Diary Blog, 30 October 2022

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The Untermensch’s Tale


When Freda Walker opened her back door to let her cat out one night last January, she let Hell into her home. It came in the form of Vasile Culea. He seems to have sneaked in while she was not looking.

Not long afterwards, he subjected Mrs Walker, 86, and her husband Ken, 88, to a night of merciless torture. He was a retired electrician and former district councillor. She was a retired seamstress. They had come through all those decades, and might have thought they were entitled to a peaceful final few years together. They did not live in some inner-city gang-infested zone, but in the kind of street and the kind of house that millions inhabit.

She was 5ft 2in tall and yet Culea, a fit young man, killed her.”

[Peter Hitchens in the Mail on Sunday].

I note, though, that Hitchens does not point out that the torturer and murderer, Vasile Culea, is a Roma Gypsy from Romania. Note— not “Romanian”, except in respect of his passport, but a member of that tribe first let into the UK in huge numbers under the Blair elected dictatorship.

Look at the photo in the article. Not European. The Roma Gypsies originated in India, many hundreds of years ago.

See also: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11365243/Romanian-killer-jailed-life-murdering-86-year-old-ex-mayors-wife.html; even the newspaper report of the untermensch’s sentence describes him, misleadingly, as “Romanian“.

The truth has to become acceptable again in the UK, whether it concerns Gypsies, Jews, the “holocaust” farrago or, indeed, English people (where they too need to be held to account).

I feel sorry for the real Romanians, who are constantly “tarred with the same brush” when the Roma Gypsies with Romanian passports commit crimes in the UK.

Liz Truss


Liz Truss’s personal mobile phone was hacked by agents suspected of working for the Kremlin, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

The cyber-spies are believed to have gained access to top-secret exchanges with key international partners as well as private conversations with her leading political ally, Kwasi Kwarteng.

One source said that the phone was so heavily compromised that it has now been placed in a locked safe inside a secure Government location.

A source with knowledge of the incident said yesterday that the security breach ‘caused absolute pandemonium – Boris was told immediately, and it was agreed with the Cabinet Secretary that there should be a total news blackout.

‘It is not a great look for the intelligence services if the Foreign Secretary’s phone can be so easily plundered for embarrassing personal messages by agents presumed to be working for Vladimir Putin’s Russia.’

[Daily Mail]

It has to be said that the UK’s intelligence and security services, perhaps particularly SIS [MI6], have been living off their hump, meaning a largely-undeserved reputation, for a very long time, along with the Monarchy, the Church of England, the Bar, the NHS, and the ancient universities, to name just a few of the more obvious “usual suspects”.

As to Liz Truss herself, I suspect (admittedly without much evidence) that, at some point, meaning prior to her becoming Prime Minister, she was getting banged by Kwasi Kwarteng.

Anyway, both Liz Truss and woolly-head are yesterday’s news now.

[See also: https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2022/oct/30/liz-truss-rider-out-of-the-blue-book]

[Addendum, same day: Can you believe that a half-crazed and very stupid bitch such as Liz Truss had, for 6-7 weeks, the power to start, and certainly to provoke, a nuclear war? Our whole system of selection and election of political leadership cadres is basically broken; one could say 80% broken].

Tweets seen

Even when I was last in Hong Kong, in 2006, more than one local person told me that it had been better under British rule (China regained control in 1997).

Now that the Conservative Party is sinking, the globalist sharks are circling round dishonest Starmer and “Labour”: Gates, the Jew-Zionist-Israel lobby (which controls Starmer already), the international money men etc.

Where is that? Canada? I have never been there. Several people that I know have been there and did like it, but it seems to me to have the seeds of complete decadence sprouting.

Having said that, the above may be from some northern bit of the USA, I suppose.

More music

[VDNKh, Moscow, after overnight rain]
[from the film, Belorussian Station]


As blogged previously, the old DDR [East Germany] was a very strange country, though one which I myself only saw directly during a couple of days of 1988, barely a year before the whole set-up collapsed and disappeared into history.

More tweets

Late tweets seen

A couple of years ago, I first mooted the idea that the “Covid” hysteria was, at least in part, a mass psychological experiment on the grand scale. Psychological conditioning. I see that my thoughts were not without others treading the same “path less travelled”.

Next question: how to expel the literally millions of such invaders before all of Britain is a charred wasteland?

I wonder how much time the Europe we have known has left…

…but most of the sheep there seem to want to be incinerated…

At the top level, “Zelensky level”, Ukraine’s failed state is basically a Jew-Zionist dictatorship and NWO battering-ram, being used to weaken Russia.

Late music

[Zeppelin over the Palace of Westminster, London, in WW1, probably in 1916]

49 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 30 October 2022”

      1. No, just short and sweet and to the point: GOOD

        Now, we can execute by the quintessentialy British and therefore relatively humane and fairly civilized method of capital punishment ie long-drop hanging the treasonous anti-British vermin in government who do nothing to stop or even slow down this constant invasion.

        Yes, I am taking about executing unelected (even by his own party’s members) and wholly illegitimate Rishi, Suella and all the damm lot of them!

        Hang ’em High!

        Form an orderly queue after little old humanitarian me as Britain’s latter day Albert Pierrepoint – The Lord of The Rope!🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😀😀😀😃😃😂😂😂😂😂

        An ancient and much needed British craft revived in 2022!😂😂😂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Indeed, the authorities could label it “terrorism” and therefore anyone found condoning said event could potentially be prosecuted under terror legislation! I think mum’s the word! 🤔


  1. Der Fuhrer had many faults but one of his good points was that he and his government were sticklers for law and order in National Socialist Germany so an evil ‘Romanian’ Roma Gypsy who callously murdered defenceless, probably very frail and undoubtedly vulnerable old people like those two in that report would have faced real justice under his regime and been executed for such a vicious crime.

    That story shows how degenerate ‘Britain’ is under the fake Conservatives. Not only do we still have an immense problem with our own homegrown British criminal scumbags we continue to import them needlessly as well.😠😠😠😠😠


  2. So the murderer was a user of cannabis which shows this drug is NOT harmless as the advocates of legalisation claim.

    The fact that so many drug abusers go on to commit vicious crimes even up to and including murders is one reason Singapore takes an ultra-tough line towards drug dealers including hanging them.

    Even if that would go too far for many people here I still want to see drug dealers being treated much more severely by the courts. I would suggest twenty year plus minimum sentences being consistently given to them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. John:
      Many people, esp. the Guardian readers and the like, still think in terms of peaceful (late-arrival by half a century or so) “hippies” of circa 1967, sitting around and smoking weak “Mary Jane” in Haight-Ashbury (“the Hash”), but the drug itself is generally much stronger now, and its users prominent in the crime reports, including those pertaining to murder, and even Islamist terrorism.


      1. Of course, Guardian readers are naive about most subjects but their attitudes to drug use are particularly so. They should be aware that cannabis tends to be much stronger, as you say, than it used to be in the past and also that people who consume it quite often then progress to taking harder ones like cocaine and heroin.

        Cannabis should be legalized ONLY for the small number of people who can benefit from it medically-speaking and then only under the very strict supervision of a qualified doctor.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. NativeWarrior14:
      Good grief! The bastards are given not one but *2* houses, and are still not content! Unglaublich!

      The report does not say where the husband is from (I suspect Egypt, like the former landlord).

      Of course the “bigger” house the woman wants would be, almost inevitably, in a better neighbourhood.

      What a useless bunch. A complete millstone round the neck of the State and people.

      Meanwhile, not one but *two* BRITISH families are homeless because of the houses occupied by this woman and the (?) Egyptian husband and their brood.


      1. Utterly disgraceful! 😠Then the Tories wonder why they are now consistently below 30% and miles behind Labour in the opinion polls even disregarding the recent turmoil at Westminster. They don’t help themselves a lot of the time.

        That by-election in Chester which has been set for December 1st looks likely to result in a very big drubbing.


      2. John:
        As you say. The City of Chester by-election should be interesting.

        City of Chester has been marginal for many years, though mostly voting-in Labour MPs. That may have started when Mrs. Thatcher’s PPS, Morrison, was the MP. Apparently what is now known as a “paedophile”. He died in 1995.

        Gyles Brandreth, that clown, was MP 1992-1997.

        The interest will come not only in the result (probably a Labour win) but in the detail of the percentages.

        If Labour win, but in a lacklustre way, that might point to weakness. We shall have to see. Of course, the contest is muddied because of the Labour MP having stepped down amid accusations of moral turpitude.



      3. It is strange that the by-election in Chester has been given a date to be held yet the one that was caused previously ie West Lancashire has not had the writ moved.

        Has the Labour MP there not formally stepped down?


      4. If the national opinion polls are anywhere near being accurate reflections of the true state of public opinion and if prediction sites like Electoral Calculus have their models right then the Labour candidate in both seats should win by a percentage share well into the 60% plus range.

        The turnout figure will be more interesting than it is normally. They are both Labour seats currently but their turnout figures at the last election were pretty good and certainly were compared with Birmingham Erdington where that by-election a few months ago had a truely absymal one and where its general election figure was one of the worst in the country.


      5. Ha, ha, I do LOVE the surname of the Tory MP for Chester from 2010 to 2015!😂😂😂😃😃😃🤣🤣

        I wonder how many people have that surname nowdays? Even in the era of Sir Oswald Mosley being the leader of the BUF it was a rare surname and as for Mosley’s first name that was unusual even when he was born in 1896.


      6. John:
        A few, anyway. I occasionally see it, either as Mosley (as in the case of Sir Oswald) or Moseley.

        ps. The MP called Stephen Mosley lost City of Chester in 2015 by a mere 93 votes.


  3. Hello Ian: I don’t understand the situation in Hong Kong, it seems the Chinese are turning the screws but perhaps this is a consequence of the US-orchestrated “protests” by the same kind of useful idiots employed previously in Russia against Putin. Every time I read/hear about “pro-democracy protestors” I tend to grab my gun (misquoting Hermann Goering, LOL)


    1. Claudius:
      Hong Kong was of course an historical anomaly, and remained so after Mao achieved victory in the Chinese war(s) after WW2. As a British colony, it was a freewheeling, low-tax, dot on the map. Now, I wonder whether it has much of a future.

      I have been there twice, but not for more than a week or so. In 2006, I had some suits and other clothing items made at the famous Sam’s Tailor in Kowloon.

      Hong Kong is a different place from what it was before 1997, under even the (until a few years ago) relatively (by mainland China standards) lax Chinese rule, which now seems to be slowly becoming closer to what it is like on the mainland.

      BTW, take a look at Google Earth. You will see that Hong Kong is almost completely surrounded by a gigantic urban sprawl in China proper. Shenzhen and other areas.


      1. Shenzhen is a sprawling city and at the hub of a growing industrial centre. China is even starting to make cars for export now and I believe I am correct in stating that one of their manufacturers of cars called BYD (Build Your Dreams) is based there.

        Apparently, we are due to have our first examples of Chinese-made cars on our roads by December of this year. BYD is exporting a small electric vehicle to us.

        I shall make a special effort to look out for them and take extra care on the roads from December then since I have little faith in Chinese quality control! My experiences with Chinese products hasn’t been brilliant so far. Japan and South Korea didn’t take long to learn quality control but the Chinese are having some difficulty with the concept.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. It seems as if China is intent upon ruining the place and removing all the decent aspects of our former rule there.

        It was a shame we had to give it up and hand it over to the nasty regime in Beijing. Hong Kong was a real ‘Jewel In The Crown’ of our remaining dependent territories.

        Frankly, I have some difficulty in understanding why they wanted it back and to only a slightly lesser extent the ex Portuguese colony of Macau if all they are going to do is ruin those places and complain incessantly about the attitudes and behavior of the people who live in them.


      3. John:
        Simply so that they can expunge foreign influence as much as possible. After all, no other people built such a wall as the Great Wall of China to keep barbarous foreigners out, not even the Romans or East Germans…


  4. I have no problem with ignorant yahoo Yanks wanting to incinerate themselves in aid of Ukraine but I want MY country – the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland- to stay firmly OUT of their proxy wars.

    It is high time we had a Britain FIRST foreign policy for a change.🙄🙄🙄


  5. Good for those Germans! The people of Dresden of course out of all German cities know the stark reality of how terrible even conventional war can be let alone one involving the use of nuclear weapons.

    Yes, let Germany be neutral in this conflict AND US. We have even more reason than they do to have that stance since we are geographically further away from Ukraine.


  6. Yes, Steven Cotterill, how can Russia be a threat to the United States when they have that number of bases around the globe!

    From looking at that map it seems that America is more of a threat to the world and to Europe including us!


    1. NativeWarrior14:
      Yes, though Railton Road was almost as bad even 40+ years ago. I have been there several times, though not since the 1980s. Bandit country…

      The difference is that, back then, most of the rest of London was OK most of the time…


      1. In the 1990’s and 2000’s I used to visit from my home in Essex some of these ethnic areas of London by the tube just to see how bad they were.

        I have been to Brixton once and it was a godforsaken dump even in the late 1990’s so God only knows how bad it is now.

        I also visited ‘Little India’ Southall by way of the tube and conventional rail.

        I am not joking here when I say that you can SMELL that place from about five miles away on the railway.

        Why doesn’t our new esteemed PM represent that constituency instead of being dumped on the people of Richmond, North Yorkshire by the ever so PC non Conservative Party?


    2. What a complete lawless excrement hole! Vote globalist CONservative and make YOUR ‘nice Tory area’ like Brixton one day!😠🙄🙄🙄😥😥😥😥😢😢


  7. Interesting mention by John of South Korea as a country with high standards of quality. I can vouch for it. Here in Argentina, the most popular and reputable electro-domestic appliances are Korean (i.e.: Samsung and LG) Samsung is also a very popular (and expensive) brand of smartphones. LG also produces excellent flat HD TV sets.


    1. Claudius:
      Yes, Koreans have high quality standards. An intelligent population and, also, well-organized. In the South.

      You may say “what about the North?” but, when they want to, they also can do remarkable things, such as build missiles, spacecraft, and atomic power plants; that despite their economic problems.

      Even their buildings (in the South) are of high quality. About (?) 30 years ago, both Turkey and South Korea had bad earthquakes. In Turkey, the death toll was huge and many buildings (built poorly, without proper building inspection) just collapsed. In South Korea, even the multi-storey blocks that fell to the ground stayed in one piece. Remarkable.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Here in the United Kingdom, Samsung and LG are very popular makes of electronic/electric products. Samsung is a huge conglomerate which doesn’t just manufacture electronics and electrical products but has its fingers in many varied fields of business and I recall reading somewhere that single company accounts for a huge percentage of South Korea’s annual GDP.

      I believe I am correct in stating that Samsung is supposed to be the world’s biggest producer of televisions apart from the very expensive and very large over 50″ inch screen size sector where Japanese company, Sony, still has the lead.

      Yes, Samsung mobile phones are expensive but they are of excellent quality. They are reputedly the largest maker of Android platform phones or perhaps they may just have lost out to one of the now numerous Chinese makes like Oppo but at any rate they remain one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of mobile phones and tablet computers. I have a quite out of date now Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus that I am still happy with.

      LG is supposed to be the largest maker of flat screen panels and supply them for other companies too.

      A little known fact is that the economic prowess of today’s South Korea and its ‘Miracle On The Han River’ economy can at least partially be ascribed to the foundations that were laid for it by a military dictatorship in that country during the 1960’s and 1970’s which goes to show that not all dictatorships are wholly bad.

      In the 1950’s South Korea was one of the world’s poorest countries yet today it has a thriving, export-led economy and turns out more graduates on a yearly basis than any other country.


  8. Speaking about Korean cars, which brands do you have in the UK?

    When I lived in Australia (1994-2005) they were very popular (KIA, Hyundai, and Daewoo, the last one disappeared in 2011 absorbed by GM)

    In Argentina, we have Hyundai, KIA, and Ssang Yong; according to the experts, they offer excellent quality at a very reasonable price.

    BTW, Buenos Aires is home to a large and very prosperous Korean community. Like the Japanese, they are hard-working and quite frugal.


    1. Claudius:
      I am not the person to ask about cars, though I do *have* one. In fact, I only had a licence from age 42!

      I know that Hyundai and KIA are here. There may be others.


    2. We have Hyundai and Kia. I think we may have had Ssang Yong at one time but if we had then it has disappeared. I can’t remember seeing one on the roads recently or have seen adverts for them.


    3. Japanese are at the top of the non-European and East Asian league table then comes Koreans and finally some way back but ahead of Indians etc and Africans come the Chinese.


      1. Thanks, Ian. Murders by persons being pushed in front of trains (or buses / cars) is almost exclusively a “black thing”. Colin Flaherty used to post videos about these incidents in the U.S. all the time. The perpetrators are always black, and the victims almost always White or Oriental. It’s almost as if it forms a pattern….


      2. HennyPenny:
        Yes. When I lived in New Jersey (but travelled into Manhattan —a one hour trip— quite often, 1989-1993), such crimes were not uncommon on the New York City subway system. My first wife (American) always told me to be sure never to stand close to the platform edge if I used the subway. Probably good advice.


      3. London has, sadly, already fallen. Hard to believe that even as recently as eighty odd years ago it was the hub of a vast worldwide Empire and a civilized, law abiding metropolis we were proud to call our capital city.

        Now, look at it!😠😢😥😢😢

        One day, the globalist, treasonous politicians who have caused this latter day sad fate to befall London must pay the ultimate penalty for their crime – death via long-drop hangings.


  9. Indeed it has been and continues to be a very safe Labour seat but my point is why does the CONServative Party not put-up ethnics like Rishi in these kind of constituencies?

    After all, with being PC nowdays and having an ethnic candidate in an ethnic constituency it should be entirely possible for them to be elected as CONS in those type of seats.

    Perhaps the reason they don’t is an admission that even with their surreal levels of pandering to the ethnics Indians etc are still not going to vote Tory in any real appreciable numbers and will continue to back Labour as they have traditionally done.


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