Diary Blog, 21 January 2023

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Saturday quiz

This week I did not do so well: 4/10, same as political journalist John Rentoul. I only knew the answers to questions 2, 4, 9, and 10 (the same ones that John Rentoul got right). I would have got No. 3 —the “Northern tart” question— right too, but I just could not recall it.

From the newspapers


LIttle pro-Israel monkey-on-a-stick Sajid Javid wants to charge patients for seeing a GP or visiting A&E departments.

He himself is standing down at the next general election. If it becomes widely known that charging for NHS services is the “Conservative” Party direction of travel, the already-anticipated loss of Conservative Party seats might be historically large, even if the NHS is not performing properly at present.

Jack Monroe

Incredible that parts of the msm are still promoting the “Bootstrap Cook”.

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The road to Hell is paved with good intentions“, as we know. The proposed rules no doubt aim at giving the American “poor” a better diet instead of the diabetes-2-tending (and generally unhealthy) one that includes white bread and “American cheese” [a particular kind of processed cheese sold to the public as “Kraft slices” etc: see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_cheese].

The particular type of cheese disapproved of includes what is or was called “Government cheese” [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Government_cheese].

The price, though, is freedom of choice; and the other restrictions, such as “one car per family”, are obviously repressive, though of course in many countries only the wealthier part of the population(s) have even one car. Poverty is relative.

“Bootstrap Cook” has raised only one person out of “poverty”— herself (and quite possibly not even that).

Both true, and that is before you even think about “Bono”, Bob Geldof etc…

As the psychiatrist in one episode of Fawlty Towers remarks, “there’s enough material there for an entire conference“.

More accurately, “it” may be defamatory but, if “true”, is not actionable defamation.

That “@blackwolfski” tweeter is just so typical of those who have a whole fake worldview of “woke”-ism. Akin to wearing a jacket of msm lies: supports “Jack Monroe”, Jacinda Ardern, Labour Party drones etc, and is entirely impervious to any “unapproved” truths. Note the faux-serenity and faux-“concern” of his (fake, “passive-aggressive”) good wishes to tweeter “@scbusiness4”.

Hard to judge to what extent that was so but, if accurate, it sounds like very bad behaviour (to say the least).

Tweeter “@jimellis123” is another very typical “Jack Monroe” supporter-type: the man of 50+ or 60+, retired or unemployed (as it seems), not seemingly poor or “struggling” (except possibly with mental “issues”); socio-politically— narrow-minded. Also, the “passive-aggressive” smugness, as seen in the tweet below:

Presumably meant to be satirical, but quite likely the literal truth.

More tweets

Not completely untrue, certainly.

Interesting vlog

More tweets

The police, as well.

More tweets

Late music

It is, I read, Chinese New Year.

7 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 21 January 2023”

  1. Hello, I checked that video at the end, but I could not stand the irritating of voice of that American woman. Anyway, she was not saying anything new.

    Have you noticed how almost EVERYBODY is referring to the bastards of the WEF as “elites”? How ignorant people can be? An elite implies a group of people that is superior in terms of ability or qualities to the rest of society. These bastards are NOT superior in any way, neither have been selected according to their (non-existent) skills. They are bloody puppets from the JWO.


    1. Claudius:
      The video was suggested to me; I found it worth posting, despite the fact that —as you say— there is nothing much new there, at least for you and me.

      “Elites”: yes, it should be “self-regarding elites” or similar. Obviously, most of them are really rather mediocre. As the Russian saying has it, “money is the element that makes stupidity shine”…

      As to the loud and hectoring American woman’s voice(s), true but, after I had been living in the USA for a while, I began to find (other) *English* voices irritating (usually at one of the airports when I was not in the best of moods anyway).

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hello Ian: With regards to the “English” voices I had a personal experience. At least in four occasions my wife had to phone her ex-bank (the NatWest); as the conversation was made using the program SKYPE, I was able to listen to the bank’s employees. They all spoke an awful English and you could also tell they were numbskulls. One was Indian, one was African, one Scottish and the last one was an English girl from Manchester or Birmingham.

        This is the result of hiring uneducated morons who cannot speak properly; of course, all is made in the name of holy “Diversity”. My poor wife was terribly angry and stressed because she could not understand most of what they were saying and it was a serious matter. Luckily, she could solve the problem and closed her account.


      2. Claudius:
        Sometimes these call centres are in India, but of course some are in the UK but employing non-Brits of one kind or another. Everyone in the UK has had the same problem as your wife at some time or another. In fact, I myself have had that problem, sometimes with people trying to be helpful, but whose accents are very very hard to understand.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Claudius:

        Today (22 Jan) is Chinese New Year.

        Look at this ceremony from a few years ago. Whatever one may think of China, the Chinese, some of their more negative traits etc, the pride they have in their country is palpable, something understandable when one thinks of where they are now, and from where they have come in the last 200 hundred years. This is impressive:


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