Diary Blog, 31 October 2022

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[ice-skating in Gorky Park, Moscow]

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Migration invasion


The msm, predictably, more concerned about the desperate petrol-bombing apparently carried out by some poor fellow probably driven beyond endurance by the migration-invasion, and by the trashing of his country, than by the fact that very nearly 1,000 of the bastards arrived yesterday alone, many having been ferried across by the disgraced RNLI, Border Force (Farce?), possibly also by Royal Navy etc.

Jewish-lobby puppet Jenrick is all too happy to destroy Britain’s race and culture.

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As noted before, most British people are so polite even today. They carefully try to drag the “Just Stop Oil” sub-terrorists out of the road, rather than giving as many as possible a kick in the head, or (as I myself might well have been tempted to do, had I been there) simply rolling slowly over the bastards in my heavy car.

Look at the video clip of the young woman dragging a “protester” bigger than her. Why are others in cars, especially men, not helping her, but just sitting there watching, doing nothing, or nothing beyond hooting their car horns?

No wonder this country is being invaded by migrant-invader untermenschen, no wonder the streets are becoming unsafe in many areas, and no wonder the freeloading bastards at Westminster just continue to exploit us and lie to us, while shoving their snouts deeper into the trough!


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This trans nonsense has to stop. Perhaps, as a society, we should be a good deal more “Darwinian” about it all, before our society just sinks into a swamp of hopelessness.

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Left to their own devices, the blacks would be back to living in shacks and mud huts within a single generation. Look around the world: Haiti, Liberia etc. Any majority black country, even given white European minority populations, European help and money etc, will decline. It is happening to South Africa now, and has already happened in the rest of black Africa.

Anyone wondering why the Government, the “Opposition”, the various System political parties do nothing but actually encourage mass immigration (including cross-Channel migration-invasion) need only Google “Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan“.

The solution is to stop invaders arriving, even if that means the use of harsh methods. That, and removal of, or elimination of, those already here.

…and are allowed to just do it, apart from a couple of brave passers-by and one security guard who tried to stop these sub-terroristic idiots.

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How about “looking after the British people properly“? MPs are almost all useless, weaselling, wastes of space.

Stop talking about the so-called “refugees” as anything other than economic migrants and/or migrant invaders.

As for “war zones”, this is often misleading. When I was in Rhodesia in 1977 (aged 20), the country was called a “war zone”, but the main war (actual shooting, mines in roads etc) was mostly on the borders, particularly the border with Mozambique. In fact, the main battles or large raids took place over the borders, in Mozambique and Zambia.

Most of the country, most of the time, was peaceful, on a day-to-day basis.

The same with Ukraine. Most of Ukraine, most of the time, is not, by any normal designation, a “war zone”. The main fighting is taking place in about 10% of the land area, in the southeast and south.

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Oster“. Jewish.

In the USA, there has by now been a pretty complete (((takeover))) of academia, finance, business, law, and politics, dating in its origins from the early 20thC, and really taking off from the 1970s.


As a social-national thinker into the future, I cannot and will not accept a non-white as a Cabinet minister, but Suella Braverman is at least saying what most people want to hear on the cross-Channel migration-invasion.

Now when will that be backed up by actions, both to stop the invasion, and to get rid of those already here? Or will Suella Braverman do a “Priti Patel” and be completely useless?

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[outer checkpoint, Seversk, Siberia]

25 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 31 October 2022”

    1. HennyPenny:
      Thank you. I see that the attack took place at 0305. Without shifting the blame to the victim from the untermenschen responsible, the fact is that a woman alone in such a neighbourhood at night, and possibly the worse for drink and/or drugs, is very silly.

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  1. Yes, how typical of that utterly vile globalist and virulently anti-British Tory rag, The Daily Mail, to side with patently fraudulent ‘asylum seekers’ and utterly blatant illegal immigrants over the interests of native Britons.

    When the final reckoning for all this despicable treason comes, their editors will also be in the dock and if they are found guilty of treason they will be swinging from a stout piece of British hempen rope.

    Sensible and very successful Right-wing countries like South Korea still have hanging on the books for what is called treason and a specific offence there of ‘conspiracy with foreign countries’ and I can’t see any reason why similar laws can’t be introduced here with the ultimate punishment being the sentence.

    Let all traitors SWING!

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  2. In 1940, Winston Churchill wanted to use our old poison gas stocks from WW1 to use on Nazi German troops if they had invaded us. Whilst I would not normally advocate the use of lethal means on these unwanted invaders in the final analysis and if alternative non deadly methods are not sufficient to stop these ridiculous daily invasions then, I’m afraid, those drastic means will have to be used.

    The government of any well governed country has a RESPONSIBILITY to defend the integrity of the borders of that state.

    It is high time this shambolic ‘government’ took its responsibilities seriously in this regard.


  3. The head of that vile globalist charity, the RNLI, should definitely be executed via a long drop hanging for his despicable treason.

    No one should donate a single penny to them. It used to be a very worthy charity once but has been taken over by ‘woke’, globalist, anti-British traitors as have too many other previously decent ones.

    These globalist, anti-British charities are utterly repulsive.

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  4. It just shows you how braindead and globalist many Brits are that they have given more likes to condemning Just Stop Oil protesters than to the Twitter posts which argue something must be done about these invasions from across the Channel.

    There is NO justification whatever for these daily cross channel invasions yet Just Stop Oil do make some good points about climate change and the role of fossil fuels in it albeit their methods of protesting are very radical.

    Of course, if Britain WAS a genuine democracy with a fair voting system like Norway is to take just one example then these Just Stop Oil protesters could just cease their activities and vote for the Green Party instead.

    It is precisely because this country is so out of date that we don’t have a real democracy that these people feel they need to be extreme .

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  5. Many people argue that the death penalty is no deterrent to crime yet the leaders of Just Stop Oil said only the other day that the ONLY way these protests by that group would stop would be if capital punishment were introduced for those who take part in them.


    1. John:
      I think that that rhetoric cannot be taken at face value. A few *short* sentences for art vandals (long if the art treasures are damaged) and a few kicks in the head for road blockers would be enough.

      I may be called “extremist” by some, but I would not execute people for sitting down in the road by way of protest! Measure in all things…


      1. Even though I tend to be a pretty passionate advocate of the virtues of capital punishment and of punishment proportionately fitting the crime I wouldn’t either you may be pleased to learn!🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😀😀😀

        Yes, executing protesters who merely sit down in the road is a trifle excessive one feels even for a hardline exponent of law and order values like little old humanitarian me!😂😂😂🤣🤣😃😃😂😂

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      2. I wouldn’t have the capital sentence for either Just Stop Oil protesters or those of any other type.

        I would use it for only a limited number of very serious crimes such as some types of murder particularly those with premeditatation or agravating circumstances, treason, conspiracy in the interests of other countries like South Korea has, drug dealing in large quantities and/or repeated offences, lying where that results in the execution of an innocent person, some firearms offences and aircraft hijacking. Every other crime would be free of any possible imposition of capital punishment.

        I might also allow a panel of judges of either 5, 7 or 9 to decide the sentence of death and therefore allow them some form of discretion in order to take into account the individual circumstances of a defendent and that of their crime.


    1. Claudius:
      I cannot believe (well, sadly, I can) that the UK police give the Just Stop Oil idiots and nuisances water and even biscuits when they are glued to roads. Leave them glued there for a few days and then cart them away when they have had enough.

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  6. Yes our ever treasonous politicians’ main focus is on the so-called ‘refugees’ and their needs NOT as it should be on the welfare of the British people in general and on the unfortunate and poorer sections of our people in particular who are often the ones most affected by this issue.

    They are paid a salary and effectively employed not by the illegal immigrants and fake refugees but by us so their duty as parliamentarians is to the British electorate.


  7. Mentioning Rhodesia as you have that was yet another example of British politicians selling-out people of British descent.

    An absolute disgrace and what has been the result? Today’s Zimbabwe is, to all intents and purposes, a shambles compared to the mostly productive and fairly well governed country of Rhodesia under British colonial rule and that of Ian Smith.

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  8. Message for Ian and John: You both will be surprised to hear that I agree with you in not executing the “Stop Oil” idiots. I believe that would be much better (and painful 😆​😆​😆​) to have them confined to barracks devoid of heating and cooling devices. Then, they will carry out heavy physical work 12 hours a day: repairing roads, chopping trees, stone-breaking (very popular in the USA), etc. Call me old fashioned, I don’t care (LOL)

    They should be doing this for, at least, a year.

    PS: They will have two meals a day only and will not receive gloves or extra clothing during the winter.


  9. Border FORCE? More like Border FARCE, I’m afraid!

    Yet another probably underfunded and understaffed government agency from those who have brought us a continuing dysfunctional and unfit for purpose Home Office for the last twelve years.

    Come to think of it, WHEN was the last time the Home Office took its responsibilities towards the British electorate and people seriously?😠😠😠😢😢😥😥


  10. People in general particularly those who are more vulnerable such as children/adolescents, elderly people, those with disabilities and women should be able to feel safe walking the streets at any time day or night.

    In well-governed Singapore with one of the world’s best Home Secretaries, Mr K Shanmugam, and a REAL ‘party of law and order’ in power (the Singaporean Peoples’ Action Party) that is the case. It should be here too and indeed it used to be in the 1950’s and before.



  11. Yes, I would much prefer to have a British Home Secretary like Tory ‘Right-winger’ and social conservative Sir John Hayes (anti gay marriage, anti abortion, pro death penalty) in that very important post who just so happens to hold the safest Tory seat in the land called South Holland and The Deepings in Lincolnshire.


    However, sadly that won’t come to pass so we have to deal with the fact we have someone who looks like they would be at home in Delhi, Bombay or Calcutta.

    Suella is beginning to say the right kind of rhetoric but, as you say, the time for mere good intentions is OVER. What we want is ACTION NOW and NOT useless Patel’s inaction.


    1. Claudius:
      I hope so. Wonderful to think of the unpleasant and afflicted autistic stamping her foot and shouting out “how dare you!”, as everyone in the world bar a few cranks either ignores her or laughs at her.


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