Diary Blog, 2 November 2022

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In the end, Russia will either prevail in the conflict or become, yet again, and as in the 1990s, just a huge area in which exploitative Jews and others make money at the expense of the Russian people and the Russian (and European) future.

Once you start to slide down the slope of socio-political and cultural madness, it is uncertain whether there is a lowest point.

See: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2018/11/15/when-reality-becomes-subjective/.

Chris Bryant

Bryant is indeed a massive hypocrite, as befits a failed C. of E. clergyman.

Also, former London manager for the very sinister Common Purpose organization [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Common_Purpose_UK], which has been responsible for infiltrating so many inferior candidates into powerful administrative positions, and so undermining good administration, government, and public confidence.

A member of Labour Friends of Israel, very tied-up with the Jewish lobby, e.g. on Twitter (the Jews on Twitter always support him).

Bryant claimed over £92,000 in expenses over the five years leading up to the 2009 scandal over MPs’ expenses.[22] During that time he flipped his second-home expenses twice. He claimed mortgage interest expenses that started at £7,800 per year before rising (after flipping) to £12,000 per year. He also claimed £6,400 in stamp duty and other fees on his most recent purchase, and £6,000 per year in service charges.[23]” [Wikipedia]

(just some of what Bryant has tucked away over the years…).

In December 2020, Bryant became engaged in a row with the Commons speaker, Lindsay Hoyle. The disturbance started with Bryant heckling the Prime Minister while standing near to a door. The Speaker informed Bryant that social distancing rules meant he needed to move and he then instructed Bryant to sit in one of the seats intended for use by MPs. Some of those present thought that Bryant then uttered an offensive expletive back to the Speaker although Bryant denied this. Bryant then exited the chamber of the Commons while the Speaker called for him. Some moments after the Speaker had denounced Bryant’s “disgraceful behaviour”, Bryant returned to the chamber to engage in what appeared to be a heated discussion with the speaker. Hoyle said: “Mr Bryant, I think we need to have this conversation later” and Bryant left the chamber.”


He was ridiculed by the press in 2003 when he posted a picture of himself wearing only underpants on a gay dating site, Gaydar.[43] Bryant later reflected upon the affair, saying, “It was a wound but it’s a rather charming scar now.” [Wikipedia].

So polluted is the House of Commons that this is the grubby person the MPs voted in as Chairman of the Standards Committee!


How can Parliament be cleansed? Here is one idea:

Little Matt Hancock

For once, I agree with Chris Bryant. Hancock has basically abandoned his position as MP, abandoned his constituents, and degraded his status as MP for one reason only— to make money. Newspapers are reporting that his fee for appearing on I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here is around £350,000, about 10 years pay for the average person, and far more than that for the majority of British people. The stint in the contrived “jungle” will last, at most, one month, apparently.

As reported on the blog yesterday, Hancock is also signed up for the TV show SAS: Who Dares Wins; fee undisclosed. Apparently, the particular show will be called Celebrity SAS: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-11378399/Matt-Hancock-angers-SAS-bosses-signs-Im-Celeb-stint-rival-show.html.

Hancock may need the money, especially if he fails to recover the Conservative whip by the time of the next general election. I think that it is quite likely that he will not be the Conservative candidate at West Suffolk, in which case he loses not only the £84,000 p.a. salary as MP, but all those lovely expenses, including the costs of his London second home.

Once Hancock has done the two TV shows, I cannot see him morphing into a mass media celebrity on a continuing basis; he just does not have much of a personality, still less an attractive or pleasing one.

My assessment of Hancock, from 2019: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/09/09/deadhead-mps-an-occasional-series-the-matt-hancock-story/.

More tweets seen

Abandon support for the corrupt dictatorship of the Jew Zelensky in Kiev, restore economic and cultural links with Russia, and construct a pipeline to bring Russian gas at near-cost price to the UK, to warm British homes and to fuel British industry.

My recent assessment of “Jack Monroe”, aka “the Bootstrap Cook”: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2022/09/30/diary-blog-30-september-2022-including-an-assessment-of-jack-monroe-aka-the-bootstrap-cook/.

“Vaccinated” against “Covid”? An epidemic of sudden or unexpected deaths from (mainly) cardiac problems.

Britain 2022


Organizations that provide little “security” and/or “intelligence” for this country, but at vast cost.

Britain 2022

Another example of how the UK is sliding down rather quickly now.

An odd minor aspect is that the interviewee seems to be white European, yet speaks in a kind of semi-Jamaican patois.

More tweets seen

What is the point in throwing more money at “Defence” when Britain’s armed forces cannot and indeed will not defend the people of Britain against invasion by black/brown hordes who are at best contemptuous of us (and often hostile and/or criminal)?

As for “supporting” Ukraine, forget it. We should cut off all money and arms being supplied to the Kiev regime, because a. it is not our fight (we as a nation have nothing to do with it); b. only with Russian trade and other links can the UK make something out of Brexit; c. the Russians can supply to us the energy we need to keep Britain warm and working.

Britain 2022— cannabis abuse and alleged criminality


Late tweets

I have the solution…

…and while the migration-invasion continues, and begins to really be noticed by the public, Indian supposed “clever boy” and money-juggler Sunak is going off to talk nonsense with other useless “leaders” at Cairo. You really could not make it up.

A particular in-group being vastly overrepresented“? Call them what they are— a pack of Jews.

Late music

[“the living fields”]

14 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 2 November 2022”

  1. Hello Ian: Just a question (although I have a bad feeling about the answer) Did that bastard (Chris Bryant) pay back all that money (£92.000) he stole from the taxpayers?

    As I said the other day, hanging or shooting would be too good for these bastards; a life-long sentence of hard labour would be MUCH better! Let them suffer dragging rocks or repairing roads in winter with no gloves or warm clothes!


    1. I have an alternative idea to my usual one of executions via the hangman’s noose for our criminal/treasonous/anti-British politicians and that is to build a British version of that famous ex maximum security prison in San Francisco called Alcatraz on the overseas British dependent territory of St Helena or Ascension Island in the South Atlantic ocean.

      Then, we incarcerate them in there for sixty plus year minimum sentences with the addition of their having to perform hard labour.

      How about that for a criminal sentence?😂😂😂😂

      On the other hand, having them swing on the end of a hangman’s noose is cheaper for the British taxpayer!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ha, ha, I rather like that title but I also would also enjoy being Secretary of State for Law and Order. That is a name change from the title of the relevant minister here at present and being called it sounds suitably harsh and even Orwellian.

        It would also bring the job description into line with the one that was used in Apartheid South Africa so the new title has that to recommend it 😂😂😃😃😃


      2. I suggest confiscating their illegal earnings/fortunes and using them to finance the building and running of the prison, the British taxpayer will not have to pay a penny!


      3. A great national anthem (one of the world’s most stirring) for a great country.

        Before the ANC came to power and white rule and Apartheid was abolished, I once engaged in an argument with anti-apartheid protesters outside of South Africa House (their embassy) in Trafalgar Square.

        It was great fun!😃😅😂 They thought they were making the better arguments as to how cruel and evil white rule and Apartheid were but I said back to them that if Apartheid and white rule were so terribly bad for the blacks then how did they explain why South Africa had such a bad rate of illegal immigration by blacks from the black run countries surrounding them such as Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Botswana, Swaziland etc?

        That floored them and they just walked off in a huff. Game, Set and Match to little old me!😂😂😅😅😃😃🤣🤣😂😂

        At the time, I used to deliberately try and buy South African fruit eg grapes and SA wine that was so hard to obtain because of sanctions in order to support white rule and my fellow whites in that country.


      4. John:
        I also had such a dispute, in June 1988, when I happened to be exiting that Embassy. The student (?) yob who accosted me probably thought that I was a South African diplomat or something. A brief exchange occurred as I walked on, ending when I refused to continue the “conversation”; the yob shouted out some (now forgotten) expletive as I walked on.

        I later wrote a letter of complaint to the Metropolitan Police Commissioner as to why those anti-apartheid yobs were being allowed to take over Trafalgar Square and blast their propaganda through powerful speakers pretty much 24/7. I received a typical anodyne reply to my question as to what about me doing the same at Downing Street…

        In fact, the said yobs were just useful idiots for the forces of anti-white globalism then gathering to kill off South Africa, the only avowedly White European state left, even then. The System, including the police etc, on board…


  2. Matt Hancock according to Electoral Calculus would lose his very safe seat in 2019 to Labour if there were to be an general election held soon as would Russian botherer in chief Ben Wallace.😂

    Hancock would lose West Suffolk by less than 1,000 votes.

    Electoral Calculus was updated since the last prediction in mid October the other day and the wholly undemocratically imposed extra from It Ain’t Half Hot Mum has, so far, only saved a miserly TEN Tory seats from being potentially lost but he has regained the title of His Majesty’s Official Opposition from the SNP!:



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