Diary Blog, 12 February 2023

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[painting by Volegov]

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Peter Hitchens


A British Stasi is quietly growing in our midst. Powerful arms of government have begun to see it as their right and duty to snoop on conservative thought and speech, claiming it is in some way linked to ‘Right-wing extremism’. How long before the snooping turns into harassment?

[Peter Hitchens in the Mail on Sunday].

Where has Hitchens been for the last 15 years? Many people have already suffered greatly from harassment, both at the hands of the Jewish-led and so-called “anti-fascist” cliques, and by police who have often shown themselves to be in the pocket of Jew-Zionist cabals such as the CST and the smaller but equally, if not more, malicious “CAA” (“Campaign Against Antisemitism”). See, eg, my own most recent experience: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2022/01/15/diary-blog-15-january-2022-including-an-outline-of-the-failure-of-the-latest-jew-zionist-attempt-to-prosecute-me/.

See also: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2018/05/30/one-mans-extremism-is-another-mans-struggle-for-liberty-and-justice/.

The Jewish element, though not the only factor, is behind much of the encroaching “Stasi-state” in the UK.

Tweets seen

Today I include a tweet by one Matthew Sweet [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matthew_Sweet_(writer)].

The whole thread is worth reading, because it just shows so plainly the kind of System bias that exists in the UK msm. Not just this Sweet individual himself, but others whom he mentions approvingly.

Incidentally, he refers to himself as “Dr. Sweet” because he was once awarded a doctorate for work based around Wilkie Collins, the early detective writer [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wilkie_Collins].

More tweets

…also, several countries have been temporarily cold-shouldered by the EU establishment because they elected people independent of the System; Austria and Portugal, others too; now Hungary as well.

The EU is not truly independent of the USA or, rather, NWO, but part of the whole System:

I recall a sad scene: in the 1980s, I was once at a large rubbish dump on the edge of London with my then girlfiend (typo, maybe Freudian slip…please read “girlfriend“).

We dumped our rubbish and, while she was picking up a completely new-looking rug dumped by the man in the next car, I noticed a number of leather or leatherette photo albums on top of the rubbish.

They were full of black and white photographs of a then quite young soldier and his friends during the Second World War. Mainly around the Mediterranean. I saw pictures of them off-duty in Egypt (by the Pyramids), and in Jerusalem and elsewhere.

Treasured mementoes, and reminiscences of part of a life, now chucked onto a rubbish dump, no doubt after the death of the subject. Did he die without family, or did his family just think his photographs not worth preserving? We shall never know. It also struck me that, in poorer countries, the albums themselves would probably be salvaged by someone.


More tweets seen

Famous last words lies.

The problem I have in terms of the System parties is that I want rid of both of them (and the LibDems, but they are scarcely worth worrying about). I want the Con Party to die off (as it probably will), but not if that leads to another Blair-type “elected” Labour Party tyranny.

Very true (and I post it despite that comic having once, years ago, tweeted in a hostile way about me…#MoralHighGround).

Even leaving aside questions of supposed historical “justice” or “equity”, any monies transferred, e.g. from Europe to black Africa, will be monies thrown away, to be wasted or squandered by those incapable of utilizing them properly or effectively.

Corbyn is a rather uneducated person, someone who, despite having almost no academic or work history, found a niche as a Labour Party socialist (?) politico. I had some —very limited— time for him once the Jew lobby started to demonize him and actively plot against him (when he became Labour leader), but in fact he was never even properly or decently “anti-Semitic” (for example, he always pays lip-service to the “holocaust” farrago, even perhaps to the “gas chambers” fable). Basically, a political idiot.

Hard to believe that, even these days, a manager on the London Underground can be fired for a comment about a trivial (in world terms) matter such as that.

What does the death of a black criminal in the USA have to do with London Underground? Nothing, but that is where we are, and where we are is largely so because the Jewish element (it’s usually “them”, maybe not in the instant case) always tries to get people fired from from their jobs if the Jews dislike the victims: look at what happened to Alison Chabloz, and many others; some barristers have also been attacked that way, including me (see https://ianrobertmillard.org/2017/07/09/the-slide-of-the-english-bar-and-uk-society-continues-and-accelerates/).

…and they have not yet been punished.

That tweet begs the question, though, nicht wahr?

People must not be afraid of their governments“, but then, directly underneath, “(Posting videos of police [in Ireland] without their express permission, is a crime. Hence why I haven’t posted the video).”


“Talking the talk” is easy, but not “walking the walk”…

Bravely said.

Quite. Including the main “controlled opposition” newspaper, the Daily Mail. When I was wrongfully and unlawfully disbarred in 2016, the Daily Mail was the only newspaper to try to doorstep me, and the main journalist who wrote the Daily Mail piece about me (Google it) was an active Jew-Zionist then styled “Associate Global Editor” of the Daily Mail, but now working as… Editor of the Jewish Chronicle.

A tall tale

Speaking of Jews, I just saw a ridiculous tweet from the “World Jewish Congress”, featuring an old Jewish woman (aged about 92 or 93) who, when aged 12, i.e. in about 1942, three or four years after Germany took over Czechoslovakia (1938-1939) was, she said, sent to Auschwitz with her mother and brother.

According to her account, the detainees were first showered and disinfected, then all inspected by the now-notorious Dr. Mengele. He ordered her to be taken aside. She says that she “knew at that moment that I was to be taken to the gas chambers“. She however was taken to a room or cell and locked in alone.

She says that, in somewhere nearby, there was a mother, whose daughter was supposedly destined for the “gas chambers”, but the mother could not accept the girl going to the “gas chambers” without her, so she asked to go with her daughter in place of the lone Jewish girl nearby. The Germans agreed. That deal apparently “saved the life” of the now-90+ Jewish woman.

Well, my first reaction was “does anyone really believe a tall tale of that sort?”. First of all, we have all detainees showered and disinfected, something hardly likely if many or most of them were going to be gassed.

Secondly, how did a 12-year-old Jewish girl, just off the train from Czechoslovakia, know about “the gas chambers“, which (pretending now, for the sake of argument, that they actually existed) were (or so we are always told by the System propaganda on the subject) a closely-guarded secret until the end of the war?

In fact, the memoirs of all the main surviving war leaders, such as Churchill, make no mention of “gas chambers”.

Thirdly, why would the girl (and the other two in another room or cell) be kept there prior to being “gassed”, when (we are told) the Germans were gassing thousands daily? The “iconic” “six million Jewish victims” of legend, divided by about 3 years, equals about 2 million a year or, roughly, 2,000 a day.

Even bearing in mind the Zionist claim that there were several camps in Poland operating “gas chambers”, that must mean that, at Auschwitz alone, hundreds must have been “gassed” daily in those “gas chambers” of which, today, not a single credible trace remains, only one or two smallish rooms now labelled “gas chambers” and constructed (or, as they claim, “reconstructed”) after 1945.

Also, if the German authorities at Auschwitz had decided that a certain individual girl was to be “gassed”, why would they suddenly decide to allow an adult (who could work) to take her place?

The whole story is just lacking in any credibility, in short.

I sense that that whole farrago is losing traction outside the ranks of the Jews themselves (many of whom are indoctrinated into it from an early age).

More tweets seen

GB News is, of course controlled opposition but, to fulfil effectively that role within the overall msm matrix, has to permit some genuine oppositional voice(s) to be heard. A “devil’s alternative”, if you like.

I no longer have a Twitter account (the Jewish lobby finally succeeded in having it closed down in 2018, after having plotted for years to do so) but, if I still had one, I would probably follow that promising “@david_r_morgan” account.

I myself was in those mountains in December 1989. Cross-country on foot and, at one point, on skis, in deep snow. Cross-country skiing is hard going. I have never tried downhill skiing, and doubt that I ever shall (or that I would like it even if I could actually do it!).

More music

Late tweets seen

I have realized, over the past few months, since I assessed “Jack Monroe” on the blog, that she runs or has run literally dozens of “sock accounts”. Often, the language used gives the game away.

I do not think that anyone could call me a fan of “Tommy Robinson”, but is he wrong on this? I think not.

Stoking the fire…

Do not poke the hornets’ nest unless you are sure that they will not sting you.

OK, but what is the death-rate on the “Ukrainian” (Kiev regime) side? Maybe similar? Also, when will the BBC, Sky News etc start to report on (or even ask questions about) the treatment of Russian POWs taken prisoner in Ukraine, and held by the Kiev regime? How many are simply being executed in the field?

Late music

[Shishkin, Mordovino Oaks]

14 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 12 February 2023”

  1. Hello Ian: Lots of interesting and exciting material today in your blog. Before I forget, I want to share with you an excellent Russian murder-mystery series set in Russia in 1910-12. The main character is a doctor (Voskresensky) who is an eccentric recluse but also a genius who thinks out of the box and is asked to help St. Petersburg’s police to solve crimes.

    The series comes with excellent English subtitles but I am sure you won’t need them. I believe they made 8 episodes, here is the first one.


    1. Claudius:
      Thank you. I shall take a look later.

      In Soviet days, there were rather few, if any, “detective stories” on Russian TV, or published as books, mainly because the authorities preferred to pretend that crime did not exist. Thus the serial killer Chikatilo was not caught as early as he might have been, because the “Militia” (the then police force) were not allowed to publicize anything much. I think that he was caught eventually when the KGB got involved (they were asked to assist in particularly serious or complex criminal cases, or ones requiring advanced surveillance technology).

      ps. this is a good Russian murder story, from 1994, but not freely available. I used to have a video of it recorded from TV




      1. Thank you for the information about the Russian serial-killer. I remember watching an English or American film from the late 1980s about the case.

        BTW, I noticed that the link I sent you has been blocked. Go to YT and type “professor russian TV series” and chose the channel “Epic Media” which is the one with all the episodes and the subtitles.


  2. That bastard called “Matthew Sweet” must be a Jew. Mind you I have known some revolting Aryan traitors whose devotion to the JWO is unbelievable. As Don Quijote said: “Poderoso señor es don Dinero” (Mr. Money is a powerful lord)


  3. I just received a very interesting article from a Russian nationalist that believes there is confrontation between the GRU (The Intelligence service of the Russian Armed Forces) and the FSB (Russian Intelligence Service). The root of the problem is the incompetent military and political conduct of the Ukranian war.



    1. Claudius:

      Thank you. Just read that.

      God, what a mess…

      There was always rivalry between the old KGB and the old GRU. In theory, the KGB (and in its former incarnations such as the NKVD) was the senior service, but in reality they vied for influence with the Politburo.

      In the 1980s, there were (as far as one can tell) more defectors from KGB than GRU but, having said that, the KGB was massive in numbers compared to the GRU. Again though, KGB defectors and spies for the West would mostly have belonged to the First Chief Directorate of the KGB (ie the main foreign intelligence service) which may have had (I am unsure) about the same numbers as the GRU.

      When the Soviet Union disappeared in 1991, the First Chief Directorate of KGB became, after a while, the SVR, while the rest of the KGB, slimmed down, became the FSB. The GRU stayed as it was.

      See also

      As you know, part of the problem Russia now has, esp. in relation to Ukraine, is that it is like a “matrioshka”, empty of (ideological) content in the centre. You see that in this invasion or war, where Russian authorities are *still* pushing the “Ukrainian Nazis” and fake “Great Patriotic War” nonsense to the Russian masses (as you said a few days ago).

      The other main problem is organizational. Imagine privatizing a war and invasion! The last time the UK did anything like that was in the 18thC, when people were given licences to become licensed pirates (“privateers”)!

      The whole Ukraine operation was mishandled from the start. Poorly planned by the General Staff and GRU (and probably by Putin himself), poorly executed, and without flexibility once things started to go wrong.

      Now, only the most massive re-invasion or airborne assault, possibly using weapons of great destructiveness, can recover the situation from the Russian side. I do not believe that thry are doing quite as badly as the msm says in the UK, but anyway badly enough. They need a gamechanger.


      1. Thank you for the information about the “war” between the State intelligence service and the military intelligence service. I think it has happened (and still happens) in many important countries.


      1. The whole thing about this military group sounds like a joke. Why the name “Wagner”? It would have made sense if its members/leaders were fanatical Nazis “Hollywood style” (LOL) Not only is not like that, but its leader is a Jew! 😅 😅 😅  


      2. Thank you very much Ian. As you know we cannot trust Wikipedia at all in political matters. I noticed that almost all its “sources” are rabidly anti-Russian think-tanks or magazines. Regarding the mysterious Dimitry Utkin there are almost no photos of him. If you look on Google there is only a mug shot of a bald guy who looks like a total psychopath wearing some supposedly “Nazi” tattoos and we are supposed to believe is him. Really?


      3. Claudius:
        A “wilderness of mirrors”…

        The name “Utkin” is derived from “utka” (“duck”), so does that mean that one or more of the stories is a “canard”? (only joking).


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