Diary Blog, 17 April 2023

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The pub at the centre of an online furore over controversial golliwog dolls was graffitied with offensive slogans in an act of vandalism that left five windows smashed.   

The White Hart Inn in Gray’s, Essex, was vandalised at about 12.40am on Sunday and Essex police say they are conducting extra patrols in the area.

[Daily Mail]

Essex Police deployed five or six police personnel to raid the pub and to seize the “offending” golliwogs. Will they deploy as many to protect the pub and its residents?

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Rather vulgar, but true au fond

Maybe, but the “Institute for the Study of War” is an American nonprofit org which is basically an NWO front, advocating hawkish policy positions: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Institute_for_the_Study_of_War. It is headed by one Kimberly Kagan, a Jewess, [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kimberly_Kagan], whose husband is also in the “intervention” field: see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frederick_Kagan.

In fact, it seems clear that, whatever manpower shortages are being suffered by Wagner Group or by the overall Russian forces, those of the Kiev regime are worse. As for arms and ammunition, Russia is in a better position than the Kiev regime.

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[Loons in a lake in Canada]

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The vast majority still think that there is a “democratic choice” between “the two main parties”, plus the add-ons. In reality, there is no choice. All the System parties (Lib, Lab, Con, and the Farage vehicles for mugs, and in reality the Greens too, at the higher level) are controlled or strongly influenced by the same connected groups and cabals: NWO groups, Bilderbergers etc, freemasonic groups and, of course, the pervasive Jewish/Zionist lobby.

These skiers are not of the usual run of people…

As good as James Bond:

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In the now-hackneyed saying, “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy“…


When will this nonsense stop? Not until we stop it, and I mean STOP it…

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Every Western political leader and general officer should have a plaque saying that on the desk before them.

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[Akademgorodok, Western Siberia]

9 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 17 April 2023”

    1. This idea is supposedly about cracking down on electoral fraud. We do have it but it mostly raises its head in certain areas like Tower Hamlets ( no prizes for guessing why that is one of the worst boroughs) NOT in Tory areas like mine in Brentwood so why should voters here have to go through these needless hoops?

      IF the Tories were REALLY concerned about electoral fraud instead of trying to ensure only groups likely to vote for them go to the polling stations ie old biddies they would restrict postal voting to only those people who have good reasons to have a postal vote ie the infirm ect as was the case in the past.

      Postal voting on demand is unnecessary and is wide open to fraud. It can also be dangerous for the country’s destiny. Frankly, who wants to take note of somebody’s opinion via a too easily gained postal vote? That person could very easily be somebody who has lazily put a cross in a box whilst pissed on lager watching a football match on Sky.

      Voting should take a bit of effort and thinking on the part of a voter in the formal setting of a polling station.

      It would be funny if this act of voter suppression a la Alabama, Texas and Mississipi backfired on them and led to more Tory councillors losing their seats.


  1. Re the Essex pub situation what is truly scary apart from the utterly ludicrous and now all too common politically correct insanity of it all is that we in Brentwood now have Grays Police Station as one of our nearest police stations thanks to the so called party of law and order closing our one in Brentwood down. That is the thanks we get for being a loyal Tory voting town.

    Still, I suppose some money was saved for putting up the legions of blatantly fraudulent asylum seekers in four star hotels and putting police officers through god knows how many diversity awareness courses.

    I hope one day this repellent government’s ministers get [redacted] as then they might reflect upon their complete dereliction of duty in providing safety and security for law abiding ordinary people through having effective police forces which now don’t exist.

    Oh for a responsible government like the one in Singapore or Japan that takes their duty in this regard seriously.

    If only leftwing, PC globalist Tory cunts would just do the decent thing and die or fuck off to another country. This land would be immeasurably improved if they did that but sadly they haven’t got the class or common decency to do it.

    What an utter Tory moron that Kevin is! I would like to break it to him ever so gently the fact that his anti-British party has done sweet FA to control immigration either. One day justice will catch up with them for this intentional genocide of our nation and they will be dancing the Tyburn Jig from stout pieces of British rope.

    We might well have to get Singaporean hangmen to teach us this long lost British artform but needs must.


      1. Yes, this country is so much of an profoundly undemocratic PC globalist police state under the wretched Tory scum you can’t even say you want to see them suffer the violent assaults ect they so willingly think are OK for ordinary, law abiding people to suffer from thanks to them ensuring police forces care more about political incorrectness than fighting REAL criminals.

        Their scummy PC globalist wrecker ministers are safe from crime though whilst ordinary people have had to endure Islamist terrorist attacks as in Manchester etc, gang rapes they have done fuck all about etc as they have allowed more and more immigration from those countries that breed those kind of people the most.

        Their ministers have their typically Tory and deeply selfish Im all right Jack attitude to those kind of crimes because they will never be in the position to suffer from them unlike us. THEY are safe and that is all they care about.


  2. Insane indeed. The vast majority of wards up for election this year just have the same anti-British candidates standing from the globalist anti-British Lib/Lab/CON party so why bother going through these absurd new hoops ( a blatant act of Tory voter suppression copied from the Republican Party playbook in places like Alabama and Georgia all to crack a tiny nut which isn’t relevant in most council areas) just to vote for the same anti-British scumbags?

    With any luck the turnout will crash to utterly pitiful levels and show up the elections for the undemocratic farce they are.


  3. No, Essex Police won’t be deploying any officers to protect ordinary, law abiding people. They are emphatically NOT employed to do that. All police officers in Essex and elsewhere do is sit on their fat asses all day and look at Twitter for anyone daring to make non PC comments.

    They are employed to crush dissent for their repulsive PC Globalist Tory masters rather like the Stazi did in East Germany.

    Mrs Thatcher has so much to answer for as it was she who first started to politicise the police and every government since has worsened the trend until we get to today’s insane levels.

    As ever, Japan can show us the way. Japan had a problem with the politicisation of its police in the 1930’s and 1940’s. After its defeat in 1945 the US occupation forces decided these forces would have to start anew if public confidence in policing was going to be restored so they set up a National Policing Commission and now Japan’s police is run by this body staffed by politically neutral and wholly independent policing experts. This ensures they remain politically neutral so the Jap government can’t return to its bad old ways.

    The rot in our police forces needs to be removed and public confidence in them renewed in the same way.


  4. You have to admire the French at times. They get off their asses and protest in the streets when their politicians take the piss too much. If only we British would. It is high time we gave a fright to the anti-British Tory ( particularly as that rabble is in power at the moment), Labour, Lib Dem scum.


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