneygrubbing “artists” such as Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin, who are not Jewish themselves, but their work heavily promoted by the wealthy and well-connected Jew, Charles Saatchi: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Saatchi.

Actually, the German Reich did not, as a rule, destroy what it considered “degenerate” and/or Jewish art; it actually held exhibitions of it, as educative for the people.

Exactly. The Jews at Channel 4 who are behind Jimmy Carr Destroys Art, and the “woke”/”antifa”/Jews/etc who watch it and like it, just want to go “ha ha! That’s one relic of ‘Nazism’ gone!“. It panders to a love of destructiveness, especially on the part of the Jew-Zionist element.

Even those who, like me, commend the basic principle behind National Socialism, would not (I certainly would not) say that Hitler’s youthful paintings are “great art”. They are mostly no more than competent. There is no argument for destroying them, however.

As for Eric Gill, a perverse person, but his art is interesting and also significant for its role in its time period. You could say much the same of many great artists of the recent and further past.

In the end, there will be only one way to eliminate the evil “woke”/”antifa” etc from society.



I applaud mercy on the part of sentencing judges, in principle, but not when justice itself is cast aside.

Look at that non-sentence, very typical of today.

It sometimes “seems” that, unless the case is one of murder or terrorism, or tweeting/blogging a few criticisms of the Jewish influence in the UK (eg in the cases of Alison Chabloz or Jez Turner), it is all but impossible to get imprisoned in the UK, no matter what you do to other people.

Free speech banned (again)


More tweets seen

Reminds me of times past, about 30 years ago.

When I was living intermittently in New Jersey in the early 1990s, I was invited to lunch by American friends of someone I knew at the Bar in London. The three Americans were all partners of a small law firm specializing in shipping and insurance.

When I arrived at their office in downtown Manhattan, near Wall Street, a small group was just leaving, including a bearded Jew wearing a skullcap.

The American lawyers explained that that group had been there in connection with a matter involving insurance, in which matter the people I was visiting were on the other side. The bearded one was said to be a rabbi, who owned commercial property in Brooklyn. I was surprised. I was unaware that Jew rabbis were allowed to own, or did own, business enterprises.

My American hosts laughed and told me that the rabbi was suspected of having had the building in question torched for the insurance. “We call it Jewish lightning!“, they explained.

My religious education was enriched further by another encounter at that office: I met another lawyer who came in and had a cross on his forehead, marked out in ash. I asked what that was, and was told that it was to do with Lent in the Eastern Orthodox church, the lawyer concerned being a Lebanese Christian [https://www.nationalgeographic.com/history/article/meaning-cross-ashes-ash-wednesday]. New York City, the melting pot…

I had never seen that (the marking of the forehead), nor even heard of it, previously.

A memorable day also for the interesting lunch that followed, held at an old New York club (I think not now in existence, though), called the New York Drug and Chemical Club, and founded by the leaders of those industries a century or more before, but now situate 50 or more floors up in a skyscraper. Interesting to eat clams and drink Bloody Mary cocktails as the odd helicopter slid by the window (silently), en route to the East River Heliport. A New York experience not had by most visitors to the city.

A year or two later, I hosted the same Americans when they came to London on business. We went to the unique (and now also closed down) Luba’s Bistro at Yeoman’s Row, Knightsbridge, one of my regular haunts back then.

Bring your own wine, beer, or vodka, and enjoy their unchanging 1950s menu, an eclectic mix of Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, Georgian, and a bit of French, all consumed in a crowded restaurant where you would be seated near (and I do mean near) the next table of diners, who might be anything from a Church of England canon (accompanied by young blonde wife) who was “an honorary archimandrite of the Eastern Orthodox Church” (overheard by my then girlfriend), to Soviet types who might or might not have been spies of some sort.

Happy days (I suppose).

More tweets seen

Of all the ways governments have wasted money in the past, the “panicdemic” nonsense, and particularly the “Test and Trace” nonsense was the most egregious; almost unbelievable.

As previously blogged, if the Triple Lock is abandoned, then the 60+ age group population of voters will probably abandon the Conservative Party en bloc.

Gavin Williamson

Unbelievably, Gavin Williamson, one of the most stupid MPs of the lot, is back in government, this time as “Minister without Portfolio”. I think that he is a freemason, perhaps of some rank. Nothing else explains why he is even an MP.

See my assessment from a few years ago: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/05/02/deadhead-mps-an-occasional-series-the-gavin-williamson-story/.

More tweets

A reminder that “Labour” has become as much of a bad joke as the fake “Conservatives”.

As to Eddie Izzard, that creature apparently intends to seek selection as a candidate at the next general election, perhaps for a seat in Sheffield. His prominence as entertainer will probably ensure an easy victory.

If someone, not even from the 1960s or 1970s, but as recently as the 1990s, were suddenly to land in the Britain of 2022, he or she (not “he/she” or “they“) would find much of this country pretty mad, as well as very much in decline in most ways.

My recent assessment: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2022/09/30/diary-blog-30-september-2022-including-an-assessment-of-jack-monroe-aka-the-bootstrap-cook/.

Late tweets

The National Trust, like the RNLI and most big charities and institutions, is now riddled with traitors of all sorts in high positions.

Mark Twain had it first and best: “there are lies, damned lies, and statistics“…

Someone can be “competent” to “run the economy”, and increase GDP etc, but if the benefits of that strong economy go almost entirely to the richest 20%, 10%, 5%, 1% (and in the UK it is mainly the 1%), then who can blame the other (as it might be) 99% of the population for saying “screw it! I don’t care!“(?).

I am reminded of the middle-aged man before the Brexit Referendum who was asked by a reporter whether he would change his Leave stance if he were convinced that Brexit would damage the economy. His answer? “I don’t really care…it’s only me and the dog“…

Nearly” a failed state?! Absolutely a failed state. It has been for most if not all of its 31-year history.

Late music

61 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 26 October 2022”

      1. Hello Ian, this is “SaxonEngland”, i’ve managed to change my name on here to my Twitter username. I’ve been off for a while so i don’t know if you’ve written about this Kanye West situation. It all screams set-up to me. The Jews are allowing him and others to say these things publicly, probably as a way of passing new “antisemitism” laws in the US (which i think they’re currently doing). Kanye was also posting what was basically Israeli state propaganda the other week about Iran. It wouldn’t surprise me if he speaks at next year’s AIPAC conference. Quite a few other Twitter accounts, known people with hundreds of thousands of followers, are openly criticizing Jews now as well, and none of them are being suspended. This is all very sinister to me. Maybe they’re getting the names of whoever is replying in agreement to these tweets.


      2. EnglishBrit89:
        Thank you.
        Welcome back under your new flag.

        I have not blogged at all about Kanye West, partly because, beyond the bare fact that he is one of the many black “rappers”, and tied up with those odd Kardashian semi-Armenians, I know nothing about him.

        My initial thoughts are that what the Jews/Israel would like best would be a grovelling apology from him, together with a pledge to “fight racism and antisemitism” along with (under the thumb of) Jewish organizations.

        “They” love “apologies”; they love to see those who criticize them grovel. I am proud to say that the presiding judge at my (unlawful) Bar Disciplinary Tribunal “trial” in 2016 said that I had shown “no remorse”!

        Incidentally, you may have seen this (below), but I did not note the above remark in it:

        Twitter is not something with any real influence now.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Yes i’ve read that before, i’m glad they’re aware you had no remorse, you had no reason to feel any. I know nothing of Kanye West either, i just knew he’s a weirdo “musician” married to one of those disgusting Kardashian freaks.


      4. EnglishBrit89:
        Of course I was unaware at the time that my being “tried” was not only absurd but actually unlawful, as I have updated on that blog piece. For one thing (as the Bar Standards Board now admit, rather honestly in fact), I should never have been “tried” by a 5-person Tribunal anyway but only by a 3-person Tribunal. The latter has no power to disbar.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Yes, these cabinets stand out for their sheer mediocrity. That should come as no surprise really when it is clear that they have been chosen on the basis of skin colour.

    The Tories DO have a few people on their backbenches who could be good cabinet ministers like the MP for a constituency just North of Ipswich in Suffolk, Dan Poulter.

    He is a qualified doctor and has made several critical remarks about libertarianism and its impact upon the nation’s health but he is a Briton so that is him out of consideration. There are quotas to maintain, you know!πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„


  2. Yes, Russia could supply a huge market for British goods and services. It is one of the world’s most populated countries and therefore has many potential consumers and it is a land that isn’t a million miles away from here.

    The US wanted to destroy our Empire because it provided a huge ready made market for British companies. They got their wish and now stupid ‘British’ governments are kowtowing to US foreign policy again by their anti-Russian policies and thereby destroying the possibility of a decent trade policy towards a country with a big potential market.

    The US has long had issues with Russia but that doesn’t mean we should. It is high time we stopped following America around like a demented lost puppy and had our OWN foreign policies especially with respect to countries that are at least partially on our own continent.


    1. John:
      Wikileaks proved what had been long suspected, that the ruling circles of the USA have a definite plan (whether you call it “New World Order” or whatever) to become and remain the world’s one real superpower. Two events and a third event derailed that: Russia’s refusal under Putin (since 2000, effectively) to lie down and die as a real power; China’s continuing incredible growth during the whole of the past 33 years; the distraction caused by Islamism throughout much of the Muslim world.


      1. Indeed and the USA will shove under the bus anyone who gets in their way in order to achieve that end including us if necessary.

        Yes, China is witnessing incredible economic growth (memo to Tories or is it the Libertarian Party nowdays? This isn’t due to letting market forces let rip) so much so infact that we are due to have our first examples of Chinese-made electric cars on our roads by December. A manufacturer by the name of BYD (Build Your Dreams) is exporting them.

        I have to say I will be taking special care on the roads from December watching out for people driving them! So far, I am not too impressed with the quality control on Chinese made products! πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚They are taking an awful longtime to get that aspect of their products right. Japan learnt quality control very quickly as did South Korea.


  3. Recently, I was impressed at viewing on the internet the flowers and condolences ordinary Russians expressed on the occasion of the death of our late Monarch.

    I thought these people were very kind and respectful towards Britain especially when the ‘British’ government has a current foreign policy of sheer emnity towards that country.

    There is a potential for warm relations and even great friendship between Britain and Russia so why don’t we work together towards that end?


  4. The British Foreign Office: Making unnecessary enemies of Britain and getting British foreign policy profoundly wrong since at least 1904.


      1. Indeed. I have been looking on Wikipedia at their pages describing our various Ambassadors around the globe. It looks like if you have a vagina instead of a penis you get priority now to be one of them!πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„


  5. Yes Brexit had been botched massively by the Tory (or Lib Dems on steroids) morons.

    They set the question in the referendum which was an explicitly clear one:

    Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?

    The country answered leave and expected that the UK would leave fully AS A UNITED KINGDOM.

    So, why has NI been effectively left behind in the EU still via the NI Protocol?

    WHEN is the constitutional and economic integrity of this supposedly united country going to be restored?


    1. John:
      I cannot get very excited about Northern Ireland and its endless, most self-inflicted, problems, but I hear what you say.

      Fantasy politics: all the ethnic minorities in England leave, and many resettle in Scotland among the “Independence” Twitter-twits who are so “anti-racist”. England divests itself of all the other UK countries and plots its own course as an ethnostate…


      1. Sounds good in some ways but it would leave us living next door to a globalist regime in Edinburgh run by a mad woman who would have an even softer attitude to immigration control than the one adopted by the colonial occupation government in London at present.

        Sturgeon’s nutcase government would present severe problems at the border with illegal immigration.


      2. John:
        My idea was meant as a “fantasy politics” speculation, not to be taken too seriously. Still, if England *were* an ethnostate, the face would be the passport, really…


      3. This NI Protocol issue was inflicted by Boris Idiot and his posse of cretins not by any person in NI least of all by any Unionist Ulster-Scot. Many of them voted leave but NOT a SINGLE one expected a British government and certainly not one formed by members of a party that still calls itself officially the Conservative and Unionist Party to take a wrecking ball to the constitutional and economic integrity of the United Kingdom.


    2. It just goes to show how utterly incompetent this shambolic farce of a ‘Tory’ government is that they set an explicit referendum question, the country gave a clear answer to it then the government basically ignored the answer by leaving one part of our country behind in the EU still.πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„


      1. John:
        Northern Ireland is an intractable problem. It might be better to let it go. It would be a very poor little republic, but is that our problem? The former Republican/Catholic minority is now (I think) just about a majority. That may continue. Actually, letting it go would save massive amounts of money for the UK Treasury.


      2. This United Kingdom is a fairly natural union with that being one reason why it has lasted so long. However, the British government still needs to respect the nations which comprise it. Sadly, they don’t hence mass immigration and the consequent drift towards separatism.


      3. John:
        As you gather, I have nothing much against the Scots going their own way, but I deplore the fakery around SNP claims. An “independent” Scotland (“independent” except for NATO, EU, IMF/World Bank, money markets etc…) would inevitably be poorer than it now is, especially with the increasing numbers of blacks and browns moving there and being born there. The SNP just will not accept that; theirs is wishful thinking politics.


    3. Both the SNP and Plaid Cymru were genuine nationalist parties when they first came into existence. The SNP made complaints in 1940 over Scotsmen being recruited to join the British Army because they said going to war outside these islands was a breaking of the Act of Union by the British government.

      Plaid Cymru adopted a neutral attitude to the war and urged Welshmen not to join the armed forces. Its leader then had some admiration for National Socialist Germany.

      Now, Plaid Cymru and the SNP are basically globalist liberal-left parties like all the rest.


    4. Yes, the SNP used to be opposed to NATO membership now they are not. They aren’t genuine nationalists as you say with one crucial piece of evidence for that being their ultra-soft attitude to immigration. When useless Patel attempted, for once, to deport illegal immigrants in Glasgow, SNP activists were to the forefront in trying to prevent their removal.

      They don’t even want a true independent state. How can they when they endorse EU membership? If you are a member of the EU you are voluntarily choosing to restrict the use of your national sovereignty at least to a certain extent.

      You can’t be a member of a political union like the EU is and do whatever you want.


  6. It would. I think the UK is in its last days. A botched Brexit with its utterly absurd NI Protocol,botched and unequal devolution, the continued use of the totally archaic and very flawed First Past The Post electoral system and mass immigration and the resultant disease of globalism and PC are all combining in a perfect storm to kill it.


  7. Who, frankly, cares what the wholly illegitimate squatter has to say?

    I, for one, don’t accept for a single minute this government of colonial occupation’s so-called right to exercise authority over me personally or the nation of which I am a part.


  8. Yes, Dan Hodges, China and the Chinese people are distinctly untrustworthy but that is hardly news. I hope you though are not an advocate of a foreign policy towards them that is so hostile and aggressive it could spark an actual war between us?

    Such a war would probably be ruinous for us looking at the relative sizes of our armed forces.


    1. John:
      Hard to see how the UK *could* have a war with China anyway. Over what? Where. Also, how? Would the UK fire its ~50 Trident missiles at the billions of Chinese? What do you think might be the Chinese response?


      1. Economic sanctions or something along those lines. Ordering Chinese companies many of which are state-owned to withdraw investment in Britain.


      2. We should either leave NATO or use our position within it to ban countries like Ukraine from joining it. With states like that being members there is a real risk we can be dragged into wars not in our national interest.

        Too many people in Britain think we are now a sovereign country now we have had a botched, semi-exit from the EU.

        Sadly, we are not as we are members of NATO and Labour and the Tories have signed us up to international human rights legislation banning things like the death penalty ect.

        All these organisations and human rights conventions restrict and diminish our national sovereignty.


      3. According to Foreign Office/Ministry of Defence files released under the 30 year rule the United Kingdom was prepared to use nuclear weapons against China if they had invaded Hong Kong before 1997.


  9. Our previously esteemed PM, Liz Truss, appeared by her statements when she was Foreign Secretary to want to go to war with China should they invade Taiwan and reclaim (in their view) an offshore part of their country.


    1. John:

      Again, how? Britain is just not a global power now. Also, why? I support Taiwan’s struggle for its own society, but (like that in Ukraine) it is not our fight.


      1. Indeed. It is simply not our fight. I believe the Tories have signed a defence/security pact with Japan. I hope we are not committed to go to war in that part of the world to defend Japan.

        Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of respect and admiration for the Japanese people due to their law abiding nature, their economic prowess etc and I’m fully in favour of having excellent and very warm relations/great friendship with them but Japan is a very wealthy country with excellent defence forces so we don’t need to go to war on their behalf.

        Too often, British governments sign us up to international treaties/defence and security pacts ect infringing our national sovereignty in the process without full debates in parliament or consultations/referendums with the people.


  10. The most sensible comment I have heard so far from Adam B. On the pandemic, he was a complete libertarian nutcase.

    Yes, there are a tiny handful of Labour MPs who aren’t total loonies. She is one at least on that issue and Kate Hoey is on the NI Protocol but she isn’t an MP now.


  11. Take the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) Protocol No13 for example which bans us from restoring the death penalty.

    Labour signed us up to that so that the possibility of hanging someone for the last remaining offences such as treason was finally abolished in 1998.

    The death penalty should be an issue for parliament and ultimately the people to decide and its possible resumption should not be banned by the British government signing international human rights legislation on our behalf without explicit endorsement by the people.


    1. NativeWarrior14:
      Par for the course these days. I recall that a magistrate, albeit a w*g, actually said a year or so ago that free speech must be protected, *except* anything along the lines of support for “Nazism” etc…


      1. Could that magistrate actually define Nazism (real ideological name National Socialism) and thereby provide answers to what makes someone a ‘Nazi’ (National Socialist)?

        A National Conservative could be defined as a ‘Nazi’ in some ways since they would share with the ‘Nazi’ an exclusive or near enough exclusive conception of what constitutes their nation and might also support the death penalty that Hitler supported.

        Economic policies would probably be different though.


      2. To me, National Socialism seemed to be an attempt, however imperfect, to take the best ideological principles from both the ‘Right’ of politics and the ‘Left’ ie support for nationalism/patriotism, law and order, basic moral values, a concern for the wellbeing of ‘ordinary’ people etc

        I think you can support the material and social advancement of ordinary people, show a concern for the poor without being a ‘socialist’ per se.

        How do you define socialism?


      3. John:
        A difficult question.

        Stalin apparently once defined “socialism” (during a Politburo discussion) as “wherever the Red Army stops its trucks”! Lenin defined it variously, but most memorably as “Soviet power plus the electrification of the whole country”.

        I prefer “social justice” to “socialism” but it is a relatively unwieldy term.


      4. Perhaps, someone should set-up a new party called the National Socialist British Workers’ Party (NSBWP) just for a laugh and see how many votes it would get.

        Infact, there was once a party called the National Socialist Party many decades ago, one called the National Labour Party and, of course, William Joyce led a splinter party from the BUF called the National Socialist League (NSL).


      5. Isn’t socialism meant to be mainly an economic theory? Support for public ownership of the commanding heights of the economy and/or important services like water/energy/transport/electricity?

        Yes, social justice is a better term. What is meant by social democracy? How can one be a social democrat but not a socialist? Is social democracy a weaker and paler version of socialism?


      6. John:
        “Socialism” implies a “scientific” approach, albeit spurious. Seen especially in the more Jewish forms such as Trotskyism.

        “Social democracy”, as you say, is less inclined to nationalization (of everything), more inclined to a “mixed economy” and to taking some of society as it now is, rather than sweeping it all away and starting anew (I suppose the most extreme version of the latter was in Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge).


    2. Stephen Lawrence was part of a special minority group so different standards apply, I’m afraid!πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

      He was allegedly murdered in a racial attack but where is the real evidence for it?

      Why are the photos of him cropped so as to ensure his black power salutes are hidden?

      There are allegations he was a common drug dealer and he was murdered because of a drug turf war between dealers etc.

      If he has been a drug dealer in Singapore he would have got either a long prison term with caning or would have faced the hangman’s noose.


  12. One of the reasons the German constitutional court considered an application to them from the German government to ban the NPD was because the party wanted to bring back the death penalty.

    Even though the NPD only wished for a national REFERENDUM on the issue the constitutional court still said it was a policy that was against human dignity and the free, democratic basic order.


  13. Even if Sunak were to be massively competent running the economy it wouldn’t matter to me. I still don’t think he should be PM. Only Englishmen, Scotsmen, Welshmen, or Ulster-Scotsmen or their female equivalents should be in that position.

    I know it is an unlikely scenario but what if we had to go to war against India. Whose side would he take?

    I think we need a new version of Lord Tebbit’s famous Cricket Test!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Those Tory MPs who elevated him should join Labour or the Lib Dems. I think they would be more comfortable in those parties.

    What next? David Lammy as PM?


    1. Where is our budding Mahatma Gandhi? We need someone to start a liberation struggle against our Indian colonial government! When do the salt protests start?

      The Indians are always whinging about Britain ‘stealing’ the Koh Noor? Diamond in the Crown Jewels from India and wanting its return.

      Shall we do a deal with them? After King Charles III is crowned next year at the Coronation they take back Rishi and we will give them back this diamond.

      How is that for a swap?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


    2. If only Lord Tebbit was a far younger man, still a Tory MP and was made Home Secretary. All we have had under the present ‘Tory’ government is a succession of soft, liberal-left, globalist open borders supporting incompetent idiots with no end in sight.😠😒

      The Home Office should only be filled with hard ‘Right-wingers’ just like the Ministry of Home Affairs is in Singapore.


  14. Ukraine is a failed state but we are not far off becoming one and in some ways we ARE already what with blatantly polticised police forces more concerned with going after people with non PC opinions rather than rapists, murderers, burglars, drug dealers etc, no effective border controls, pathetic sentences handed out in courts for often serious offences.

    The quality of life in this country is not as good as it once was. Even as recently as the 1990’s things were better in some ways.


    1. John:
      I agree. There is a lack of freedom, even in small everyday ways now, that was not there even 25 years ago, let alone in the 1980s, 1970s. I am not even talking about free speech, but in doing almost everything, from simple parking to travelling by train or plane (or even car).


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