Diary Blog, 20 January 2023

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On this day a year ago

From the newspapers


Britain is now a trash can, full of trash.


Types like that are now flooding into Europe, including the UK.


This latest lunacy from Scotland is tantamount to a weird brainwashing form of child abuse.

Jacinda Ardern


You see rubbish on Twitter about this, all about how New Zealand’s economy is “booming” etc. Well, the statistics lie, and for a very obvious reason: when you shut down a country almost completely for 2 years, the economy nosedives. Any activity at all after that seems, superficially, to be strong growth.

Then there is her approach to Covid. Initially, the world bought into the myth that her government was a top performer in eliminating the disease.

The truth, of course, is that it’s relatively simple to quarantine remote islands. And having introduced a strategy of isolation and hard lockdown at the start of the pandemic, Ardern clung to a zero-Covid policy that was way beyond the edge of reason.

Her government shut down businesses, closed entire towns if a small outbreak of the virus occurred, and forced New Zealand citizens who happened to be abroad when the pandemic struck to apply to enter their own country, with only a tiny number of places available via an online lottery system.

At first, the policy was popular, with Ardern using Facebook Live sessions to communicate with the nation in a crumpled jumper, after putting her daughter to bed, in a manner that struck a chord with the public. Indeed, in the 2020 election, her party polled almost 50 per cent.

Yet, as time went on, opposition to this sometimes cruel policy (for which exemptions were only available for celebrities and the ultra-wealthy) grew, with critics lambasting a sluggish vaccine rollout and pointing out that the only world leader more bloody-minded in holding on to a strategy of eliminating Covid at all costs was communist China’s president Xi Jinping.

The crescendo of division and unrest saw huge demonstrations outside parliament.

[Daily Mail]

Huge demonstrations“…which were not covered at all by the BBC, Sky, ITN, or the “Lugenpresse” System msm outlets of the UK; and what about that bit re. “exemptions were only available for celebrities and the ultra-wealthy“? Peak pseudo-socialist nonsense. As in “the virus is so dangerous that only the ultra-wealthy and —of course— ‘celebrities’ can do whatever they like”…

It reads more like a parody than real government policy, even if it is from a joke state like New Zealand.

Try telling the truth, though, to the msm drones in the UK, let alone the Twitterati mugs. They are closed to the truth, on almost any subject.

Jacinda Ardern was just another Blair-type NWO/ZOG puppet (in fact, she worked for a while as a “SpAd” at Westminster, under Blair.

See also: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/03/25/the-new-zealand-attack-and-related-matters/ (re Brenton Tarrant and the Christchurch massacre etc; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christchurch_mosque_shootings).

Tweets seen

The whole interconnected milieux (msm “journalism”, “fashion”, TV/radio “comedy” and “drama”, in fact TV generally) should be purged, and I do not just mean deprived of its riches and platform.

Perhaps the New Zealanders could institute a “Jacinda Day”, akin to our “Guy Fawkes Day”, in which an effigy of “Jacinda” might be immolated in some way that produces few “emissions”… A kind of “damp squib” fire that produces little light or warmth. Symbolic, you might say…

Far right“? Oh, they mean people not totally brainwashed by NWO/ZOG propaganda:


Only (sort–of) joking… but then, Sinn Fein/IRA has become a joke anyway, a kind of —superficially— more militant SNP or Plaid Cymru.

Jack Monroe

Still “grifting”…

The police should be investigating all that. Why should a black woman in Bristol be facing trial on very similar facts yet “Jack Monroe” not only not investigated but even still being promoted by some of the msm?

A typical “Jack Monroe” supporter might be a woman of about 60 years old, not badly-off, pretty ignorant but thinking herself rather educated, and living in some suburban or rural area; a Guardian reader, pro the Kiev regime, pro the facemask nonsense, needless to say “anti-racist” etc. Or a male, or LGBTQXYZ, equivalent, possibly retired, possibly a business owner in a modest way, probably “woke” etc. Certainly not “poor” or “struggling”.

More music

[British officer and soldier, possibly “Auxiliaries”, searching IRA suspect in Ireland, circa 1920; officer using left hand to search, while keeping the suspect covered with his revolver, unseen in the right hand. Note the body on the ground]

More tweets

The first part of that is plainly not libellous even on its face.

The second part may or may not be.

How is saying that “Jack Monroe” “makes more money than the Prime Minister” libellous at all, even if not true? Answer: it isn’t.

So she claims to be “still suing” Con MP Lee Anderson. I wonder. So far, according to Lee Anderson, he has not received any pre-action correspondence as required under the Civil Procedure Rules.

An action in defamation must be brought within a year of the triggering cause, but even then is still expected to be brought expeditiously; in lieu of that, there may be costs consequences.

“Jack Monroe” still has, in theory, 3-4 months in which to bring proceedings, but I doubt whether they will be brought or, if brought, would be successful.

Can anyone rely on any statement put out by “Jack Monroe”? I think not.

Late tweets seen

The “Jack Monroe” scandal rolls further on…

My guess is that “Jack Monroe” may even get a solicitor to send a “Letter before Action” to Lee Anderson, which will help her to continue to plead for money im various ways, and keep her in the news, so maybe attracting more mugs to subsidize her. There will, however, be no actual issuance of proceedings against Lee Anderson or Martin Daubney. If I am wrong about that, and proceedings are actually issued, that will eventually turn out to be a very expensive error for the “Bootstrap Cook”.

Actually, she goes lower. Lee Anderson claimed that 30p can feed someone at least for a day or part of a day; “Jack Monroe” claims 11p! Is there a prize for the first idiot or “grifter” who claims to be able to make a 1p lunch?

Exactly right.

Late music

Julie London…what a woman…and what a voice.

16 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 20 January 2023”

  1. Just a question, what does it mean “SpAd”? You used that expression applied to Jacinda Arden when she was in England “working” for Blair. BTW, these people have never worked properly in their lives. She must have been a kind of “gofer” (LOL) I believe she would be pretty useless in any kind of work; she looks like a person unable to cope with pressure.


      1. Thank you very much for the articles about “Special Advisers” What a racket! Here is the same, or perhaps worse because even the MPs have “advisers” (friends and relatives) that get massive salaries for doing NOTHING!


  2. The material I am quoting below belongs to a book titled: “Paedophilia and Empire: Satan, Sodomy and the Deep State”. The title is already off=putting, HOWEVER, I found some interesting information which I believe is true, particularly about the obnoxious Shirley Porter, daughter of Jack Cohen, founder of “Tesco’s”

    “A deeper look at how Shirley Porter, Jewish heiress daughter of Sir John Cohen, founder of Tesco supermarket chain, ran her Tory controlled Westminster council as a Kosher Nostra, illustrates the unholy marriage between London’s dirty trick politics and Dolphin Square’s flourishing cottage industry led by predatory paedophiles like Laud and Greer, supplying fresh young boy meat to dozens of degenerate Westminster VIPs. The queen honoured Dame Shirley and her Tory council henchmen’s gentrified gerrymandering to push the homeless, unemployed and otherwise poor “riff raff” Labor Party voters out of Westminster to dominate a gay-Tory-pedo playground monopolizing control over both the Westminster borough and its Dolphin Square Tory paedophile ring.”


    1. Claudius:
      I recall the Shirley Porter scandal.

      Funniest thing on the personal level was that an aristocratic German lady I knew, about 60 years old, was returning home in Westminster borough) when accosted by Shirley Porter and a film crew from local news. This was before local elections.

      Shirley Porter thrust out her hand and said “I’m Shirley Porter!” to which my friend replied (not taking her hand) “Oh, how strange. I thought that porters were always men. Anyway, I have no luggage…” and sailed on, leaving the Jewess gasping in her wake.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. You could say “is a drop in the ocean” but it is refreshing and very good to see/hear something like this. Nothing can replace activism and demonstrations carried out by dedicated people. The NSDAP was like that during its early years. I know that they did not have to face a colossal power structure like we face today but at that time it must have seem an impossible dream and thanks to the courage and dedication of thousands of patriotic Germans Hitler’s party became a huge national movement. If I lived in the UK, I would be supporting PA



    1. Claudius:
      “One human soul is a big audience”…which is one reason I keep my blog going. I may have only hundreds or small thousands of readers/viewers, rather than millions, but each one is valuable (even those presently hostile to me, who are nonetheless affected subconsciously).

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Claudius:
      Thank you. I am not much of a cook, and not one at all until recent years, but I may try one or two of those (the ones without meat and without garlic).

      I know you like El Cid, so…


      1. Just a question, OK, you do not eat meat, but what about fish? I heard that some vegetarians eat fish (I know it does not make any sense because it is still meat but…)

        In my case the only fish I can eat has to be battered; I believe that is the way you Brits eat it with your famous “chips”. Here we called them “papas fritas” (fried potatoes) I found that the Americans call them “French fries” because their soldiers discovered the fried potatoes in France during WW1.


      2. Claudius:
        I do eat fish and shellfish. I have not eaten red meat since about age 21 (1977-78…I think 1978, because I used to eat “biltong” in Rhodesia in 1977, when I was still 20 y o; biltong is strips of meat dried in the sun— I had beef and antelope). I ate chicken and game birds (grouse, teal, partridge) after that, but not in the past ~18 years.

        I just do not like meat or the idea of meat now (for myself); it is not —mainly— an ideological question for me.

        I do occasionally buy fish and chips, though if it is available (usually not) I prefer the fish in breadcrumbs rather than batter. Haddock would be my favourite, now that whitebait is usually not available for ecological reasons:


    2. Thanks, Claudius. Just been looking up those recipes and they look rather mouthwatering (and easy to make), so will be trying out some this week.


      1. I am glad you find them interesting. BTW, here is the website of an American lady who lived in Italy and has some fantastic recipes. If you subscribe to her newsletter, you will get 5 recipes a week. Unfortunately, since I am diabetic, I cannot enjoy her wonderful desserts! 😭 😭 😭  Regards!



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