Diary Blog, 24 February 2023

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Patriotic Alternative

Reports indicate that Patriotic Alternative has had its main Twitter account “suspended”. The same has happened to its leading figures: Mark Collett, Sam Melia, and Laura Towler.

The socio-political situation in Britain and across the “West” is heading for real conflict, so the state has stepped-up pressure on social media companies, the msm etc, egged-on by the Jew-Zionists and their “antifa” “useful idiots”. Free speech, freedom of expression, is being crushed.

John F. Kennedy said it first and best in the contemporary era: “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

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My own justifiably-scathing assessment of Therese Coffey, written in 2019 and updated several times since then: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/09/16/deadhead-mps-an-occasional-series-the-therese-coffey-story/.

I think that I can lay claim also to have been the first (well before the msm) to expose Therese Coffey’s less than honest claims about her own employment and academic record (including her degree).

Patriotic Alternative— statement by Mark Collett

The following statement was issued today by Mark Collett:

A few words on the new Twitter ban that is currently in place for myself, Patriotic Alternative and several other groups.

Twitter – despite Musk’s take over is not really a hub for free speech, and since Musk’s take over the following groups/people have remained banned or have been banned after being reinstated:

Myself, Laura Towler and Patriotic Alternative (plus associated accounts)

Mike Enoch, Eric Striker and the National Justice Party (plus associated accounts)

Nick Fuentes and America First (plus associated accounts)

Jared Taylor and American Renaissance

Paul Golding and Britain First (plus associated accounts)

Tommy Robinson

There are probably others too that I have missed โ€“ and if I have missed you off this list, send me a message and I will add you.

But what do all these people and organisations have in common? Well, the common thread between them all is that they all are active in the real world, and they all arrange real life events, take part in real life protests and call for people to something more than simply watch content online that they agree with. They are not simply talking heads or people looking to make the next hot take – they take action.

Now all of the above-mentioned people and groups wouldnโ€™t agree with each other on everything. But they would all agree on trying to get people out doing political activity in real life. And that is the one thing the system fears the most โ€“ real people, organising in the real world to create real change in order to take back power from the anti-white establishment.

[Statement by Mark Collett].

Alison Chabloz

Early reports state that Alison Chabloz, the persecuted satirical singer, has lost her appeal against conviction and sentence on a charge under the notorious Communications Act 2003, s. 127.

Ms. Chabloz has already served the term of imprisonment imposed in 2022 in respect of that offence, but has now been ordered to pay costs of over ยฃ2,000.

The appeal was presided over by H.H. Judge Baumgartner. See https://uk.linkedin.com/in/tony-baumgartner-84443439. See also https://pallasllp.com/journal/in-conversation-with-his-honour-judge-tony-baumgartner.

[Alison Chabloz]

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The motto of that zoo, I mean school, is “Make Good Choices, Hold Yourself Accountable, Strive for Excellence“…ha ha…

The USA is on the path to self-destruction.

The road to Hell, as we know, is paved with good intentions. About 24 years ago, I had a girlfriend in Tampa, Florida. Far from a typical American “liberal”, and more likely to vote Republican (or some other) than Democrat (and from a Southern plantation-owning background), but she had resigned from the very nearby Country Club [https://www.pcgc.org/] because, breaking with a tradition going back decades (the club had been founded in 1916), the —normally approved on the nod— courtesy membership for the current commander of the huge MacDill Air Force Base, not too far away, had been blackballed for one reason only, i.e. because the then new base commander was black (for the first time).

Despite my overall world-view, I had considered the lady’s resignation from the Country Club principled, if unnecessary, and the blackballing uncultured, in the circumstances. However, the line does have to be drawn somewhere. Once on a slope, you start to slide.

Courtesy is a good thing, but it cannot be allowed to over-ride higher principle.

[Palma Ceia Country Club, Tampa]

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[Moskva-Volga Canal]

6 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 24 February 2023”

  1. Hello Ian: We know what an obnoxious bastard Winston Churchill was and how ignorant in military matters was too. I don’t know if you knew about this book, if you read the comments made by a knowledgeable reader called “Navy Tim” you will see what I mean.


  2. What a gorgeous girl! (Mannie Quinn) How I wish I could push back the clock 40 years! ๐Ÿ˜โ€Š๐Ÿ˜โ€Š๐Ÿ˜โ€Š

    On serious matters: I never believed in the supposed “cleansing” of Twitter by this bastard called Elon Musk. It is all a smoke-screen. Have you ever heard of a multimillionaire supporting our ideas? Please! It is amazing the number of fools who believed this fellow would protect people fighting the JWO


    1. Claudius:
      As to the girl you mention, I was expecting you to like her picture, you inveterate Latin!

      As to the less scenic Elon Musk, you are probably right. I await developments.


      1. Is because of girls like Mannie Quinn and Tatiana (the one presenting the Bentley “Flying Spur”) that I keep buying lottery tickets! ๐Ÿ˜†โ€Š๐Ÿ˜†โ€Š๐Ÿ˜†โ€Š

        Seriously, I stop buying lottery tickets nearly 2 years ago. Why bother? My wife said “People like us never win anything” and she is right! We have a saying here that can be translated as “Some people are born under a lucky/good star and others under an unlucky/bad one”. Guess which was mine? ๐Ÿ˜โ€Š๐Ÿ˜โ€Š


      2. Claudius:
        Luck, good and bad, strikes without warning, usually. The uncertainty is enough to keep me buying lottery tickets and scratchcards, though so far I have not won (on any one ticket or scratchcard) more than ยฃ800 (187,000 Argentine Pesos).


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