Diary Blog, 1 November 2022, including Little Matt Hancock’s latest news

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As I predicted on the blog quite a while ago, Russia would have to understand (and seemingly now has worked out) that it needs to unbalance the Kiev regime by oblique warfare, rather than simply by battlefield attrition.

Even previously, the full story of our national suicide was not told, because the narrative spun only included mothers born in other countries, not grandmothers etc. The full extent of the “replacement” was never told.

Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan. Only the most extreme responses can stop it happening now.

Little Matt Hancock

Little Matt Hancock, the would-be dictator of the 2020-2021 “panicdemic”, has finally given up serious politics:

Quite. It will be recalled that, last week, Hancock was in the front row at Downing Street, obsequiously clapping Indian “clever boy” and money-juggler Sunak, as the latter arrived. Sunak “blanked” Hancock, not looking at him, not shaking his hand and, most tellingly, not later offering Hancock a job.

Hancock has therefore turned to Plan B, having no doubt seen Michael Portillo become far more famous (arguably) and certainly better liked, as well as better paid, after Portillo gave up front-line politics to ride on trains around the UK, Ireland, mainland Europe and beyond, giving out historical and socio-political snippets.

That restored Portillo’s reputation and public popularity. Few now even remember the unpleasant and bombastic minister and then Cabinet minister under Thatcher and Major; even fewer remember the 1990s sex scandal that revealed some of his various escapades (including affairs with both men and women, one of which was a Spanish male ballet dancer).

Portillo has become a popular TV presenter. Even I quite like his railway excursion shows.

As to Hancock, he has obviously accepted that his main political career is over. True, Nadine Dorries went on I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! and was later appointed to Cabinet, though only many years later, under Johnson (perhaps literally) and after having lost the Conservative whip for a while (under Cameron-Levita). I read today that Hancock has now also lost the whip, and so sits in the Commons as an Independent MP: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matt_Hancock#I’m_a_Celebrity…_Get_Me_Out_of_Here!.

I do not think that Hancock expects to return to Cabinet or even Government, and it may be that he anticipates losing his seat in a general election cull of Conservative Party MPs, though Hancock’s constituency, West Suffolk, is (so far) a safe Con seat: see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/West_Suffolk_(UK_Parliament_constituency)#Elections_in_the_2010s.

If Hancock does not regain the Conservative whip before the next general election, then he is toast, politically. Perhaps Sunak will dispose of him that way.

Incidentally, I blogged about Hancock over three years ago: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/09/09/deadhead-mps-an-occasional-series-the-matt-hancock-story/.

Finally, I sincerely hope that the “staff” on SAS: Who Dares Wins give Hancock a thorough “beasting”. I have never watched that show, but I might make an exception to see Hancock suffering a bit.

Late tweets

That Cellan-Jones person has often expressed anti-national views. I suspect that he may be part-Jew, though am not sure of that.

Another suspicious person, in my view: Dr. Julia Grace Patterson, who qualified as a doctor, worked for maybe a year in a hospital, then dropped out and has of late (for the past few years) been selling (useless) cloth facemasks online, and tweeting about the NHS etc.

The System will use any method, including emotional blackmail, to release the black/brown migrant-invaders into our streets and homes.

The System wants to destroy every decent thing about England, and to flood the countryside with blacks etc.

How long will it be before a combined race/culture war breaks out in the UK and across Europe?

“Labour” is no better than the fake “Conservatives”, maybe worse in fact, but if the Con Party can be destroyed at the next general election, the Labour elected dictatorship that may follow may itself, by its extremism and possibly very large Commons majority, trigger a real pushback.

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24 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 1 November 2022, including Little Matt Hancock’s latest news”

  1. Re. ONS changing the way they report the census: what a disgrace! Obviously the powers-that-be are so terrified of the public knowing the true extent of their own “replacement” they are resorting to underhanded measures to downplay the demographic changes to this country! I wondered why there has been a delay in the figures! 🤔🤬


    1. NativeWarrior14:
      Lies and fakery have always been the modus operandi of the System when it comes to immigration etc; from numbers to such as claiming that immigration “enriches” the UK, or is good for the economy.


  2. Was Portillo that much disliked apart from the usual suspects ie lefties?

    Yes, his defeat was cheered when he lost his own seat in the Labour landslide with that occasion now featuring in leftie folklore as ‘Were you up for Portillo?’ (the tv coverage of him losing the seat of Enfield Southgate)

    I seem to remember that although he was disliked other ministers were just as much if not more. Michael Howard had few fans as did Michael Forsyth in Scotland who lost his seat as well.

    Personally-speaking, I think he might well have made a good leader for the Tories and if they had replaced Major with him in 1995 when Major told his critics to put up or shut up they might well have gone down to a less devasting defeat.

    He could have prevented some of the numerous Tory voters in that election from abstaining as they did. I seem to recall he wasn’t an object of pity or a joke as Major became.


    1. John:
      Well, I did not think much of Portillo as a politician in the late 1980s. I did not know then that he was (I think that, in fact, it was later) head of the Conservative Friends of Israel at Westminster.

      As for his famous seat-losing in 1997, I was not in the UK then, but living in Kazakhstan.

      Having said that, MPs of that era were less likely to be completely ignorant know-nothings, as compared to almost all MPs now.


  3. John Redwood was more disliked especially in Wales. Still, he did make rather an idiot of himself trying to sing the Welsh national anthem as Welsh Secretary on one occasion and getting it hopelessly wrong.


  4. If I were the unelected imposter from A Passage To India I would be wary of angering Matt Hancock so much he just resigns his seat and goes off to do something else with his life.

    West Suffolk is a pretty safe Tory seat in general elections but wouldn’t be in a by-election. It wouldn’t be good for the CON Party to give away easy wins to the Opposition parties in by-elections especially at the moment when they have dire opinion poll ratings.


    1. John:
      It would take a nuclear explosion to stop West Suffolk voting Con. Also, the second party is usually Labour, so there is no LibDem leverage.

      I think that Hancock will try to get back the whip and so remain as MP after 2024. £85K and expenses…

      If Sunak stands firm, though, Hancock will just be flushed away permanently.


      1. It is obviously a very safe seat but not totally bomb proof as my seat of Brentwood and Ongar (the Tory Party’s TENTH safest) might be even in a by-election.

        By-elections can produce very wild swings and parties DO occasionally win them from third place and even the Lib Dems can achieve that feat.

        After all, they won both North Shropshire and Tiverton and Honiton on very large swings of 34% and 29.9% from third place positions at the previous general election and they were held when the Conservative Party was more popular in the national polls. Also, there is a revival of tactical anti-Tory voting going on at the moment as we saw in those by-elections.


      2. Yes, it is a poor vote share but in North Shropshire in 2019 they only won 10%, had virtually no councillors in the seat, were in third place and still won the by-election. In Tiverton and Honiton their share was little better at 14-15%.

        If you can somehow persuade people you are the challenger in a by-election then momentum can take you far.


      3. John:
        Well, you may be right. Hancock *might*, even if not allowed to stand as Conservative, decide to call Sunak’s bluff and stand as Independent, relying on his new TV celebrity to save him from being invisible.


  5. Hello! Thank you for the video about Hitler’s globe. Very interesting. Although Mark Felton is one mouthpiece more of the WW2 official version, I remember an excellent video of his about the bloody battle for Caen (June-July 1944) which I recommend.

    The battle for Caen lasted 7 weeks and cost the British and Canadian forces nearly (or perhaps a bit more than) 50.000 casualties (approx. 12.000 dead and 38.000 wounded) and showed what a mediocre (if not useless) general Montgomery was. If you are interested type “Battle of Caen Mark Felton”


    1. Claudius:
      Thank you.

      I have been to Caen (into the centre of what remains of the old city) only once, but used to go around Caen (it has a ring road) quite often, and (when taking a wrong turn a few times) saw a bit of the modern (post-1944) city. The battle, and the British bombardment especially, was very damaging.

      Since the war, there has been built (I think only about 30 or so years ago) a ferry port at Ouistreham, about 8 miles north of the city. I used it a few times to go to Portsmouth.


    2. Mark Felton has done a pretty scary video on YouTube detailing how potentially defenceless Britain would be if our silly government angered Putin so much he decided to attack Britain.

      It looks like those in charge of our Royal Air Force have made much the same errors of concentrating our air defences on too few bases leaving dangerous gaps in RAF air cover for this island as was done in the 1930’s This mistake nearly cost us the Battle of Britain in 1940.

      It is fallacious to assume as so many do that Britain only has to fear a possible Russian nuclear attack. Our RAF defences aren’t likely to be of much use with a conventional attack by Russia either.


      1. John:
        Why would Russia want to take over the UK? To replenish its supplies of blacks? (only joking).
        Also, it could only do so by also taking over Poland, Germany and the Netherlands, at least. As for air attack without any attempt at invasion, again one must ask, why?

        Liked by 1 person

  6. The title of that awful TV show (“I am a Celebrity”) tells you everything. Therefore is perfectly understandable that a useless piece of crap like Matt Hancock will appear there. The fact that the press calls him “a star” is not only ludicrous but shows the character and level of the British media and society. Very sad.


  7. The difference, Mr globalist anti-Brit Cellan-Jones of former BBC fame (how typical!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄)is that the REAL Tory government in 1938 of Neville Chamberlain only admitted a few Jewish refugees. He didn’t just TALK about controlling a potential flood of them he ACTUALLY DID IT and WAS NOT ashamed of his actions either.

    If only this so-called ‘Tory’ government acted with the firmness and resolve of Neville Chamberlain to defend our borders.

    Also, the Daily Mail then was a genuine Right-wing newspaper not the globalist anti-Brit Tory rag it is today.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. John:
      Note how the Daily Mail has been writing about the man who launched the Dover attack. The Mail is just another treacherous nest of enemies. The bastards tried to persuade me, in late 2016, to “put my own side of the story” re. my disbarment. I told the little gopher to get lost.

      Incidentally, look at the Daily Mail readers’ comments re. the Dover attack. About 990/1000 supporting the attacker and/or saying that he was driven to it by the migration-invasion which has been colluded-in by the Government and fake “Opposition” alike.

      A straw in the wind…


      1. The Daily Mail is a truely repulsive and, frankly, evil rag. It attacks native British people just because they have fallen, often through no fault of their own, on hard times such as unemployed and disabled people yet if you can manage to ‘read between the lines’ you will discover that when push come to shove their editorials SUPPORT globalism and open borders for Britain and they attack genuine nationalists for being against these trends just as much as any leftwing rag does.

        If papers are going to stab Britain and the British people in the back I would rather they do it honesty like the Daily Mirror does.

        In that sense, the Daily Mirror is less repellent than the Daily Mail is.


      2. John:
        The best thing about the Daily Mail is the comments section under most reports. Sometimes the editors decide to disallow comments, though, because they are too “racist” etc (I surmise).

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  8. Let those migrants self-harm if they want to. The vast majority of these invaders ie 90% plus are complete fakes and little more than economic migrants looking for a better life at our expense.

    GENUINE refugees are supposed to go to the NEAREST safe country and we are a long way away from dangerous countries.

    At any rate, GENUINE refugees are only meant to take refuge in a country for a LIMITED time until their own countries become safe again.

    Why, for instance, were Jewish refugees not sent back by the British government to Germany and Austria after the fall of the National Socialist regime in 1945?

    Liked by 1 person

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