Diary Blog, 25 October 2022

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[Sukhumi, Abkhazia]

On this day a year ago



Exactly the sort of thing that should be happening more widely.

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We are now unwillingly ruled over by an alien (in more than one sense) globalist Indian-derivative.



500 even in the weather conditions of yesterday. By the end of the year, 40,000+ (possibly 50,000+) will have invaded the UK during 2022 alone.

Add to that the several hundreds of thousands coming in “legally”.

There is a connection between Britain having a non-white Prime Minister, and the cross-Channel invasion— the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan: see https://vk.com/@judi1964-coudenhove-kalergi-plan-stealth-genocide-against-the-peoples; and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kalergi_Plan.

That cartoon is out of date; the “Conservatives” are quite as bad as Labour now.

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Exactly so. The stupid, unnecessary and dictatorial “measures” taken during the “panicdemic” were what really shoved the UK into the economic mire.

Arise, social-nationalism.

System parties, trying to fool the people into believing that they are very different from each other.

I have blogged about some of that previously. Some fields of academia, eg sociology, linguistics, English language etc, are now replete with not only specialized language (as with mathematics, or physics, inter alia) but also empty jargon. Jews are not the only ones swimming in the polluted waters, but they are very prominent.

Sunak’s 1930s politics/economics, together with Labour’s unexciting similar policies, may open the door to a real alternative— social nationalism (once people wake up, if they wake up).

I agree with every one of those selections.

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Absolutely disgusting. Those guilty of making the wrong decisions (eg Little Matt Hancock) were applauded at the time. The whole mess was also supported, overall, by Starmer-Labour, incidentally.

People working in those situations must now be better paid, and conditions improved.

Cleverly kept on. God. Why? Another embarrassment for our country.

As for Simon Hart, he is an expenses-blodger who employs his wife on expenses, and takes a very large number of free First Class rail journeys: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simon_Hart.

Good to see some thick dorks getting the sack though: barrow-boy barrister Brandon Lewis, thick Welsh barrister Robert Buckland, Wendy Morton (how did she ever become an MP?), Chloe Smith (ditto), absurd Kit Malthouse, Rees-Mogg.

Ben Wallace to stay at Defence. I suppose that means that vastly more sums of money (and arms) will be wasted on Zelensky’s Jew-Zionist regime in Kiev, while British people starve in their unheated homes (if indeed they have a home).

The Jew Shapps removed as Home Secretary (that must have been another record (5-6 days?), but still in Cabinet as Business Secretary. I thought that Sunak wanted to project an image of probity?

I presume (no news yet) that horrible creature Therese Coffey will also get sacked.

See also: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/09/16/deadhead-mps-an-occasional-series-the-therese-coffey-story/.

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Tweeter “MannieQuinn1” has a point…

My assessment (with updates) from 2019 again: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/09/16/deadhead-mps-an-occasional-series-the-therese-coffey-story/.

[caricature of Therese Coffey]

I think he is being serious and not sarcastic, incredibly.

He did not add “Raab, Deputy Prime Minister and Justice Secretary—half-Jew“, of course. The msm do not want the British people to wake up to that (((aspect))).

Even so, what a disgrace— Jews, Indians, Kurds, blacks. Where are the English?

A few tokens here and there, such as Jeremy Hunt (even he has a Chinese wife).

Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan. Again.

Ah, so there it is but, in an odd move, Sunak has moved her within Cabinet to Secretary of State for the Environment.

That Therese Coffey is even an MP speaks volumes about how broken our political system now is.

As for the Indian money-juggler, if he is not careful, he may end his time as Prime Minister by being carried out of town on a rail, tarred and feathered.

Only the first step. Later, Little Matt Hancock, the Communist bitch on “SAGE”, “Professor Lockdown” (Ferguson) and many many others have to be —eventually— put on trial and/or otherwise punished.

If only there were a real social-national party in the UK…

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Quite. You still see people (who seem to think themselves terribly clever) tweeting “freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequences“, whereas, as “@RealBlackIrish” points out there, that is exactly what it means. The “freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequences” formula would mean, in effect, that Stalin’s Russia, Mao’s China and present-day North Korea all had free speech.

There was (maybe still is) a mediocre law lecturer from East Anglia, one Paul Bernal (descended from the well-known part-Jew 20thC scientist, J.D. Bernal: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/J._D._Bernal), who used to regularly and unthinkingly tweet that formula.

So much for the “alt-right” “conservative nationalists”. To hell with them. They sell the future of England, of Europe, of the world down the river.

St. Crispin’s Day

Today is St. Crispin’s Day.

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37 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 25 October 2022”

  1. He MUST GO by fair means or foul. People should engage in civil disobedience and refuse to be ruled by this undemocratically imposed ethnic person.

    No taxation without representation!

    Paul Embury, don’t criticize Jeremy Hunt. Yes, he is a wealthy guy but not to the degree of the undemocratically imposed ethnic one.

    Besides which, Jeremy is an ethnic Englishman so who cares about his wealth! He worked hard for it setting-up a business anyway so good for him.

    You Labour lot care too much about people’s wealth. That is old hat thinking from the 1960’s and 1970’s. The division now is on the basis of nationality. In that regard, Jeremy shares a commonality with me and I will stand beside my fellow Englishmen regardless of what school they attended or the size of their bank account.

    Our national survival depends upon it.

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    1. John:
      Wealth of Β£1M, Β£5M, Β£10M, and even Β£20M, while hugely more than owned by the mass of people in the UK —who have almost nothing— cannot be compared to Β£100M, Β£500M, Β£800M (like Sunak and wife), where the money can have really serious political effects if the holder of the wealth decides to make it so.

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    1. NativeWarrior14:
      and the Republic, and France, and Germany, and Sweden (etc). It’s a worldwide phenomenon, planned, encouraged and defended by the kind of traitors that sit at Westminster (“Westmonster”). The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan.

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      1. All of whom must hang for the despicable and calculated treason that has brought us to this point or face mandatory 99 year prison terms which is the length of the maximum sentence in Alaska and I believe the state of Alabama in the USA.

        Lock ’em up for an extremely long prison sentence like that or execute them by the relatively humane and quintessentialy British and fairly civilized method of a long drop hanging.

        Judge Merciless! Ha, ha! That is me!πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£

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      2. Deliberately destroying some of the world’s most advanced, illustrious and cultured nations which have given so much to the world through mass immigration takes a very special kind of EVIL.

        Those responsible for it must be held to account if justice is to be served.


  2. The objection to the blatantly undemocratically imposed alien, Mr Embury, is NOT his vast wealth but the fact he is not ethnically English, Welsh, Scottish or an Ulster-Scot.

    THAT is the point. Simply put, it is an utterly grotesque INSULT to us that he is squatting in No.10.

    He MUST leave that building either [REDACTED] or alive. If that requires [REDACTED] then so be it.


  3. His wealth is immaterial. I would have no fundamental objection to that young man (I think he is only aged about thirty or so) who is the new Duke of Westminster being in No.10. Indeed, we have had aristocrats who have been ultra-wealthy before in that building serving as PM.

    He is richer still (many billions) but at least he is English.

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    1. John:
      I know little about the newish youngish Duke of Westminster, who looks rather smug and entitled (but who would not, with his inherited riches?), but I doubt that he would either *want* the trouble and bother of being a politician, or be acceptable to the public.


      1. We English really must learn to stick together regardless of the level of our wealth just like Jews do otherwise we will have NO future at all in our homeland.

        Ethnics like Jews and the others do. If we don’t do likewise they will take more and more advantage of us.


      2. I would have him as PM or a Cabinet minister in a shot. He is ultra-wealthy but, again, he is English so there is that point to consider!

        Better to be under the governance of a fellow Englishman than this foreign occupation government.


  4. I am starting a countdown clock to the day this imposed and totally illegitimate squatter is removed from that building. Hopefully, he will beat the new record set by Liz Truss.


  5. Rishi MUST GO, Rishi MUST GO, Rishi MUST GO, Rishi MUST GO, Rishi MUST GO, Rishi MUST GO, Rishi MUST GO!



  6. Brandon Lewis is now the MP for Great Yarmouth a once marginal seat that used to go with the national tide at general elections but where he now has a very healthy majority. I suspect though that was achieved on the back of ‘Get Brexit Done’ which still hasn’t been fully achieved due to the NI Protocol effectively leaving that part of our supposedly united country in the EU.πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

    Great Yarmouth had one of the biggest pro-Brexit votes. Lewis also used to be the council leader in Brentwood.


  7. Time for an uprising. [REDACTED] if need be, against this anti-white racist government of foreign occupation. Effing disgrace!😠😠😠


      1. A police state whose officers are very good at snooping on people’s political opinions online but utterly useless at catching rapists, gang rapists, thieves, murderers etc.

        THAT. IS. ALSO. A. DISGRACE 😠😠😠😠


  8. Hello Ian! Those tweets by Daniel Hadas are excellent! He described the situation brilliantly. I agree with his theory, there was a Golden Age of scientific thought and particularly of literacy and manners between 1850-1950.

    BTW, who is this James Melville? His comments are usually spot on and I agree with almost everything he says.

    PS: I hope that horrendous and disgusting creature called Therese Coffey will be sacked, although he (and many hundreds more) should be sacked FOR EVER as my learned friend Lord Rope (John) recommends! (LOL)


      1. Thank you very much! I will read that.

        BTW, have you heard of the invaders walking into the houses of British residents asking/demanding money and/or a cell phone? It happened in a town in Kent. I will send you the link to the interview made by Farage because is almost unbelievable what happened. The brave English girl who confronted the man said that he was talking to someone in Manchester, which means there is a huge network helping these invaders.


    1. Ha, ha, THE Lord of the Rope is what I am called!πŸ˜†πŸ˜€πŸ˜ƒπŸ€£πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜€

      It doesn’t mean a thing if it hasn’t got that swing!πŸ˜€πŸ˜ƒπŸ€£πŸ˜‚

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  9. Sounds like Hetty Wainthrop Investigates πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜€πŸ˜ƒcould make for a good Home Secretary then if she is that ‘evil’ but then she is a woman of British extraction so she is certainly banned from that role, or, indeed, many others thanks to the so-called Conservative Party’s increasingly fanatical and downright unhinged anti-British racism.

    They simply don’t want us. Let us hope the voters of the forthcoming by-elections in West Lancashire and now in Chester too show them how we view this deplorable stance.😠😠😠πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯😒😒

    P.S Don’t British Tory backbench MPs get fed-up with being passed over for promotion time and time again?


  10. Hetty does seem to be quite normal actually for a leading Tory nowdays. At least having a taste for foods other than some of the exotic ones the numerous curry munchers eat might stand you in good stead to strike up a conversation with her and find out whether she does possess that allegedly nice personality.

    She does seem quite engaging. Penny Mordaunt certainly does seem to have personality traits such as that.


  11. I agree with you 100%; to the hell with all “conservatives” or “conservative nationalists” who cowardly refuse to see/understand the vital role played by the Jews in all this.

    BTW, I prefer Kenneth Branagh’s St. Crispin Day’s speech. It is more natural and delivered at a more relax manner, also, the soundtrack (which I noticed is the same as the original of 1944) is not as loud. In Lawrence Olivier’s version, his final words are almost drowned by the music.

    What a wonderful speech!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A-yZNMWFqvM


  12. I wouldn’t call Mr Daubney a conservative nationalist or, an adherent of what the philosophy is more usually called ie NATIONAL Conservatism. Basically, the NATIONAL part of it is stressed and it is a variant of Conservatism as a whole.

    He appears to be a straight up and down Libertarian hence his previous membership of the Brexit Party and now Reform UK.

    Britain doesn’t have a large national conservative party though one might say UKIP’s remnants could be so described.

    Germany’s Alternative Fur Deutschland party is a broadly national-conservative organisation with some more strongly nationalist elements within it.

    Nice to see he used the word ethnicity rather than a more generic word like race.

    Yes, people like him and other globalists and libertarians like to paint a picture where all those who object to continual mass immigration are just ‘racists’ and therefore haven’t got any real ideological standpoint worth discussing.

    We are opposed to immigration because we view the United Kingdom as having distinct ethnic nations within it ie the English, the Scots, the Welsh and Ulster-Scots which need protection from being overwhelmed and that Rishi is ethnically Indian. We are not just mere holders of a common British state citizenship. There ARE real ethnic nations within these islands.


  13. Another stirring moment from a British film and British history, one of my favourites, “Zulu” with Stanley Baker, Michael Caine and Nigel Green as the formidable Colour Sergeant Bourne.

    Interestingly, the song “Men of Harlech” was not sung at the battle nor most of the soldiers were Welsh as they want us to believe. The story is explained in an excellent video by very nice Englishman called “The History Chap”. Look for the minute 14.00 in the video


  14. Yes, Zulu, a film I only saw for the first time a couple of years ago. It is a wonderful and brilliant production which has now become one of my favorites. Indeed, I would go as far to consider it to be one of the best British made films.

    Sadly, because of the tyranny of the loony PC globalist cult we have in this country it is rarely shown nowdays on terrestrial tv.πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„


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